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2003/1/6 [Uncategorized] UID:27001 Activity:nil
1/6     Anyone care to explain this email to me? Thanks.
        \_ No.
2003/1/6-7 [Science/Space] UID:27002 Activity:very high
1/6     Is there any manufacturer that sells dishwashers that have glass or
        plastic see-through doors?  I saw a demo unit of a whirlpool
        dishwasher at Best Buy where all four sides are see-through, but I
        haven't see any retail ones.  Thanks.
        \_ your English sucks.
           \_ Your capitalization sucks, like yer mom.
           \_ Did he ask for a grammar critique?
              \_ No. Are you a moron?
        \_ real men do the dishes BY HAND.  You use less enery and also
           less water. water is life, please don't waste it.
           \_ Real Men use an autoclave. --dim
           \_ According to PG&E, dishwashers use both less water and less
              heating energy than hand-washing if you wash full-loads.  I
              don't use my dishwasher because my wife doesn't want the dirty
              dishes to sit there for a week before I accumulate a full load.
              (Yeah you can ask why I'd listen to a bankrupt company.)
              (Yeah you can ask why I'd listen to a bankrupt company.)  On the
              other hand, I conserve water by using a front-load washing
              machine, putting water bags in my toilet tanks, turning off
              the tap while brusing or applying shampoo or soap, and going to
              a carwash which recycles water instead of washing my car on the
              driveway.  The only other thing I didn't do is not watering the
              lawn at all and let all the grass die.  That would save the most
              water, but my wife would kill me.
              \_ why wash your car?
                 \_ rude interuption moved and reformatted.  next time i purge.
                 \_ Need to get the salt off.
                 \_ Because there are times when it doesn't rain for several
              \_ There are many ways of hand-washing.
              \_ your wife will kill you because you're an enviro wacky nut.
                 in this state residential use accounts for 8% of all water
                 use.  farming in the fucking desert accounts for the other
                 92%.  we're 25% over our take from the colorado.  if every
                 person in the state stopped using water for all non-farming
                 uses, we'd still be overusing our draw on the colorado.
                 you're wasting your time and annoying your wife.
        \_ Found one googling for "dishwasher transparent door"
           It's a countertop one for four placesettings.
        \_ Yes, there is.  I saw a demo unit of a whirlpool dishwasher at Best
           Buy where all four sides are see-through, and I was smart enough to
           ask the salesdrone about a retail version.  Salesdrone was more than
           happy enough to provide information and retail pricing.
           \_ How much?  Thanks.
              \_ ask a sales guy.
2003/1/6-7 [Reference/Tax] UID:27003 Activity:high
1/6     I've heard some god awful things about Turbo Tax this year.  Like
        the product activation key that only allows you to install it on
        just one computer, and the automatic install of a lot of other junk
        that you don't need.  My copy will become useless when I upgrade my
        laptop.  I'm looking for alternatives.  Anybody used TaxCut before?
        \_ I'm not paying taxes this year in protest of America's support
           of Isreal.
        \_ I used TT for the first time last year and hated it.  I had to
           do a few forms manually.  TaxCut the past 3 years was a breeze.
        \_ hmmm... maybe that's why i got a free copy of it in the mail. i
           was thinking of burning it and handing it out to friends.
           \_ I activated the copy I got in the mail two days ago for about
              $30. The state download was free. It comes with a mail-in rebate
              for e-filing. I've wanted to shoot TT in the head a few times in
              the past so I'm curious if everybody's had an easier time with
              TaxCut. Specific inanity had to do with capital gians on funds
              with auto reinvestment and/or uncertain purchase dates.
              \_ Why is your pruchase date uncertain?  You have some sort of
                 brokerage house you went through.  They have records.
                 \_ Neither Schwab nor Datek/Ameritrade have been willing to
                    look for purchase dates older than 2 years. YGWYPF.
           \_ There's an activation code in the one you got via mail.
           \_ Which variant of Turbo Tax did you get in mail?  Fed only?  Fed
              plus state?  I purchased and registered my Turbo Tax Deluxe in
              tax year 2000 but I still haven't got any free copy in my mail.
              (I pirated my tax year 2001 copy.)
              \_ And then you wonder why you got audited.
              \_ I think they key on the "rebate" offer rather than the
                 registration. And it's the Deluxe with a free offer of the
                 State one.
        \_ Why waste so much natural resources on items that become obsolete
           as soon as you use it?  Why not just use on-line services like
           Turbo Tax On-line?
           \_ oh, maybe because you're totally SOL when you have to deal with
              the IRS 2 years later when they decide to re-examine your taxes,
              and the on-line service is GONE (in the year current-2 version).
              \_ but you can save your return as a PDF, so what's the problem?
                 \_ Do you know what an audit involves? Please return with
                    \_ What?  Isn't everything be on the tax return?
                       What additional information can you pump out because
                       you have a software copy of turbotax?   - !op
           \_ natural resources?  as if the net is free?  take the enviro
              wacky nut crap to kuro5hin or something.  the rest of us have
              lives to lead.
           \_ Because we're Amuricansdammit.
2003/1/6-7 [Computer/Domains, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:27004 Activity:high
1/6     request to the people shortening the URLs:  can you embed
        the domain name into the shortened URL?  shortening into or if domain
        name is not available, use the ip address.  I can't be the only
        person who is hesistant about clicking something that I don't know
        where it leads me.  What if it's some porn site and I'm at work?
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD> shortens to....
           oh boy... isn't that a great improvement.
           \_ how about
              optimize for the common case.  long domain names are an
              exception not the rule.
        \_ Use mozilla tabs.  Wear headphones.  Get a better job.  Don't view
           non-work stuff on work time.
           \- ObUseLynx --psb
        \_ Don't use fucking URL shorteners! You M$ attachment, click-me
           to auto-screw-me wannabes
        \_ How about a click-through link that tells the user the
           real URL before going to it? Or a form that returns the
           real URL?
           \_ other url shorteners do the above.  use them.
2003/1/6-7 [Politics] UID:27005 Activity:kinda low
1/6 (
        "...... soldiers preparing to go overseas were doing some post-holiday
        shopping -- for boots, knives, warm-weather gear and anything else
        that might come in handy on the battlefield."
        Doesn't the military provide all the gears that the soldiers use?  I
        thought everything is standardized.
        \_ they get G.I. stuff but you can bring your own extras.
        \_ Example: US Army used to issue Field boots made by Corcoran
           which are really nice.  Now they issue the cheaper Altama
           field boots.  But those in the military will often still go
           out and buy the Corcoran's on their own dime.
           \_ Remember, it's the very best goods the lowest bidder can offer.
              Mattel and IBM used to supply the US weapons because they were
              the cheapest bidders.
              \_ Mattel the toy company?
                 \_ Actually a bit of a myth. They supplied the plastic
                    handgrips and made a very realistic toy replica. IBM
                    did make and sell M1 carbines to the US Government.
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