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2003/1/15 [Uncategorized] UID:27097 Activity:nil
1/14             \_ If you hear a Spanish accent and think it's a Mexican
                    accent, you're not just an asshole.  You're a fucking
                    \_ There's a distinction between Spanish accent and Mexican
                       accent?  I have a Chinese friend who was born and grew
                       up in Spain, whose first language is Spanish and second
                       language English,  The accent in his English sounds just
                       like those Mexicans here.
2003/1/15-16 [Uncategorized] UID:27098 Activity:moderate
1/14    Anyone have recommendations or complaints about particular brands/
        models of data projectors.  I'm looking to buy one at work for
        under $5k.  Please email me with suggestions.  Thanks!   -sax
        \_ infocus?
        \_ new post-signer?
2003/1/15 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:27099 Activity:very high
1/14    hey, our friend /var is again close to full.
        \_ Is this why spamassassin kicked out this morning?
        \_ shit, you guys are not kidding when you said that
Filesystem             Size   Used  Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/da0s1f           1041M   954M   3.2M   100%    /var
        \_ People,clean up yer shit in /var/tmp that would help
        \_ and /csua/tmp too, who's even still playing return to wolf. anyway
        \_ this should help with the problem:
        cd /var/mail
        ls -l|awk '{print $5,$9}'|sort -n|tail -20|cut -d\  -f2|xargs rm
        (btw, how could cut replace that awk?)
        \_ /var/mail is a different disk.
           If you're trying to delete your files, run this.
           find /var/tmp -user yerlogin -print -exec rm {} \;
           find /csua/tmp -user yerlogin -print -exec rm {} \;
2003/1/15 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:27100 Activity:high
1/15    any basis to this:
        You can get money back if you bought a CD in teh last 5 years?
        \- well look at the cluase that triggers if too many people
           file. i.e. another case of class action suits only benefitting
           the lawyers --psb
2003/1/15-16 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:27101 Activity:kinda low
1/15    A few months back there was a really useful thread about brands of
        CD recordable media. I have had problems recording music CD's with
        Apple iTunes on a Powerbook (any tips?) - they can be seen in my home
        CD player and my computer, but not in a Thinkpad, several other PC's,
        or my car CD player. The recommendation a few months ago was
        Mitsui Gold-on-Gold, but I can't find them cheaper than about $1/disc.
        I am looking for a solid middle ground for a CD-R brand since most
        discs end up selling for about $0.10 each (on sale) in spindles of
        50 or so. Suggestions?
        \_ I'm using fry's gq (great quality) brand cd-rs and they work
           fine in my mac, athlon, cd player (sony) and my dvd player.
           Since gq spindles are so damn cheap you might want to give
           them a shot.
        \_ Check out this forum every now and then:
           Whenever there's a blank cd deal, someone always chimes in on
           which manufacturing plant made the CD.  So stock up when a good
           one is on sale.
2003/1/15 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Recreation/Media] UID:27102 Activity:high
        \_ Harry potter drivel.
2003/1/15 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:27103 Activity:high
1/14    Clinton and Chinese Missiles
        "... Hughes Space and Communications Company of violating U.S.
        national security 123 times by knowingly sending detailed missile
        and space technology directly to the Chinese army."
        \_ Was Cliton CEO of Hughes? I never knew that.
           \_ His administration approved it all.
              \_ Yeah yeah. Reagan and Bush admins approved the sale of
                 chemical weapons to Iraq. LBJ and Nixon bombed Cambodia
                 and Kennedy played brinksmanship with nukes. So what?
        \_ Hughes CEO should get arrested, lock him up in solitary
           confinement, shackle him from the waist down for 9 month for
           this.  Wen-Ho Lee got that treatment without even do that.
2003/1/15 [Uncategorized] UID:27104 Activity:very high
1/15    I give you... Johanna!
        \_ Wow.  Nice.  -John
           \_ Yeah, he's really good looking.
              \_ Where does it say it's a "he"?
                 \_ It's sort of obvious, actually
        \_ She's very hot, but is there anything else special about her that we
        \_ What does "Innerbenslängd" mean?
           \_ "Mammaries the size of fjords..."
2003/1/15-16 [Computer/Networking] UID:27105 Activity:kinda low
1/15    What is do?  Zoen alarm says I have traffic coming from, and nslookup says the Name is:   Does the traffic really come from the
        12.* address or the 211.* address?
        \_ 12.*.  in-addr-arpa is reverse lookup, and it's configured
           from right to left.  'in' stands for 'inverse', I think.  -John
           \_ Err, are you sure it doesn't stand for internet? as in in_addr,
              etc? The fact that nslookup says the above just means there's
              no PTR records for that IP pointing to any names for it,
              in other words, no interesting reverse-lookup info.
              And yes, as John said, IP number a.b.c.d is represented
              as in DNS records. Your traffic is from
              the 12.* IP only.
2003/1/15 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea] UID:27106 Activity:nil
1/14    On North Korea:  Please bear in mind that the rhetoric advanced by the
        Peerless Leader is hardly worse than what the state machine regularly
        churns out.  He wanted a reaction, he wanted negotiations and a place
        at the table, and he got it.  You can step away from Operation Liberate
        North Korea now, boys, 'cos it ain't gonna happen.  --erikred
        \_ We are not interested in liberating NK. We just want to keep
           SK free since it has all the h07 4zn ch1x! Think about the ch1x!
2003/1/15-16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll, Computer/SW] UID:27107 Activity:high
1/15    If someone writes me a check with both my name and my wife's name on
        it, can I deposit to an account that bears my name only?  Thanks.
        \_ It depends. My landlord would write our monthly interest check
        with both me and my roommate's name on it, but wrote OR on the check,
        so it was ok.
        \_ I'm surprised BDG hasn't weighed in on this yet.     -mice
           \_ We haven't heard from BDG in a while.  I hope he's ok.
        \_ If you can get both signatures on the back, you can deposit it.
           \_ Anyone can deposit it, if they just sign it.
        \_ The bank isn't supposed to let you without both sigs on it but if
           you take the right 'tude and get the right teller they'll do it
           for you anyway.  But by the rules: no.
           \_ I see.  So the rule is that as long as both persons sign on
              the back of the check, it can be deposit it to an account under
              either name.  Thanks for the info.
              \_ Correct.  If it says "John or Mary" like the person above then
                 it's ok.  It it says "John and Mary" or anything else that
                 implies both, then it's not ok.  Good luck.
2003/1/15-16 [Reference/Tax, Politics/Domestic/California/Prop] UID:27108 Activity:insanely high
1/15    Anybody lived and worked in Nevada (or another state that has no
        income tax?)  I'm wondering if it's just a gimmick and they get
        your money in some other way.  E.g., higher property tax or payroll
        tax, etc.  Does one really come out ahead compared to CA?  I'm
        thinking of moving to another state to escape the perpetual fiscal
        nightmare CA experiences.  Thanks.
        \_ I worked in Alaska.  There are no taxes of any kind except
        \_ In terms of overall tax burden, CA is about average. If you want
           to be taxed move to Massachusetts. --dim
        \_ California is unique because of Prop 13.  Long time property owners
           see their tax burdens drop over time in real dollars.  So it is
           a relatively expensive state to be young or new in, but much less
           not some kind of ascam.  there just aren't many people and
           expensive (tax-wise) to grow old in.
           \_ URL?
                 \_ This isn't believable.  Oregon has no sales tax yet this
                    claims the state/local tax burden is over 9%.
                    \_ Yes, genius. There are other state/local taxes, like
                       taxes on gasoline and property tax. --dim
                       \_ Ok then this *isnt* the total tax burden and does
                          *not* answer the OP question about other gotchas and
                          hidden fees/taxes/whatevers which California is just
                          chock full of.  This isn't a middle of the road tax
                          state.  It's a high tax state and your little chart
                          hides the fact.  --Genius
                          \_ Yes, it is the total tax burden. Oregon also
                             has an income tax. Please go away. --dim
                             \_ CA has both a sales and an income tax.  Oregon
                                does not.  Your link is just wrong.  --Genius
                                \_ Please refer to the URLs below. You need
                                   to use your brain to combine a few
                                   different sources of data here. I know
                                   you can do it. Think. Sales tax is 8%,
                                   but what percent of your income is spent
                                   on sales tax? --dim
                                   \_ Hmmm, let's see... I pay out over 40% of
                                      my income in taxes, I put another 20%
                                      away and the rest is spent.  So ~1/12th
                                      of 60% is roughly 5% of my income.  And
                                      what value does this have to this topic?
                                      \_ You can't even do simple math, moron.
                                         \_ Uhm, ok, whatever you say.
                                            \_ How much is 100 - 40 - 20? Hint:
                                               it's not 60.
                                                \_ Hint: I pay taxes on the 20%
                                                   put into savings.  I don't
                                                   put it under my pillow.
                                                   \_ you don't pay taxes on
                                                   that 20%, already inc in 40%
                                                   and wouldn't be sales tax.
                                                   None on rent or food too.
        \_ I worked in Alaska.  There are no state taxes of any kind except
           I think Anchorage may have some city taxes.
           In fact, if you live in Alaska, you get a check every year,
           as a sort of negative tax. on the other hand, the cost of
           living is above average in alaska.  and no, the tax thing is
           not some kind of a scam.  there just aren't many people and
           oil pays for alot.
        \_ I think Nevada is a special case because of the massive
           revenue influx due to gambling.
                \_ Yep, gambling & mining.  When I lived there most other
                   taxes (sales, etc.) were lower than California.
                   \_ Still, New Hampshire apparently has the lowest overall
                      tax burden.  Maybe they include taxes on corporations?
        \_ Most states get tax income from business tax, property tax, sales
           tax, income tax, and a whole bevy of fees. CA's big problem is
           property tax. It's figured by the local city or county assessor.
           Thanks to Proprosition 13, that assessment is only done when a
           building is built and when the property changes ownership. The push
           was to save LOLs living in the same place for 30+ years from being
           forced out (ie. fixed income). It also means that companies in the
           same location don't pay higher prop taxes. Poof. Less tax for the
           state. Note: You can always ask to have your property reassessed if
           you think it was listed too high a price, so you can pay less tax.
           \_ I was here when prop 13 passed.  It wasn't just LOLs that were
              losing their homes.  Roughly 40% of my middle class neighborhood
              was getting killed and was forced to sell.  Kill Prop 13 and
              you'll kill the state for good.  There's a damned good reason
              for Prop 13 to exist.
              \_ When was it passed?
                 \_ 1978
              \_ The problem was inflation. Local governments assessed
                 property whose worth was climbing 12-13% due to inflation.
                 Thus, much higher property taxes. Prop 13 forced a solution
                 that should have been dealt with on a local level (ie.
                 lowering property taxes in the face of high inflation).
        \_ I know a few people who moved to Nevada before they cashed out
           their options to avoid CA income tax.
           \_ tangent, would this be feasible: own home/residence in NV,
              have all HR related things sent there, but live in rented
              apt in CA?
                \_ you make too much money
                   \_ no such thing.  he earns it.
              \_ More than feasible. There are a good number of professionals
                 in SV that live in Portland, AZ, CO, NV who fly in, work 10,
                 then take 4 days off (or do the 4x10 work week). The problem
                 lies with the dealing with flying and family. It can suck...
        figured this out. You still have to pay CA income tax
                 for work done here, despite your residence.
                 \_ I knew a guy working at Intel who had multiple homes
                    around the country, including Oregon.  When he wanted
                    to cash out his options, he'd change his primary home
                    address to the one in Oregon.
                    \_ Oops, I meant Washington.  He had a home in both, in
                       addition to few others.
                    \_ I wonder if it is worth it to him in this economy
                       to continue with this behavior?  Did he rent out
                       the fake primary homes or are they empty when
                       he doesn't live there?
                       \_ I think these were his vacation homes and were
                          left empty.
        \_ I know a guy who moved to Seattle several years ago to avoid state
           tax.  He was making so much money from stocks (not his own options)
           that the pre-tax salary from his engineer job couldn't even cover
           his tax.  And that was before the dot-com boom even started.
2003/1/15-16 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:27109 Activity:high
1/15    Why was java removed from soda?
        \_ Cuz of no good punks like you.
        \_ Has it been banned or can it be installed again?
        \_ Java bad, C good.
           \_ you recite well.  Repeat after me.  USA is at war with Iraq
              usa has always been at war with iraq...
              \_ you're on the wrong thread.
           \_ When you finally finish your degree you might wonder why
              C isn't the language of choice for polymorphic data structures
              and most grad schools like say, Cal.  Fuckin' dropouts.
              \_ Because C is hard, Java is easy, grad schools just say "slow?
                 buy better hardware with your grant money!".  Been out of the
                 ivory tower at anytime in your life?  I notice you don't say
                 anything about the real world.  --alum
        \_ Ocaml was not removed from soda.  Ever wonder why?
           \_ becuase no one uses it.
2019/01/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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