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2003/1/25 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:27192 Activity:very high
1/24    Why is it that the motd is always filled with israel vs palestinian
        garbage?  And it stays up for a long time too with people reposting
        them.  Meantime, my posting on having an affair with married women
        or my incestuous relationship with my sister get nuked within a
        minute.  -pissed
        \_ Please post again!
        \_ Yeah, who really gives a shit.
        \_ Your stories are just not plausible. No sodan would get that
           kind of action.
           \_ False.  It happens, even to sodans.  In real life.  No
              shitting.  --btdt
                \_ yeah, why wouldn't sodans have incestuous relationships
                   with their sisters?
2003/1/25 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:27193 Activity:high
1/24    UC Berkeley CS Grad sleeping way to the top.
        \_ Click the photo in the article and see the chick in red, then click
           "Next" and look at see the chicks also in red.  What a contrast!
           "Next" and see the chicks also in red.  What a contrast!
            \_ We will not fall for your corrupt western tricks.
               \_ Augh! Too late! Damn your tricky Western ways!
           \_ bug or intentional easter egg by some web/programmer person?
        \_ Where does it say he's from Berkeley?  Is it ~bsingh?
        \_ It was arranged, so maybe it's his parent(s) who did the sleeping.
        \_ She should've married psb. All Hail King Partha! - #1 psb fan
           \- how shall i put this ... "KTM is a nice place to visit, but i
              wouldnt want to live there". --psb
2003/1/25 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:27194 Activity:high
1/24    Network problems?
        \_ *something* is up...
        \_ A panicked post on BugTraq suggests a worm via MS SQL server
        \_ everyone you know someday will die
2003/1/25-27 [Consumer/PDA, Computer/HW] UID:27195 Activity:moderate
1/24    Does anyone have a cradle/cable they could lend me to sync a Palm V
        with an iBook (no serial ports, only USB)?  Alternatively, does
        anyone know of a way to import Palm databases from a Windows box into
        Palm Desktop v.4 for the Mac?  I've done the obGoogling, but haven't
        come up with anything useful.  I'm trying to transfer data from anx
        old, mostly dead Palm V to a new, USB only Palm Zire.  If all else
        fails, I guess I'll see if I can get the Zire to sync with my ancient
        Windows 98 box.
        \_I would expect the file format to be the same on both platforms;
          just find the right folder to drop them in.
          \_ That was what I originally attempted.  I'm wondering if the
             problem may be that the format changed between palm desktop
             versions... -dans
             \_ Is there no export/import function for the db?
                There is for other stuff, like addressbook.
                \_ I could export to CSV, but there is some slight loss
                   of info that way, so I'd have to waste time massaging
                   things back into the original format. -dans
        \_ One way to do this is to buy/borrow a usb to serial converter
           and use that to sync the palm v with your iBook. Keyspan makes
           a decent one:
           Its about $30 at Fry's. If you are in the South Bay, I could
           let you borrow mine. --ranga
        \_ FYI, I solved the problem.  Ended up doing a clean install of
           Palm Desktop 4 on a Win2K box with both serial and USB ports.
           Flipped conduit settings to Palm overwrites desktop, synced
           Palm V via serial cradle, flipped conduit settings to desktop
           overwrites Palm, then synced the Zire via USB.  Finally, flipped
           conduit settings on my iBook to Palm overwrites desktop, and
           synced the Zire there.  Everything appears to be in order.  As
           an added bonus, (I'm guessing a feature of Palm Desktop 4),
           syncing also backed up and reinstalled all my add-on apps.  In
           the past, it was necessary to reinstall all apps when setting up
           a factory clean or hard reset palm.  Thanks to all who offered
           suggestions and help.
2003/1/25-2/9 [Uncategorized] UID:27196 Activity:nil
01/21   If you haven't guessed, soda's been patched. Enjoy. - ajani
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