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12/31   How are you celebrating tonight?
        \_ I think I'll sit at home and read the motd.
           \_ hey, me too.
           \_ what a coincidence
           \_ wow, k00l, m3 t00 d00d!
        \_ obWith yermom.
        \_ I celebrated with my SO by having some orgasms.
           \_ You too?  I celebrated the same way with your SO.
                \_ Holy Sexual Sandwiches, Batman!
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1/1     FIRST!  (heh, sorry, had to, I'm a loser)
        \_ All the more so since you weren't first...The first post was
           \_ uhm, no.  Thanks.
2003/1/1-2 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:26958 Activity:very high
        This entire thing truly amazes me.  The Dems have TV, Hollywood, cable,
        prime time news, and all but 2 of the major newspapers.  Everything
        *except* radio and Fox news.  If they honestly and truly believe their
        problem is lack of access to get their message out and if only they
        had their own Rush then they'd get more votes then they're doomed.
        They can't possibly truly believe what this article says they do.
        Democrats, please tell me, is this article bullshit or do Democrats
        *really* believe this stuff?  --baffled conservative
        [why do you keep deleting this?  it's a real link from a real news
         source with a real question. and yes i'm going to keep restoring it.]
        \_ yes, some people are stupid enough to believe that the media
           is a giant conservative conspiracy, just as some people
           (like you) are stupid enough to believe it's a giant liberal
        \_ The major media channels are owned by GE, MS, Viacom and Vivendi.
           All tilt heavily Republican. Your notion that the Dems control
           the media just shows how self-deluded you really are.
                \_ We were always at war with Oceana.
                \_ Like I said its all about the vast right wing
                   consipracy out to get me and my husband - Hillary
        \_ Because conservatives tend to overstate the "liberal bias" of
           the media. Having a few liberal views makes one an Evil Liberal,
           while having a few conservative views do not make one an Evil
           Conservative. The ranking of All Of Media Is Liberal stems from
           the conservatives' marketing their brand of thinking as True
           Conservatism(tm). There is no other brand. To disagree is to
           not be a TC and thus must be liberal. The thing is that most TCs
           do have some liberal POVs but don't express it.
           \_ There's no disputing a clear bias on issues like gun control
              and abortion rights, where the positions of liberal and cons
              are fairly clear.  Overall the bias may be minor, but on some
              it is extreme.
              \_ Which makes all of their POVs automatically Liberal. It's
                 the Cons's self-pitying victimization that irritates me.
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