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2003/1/12 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:27074 Activity:high
1/11    Bee Gee Maurice Gibb fails at Staying Alive. 1949-2003.  RIP.
        \_ you've been waiting to say this for many many years
           \_ ...well, yes, but surely I'm not the only one. --op
              \_ Death is never funny.  And to add insult to injury his family
                 will now have to pay the government because he died.
                 \_ I was beginning to feel bad about making a joke at the
                    expense of the dead, but now I feel much better knowing
                    that I'm not the kind of douche-bag who would use this
                    to start a Republican endorsement.  --op
                 \_ Not for long thanks to Bush.
                    \_ Ignorant lout.  The death tax penalty slowly drops until
                       2010 when it's zero and then magically pops back up to
                       the full pre-Bush rate for 2011.  You're an idiot,
                       and you're a liar and you're corrected.
                    \_ America was founded on unearned wealth and living
                       off the efforts of one's ancestors. Thank god for
                       Bush to recognize that.
                       \_ That's a bunch of liberal revisionist history
                          bullshit.  Check your facts and get back to me.
                       \_ I was going to educate you a bit on the FF's and how
                          they sacrificed *everything* and just about everyone
                          of them died destitute and alone.  I was going to
                          educate you and tell you how the people in this
                          country in the 1770's who fought the British were
                          the poorest of the poor of Europe who came here to
                          make a new life (so no one was landed wealth).  I was
                          going to educate you and tell you how you're
                          describing Europe past and present, not America, but
                          really I'd be wasting my time since the facts are in
                          direct conflict with your agenda.  So you go right
                          and ahead and retain your ignorance and keep posting
                          nonsense.  It makes it much easier to put you in
                          your place.  If you're still a student go take what
                          used to be called History 120a and 120b, pre-colonial
                          and colonial era American history.  You might learn
                          something if you put down the weed for a few hours.
                          \_ You mean, you two actually took that post
                             seriously?  How sad.
        \_ I'm just waiting for someone to say that death comes in
           threes... d'oh! -geordan
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