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2003/1/8 [Uncategorized] UID:27026 Activity:nil
1/7     What are some of the songs that are similar to Vandals' "My Girlfriend
        is Dead"?
2003/1/8 [Reference/Tax] UID:27027 Activity:nil
1/7     Cool loophole in proposed tax cut on dividends.  To pay a tax
        free bonus to your employees (or c-level execs...), just create
        a special purpose private company "BonusCompany" and seed it with
        the bonus money.  Issue stock to the bonus recipients in proportion
        to the desired bonus amounts, pay out the bonuses as a dividend,
        dissolve the company, and viola!  -mel
        \_ Viola?
           \_ Voila!
        \_ Only commie countries like America tax dividends and capital
2003/1/8 [Uncategorized] UID:27028 Activity:nil
1/8     Purged all questions with answers plus all boring shit but left mel
        in place for the classic "viola!" error.
2003/1/8 [Uncategorized] UID:27029 Activity:high
1/8     <Insert tedious, boring, non-controversial, no point in discussing,
        waste of bandwidth question here>
2003/1/8-9 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:27030 Activity:very high
1/8     I'm really tempted to buy a powerbook.  The design and the OS is
        what I like.  But I'm worried about the small things.  I know that
        there's MS office, so no problem there.  But what about:
        1. sharing info on floppy with a PC?
           \_ get a USB disk drive.
        2. ability to use network printers with winNT print servers?
           \_ NT supports mac clients if your IT staff can figure it out
        3. some basic interop with winNT domains?
                \_ A1. use Samba/NFS/AFP, or record a CD-R.
                   A2/A3. install Services for Macintosh onto the NT server.
                   lots of info at
        \_ I use a powerbook at work in a Windows environment, and have
           had zero trouble printing to networked printers or accessing
           NT shares.  If you really need a floppy drive, just get a USB
        \_ if you are so concerned about 4 PC functions, then why not get
           a damn PC. But PB don't have floppy drives. And Why
           would you when you have UNIX and nfs and samba and everything.
           \_ I have access to high end laser printers (color and BW) at work.
              I regularly print personal stuff.  What if I need to bring in
              the powerbook to print something?  I may not be able to email
              the files to a PC and print because of the lack of specific
                \_ OS X allows you print to a PDF from any application.
                \_ high-end printers support appletalk. Don't worry, OS X
                   has the unix and pc-interoperability. Also, i was wrong,
                   the PB has an external floppy drive option.
           \_ Sneakernet. --dim
2003/1/8 [Uncategorized] UID:27031 Activity:nil
1/8     Can we rap mo'e about mama fantasies o' cheatin' on yo' spouse?
        \_ My wife's sister-in-law is sooo cute.  I fantasise about making love
           to her all the time.  I'm not sure if she also has a feeling on me,
           but she doesn't seem to mind me holding her hand or putting my arm
           around her waist.
2003/1/8 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:27032 Activity:nil
1/8     In HTML, is there a tag for specifying a link to an AOL Instant
        Messanger screen name, just like "mailto:" is for a link to an SMTP
        e-mail address?  Thanks.
        \_ No.
        \_ if the person has a newer version of aol im installed you can
           use <a href="aim:goim?screenname=yermom ... > etc...
           \_ It works!  Thanks!
2003/1/8-9 [Science] UID:27033 Activity:low
1/8     I was in a medical office recently, and saw that they had screens
        that could only be viewed straight-on, and looked totally blurry
        from all other angles.  What is the name of this technology?
        I want to know how it works, but don't even know what to search
        \_ I don't know what it's called, but you've been able to buy
           privacy screens that tack onto monitors for a long time now.  -John
        \_ It's called cheap old LCD's
           \_ I was gunna say that.
        \_ If it's a screen filter in front of a regular CRT monitor, it just
           has some microscopic honeycomb grids.  It works the same way as the
           metal grids instaled on the center dividers of some freeways.  I
           metal grids installed on the center dividers of some freeways.  I
           don't know what the technology is called either.
2003/1/8 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea] UID:27034 Activity:high
1/8     I feel sorry for these guys:
        \_ Has it ever been different for an occupying army? How would
           you like it if Bangeladeshi troops were stationed here?
                          \- "bangladesh"
           \_ If the Canadians had a million men on our border and were making
              continuous noise about the revolution they're going to bring
              south and my country couldn't defend itself, I'd be pretty god
              damned happy if the bangeldeshis were around putting their own
              lives on the line and spending a shitload of their own money
              to keep me safe so I could take over the bangeladeshi memory
              market and send zillions of spam to the bangeladeshi people
              through the thousands of open relays in our k-12 schools.
                      \- i think this is a spacific manifestation of
                         "if i an doing X for you with concrete benefits
                         but diluted returns" what do i expect in return.
                         e.g. usa and israel. --psb
           \_ My experiance in Korea was kinda similar to this, although
              I was a missionary, so I tried to stay out of those sort of
              conversations.  Basically, there's a giant college rumor
              mill that spreads these silly stories.  They're like Urban
              legends.  Kinda like how the "Free Mumia" system works.
              Some body hears something, doesn't check the facts, and
              passes it on. -jrleek
2003/1/8-9 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:27035 Activity:insanely high
1/8     Question for "conservative" sodans: If government is supposed to
        be run like a business, which implies fiscal responsibility and
        trying to make some kind of profit, why do republicans always run
        up a deficit when in power and leave it to democrats to clean up
        afterwards?  Wasn't there a budget surplus before G.W. took
        office?  Censor away, conservatives.
        \_ Why do you put conservative in quotes?  I don't put "liberal" in
           quotes.  Doesn't it look weird to see "liberal" in quotes?  I
           think it does.  --conservative before it was cool to be conservative
        \_ You're begging the question, troll boy.  The market was already in
           a freefall and the economy already sliding bigtime down hill before
           Bush took office.
           \_ That's no reason to make it worse, dumbass.
              \_ Make it worse by what, troll boy?  Maybe he should've raised
                 taxes in a recession.  No cookie, kiddo.
        \_ Hadn't the economy started to go down before Clinton left office?
           \_ Hadn't the economy started to go down before Clinton
              entered office? Daddy Bush?
              It's all politics. Conservatives are for personal freedom
              and responsibility, yet they want to legislate abortion and
              gays and whatnot. The preach "hands-off" free-market on one
              hand and then govt legislating morality and flag-jesus worship
              onthe other hand.
                \_ don't forget grants to corporations disguised
                    as programs to keep them more competitive!
              \_ four quadrants:
                        fiscal conservative, social conservative -> Republican
                        fiscal conservative, social liberal, -> Libertarian
                        fiscal liberal, social conservative,
                        fiscal liberal, social conservative -> Reaganite
                        fiscal liberal, social liberal -> Democrat
                        \_ misleading.Both parties are fiscal liberals, they
                           both like to spend. One spends on the rich, other
                           spends on the poor.
                           \_ wanting a tax cut is not spending
                              \_ Building a huge military is spending.
                                 \_ two issues: tax cut and how you
                                    divide spending.  conservatives
                                    want tax cuts.  How they spend
                                    is another matter.
                                    \_ Clinton decreased government spending
                                       as a percentage of GNP. Reagan did not.
                                       As far as I know, no Republican actually
                                       has, in spite of all the hot air:
                 \_ Whoa!  I'm a fiscal conservative and social liberal but
                    I am certainly *not* a libertarian!
                    \_ then what is your affiliation?
                       \_ I see myself as a real conservative which means small
                          government.  Small government means the government
                          basically stays out of people's lives but not in the
                          insane and extremist way the Libertarians want.  I'm
                          not insane.  I just don't want a bloated government
                          stealing my very hard earned money and giving it to
                          people who have done *nothing* to earn it except
                          bitch and cry and whine how oppressed they are and
                          how I *owe* them something for some strange reason.
                          \_ I should have also asked for your definition
                             of a Libertarian
                             \_ I read their website.  I honestly don't recall
                                the details, just that I found a lot of it
                                unrealistic, extremist, and idealistic to the
                                point of fantasy.
        \_ Nobody really wants strict fiscal responsibility during a recession.
           but all of that hot air appeals to voters.
        \_ Tax cuts imply deficits
           \_ No.  In the long term tax cuts cause the economy to grow.  Taxes
              are funds stripped from the economy that are no longer able to
              produce or create real jobs or wealth.  It's a drag on the
              economy not a growth measure (raising taxes).
              \_ So taxes are kept in Fort Knox never to be spent? Go go
                 \_ Taxes don't grow an economy.  Well run businesses do.  The
                    government is a source of waste and corruption, not any
                    sort of productivity, innovation, or new invention.  The
                    only things the government has created in this century are
                    poverty through dependence, and weapons.
                    \_ Well, we are only two years into the century. I'm sure
                       we can go for something much more sinister by 2101. USA!
           \_ Given a budget surplus, would it be better to:
              1. Fix the roads, bridges, and other infrastructure
              2. Invest in education, from pre-school to universities
              3. Give 90% of it to the upper 0.2% of wealthy people
                \_ that is kind of weird.  most of the tax cut will
                   go to really old rich people who derive a significant
                   portion of their income from stock dividends.
                   I don't know ANYONE who gripes about the government
                   taxing their dividend income.  i would be more convinced
                   if the administration press machine would try to show
                   that lots of jobs are created by this elite class
                   of stock dividend collectors.... but they haven't at all.
                   maybe they're busy with iraq and are trusting the GOP
                   majority in all 3 branches of the government will
                   allow them to pass anything they want and dissenting
                   views are beneath their notice.  pretty depressing.
                   \_ Don't you know what dividends even are?  They are the
                      payback to the investors from the company turning a
                      profit.  Without those investors there wouldn't be enough
                      money to run the business and a *shitload* of people
                      would be jobless.  Possibly to the point of the economy
                      simply ceasing to function.  Hey I know, let's punish
                      everyone who creates jobs by investing in the economy.
                      This whole thread is fucking ridiculous and shows the
                   \_ There is an article in the WSJ that argues that
                      instead of cutting divident tax, they should
                      give tax rebates to companies that pay dividends.
                      This will solve the double taxation problem,
                      give more money to corporations to invest, and
                      help the huge number of middle-income people
                      who hold stocks in their 401Ks, IRAs, etc. (all
                      of which essentially still have to pay tax on
                      dividends), rather than to the rich old people.
                      The other thing I hate is the child-tax credit.
                      I don't mind sharing some burden with poorer
                      people who need help caring for their kids, but
                      why should rich people who breed like pigs take
                      my money just because they have lots of kids?
                      amazing and incredible ignorance and sheer blind
                      stupidity of many of you regarding how the world works.
                       \_ Don't you know what personal income is?  They are
                          the payback to people who work.  Without workers,
                          there wouldn't be any business, and no company
                          will survive.  Possibly to the point of the economy
                          ceasing to function.  Hey I know, let's punish
                          everyone who work at jobs and make the economy
                          turn.  Nobody is asking for the elimination of
                          dividends, just whether and how it should be taxed,
                          just like nobody is asking for the elimination
                          of personal income, just how it should be taxed.
                          \_ Oh yeah?  I think income tax is bullshit.  Want
                             to tax something?  Tax people on how much use they
                             get out of the infrastructure.  Road tolls, gas,
                             cigarette, utility and other usage taxes are just
                             fine.  A euroweenie style VAT is fine too.
                             \_ Sure, now that you have understood dividend
                                and personal income, we can proceed to talk
                                about dividend tax and income tax, and whether
                                they are needed.
                                \_ I already understood divs and PI.  I believe
                                   neither are needed and in fact are harmful.
                   \_ isn't it reasonable to say that no tax on dividends
                      encourages "buy-and-hold" behavior?
                        \_ ok that's reasonable.  why doesn't the admin.
                           say this?  all i read in the newspapers
                           is "giant tax cut on dividends.  suck it up
                           \_ GWB said that?  Cool!  What a stud!
                              \_ Clinton is a stud.  Bob Dole is a stud (even
                                 though he needs viagra).  GWB ain't no stud.
                   \_ There is an article in the WSJ that argues that instead
                      of cutting divident tax, they should give tax rebates to
                      companies that pay dividends.  This will solve the double
                      taxation problem, give more money to corporations to
                      invest, and help the huge number of middle-income people
                      who hold stocks in their 401Ks, IRAs, etc. (all of which
                      essentially still have to pay tax on dividends), rather
                      than to the rich old people.  The other thing I hate is
                      the child-tax credit.  I don't mind sharing some burden
                      with poorer people who need help caring for their kids,
                      but why should rich people who breed like pigs take my
                      money just because they have lots of kids?
                      \_ Why should *anyone* get money for having kids?
                         \_ That would be even better.  I can always
                            give money myself to my neighbour who
                            needs help.
                            \_ Maybe your neighbor should've used a condom.
                   \_ If the country is to cut taxes, it should first
                      cut income taxes, next capital gains, next
                      divident taxes, and only finally, inheritance
                      tax.  This is because we should award ability,
                      not rich people with no abilities.  If you
                      keep rewarding rich people with no abilities,
                      you will create classes in the society.
                      \_ Bush.
                         \_ some folks here are actually having a real
                            discussion.  take your crap to slashdot/kero5hin.
                      \_ What's wrong with classes?  Has there *ever* been a
                         society without classes?  Is it even possible?
                         \_ big middle class, class mobility.
                            \_ I believe this is the best that can be done,
                               but you've still got classes.
                      \_ Using your POV you should put inhereitance tax first.
                         \_ Why should there be one at all?  What gives the
                            government the right to interfere in a parent's
                            transfer of family properly to other family?  Why
                            are they taxing death?
                            \_ The same reason why we don't have succession
                               monarchy and aristocracy in this country.
                               "Damnit!  I earned this country fair and
                                square by leading the country to defeat
                                its enemies and ruling it well.  Why can't
                                I pass it to my son?!"
              \_ 4. Pay off the National Debt so we no longer have to pay
                    interest to our creditors.
                 \_ These creditors being exactly who?  Bond holders, also
                    known as the American public for the most part.  The debt
                    is the government reinvesting in the country.
                    \_ Yes, it's good to go into debt to buy a house, but
                       what is the right balance? do we need buy 2,3,4 houses
                       \_ Depends.  If you can afford to buy 50 houses, that's
                          a great long term investment in many locations in
                          this country.  I can't afford 50.  I can almost
                          afford 2 in the bay area.  I'd get a second and rent
                          it out if I thought I could swing it.
        \_ I'm not a conservative, but the usual items to blame are social
           services which are not part of the Constitution(tm). If you go
           full "states' right," feds should only provide for national defense,
           trade relations between states, and maintaining law as strictly
           described by the Bill of Rights (and maybe some of the amendments).
           All social services should be done by the states themselves or
           privately (church, foundations, etc.). The deficit is because
           federal social services exist.
           \_ You sure sound like a conservative.  It's ok to be a closet
              conservative as long as you keep making conservative arguments.
           \_ Even with all of these federal services, there was a surplus
              when G.W. took office.  It was clear the economy was going
              downhill, yet he gave that surplus away to the extremely
              wealthy and put us into deficit spending this country hasn't
              seen since Reagon was in charge.  At least Reagan had a
              real reason (a strong Soviet Union) to forget about long-term
              \_ Exactly what surplus did GWB give to the wealthy?  There has
                 been pretty much nothing returned to anyone yet at any level.
                 To say that there's been some big giveaway is either pure
                 ignorance or a flat out malicious lie.  Oh yeah, there was
                 that big huge gigantic $300 bucks which was enough to totally
                 crush the budget.  Whatever.
                 \_ Also, the tax relief check is the same amount for most
                    taxpayers having between low 5-figure and many-figure
                    income.  Hence, in terms of percentage of income, the
                    low-income taxpayers already benefited more than the
                    high-income taxpayers even though the tax rates for
                    low-income taxpayers were lower than those for high-income
                 \_ Dropping the top tax rate for the most wealthy.
                    \_ Child, it hasn't happened yet.  When you have clue, you
                       may return to the conversation.  Please stop drinking
                       your own poison.  No one has had their tax rate dropped.
                       I know because I'm paying that top rate and it hasn't
                       changed a bit.  I'll let you know when it has and it
                       won't be soon enough for me.
                       \_ Yes it has. You have been paying based on the (lower)
                          2002 tax rate all year, you just didn't notice it.
           \_ Do farm and business subsidies count as federal social services?
              \_ Not in the same sense, but to a degree, yes.  On the other
                 hand, there is an important need for the country to be able
                 to produce enough food and certain goods self sufficiently.
                 We definitely do not want to be dependent on some foreign
                 power for our food or other basic needs.  I consider some of
                 these subsidies to be necessary for the country's long term
                 safety, stability, and survival.  Others are pure pork and
                 should be completely ended.
                 \_ A bogus argument for subsidies. The US massively
                    overproduces "staple" farm goods, thus dropping prices,
                    and therefore subsidies. This argument assumes that
                    without subsidies there would be no farming. Wrong.
                    \_ So if there were no subsidies you think they'd just
                       grow less food and charge more and it would all be ok?
                       And who gets hurt the most by this?  The poor?  Yup.
                       I'm deeply conservative and I find this very *not* ok.
                       \_ The only reason the poor will get hurt is because
                          this distorted agricultural economy has been
                          around too long.  It is like people getting
                          addicted to drugs.   I say gradual reduction of
                          subsities.  Short-term pain, long-term gain.
                    \_ And the free-market will take care of this anyways.
                       No more republican subsidies! If anything, we need
                       to get more oil, a basic need, that's more
                       important to long-term national economic
                       health than cheese or eggs!
                       \_ Troll.  There are just as many democrat farm states
                          as republican.  That POS who switched over in the
                          Senate only did so because the dems promised him his
                          state would still get farm subsidies/pork and he'd
                          keep his position on a pork committee.  As far as oil
                          goes, we have plenty.  It's in Alaska.  It's off the
                          coast of California and Florida and probably other
                          places.  Drill for it.  It's there.
2003/1/8 [Uncategorized] UID:27036 Activity:nil
1/8     Can't we talk about Isreal or something? The motd is boring me.
        And what happened to the guy who had the hots for his sister?
        Why did that get deleted?
        \_ I banged your sister last time I was in Isreal.
2003/1/8-9 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:27037 Activity:high
1/8     Slickdeals has a dell laptop available for $850-- 128Mb, P4
        1.7Ghz, 14.1 lcd.  But I can't find any specs on weight, battery
        life, or compatibility w/ non-MS OSes.  I figure that for the
        price it's going to be pretty heavy, but this would be my first
        laptop and I'm rather poor.  What is Dell's laptop reputation?
        \_ They make nice laptops and I've been able to get Linux to run
           on all of them that I've tried. --dim
        \_ what dell laptop model?  Dell laptops are good.  Of course,
           the cheaper models like Inspiron 2600 (??) are big and heavy
           compared to the more expensive ones.
           \_ Inspiron 2650.  Here's the link if anyone's interested
              ($500 laptop for sister guy?).  It also includes a free palm
              m125: .  Another question:
              can I use desktop RAM DIMMs in a laptop, or do they require
              specialized versions?  I'm trying to decide b/w 128M and
              256M ($50 more).
2019/08/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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