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2002/12/28-30 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:26925 Activity:high
12/27   Anyone know of a four port IDE controller card that's well supported
        under linux? Yes, I've already STFW. -dans
        \_ promise, though i can't stand them
           \_ I can't stand Promise easier.  In fact, I'm having major
              grief with a Promise card as we speak.  I looked on their
              site, and they don't appear to list any four channel cards
              (except for a serial ATA card, but the drives I've got are
              plain vanilla ATA drives).  I see a number of two channel
              cards (total of four disks).  Did I miss something? -dans
              \_ Their raid controllers.  I've used a couple without much
                 mishap, but their plain ATA controllers, I've had die very
                 frequently. --scotsman
                 \_ Yeah, I've googled a bit more and found the SX4000, which
                    it seems promise has purged from its site.  There is the
                    considerablly more expensive SX6000, which has two ports
                    I don't need.  Also seems questionable as to whether the
                    SX4000 is supported under linux. -dans
                    \_ Check that, the SX4000 is not supported under Linux in
                       any way that I could consider remotely accepatable.
                       any way that I could consider remotely acceptable. -dans
        \_ Acard.
           \_ According to Acard's site, they support Redhat, Suse, and
              TurboLinux.  Do you know of anyone that has gotten their four
              channel RAID card working with a stock Linux kernel? -dans
                \_ They have a rpm with the source for the kernel
                   module. Just grab that and compile for your distro.
        \_ 3ware has cards that support up to 8 disks, raid & jbod.
           \_ Yup, 3ware's cards kick butt.  Alas, they are pricey.  Was
              wondering if there was anyone else in the market.  But they
              have an honest to hoyle open source driver, and that may
              convince me to give them my money. -dans
              \_ "honest to hoyle"
              \_ beware older 3ware cards.  Do *not* save yourself a buck
                 buying an older card.  I've lost hundreds of gigs of data to
                 older 3ware cards.  No problems yet on the newer ones.  Yet.
                 \_ Define 'older' please.  I was looking at an Escalade
                    7500-4.  The only thing I'm aware of that is newer are
                    the 8500 series which are serial ATA -dans
                 \_ I asked before, but looks like it got nuked, are the 7500
                    series cards sufficiently new?  The only other 3ware cards
                    I see are the 8xxx cards, which are serial ATA. -dans
        \_ I don't get the "hoyle" reference.  pls explain.
           \_ honest to hoyle, same as honest to goodness or honest to god.
              In this case, an honest to hoyle OS driver as opposed to a
              braindead binary-only driver. -dans
        \_ rock on, geek god.
2002/12/28-29 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:26926 Activity:high
12/27   How can i see which process is using how much disk IO ?
        \_ which os?
           \_ myOS(tm)
             \_ I think it is reasonable to use the os that you are using
                to converse as a DEFAULT os in regards to motd questions.
                So, 4.6.1-RELEASE FreeBSD 4.6.1-RELEASE #0, (I would also
                be happy with a linux solution, if that differs). -top
                \_ don't know of anything for either that tracks this sort of
                   thing per process.  You could probably make/find a kernel
                   mod to do this.
        \_ proctool?
2002/12/28 [Uncategorized] UID:26927 Activity:nil
12/27   I think that stripper really liked me!
2002/12/28 [Politics/Domestic/Abortion, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:26928 Activity:nil 57%like:25501 66%like:26366 66%like:28788
12/27   [troll deleted]
        \_ drat. missed the troll. it's so quiet in the office. i wish you'd
           leave the trolls alone so i'd have something to play with.
2002/12/28-30 [Uncategorized] UID:26929 Activity:high
        Rock on.
        \_ Danzig's had songs in Latin before.
        \_ I bet you bought all that Metallica and Floyd symphonic stuff.
           I hear Yanni's in town.  Wanna get tix?
           \_ These people are much better musicians than any you mention.
              Rondellus is an accomplished and talented early music group.
              Do you always ridicule what you don't understand?
              \_ yer mom.
              \_, yes!
2002/12/28 [Politics/Domestic] UID:26930 Activity:high
12/27   It's a CSUA republican's dream:
        \_ Uh huh.  Whatever.  I'll ignore the obvious paint-em-all-with-one
           brush and do the same instead in the name of humor:  *This* must
           be a CSUA democrat's dream:
           \_ You bastard!  I don't give a shit what your political leanings
              are -- this is just  *fucked*  *up*.
              \_ *laugh*  It's a standard yahoo news item photo on the cloning
                 thing currently in the news.  What's the problem? *snicker*
2002/12/28-29 [Reference/Tax] UID:26931 Activity:very high 71%like:26938
12/28   The failure of the German welfare cradle-to-grave system:
        \_ Wow.  Tax revenues are down and deficits are up, so the government
           raises taxes?!  Thank God that would never happen here!  Get a life,
           pal.  A majority of states right here in the US are in the same
           economic boat.  How many of them have a "cradle-to-grave" welfare
           system?  Get a life.
           \_ You're not making any sense.  If you could calm down for the 30
              seconds it might take to write a reply maybe we could discuss it.
              In the mean time, take a look and see the long term fate of an
              industrialized western nation with even greater taxes than here:
              9% unemployment and zero growth to our lower taxes, lower
              enumployment rate and above-zero growth.
              \_ Austria +2.5%, Britain +3.4% , Spain +3.2% quit making shit up.
              \_ Aren't you late for some cyrillic menorah reading or somesuch?
              \_ you may or may not be right, but the existence of a recession
                 doesn't mean that's the "long term fate" of such a system. duh.
              \_ I like it when the poor suffer and die. It's much better that
                 way. I mean, God must want it to happen, right?
                 \_ You can't legislate compassion.
              \_ How much stuff is "enough"? I don't think growth and consumption
                 are always good. Look how overfed Americans are. We are dying
                 from our overconsumption.
                 \_ infidel defiler!!!  you are now required to read
                    the Fountainhead and buy an SUV or suffer the
2002/12/28 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:26932 Activity:high
        I don't know why you liberals keep deleting this. I guess you
        just can't debate the subject on it's merits, eh?
        \_ Your URL doesn't even match your trollicious message.
        \_ I had never read a freerepublic link posted on the motd
           until now.  If most articles are as brainless as this one,
           I'm surprised people even bother posting this crap.  It's
           just some incoherent whining about Trent Lott resigning
           mixed with some other stuff.
           \_ a large fraction of the freerepublic links are reposts
              on freerepublic of AP articles.  i've even seen poeple post
              freeper links as a "reply" to some mainstream news link
              i posted only to follow it and find a reprint of the same
              danm article.  i guess people to do it to piss off knee-jerk
              liberals who like to get pissed without bothering to follow
              the link.  hey, it's cheaper than a movie, and you don't have
              to leave your terminal.
              \_ They're not liberals.  They're leftists.  "Open minded" as in
                 part of the meaning of "liberal" isn't in their character.
                 \_ neither word has any really useful meaning.  Read
                    Orwell's "Politics and the English Language."
           \_ While true that this is hardly the most well written article
              I've read from freereepublic, he does raise an interesting
              point about hate crimes.  ie, why can people be charged
              with thinking a certain thought while the perfom a crime?
              That's no just invading freedom of speech, that's invading
              freedom of THOUGHT.  Always struck me as strange.
2002/12/28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26933 Activity:high
        If only drugs were legal she would be alive today....
        \_summary please.
        \_ summary:
           teenager's friend dies.  teenager is killed by jealous ex-boyfriend.
           drugs were involved.  motd troller links this to politics.
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