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2003/1/29 [Uncategorized] UID:27229 Activity:high
1/28    *stupid* question
        how do you guys create the URL link like ?
        \_ go to
           \_ thanks
2003/1/29 [Politics/Domestic/SIG, Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:27230 Activity:very high
        Go ahead and keep deleting it. I will keep putting it back.
        \_ the truth shall set you free. I find it more accurate to search
           for the word "israel" in the actual letter of the law.  As in here
           I've gone back a few years.  Israel always get more than Egypt
           despite what garbage alexf spews.   The truth shall set you
                        \_ care to elaborate on this reference? (and while
                           you're at it, give a functional url and sign
                           your name) -alexf
        \_ israel should try giving some of the money to the arabs.
2003/1/29-2/1 [Transportation/Airplane, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Kinney] UID:27231 Activity:moderate 77%like:27261
1/28    Anyone have an extra ticket for the sleater-kinney shows in
        San Francisco next week?  I would do just about anything
        to buy your extra. - danh
        \_ Would you get my sheep off?  He's more used to getting his ass
           plugged and I'd like to make it up to him somehow.
           \_ Then give him a reach around. Geez, how hard is that? I know
              there isn's a man page on sheep, but try to use your brain...
              \_ I don't do reach around.  It's about my cock, not his.  I do
                 have an extra ticket if danh is interested.
        \_ Yes, please contact me to negotiate.
        \_ Nonono!  Contact *me* to negotiate!  I've got better tickets that
           the h0zer above.
        \_ My sheep does!
        \_ My sheep has tickets!  Will trade for services!
            \_ goddamn you are funny!
        \_ You should really consider my sheeps' offer.  He's quite serious
           about an exchange for services.
        \_ Sleater-Kinney?! yeah! I have 3 extra tickets! you should have
           asked earlier.
2003/1/29 [Computer/Companies/Google, Industry/Jobs] UID:27232 Activity:very high
1/28    Anybody get an unsolicited "I just found your resume"-type job
        opening email from Google lately? I just got something that
        seems plausible but can't tell if its just some spammer's
        attempt to get my email address.
        \_ don't trust it. google doesn't hire. everyone there is a volunteer.
        \_ May well be, but then again, I finally got a job when a
           recruiter mailed me up out of the blue.  Still don't know how
           she found my resume, don't care either.
           \_ everyone who ever had your resume has resold it dozens of times.
              \_ Hope no one paid much for it.  It's free on my web site.
                 In any event, I'm not complaining about a 6 fig job.
        \_ probably not an email spammer, but maybe a headhunteror or a wierdo.
        \_ There is a message envelope, right?  Doesn't that sufficiently show
           that it came from Google?  Google is hiring. -mgoodman
           \_ Maybe... maybe not:
     (fucked company)
              \_ This is an incoherent rant, even by fc standards.
                 \_ fc has no standards.
           \_ Will you submit my resume for me?
        \_ You can reply to these things if you want but it won't matter.
           These are 99.999% likely to be some sort of bottom feeder recruiter
           types but replying will *not* get you a job and may in fact ruin
           your chances if they fax blast you to 5000+ potential employers.
           I no longer reply to these people as I've never gotten so much as
           an email reply back.
           \_ i don't think you have enough statistics to state that number to
              five digits.
              \_ You are mistaken.  We adhere strictly to 5 Nines quality
              \_ having dealt with millions of these cretins, I believe I do
                 have five9s quality data to backup that statement's
                 statistical validity.  Even if I'm only four9s correct, it
                 still won't get you a job and might ruin your chances of
                 doing so.  Just delete.  Do not reply to these things.
2003/1/29 [Uncategorized] UID:27233 Activity:very high
1/29    Fuck Jimmy Kimmel.  Snoop Dogg should have his own talk show.
        \_ My rule-of-thumb is that I know I've let a night go to waste if I'm
           watching one of the late night shows.
        \_ Amen. After all the hype, that was one of the weakest shows
           I've ever seen. < 1 month before it gets canceled...
           \_ Mellow out. All of the late night staples took a few months
              to find their voice. And even now, they can't get kicked off.
        \_ Who?
           \_ New night-time talk show ala Leno/Letterman. More crass, at
              least judging by the pilot episode after the Superbowl. They
              kept saying "cock" on nat'l TV, referring to the poultry, of
              \_ And this was different from the Man Show how, exactly?
                 \_ Female audience member: "Why do guys act so pleased with
                    themselves when they make rude comments about women?"
                    Kimmel: "I don't know, but nice rack!"
                 \_ Ideally less crude, more mainstream, fewer skits, no girls
                    on trampolines, and they've cut the bar out (people puking
                    and being bad drunks for TV).
        \_ I went to a taping a few weeks back. It wasn't that similar to the
           Man Show. Closer to Letterman actually. But with Jimmy Kimmel.
2003/1/29 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:27234 Activity:high
        This is the problem with kids today and Bush's Nazi scheme to have
        everyone reporting on everyone else.  It's insanity!  Let Snead go!
        \_ The Communist China did it the best.  They taught the kids to report
           any "anti-revolution" behavior to the govt.  There was even a govt.
           slogan which went like "You don't want dad, you don't want mom, you
           only want the country!"
           \_ it was during the height of Mao's rule. I think people
              in China today resent this and other aspect of the political
              movement started by him.
           \_ They've got nothing on that moron Bush.  Our "President".
              \_ Ain't mine, I didn't voted for him, and I still don't
                 think he won Florida legally.
                 \_ Right on!  I'm with you!  I'm putting my money where my
                    mouth is and not paying any Federal taxes while he's
                    illegally in office.
        \_ Every kid loves show-n-tell day!
2003/1/29-2/2 [Industry/Jobs, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:27235 Activity:nil 50%like:25736 57%like:28180
1/29    Undergrad research position available, /csua/pub/jobs/roc
2003/1/29 [Consumer/Camera] UID:27236 Activity:high
1/29    "Would you like to have this phone?  Or would you like to have the
        phone holder?" (
        \_ Hmm. Off by one error. I had to go to the next one to see it.
        \_ (siemens photo of a tatto'd guy w/ the phone)
2003/1/29-30 [Industry/Startup] UID:27237 Activity:insanely high
1/29    For those of you who changed jobs (voluntarily or involuntarily)
        recently, what was your pay?  I'm trying to get a sense of the job
        market. I heard that it has picked up, but there are conflicting
        info.  Recently == within 2 years (after the dotbomb implosion.
        same pay:
        lower pay: .
        HIgher pay:     .
        higher pay but my last job was underpaid (and I was cool with that) ..
        \_ where's the "yermom" option?  why hasn't someone added that??
                \_ This one's mom is too ugly.
        \_ 30% higher, involuntarily, but that was almost two years ago.
        \_ 101k pre-bomb, 125k as bomb was exploding, 120k very post bomb.
        \_ Higher pay because my last company was big on stock options, but
           lower than what I could have got had I been smart enough to take
           more cash.
           \_ It's a bit late to give this advice to everyone, but *always*
              take more cash over options.  There will always be more options
              from successful companies and we all know what most of the
              options grants from the last 6-7 years were worth.  I never let
              anyone tell me any bullshit about how many options I'm getting
              so they can't give as much cash.  Options are frosting.  You've
              gotta eat the cake.
              \_ I will still take the options, cause I am an optionist,
                 and a gambler, and this is America.
                 \_ I always took options.  I'm not saying I was cash only.
                    I'm saying I treated the "chat" like it was cash only and
                    *then* we discussed options as an unrelated topic like
                    the color of my chair or which monitor I want.
                    \_ I know someone who took a pay cut to get extra options
                       and literally made millions by doing so. If you can
                       make such a deal and afford to do it, it is worth
                       \_ It's also the exception.  I know hundreds of people
                          who got laid off.
2003/1/29-30 [Uncategorized] UID:27238 Activity:nil
1/29    Vote for #3!  GO BEAR!  <DEAD><DEAD>
2003/1/29-30 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol] UID:27239 Activity:high 63%like:27243
1/29    What's the difference between ethyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol?  I
        went to a drug store and saw products labeled "70% ethyl alcohol",
        "70% isopropyl alcohol" and "91% isopropyl alcohol".  I just want
        something to wipe the skin before a needle injection.  (No it's not
        \_ use ethyl. it's something you can actually drink. it's safer.
           \_ blindness is cool.
        \_ isopropyl is used as a disinfectant.
        \_ Ethyl=CH3-CH2-OH, Isopropyl alcohol=(CH3)3-C-OH
        \_ Use hyodrogen peroxide.  Worked on my hair!
2019/01/15 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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