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2002/12/26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26916 Activity:nil
12/25 - If the alumni all pitch in, we can buy this
        and name it "sodatown"
2002/12/26-27 [Transportation/Car] UID:26917 Activity:high
12/25   Anyone have any good recommendations for good/reputable dealers
        selling used BMW's, in the Bay Area or within 50 miles? Thanks.
        \_ fuck you and your polluting ass.  are you ready to go to war
           to put fuel in your gas tank?  are you prepared to find solutions
           to global warming in a smog fillegd automotive nightmare?
           move to LA with the rest of your kind.
        \_ You won't find a "good and reputable dealer" selling BMWs.
           No "good and reputable dealer" would sell such a pos. Save
           your money and your sanity buy a benz or a lexus.
           - former BMW owner
           \_ What went wrong with your car?  Which model did you have?
                \_ What didn't go wrong is a bettery question. I had
                   major problems with the fuel system (tank, line and
                   injector), the ac, the electronics (the main computer,
                   seats, radio and the battery). I had the 735i. I'm
                   glad I no longer have that pos.
           \_ Lexus is probably one of the best cars made, but not very
              exciting. Mercedes is Chrysler now and will be crap unless
              you buy flagship models ($$$). BMW makes nice cars. Maybe
              you got a lemon. --dim (current BMW owner)
              \_ it's daimler-chrysler, not the other way around.
                 \_ Go sit in an entry-level MB and then see which way MB is
                    going. --dim
                    \_ whatever.  tell that to all the guys in chrysler
                       management in michigan who got layed off or retired
                       early right after the merger.
                       \_ It was a good merger for Chrysler, because they are
                          putting MB parts in their cars and using MB managers.
                          It was a good merger for MB because American workers
                          make $17/hour and Germans make $32/hour. The idea
                          behind the merger was making MB cheaper and that
                          is why the new Chrysler is $35,000 and the new MB is
                          only about $40,000. It's not fully evident yet, but
                          it will be more and more so over time. --dim
                    \_ I agree about the entry-level MB's but the E class
                       (320 and 400) are pretty nice. The only reason I
                       mentioned MB is because some people have a Germany
                       car obsession. Personally I prefer Lexus since it
                       is about as nice as a MB but provides a lower tco.
        \_ Buy it on e-bay.
2002/12/26 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:26918 Activity:nil
12.26   tom, please don't stop posting. some of us actually find some of the
        things you have to say helpful. either accept the flames from those
        who are in the FlameTomFanClub or post anonymously so that your
        comments don't get watered down with personal attacks...
        -not tom#1fan, but appreciates non-attacking comments from motd'ers.
        \_ posting anonymously would be "letting the terrorists win", so to
           speak.  -tom
           \_ Glad to see you've come around to the conservative point of view.
           \_ i agree. but don't let the soda bitches stop you from posting.
              if you do, they are winning doubly. --hates terrorists
              \_ Huh. I don't particularly agree or disagree with the man but
                 his braying grates badly. I wrote a script that only shows the
                 me the motd on login if his name (and a few others things such
                 as freeper posts) doesn't appear. Unfortunately, I sometimes
                 look anyway...
                 \_ I think you've got the wrong attitude about it.  With
                    tongue in cheek it can be quite entertaining to engage tom
                    in a discussion especially if you know in advance he's way
                    out on a limb talking about something he knows nothing
                    about.  This happens a lot more than tom is willing to
                    admit which is what makes the motd so fun.  I'm still
                    trying to figure out why he keeps spewing about indians
                    and h1bs taking over everything.  He has no suggested
                    actions one can take to prevent this from happening,
                    assuming he's even right about it.  He just seems to enjoy
                    inflicting FUD on people in these uncertain economic times
                    which I find cruel and mean spirited.  That sort of thing
                    must be countered.
        \_ Who said tom would stop posting?
2002/12/26-28 [Science/Battery, Consumer/Camera] UID:26919 Activity:kinda low
12/25   Just got a digital camera that uses AA. The batteries die after 30
        minutes (Coolpix 2000). Should I go NiCd, NiMh or LiIon? Or exchange
        the Coolpix 2000 for the 2500 (+$60)?
        \_ If you like your current camera, go for the NiMH batteries (check
           out for your camera review). The 2500 seems
           pretty cool...but with most things, get the best that you can
           afford - depending on your level of interest in photography.
        \_ Regular batteries have too much internal resistance and so the
           camera will see dropping voltage very quickly as it draws
           significant amount of current.  NiMH will do you good here.
        \_ 1850mAh NiMH should do the trick. $13 at Amazon/Circuit City.
           \- for AA in flashes i use Varta batteries. might try those. --psb
2002/12/26-28 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:26920 Activity:nil
12/26   First it was honda's now its athlons:
        \_ Wow, that's dumb. I wish I were making money off of it. --aaron
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