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2002/12/27-28 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:26921 Activity:very high
12/26   My sister is looking to buy a laptop under $500.  Has to be new
        but obviously not top of the line.  Anybody know of a good reputable
        place that sells NEW but older model laptops?  She just need the basic
        stuff like built in CD, floppy, modem, ethernet, etc. Recommendation
        on brand and model would also help.  Thanks.
        \_ i think this is impossible.
        \_ not bloody likely, but it's possible she could get lucky on an
           auction site like ebay or ubid.  also check
           for sales.  but ultimately, it's snowball meets hell.
        \_ I want world peace.
        \_ "Has to be new" and "under $500" is a problem.
            Get a USED IBM Thinkpad.
            \_ For 500, you can get thinkpads with a year of warranty left.
        \_ How about refurbs? You might be able to get a refurb from
           Dell, IBM or Apple for ~ $500.
                \_ Or a used pismo.
        \_ iBooks are quite durable.  I just sold one for $400 on craigslist.
           \_ The pismo's (PowerBook G3 (2000)) are also quite
        \_ is your sister hott?
           \_ yeah does she give good head? i have extra laptops.
        \_ Get a new PDA with a keyboard.
        \_ I really think this is a bad idea... even if by some miracle you
           were able to find a "new" laptop for this price, all the
           technology would be so old, it'd be obsolete in 5 minutes. What's
           wrong with buying a refurb'ed one (often come with same or similar
           waranties) that has newer features?
           \_ How does a Pentium II system get obsolete?  Mine has a dvd
              player, pcmcia slots for wireless.  Unless I want to game,
              it does everything.
           \_ Just wondering, has anyone here ever bought a refurbished piece
              of hardware and not had problems with it? -!OP
           anything that is neither here nor there.
                \_ Yes. I've bought a refurb macs, suns and sgi's (for home
                   and work). The only problems I've had was with stuff like
                   memory and sbus cards that didn't survive UPS/USPS's brand
                   of tender-loving care. The systems all worked. --ranga
                \_ we've set up entire companies with refurb sun's from
        \_ Either get something really cheap and disposable like under $175,
           or get something decent for like $800 or above.  Don't get
           anything that is neither here nor there.  More precisely,
           get something cheap and disposable, or get something that can
           run w2k, that is, if you are going the windows route.
        \_ I have had a lot of luck with used laptops from EBay.
        \_ ObIsSheHot?
           \_ ObYou'reAnIdiotSomeoneAskedThisAlready
2002/12/27 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:26922 Activity:high
12/26   What is the best way to make a Linux game (xlander) run slower?
        \_ hit the turbo button on your 386
            \_ on a pentium.
        \_ Change the program so that it doesn't run faster if it gets extra CPU
           time.  Use the Source, Luke!
2002/12/27-28 [Computer/SW] UID:26923 Activity:kinda low
12/26   What's the proper way to endorse a check over to a third party?
        \_ what does endorsing a check to a third party mean? (serious question)
        \_ what does endorsing a check to a third party mean? (serious
           \_ Allowing a check to be cashed by someone else other than the
              stated recipient. Note that when you sign the back of the check
              that is endorsing it. In normal cases, the third party is a bank.
        \_ Signature
           Pay to the order of
           Third party

           or something like that.  anything that makes it very clear.
           Or, you can just sign it, give it to them, and trust they don't
           lose it.
        \_ I got a rebate check from dell payable to the fictional company
           I used while buying from their small business division (I
           now know to just put my name as the company's name).  The check
           says not to allow third party endorsements (above where you are
           supposed to endorse it).  Nevertheless, I signed my own name
           and deposited it into my credit union account.  Being on
           friendly terms with the teller lady and explaining the situation
           to her might have helped
                \_ I think generally if the check is small and you are
                   depositing it in an account that has been around for a
                   while banks just really don't care much.  They figure the
                   chance that you are going to scam them and they wont be
                   able to just take the money out of your account if something
                   is screwy just ain't worth the money carefully checking
                   all those checks would take.
2002/12/27-28 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:26924 Activity:very high
        Rael UFO cult clones human. According to the above news link, a raelian
        woman has actually given birth to a human clone yesterday.
        heres a link to the cult website:  it seems to be down right now, however.
        \_ It's all over the place.  You don't need hokey unheard of sites to
           read about it.  There's also no proof yet.
           \_ more normal link added to appease whiner.
              \_ wanting a real news source is not whining.  you want me to
                 direct you to my personal website for real news?  i think not.
                 you'd find it equally questionable.  and there's still no
                 proof clonaid created a real clone, dolly style.  (it's like
                 "duh i read it on the net, it must be true!!!!")
                 \_ You're too good for Reuters?  You're so l337, duud.
                    \_  Whatever.  If it doesn't have a real url
                       from a real source, it's suspect.  And no in general
                       reuters is biased crap.  youd see that if you read it
                       with a critical eye and questioned the material instead
                       of swallowing it like a sheep.
                       \_ How is reuters any more biased than any other news
                          source in the whole fucking world?  If you had any
                          idea what a critical eye is, you would have avoided
                          looking so stupid here by actually looking for more
                          info on this yourself instead of abusing the OP with
                          your nonsense.  And, if you would, please point out
                          where the original article posted is biased.
                          \_ Idiot, I had already read other news sources long
                             before the OP posted here.  It doesn't even take
                             a mildly critical eye to note I said the news was
                             already all over the place.  You're an idiot and
                             only look that much more stupid falsely accusing
                             someone of something they're not guilty of but
                             *you* are.  Sheesh, motd posters.  And the article
                             is *still* just about some nutty cult making some
                             claims.  Nothing is proved.  Come back when some
                             one reputable has verified it.
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