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2003/1/17 [Uncategorized] UID:27126 Activity:very high
1/16    In what kind of job do you not have to deal with arrogant and sick
        people whom you have to tolerate or even suck up to because their
        superior rank?  -- disgruntled
        \_ Buy a gun.  Kill them all.  Join the Order Of Divine Assassins.
        \_ the kind where there are only a few employees and you work
           directly for the owner.  *if* the owner is not an asshole,
           and *if* you actually like them and the other people,
           life is good.  it can happen(it's happened to me).
           I admit I do not work in software, though.
           \_ So...what do you work in?
        \_ Employ yourself.  That way, the only arrogant, sick person
           you have to tolerate is you.  I guess you can suck up to
           yourself as well, if you're flexible enough.  I'm sure your
           enormous self-love will enable you to self-tolerate passably
           \_ Wow.
           \_ No then you have to suck up to every customer or you're eating
              dirt.  Go win the lottery.
        \_ Every job, except for the self-employed.
             \_ If you are "self-employed" and have customers, then
                you have to deal with customers.
2003/1/17 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:27127 Activity:nil
1/16    The entire network was down, now it is broke as fuck.
        Not exactly confidence inspiring.
        \_ did it go down because of the network or because of the OS?
        \_ Maybe someone tripped over a wire.
        \_ they need to run a real OS.
        \_ Have you ever used redhat? Its not exactly confidence
           \_ Yes, I have used it. What's about it that's not inpiring
              confidence in you?  Is it lack of robustness, support,
              documentation, or applications? -!op
           OR JUST BITTUR
2003/1/17-18 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others, Consumer/TV] UID:27128 Activity:high
1/16    I want to see this new Gatorade Jordan 23 vs 39 commerical
        everyone is talking about. But I don't watch that much TV. And to
        my surprise, I found out is now a pay site. Any know
        of similar sites or where I can find that commercial online? (It's
        not on
        \_ has a story and a copy of the video.  Overhyped.
        \_ ?
        \_ try those p2p clients (fast-track / gnutella)  They have a lot
           of commercials.  Eventhough I didn't have any luck finding
           all these beer commercials I saw on Superbowl.
        \_ Money! thanks. that commercial rules. -op
2003/1/17-25 [Uncategorized] UID:27129 Activity:nil
01/16   Soda rebooted, to clear /var being overfull for some indeterminate
        reason. It's better now. - root
2003/1/17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Jblack, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Kinney] UID:27130 Activity:nil
1/16    Is there more than one free republic guy on soda, or has Kinney
        just changed his methodology?  Seriously, how many of you are
        I'm a freeper:
        I read articles when they're posted: .
        I hate Free Republic:
2003/1/17-18 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:27131 Activity:high
1/16    Is there anyway to peek / modify the auto_whitelist.db on
        spamassassin?  Dunhills Vacation is keep bombarding my email
        account that it made to my stupid auto_whitelist.  Thanks
        \_ -R.  rtfm.
        \_ Dude, read the fucking docs right there in the same directory.
           Fucking ridiculous.  The motd is willing to help with real problems
           but not this baby sitting hand holding can't-read shit.  --motd
           \_ Does the almighty motd even help with real problems?
           \_ This is actually a reasonable question. The docs say
              how to add or remove entries, but they do not shed any light
              on how to determine if an address is in the db. That's of
              questionable utility but I don't think you should dogpile
              this guy. --aaron
              \_ If you can show that you've made an honest effort to solve
                 the problem you need help with BEFORE you post to motd,
                 then yes, the almighty motd is often very helpful.  There's
                 a very simple ettiquite for getting help in technical forums
                 such as this one.  It might behoove you to learn it.
              \_ The motd is chock full of *really* great answers to questions
                 worth answering.  "I clearly made no effort so just spoon feed
                 me!" is not worth answering.
           \_ The "peek" part is not documented. The docs say how to add or
              remove entries, but they do not shed any light on how to
              determine if an address is in the db. That's of questionable
              utility though. You can set, why check? --aaron
              \_ strings is the magic command for all unreadable formats but
                 I totally agree with you on this one.
                 \_ Real Men Use od.
           \_ There are actually two whitelists.  one is auto-generated,
              another is user defined inside the user_pref file.  It is not
              clear rather whatever defined in user_pref is made into
              auto-whitelist.db or not, that is why I posted the original
              question on how to peek the database.   Having said that,
              I apologize not reading the man page more thoroughly. I went
              to the spamassassin website and read much of documents before
              I posted the question.  The information on man page was not
              very accessible on its homepage.                  -op
2003/1/17 [Uncategorized] UID:27132 Activity:high
1/16    Can someone PLEEEASE tell me why Dana the super hot hot hot model got
        eliminated in Joe Millionaire? Is Joe stupid or something?
        \_ Uhm, he's a construction worker/model.  So, like, yeah.
        \_ Someone should fuck him in the ass with a cactus.
        \_ the Horse-ey tall blond chick. what a loss.
        \_ the Horse-ey tall blonde chick. what a loss.
        \_ he said she was too bitchy and whiney.. he picked a couple
           hot and non-whiney girls.. whiney is way annoying and she
           definitely wudnt stay w/ him when she found out.
2003/1/17 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:27133 Activity:nil
1/16    Puerto Rico governor says U.S. shouldn't close Vieques base
        freep what you sow.
2003/1/17-18 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27134 Activity:very high
1/16    Have we discussed the double standard that Bush has on North Korea
        and Iraq.  NK has said that they will build nukes and here we are
        saying that we want to negotiate.  And with Iraq we're ready to go
        to war even though the inspectors haven't found anything.   WTF?
        \_ Do you want to go to war with a country that probably has nukes?
        \_ Nukes, and neighbors we give a shit about are the differences.
        \_ haven't we been over this?  Iraq has oil our economy needs.
           We're certainly not going to admit this though.
           \_ and why not admit it?  it's not like anyone outside the U.S.
              actually believes Bush's lies that this isn't about oil.
              it might actually increase the amount of respect we get
        \_ Tactically speaking, it makes sense to smash Iraq first (especially
           since we've been working on getting this started for over a year) and
           then talk to NK, basically asking them if they'd like to be next.
           \- "it's about oil" is not a meaningful statment. that's like
              saying "it's about power". you have to make stronger claims
              than that if you want and answer/to be taken seriously. --psb
        \_ I have an actual real answer to this but I don't provide real
           responses to such blatantly loaded questions and trolls.  Maybe if
           you stopped insulting the intelligence of those you claim you wish
           to engage in debate you'd get real replies?
        \_ Why can't NK have nukes? Why can't Iraq have chemical
           weapons? Because we say they are evil? WTF? It's like the big
           mob telling the little mobs, you can't have guns!! If you have
           guns, then you are evil! While all alone, the big mob sells
           billions of guns to whoever the fu** he pleases. Being a
           country means you have the right to develop weapons to defend
           \_ North Korea constantly threatens to bomb South Korea,
              Japan, and the United States.
              \_ the US constantly threatens to bomb far more
                 countries than I can even count.
          \_ The best defense seem to be, well, we are the superpower, and
             anyone in our place would've done the same. Yeah, just like the
             big mob saying, well, I know what I am dong is evil, but heck,
             had it been a different mob, they would've done the same. And
             people just don't stop and think for a moment why suicide
             bombers want to blow up the WTC. If I am someone who suffers
             daily from the abuse of the big mob, then you bet your ass I
             will want to take them down with me! Treat others fairly and
             others will treat you fairly. Treat others like shit and shit
             is what you get. But Bush doesn't give a fuck, he's out in 4/8
             years so the mess will be whoever next to clean up. All it
             matters is the defense industry get all the government's money
             and his circle of friends are rich, even if the cost means
             killing millions of innocent people. This is crime at the mass
             \_ You're so cute when you're being naive and angry!
2003/1/17-18 [Uncategorized] UID:27135 Activity:nil
1/16    preliminary invasion begins:
        \_ surprise, surprise
        \_ And posting an article nearly 2 weeks old?
2003/1/17-18 [Science/GlobalWarming, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:27136 Activity:very high
1/16    Wen Ho Lee, spy:
        \_ You only say that because you are racist!
           \_ I'm a racist.  He's still a spy.
        \_  "The FBI paid for Mrs. Lee's travel to China with her husband, and
            helped pay entertainment expenses when the couple hosted visits to
            the United States by Chinese nuclear scientists." intersting article
        \_ let's put this to rest
           \_ You don't care that top secret high quality nuclear secrets are
              being stolen by other countries??
        \_ Judge Parker's apology :
           \_ Of course this ignores the entire point of the link which is that
              the FBI intentionally fucked up the case against him so the judge
              didn't have the full body of truth before him when he said this.
              Don't ever let the truth get in the way of your agenda.
        \_ Yea, sure, book by Trulock is going to be so unbiased.
           This guys is just so eager to advance his career, he
           is willing to use Lee as a stepping stone.  Glad that
           it blew up in his face.
           \_ If it's untrue, prove it.  If it's lies, he'll get sued and lose
              which would be terribly stupid of him.
2003/1/17-18 [Politics/Domestic/California/Prop] UID:27137 Activity:high
1/16    There was talk about prop 13 and how the property tax is based on
        the selling price of the home.  Is the following legal?  I have a
        1 million dollar house I want to pass on to my kids, I sell it to
        them for $100 bucks or some other artificially low number.  Their
        property tax would then based on this $100 transaction.  Would this
        also be a way around inheritance taxes?  If I sell all my property
        to my kids at below market value?
        \_ has all your answers.
        \_ of course it's not legal.  don't be a moron.  -tom
           \_ Hey tom, Tolkien named a troll after you.
           \_ and so the logical question is, who determines how low a price
              one can sell?  Houses sell for below appraised price all the
              time.  Is there a law saying that one cannot sell $X amt below
              appraised price if it's to a family member?  I can see loop
              holes if I use a third party.  I sell to a friend for below
              market value.  He then sells to my kid for an even lower amt.
              So on and so forth.
                \_ it doesn't matter how much you sell it for, it matters how
                   much the house is appraised for
                   \_ Exactly right. The city/county assessor does this task.
                      In CA, when the property changes ownership, it gets
                \_ the difference between appraised value and sale value in
                   these case is treated as a gift and subject to the gift
                   tax.  i think this would imply that you (and your spouse)
                   can sell the house for $10k/20k under market to your
                   \_ You can give even more than that, but it counts against
                      your estate tax limit later.
                      \_ only if you subtract from your Unified Credit limit.
              \_ Appraisers (at least in CA) are licensed and certified.
                 And are liable if their appraisal of a home turns out to
                 be way out of line with the "true" market value.
        \_ Would this work?  You add your kids' names to the house, so you and
           your kids are co-owners.  Then some years later before you die, you
           remove your name, so only your kids alone are the co-owners.  Would
           this avoid re-assessment in CA?
2018/11/14 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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