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2003/1/28 [Uncategorized] UID:27218 Activity:nil
1/27    Is PacBell/SBC Business DSL down at the moment (for those who has it)?
2003/1/28 [Reference/BayArea] UID:27219 Activity:nil
1/27    When would you take a paycut?  Would you move to another job
        if you were getting less money than before?
        \_ The last two years I've taken paycuts due to no raise (company
           wide, except executives) and increased benefits costs. It sucks.
           \_ That's not a paycut.  That's inflation.  Only gubermint
              employees have COLAs as a birthright.
                \_ so why are employees at Berkeley paid 20% less than
                   the industry average?
        \_ If the alternative is to have no job, yes I would.
           \_ would you move jobs for less money if the other job
              is "better"?
              \_ That question presumes alot, but yes.
           \_ Here's a good example, My brother-in-law worked in San Jose,
              making quite a pretty penny.  He ditched that job for one
              with 2/3 the pay in Northern California.  Why?  San Jose
              is Hell, and considering the change in living costs, it
              wasn't that big a pay cut...
        \_ I just turned down a job paying $80k and I make $63k. I'm in SoCal
           and don't want to move back to the crappy ass Bay Area.
           - LA #1 fan
           \_ You rejected a 27% raise while others are lining up for
              unemployment checks?
              \_ Sometimes there are other priorities.  Though it would be
                 nice to hear that he could refer a friend. -- not a fan of LA.
        \_ annoyed at my previous employer, so i resigned without a job
           offer (indeed i had not even sent out my resume).  this was
           last summer.  annoyed at my current employer, so i am letting
           my current contract run out in feb.  i have refused to renew or
           even to discuss a renewal.  again, no job offer and i have not
           even begun to look for another job.  my wife prefers that i
           hang out at home for a while or maybe travel for a bit.
2003/1/28 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:27220 Activity:moderate
1/27    I installed my own programs on the company's laptop (some chinese
        word processing stuff).  Problem is, they want to upgrade my laptop
        and I don't have the disk for the program anymore.  What should I
        do?  Is there a program that will figure out which DLLs and files
        are used by another program and generate a list?  I'd like to
        back it up and restore it if that's even possible.
        \_ if it's windows os change should still be ok
           \_ I think they always re-image the hard disk.  Standard corporate
              image with all the preloaded stuff.  Damn.
        \_ you pirated software and this is the penalty, sorry.
        \_ get a bigger hard disk.
        \_ Well you must still have some form of proof of purchase such as the
           box, CC receipt or something.  Pay the company the 5 bucks they'll
           want for S/H a replacement set of disks.  (snicker)
        \_ Does support Chinese?  (I know it does vietnamese very
        \_ I wouldn't waste your time, with today's programs it's very
           difficult to just move the program over.  Almost any program in
           the last 5 years will make a modification to the "registry".
           Like you said, there are dll's which could be in the system32
           or system file, and there could be other drivers in various
           Windows directories.  Some programs also modify your systems
           .dat files in order to work.  Like I said, you'd be better off
           re-installing the programs, and in the future always have a
           backup copy of the software.
           \_ Registry is the stupidiest thing ever created.
           \_ If he had used one of the snapshot programs that watches an
              install and tracks all these changes it could be easily done but
              since OP didn't, he's fucked and should re-pirate the ware.
2003/1/28 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:27221 Activity:nil
1/27    Why is Suzuki Katana 600 $2000 cheaper than the other 600cc bikes?
        \_ cuz its heavier (~90-100 pounds) and slower. compare it to suzuki's
           own gsx-r600.
        \_ ask our local Suzuki rep:
2003/1/28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:27222 Activity:high
1/28    I'm tired of getting my haircut at Panache.  What do you guys
        recommend around Berkeley?  I have standard male hair, medium
        to short length.
        \_ The Grand Hairport on grand in oakland.  call first.
        \_ ask your GF or your wife.  My wife cuts my hair and I'm very
           happy.  ;-)
           \_ yeah, my wife cuts my hair also.  I don't give a shit what anyone
              but her thinks of my haircut, so why have anyone else cut it?
                \_ let me guess, if your wife didn't mind you'd bloat out to
                   300 pounds too?
                   \_ got nothing to do with anything.  red herring.
        \_ my gf cuts my hair but i used to go to this guy across asuc store
                in an alley on the way to yogurt park. He's young and very
                buff but he never made at pass at me and he's good with
                the razor..
        \_ speaking of hair...  Fann Wong in Shanghai Knights have this
                                                              \_ HAS
           beautiful silky long black hair.  Like that women in Crouching
           Tiger.  :-)  I wanna bath her and wash her hair.
                                \_ the word is "bathe"
        \_ Supercuts on Solano in Albany. Excellent.
2003/1/28 [Reference/Religion] UID:27223 Activity:very high
1/28    if you are discriminating against races, you are being racist ...
        what are you, if you are discriminating against religions ...
        sectist come to my mind,
        but i'm pretty sure there is a better word for it ...
        \_ zealous?  evangelical?
        \_ intelligent
            \_ No, you're closed minded and stupid.  I'm the ultimate atheist.
               I have never believed in any sort of divinity, magic, other
               planes, or anything else of that nature.  I have absolutely
               no problems with people who do so long as they don't force it
               on others and it keeps them happy.  I'm opposed to self
               destructive religions which push suicide, mutilation, mind
               control through traditional brain washing methods (captivity,
               drugs, etc).  Let them be.  Don't make atheism _your_ religion.
        \_ secular humanist although that pertains to nondiety "religion"
           against traditional religions
        \_ rationalist
           \_ these are not parallel to "racist"--"racist" implies favoring
              one race over another, or over all others.  I'd say the word
              you're looking for is "religious".  -tom
              \_ nice.
                 \_ Nice and stupid.  Really, it's pathetic.  Someone can be
                    religious, and yet not preferring one religion to another.
                    \_ you're stupid. really, you're pathetic. give an example
                       of being religious and not preferring one religion.
                       then try to convince me that's at all typical.
                        \_ Dalai Lama, and almost all buddhists.
                           \_ do you think buddhists would describe themselves
                              as "religious"?
                           \_ you're wrong. buddhists prefer buddhism. i fully
                              understand hindusim/buddhism and "different
                              paths" etc. but the fact of the matter is, that
                              judaism and christianity are explicitly not
                              compatible with buddhism, even if buddhism is
                              compatible with them.
              \_ To be discriminating is not always a bad thing:
                 1 a : to make a distinction <discriminate among
                 historical sources> b: to use good judgment
        \_ atheist, while having a core meaning of "not believing
           in god(s)/the supernatural", has a further connation of one who
           discriminates against those who believe in god(s)
           argues with those who believe in god(s).  Another connation
           is one who thinks godlovers are stupid/misguided.
2003/1/28-29 [Uncategorized] UID:27224 Activity:high
1/28    Guys, get ready to hit on the bachelorette of the year!  She even looks
        "Onassis Heiress to Inherit Family Billions" (
        \_ Well, she's not quite as ugly as the last one.
        \_ The best part (not mentioned in the article) is the 29yo Brazilian
           left his wife and kids and is trying to shack up with little miss
           rich girl. (By the way she looks really nice in riding pants....)
           \_ What a gigolo.
           \_ Where's the riding pants pic?  I don't see it in Yahoo News.
        \_ What're you talking about?  She looks like a pig.
        \_ her grampa killed the kennedys.
2003/1/28-29 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:27225 Activity:high
1/28    When I installed Debian, it suggested I run the Xserver with nice = -10.
        Where can I change that value?
        \_ Why would you want to stale your Debian?
        \_ figure out where the xserver is getting launched from
                \_ yeah, startx -> xinit -> XFree86, I believe,
                   but in none of the config and xserverrc files can
                   I find anything about "nice" or "10"
                   \_ do you need to do a man nice?
                        \_ I did. Did I miss the answer to my question?
                           I know I can "renice" X, but i want to change
                           its the nice value it starts with.
                           \_ that's the difference between nice and
                              renice, bozo
                                \_ You are not nice.
                           \_ no, really, you need to do a man nice.
                                \_ whatever. I want to locate the
                                   file that determines the priority of
                                   my Xserver. are you saying, "just run
                                   'nice 0 startx'", cause that is not
                                   what I'm looking to do.
2003/1/28-29 [Finance/Banking, Reference/BayArea] UID:27226 Activity:high
1/28    Recommendations for credit unions for a Berkeley resident or
        someone who works in SF?  Patelco is almost worse than a commercial
        \_ I comparison shopped CalState9 and USE and chose CalState9. I
           would recommend them based on my experience but YMMV.
        \_ Try BofA, and you'll gladly switch to Patelco. No complaints
           after being with Patelco since '88 for basic services.
           \_ I get charged for using COOP ATMs so I can only use Patelco ATMs.
              ATM use at the store with cashback also incurs a $0.90 charge.
              Also, I can't use the ATM at CalState9 at Shattuck Square.
           \_ BTW, what are the advantages of using credit unions? I was using
              the one that has an office on lower Sproul when I was a student.
              I always hated that they had nearly no ATMs.
              \_ I have CCFCU.  I haven't been charged a single fee since 1998.
                 Also, the deal with ATMs is that you use ATMs of the credit
                 union network, in addition to the ones provided by your
                 own credit union.  They even reversed some finance charges
                 on my credit card for me.  I used to have BofA but then I
                 got sick of them charging monthly fees,  selling my name to
                 telemarketers, and generally looking for ways to make money
                 off of me.  I can at least trust that my credit union is
                 looking out for my interests and not some random shareholders.
                 \_ I agree.  I hate BofA, Bank One, etc.  They may be
                    ok if you are rich and likes to put big chucks of
                    dough in your checking account, but they are
                    definitely not for people like me.
            \_ I get better CD rates at Patelco than anywhere else.
        \_ Banks are evil under any name.  Use pillow.
           \_ Thanks for the sarcasm but why should I keep my money with
              someone who wants to take as much of it as possible?
              On top of that their rates suck and my fees will be used by
              them to build more branches and buy ad space.
              I've banked with a bank before and I got tired of having to
              watch my back all time.
2003/1/28-29 [Recreation/Dating, Consumer/TV] UID:27227 Activity:high 50%like:27364
1/28    Did Joe Millionaire just get a BJ on national TV ??
        \_ um, how do u know it's bj and not sex?
           \_ Ah yes, the Clintonian definition of sex again.
        \_ are you by chance referring to "ahhh slurp mwah gulp" ?!
        \_ Who cares?  Why watch that crap?
           \_ Yeah, stick to PBS and Tech TV 24/7!!!
                                     \_ Woohoo! Go Thunderbirds!
           \_ Because it's entertaining.  What do you do?  Install linux
              patches for fun?
                \_ go out.  be social.  get laid.
        \_ What are you talking about?
           \_ If you don't know, then you wouldn't be interested anyway.
              \_ Not so.  I've been watching.  I just don't understand what
                 the OP is talking about.  Did I miss an episode?
2003/1/28-29 [Uncategorized] UID:27228 Activity:moderate
1/28    Thank God I have Helen Thomas to tell me what to think!
        \_ Dude, if you can't handle it, just don't read it.
           \_ the same could be said about the motd.
           \_ It's probably better to say, "Dumbest American President ever",
              not that there's anything wrong with that
              \_ doesn't quite encompass the problem.
2019/06/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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