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2003/1/13 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:27075 Activity:insanely high
1/12    What your gas dollar really buys:
        \_ sad thing is they drive cars to work as well
        \_ I vaguely remember once our beloved president once asked us
           to reduce our dependency on foreign oil.  Well, guess what,
           if we actually follow the guide line written by the NSF,
           (25% increase in fuel efficiency on car and light truck)
           we will able to accomplish so.  Then again, the ultimate
           goal should be reduce personal energy consumption, including
           electricity usage, etc.
           \_ Not even close.  The ultimate goal should be to produce
              an unlimited energy resource that allows us to use as much
              power as we want with as little impact on the environment
              as possible.  Conservation is a stop-gap, not an actual
              \_ "As little impact as possible" eh?  So even in your
                 ultimate goal the environment isn't all that improtant.
                 If you still don't get it, contrast the goal "use a
                 comfortable amount of power with no impact on the
                 \_ Change the words "no impact" to "little impact", and
                    I'm happy.  "no impact" is just impossible.  Any energy
                    source is going to produce waste heat at the least.
                    \_ Heat death here we come!  Yahoooooo!
              \_ what the hell is wrong with "as little impact as
                 possible?" how freaking stingy are you?
              \_ Yea, but there hasn't been much progress towards our
                 "ultimate goal", so "stop-gap" measures should be in
                 full force.
                 \_ Agreed.
                 \_ No.  Human nature makes it so that nothing will be
                    seriously doing about permanent or at least long term
                    solution as long as people like you keep on cry cry for
                    stop gaps which only prolong the agonies.  Necessity cause
                    innovation.  You only delaying progress.
                    \_ Wow what a cop out!  Human nature....
                    \_ Nah, I am delaying disaster.  Remember the people of
                       Easter Island.
                       \_ What about them?  You saying that you going to
                          \_ Use too much resource.  No innovation.
                             Island becomes wasteland.
                          build much small and more efficient statues?
                          \_ Used and depleted too much resource.  No innovation.
                             Island became wasteland.  Society collapsed.
                             Survivors lived on like wild dogs.
                             \_ I know all that.  I'm trying to figure out how
                                you're going to save us from the same fate. Is
                                it all based on smaller statues?
                                \_ I am not trying to save you, just buy
                                   myself a little more time for "innovation".
              \_ Where will you set up your laboratory to develop this
                 unlimited power source?  I don't think many engineers will
                 "Think of a happy thing" and then head  "2nd star on the right
                 on until morning" - so how will your staff commute to work?
                 Turn off the sci-fi channel, nerd.
                 \_ WTF are you babbling about?  Get off the weed, nuthead.
2003/1/13 [Science/GlobalWarming, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea] UID:27076 Activity:high
1/12    A unified 'no' to nuclear blackmail (Kissinger on N. Korea)
        \_ ohh shut up.  US has the largest stockpile of weapon of
           mass desctruction.  US is the one who have unleash such weapon
           against defendless civilian in the past. US is the one that
           didn't sign universal test ban treaty, didn't sign ban on
           Chemical / Biological weapon's ban. It is *US* who first labeled
           North Korea as member of "axis of evil."  It is *US* who
           decleared that we will pre-emptly invade anyone we want; and it is
           *US* who imposed a crippling economic sanction for the past 50 yrs.
           If I am North Korean government, I would think I am on the top
           of US's target list as well.
           \_ Not a bad troll.  Observe:
              decent show of 'enthusiasm,' strategically placed grammatical
              errors.  Not bad at all.  I give it a B+.
2003/1/13 [Uncategorized] UID:27077 Activity:nil
1/12    Steve Case stepping down:
2003/1/13 [Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:27078 Activity:insanely high
1/13    Penis size and SUV survey (please add more):
        Ford Explorer:   5 screams from your lil sis
        Ford Expedition: 4 screams from your lil sis
        Hummer H2:       3 screams from your lil sis
        \_ Rich kid!
        Civic:           8 screams from your lil sis
        \_ Civic is not an SUV.
        obRideBike:      Your little sis screams so loud that
                         yermom cringes since her turn is next
        Jeep Cherokee:   4.5 screams from your lil sis.
        \_ But me driving an SUV has nothing to do
           with my small penis size.  I got my first Cherokee in
           1992, years before the term "SUV" was even invented.
           \_ Exactly. A jeep cherokee (not the liberty, the cherokee)
              is a 4x4. it is no SUV, unlike anything else in this
              list, including the H2.
              \_ What's the difference?
                 \_ An SUV is a recent marketing gimmick. They
                    simply take any car, make it big, give it
                    a jeep-like body, and then think it's able
                    fulfill all your everyday driving needs
                    AND be able to go off-roading (or at the very
                    least drive off highway). In reality, all
                    they can do is haul large amounts of
                    groceries or kids. Which is perfect, given
                    that soccer moms seem to love SUV's. An
                    off-roader or a 4x4 can actually go offroad,
                    not break, and come out ok.
                    \_ rude people who stuck their comments in the
                       middle of the above: PURGED!  --!above
                    \_ The modern SUV serves the same function
                       as the "Station Wagon" of the 1970's
                       and the "Mini Van" of the 1980's
                        \_ nice definition...well done.
                           \_ Yeah this was hard to figure out.
                        \_ BS.  The minivan exists and is better for
                           most uses than SUV: you can get 4x4 if you
                           need it (snow, etc.).  They have more
                           headroom, get better milage, and driver
                           better than a typical SUV.
        \_ Hummer H1:   0.5 screams from your lil sis
        \_ what's the proper length measurement technique?
           \_ we'll stick it in your little sister, and she'll make an
              accurate report.
              \_ she got all streched out at this point, anyone have
                 a fresh lil sis?
                 \_ obUseHerButthole
                 \_ How much lubricant does your little sister need?
              \_ Whoa. Stop right there. Yermom the official insult of the
                 CSUA motd. yerlilsis hasn't even been broken in properly.
                 Besides, everyone's had yermom, yerlilsis is way behind.
        \_ This is the dumbest thread the motd has seen in ages.
2003/1/13-14 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:27079 Activity:moderate
1/13    Just pray that you don't get sick (unless you like being strip
        searched by the secret police):
        \_ Being detained and strip searched is the least of your
           worries if you're undergoing radiation therapy, genius.
           \_ Yeah, but talk about adding insult to injury!
        \_ That guy hit a jackpot!  Now he can sue the police dept for millions
           of dollars on emotional damage.  I bet he and his lawyer are
           partying right now.
                \_ You can't sue the secret police. If you do, they come for
                   you and yours in the middle of the night.
                   \_ You of course read the article and saw it was the NYPD.
                      Little did anyone else know they're a secret org.
2003/1/13-14 [Uncategorized] UID:27080 Activity:high
1/13    I feel like one of those crazy bitches on Joe Millionaire. I'm
        competing with all these super-desperate, unemployeed people for
        some job that in reality probably isn't all that great.
        \_ So question your priorities. If you're unemployed, spend a little
           time figuring out what you want out of life. Drop by a bookstore
           and read the new Po Bronson book.  Good luck.
                \_ Already have the book. Halfway through it. I actually
                   am employed. I just want to quit because I can no longer
                   tolerate my current job. -op
                   \_ I am not OP. FYI.  -jeffwong
                      \_ Who cares?
                   \_ Your opinion so far?
                        \_ I like it so far. It's been useful in that it made
                           me identify what my fears are, but I still haven't
                           figured out what I want to do. I am a bit bothered
                           that Bronson doesn't seem to be following the
                           Prime Directive and is knowingly interfering with
                           the lives of these people rather than remaining a
                           passive observer. -op
                \_ This is the least useful book for the unemployed I could
                   possibly imagine which still relates in some way to jobs
                   and life.  What exactly did you find so great about it?
                   If we're talking about the same book, it's just third rate
                   pseudo self help crap at best and a waste of trees the rest
                   of the time.
                \_ most of the people in the book are wealthy over
                   educated people with too much time on their hands
2003/1/13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:27081 Activity:high
1/13    H4C connoseurs, does this woman count as a H07 4ZN CH1X?
        specifically: and
        \_ She's okay to me.
        \_ Is this what (chialea+geordan)'s kids would have looked like?
        \_ She's not asian looking enough.  Reminds me of Liv Tyler with elf
           \_ let's talk about Liv Tyler's long beautiful black hair!
2003/1/13 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:27082 Activity:nil
1/13    I want to mass download a bunch of "images" from a web directory (with
        subdirectories). The page requires HTTP/1.1 authorization. Is there
        any UNIX util (similar to curl) that can do this? If not, any decent
        windows software?
        \_ Tried wget?
2003/1/13-14 [Uncategorized] UID:27083 Activity:moderate
1/13    In C, if I have two variables "big_struct_t a, b;", is there any reason
        why I should use "memcpy(&b, &a, sizeof a);" instead of simply
        "b = a;"?  Thanks.  -- yuen
        \_ IMO, memcpy is a clearer expression of the effect of the operation.
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