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2002/12/20 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:26868 Activity:high
12/19   America is being invaded
        '...15 percent of school children in California are illegal
        immigrants...More than 14 percent of the inmates in California's
        prisons are illegal aliens'
        Now we know California has a 35$ billion budget deficit -
        can the libs and RINOs put 2 and 2 together?
        \_ Damn those politicans who use pro-illegal-immigrant policies to buy
           votes.  Damn those relatives of the illegal immigrants who vote for
        \_ Damn those politicans who use pro-illegal-immigration policies to
           buy votes.  Damn those relatives of the illegal immigrants who vote
           for them.  Damn those who label anti-illegal-immigration ones as
           "anti-immigration" in order to confuse people.
        \_ hey genius, where did you get your logic degree? even the hair in
           my asshole is smart enough to not get fooled by your argument.
           is my ass hair smarter than you? -ali
           \_ Yeah whatever.  What a worthless reply.  If you're so damned
              smart then spell it out instead of the ad hominen garbage.  -!OP
2002/12/20 [Industry/Jobs] UID:26869 Activity:kinda low
12/19   Sigh... more resume help for motd readers: you may have graduated
        with a 3.918/4.0 but your resume sucks.  No one wants to read prose.
        Keep it to simple bullet points.  Each job posting online will get
        roughly 400 resumes.  No one reads full sentences.  Make it easy for
        the reader.  You get about 0.75 seconds to convince someone to skim
        the rest of your resume.  Harsh?  Yes, but true.  Cut out all that
        crap and try again.
        \_ ...and you want help people with 4.0 gpa's who somehow make it
           all the way through college with no communication skills or common
           sense why?  fuck them.  if they can't communicate well enough
           to tell you why you should hire them they probably aren't useful
           to you.
           \_ most EECS majors probably meet this description
           Won't help much with the brevity problem, but possibly useful.
        \_ GPA is irrelevant after X number of years in the industry. RIGHT?
           \_ That X is probably 10 years.  If you're a newgrad or with 5-7
              years experience, I do look at GPA if I have 10 people who are
              equally good at coding.  If two people both are good at solving
              problems and one has a high GPA and the other has a low GPA,
              which one would you hire?  GPA tells me that the person is more
              responsible and disciplined.  Skills are the most important
              quality of course.  But all else being equal, high GPA wins.
              \_ X=10? I stopped putting that crap on my resume after four
                 years and emphasized references, work experience, and
                 projects. Much better indicators of how you'll do at the job.
              \_ I agree with the above.  X=10 is silly.  After 10 years if you
                 ask me my gpa after seeing TEN YEARS of work experience and
                 think what I did as a child somehow matters TEN YEARS later
                 then I'll happily keep looking because working for such an
                 inflexible and thoughtless PHB would suck big time.
2002/12/20 [Reference/Military] UID:26870 Activity:nil
        Marine shoots would-be carjacker.  Carjacker scumbag dead at scene.
        No charges filed.  Marine takes bullet in face.
2002/12/20 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:26871 Activity:kinda low
12/19   I downloaded Easy CD-DA extractor to rip an audio CD.  This is the CD
        with one 40 minute track that I'm trying to break it up.  After
        reaching the end, it chokes and dies, and says something about
        corrupted track.  And erases the entire .wav file.  I know there're
        problems with the track near the end.  Is there another ripper that
        will let you choose how many minutes of the audio to rip?  Or one
        that's smarter about just not reading the corrupted part?  Thanks.
        \_ Undelete the .wav and go on with life.
                \_ the deleted file doesn't show up in the recycle bin.
                   If I understand correctly, only files deleted by an user
                   shows up there.  I'll try Exact Audio.  Thanks.
                   \_ that's not what undelete is. seek clue.
                   \_ Amazing how the mass availability of windows crap has so
                      utterly destroyed clue scores.  STFW for "undelete FAT32"
                      and let us know how it went.
        \_ I already told when you posted before: Exact Audio Copy.
2002/12/20 [Recreation/Media] UID:26872 Activity:nil
        The failure of gun control in Britain.  Dead unarmed cops everywhere.
        \_ actually it's a failure of their immigration policy.
           \_ Why can't we just get along and agree that it's both?
              \_ Ok, I'll go along with that.
                 \_ while we're having this lovefest, can I get a hug for
                    the "I blame Hollywood/James Bond" faction?
                    \_ No.  Censorship doesn't fix anything.  Violent movies
                       don't make people violet.  Sexy movies don't make people
                       have sex.  Smart movies don't make people smart.  Movies
                       from Hollywood are just weak entertainment.  Hollywood
                       is not the social force it believs itself to be.
2002/12/20 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:26873 Activity:high
12/19   regarding the "dual" post from yesterday, its called a "trinary
        \_ How many is "trinary"?
           \_ There are 10 kinds of people.  Those who understand binary and
              those who don't.  -John
2002/12/20-21 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:26874 Activity:high
12/20   Is there a way to get SSH to do keepalives (for firewalls/dial-up
        sessions with inactivity timeouts?)  I currently do ssh -X and send
        an xclock over it, but I usually have more than one host open, and
        things get a bit cluttered.  -John
        \_ the inband keepalive is daemon configurable
        \_ the inband keepalive is daemon configurable -shac
        \_ I just have a script that echoes a character to the screen every 10
           minutes.  -- yuen
        \_ Put "KeepAlive Yes" in /etc/ssh/sshd_config
           \_ The line is already there.  Guess it doesn't work.
           \_ My office fw filters that so I do the same thing yuen does.
           \_ KeepAlive actually sends out-of-band so.. it's not what it
              seems.. you actually want ClientAliveInterval which sends
              inband.. however its ssh2 only and some ssh clients will
              barf when they see this packet.. if your client doesnt
              barf at it, then it will keep your session alive -shac
2002/12/20-21 [Consumer/Audio] UID:26875 Activity:kinda low
12/19   Just curious, how does one change the battery for iPod? It's not
        documented anywhere.                    -iPod owner
        \_ Try this first:
                \_ applecare_url_formatd was here
           Then this:
        \_ Firewire
           \_ change not charge
        \_ there is no battery in the iPod, it runs forever and ever.
2002/12/20-22 [Uncategorized] UID:26876 Activity:insanely high
12/20   Has anyone heard of Dent Magic (  How on earth does
        it work?  Is it a scam?
        \_ They hammer the dents out from the inside.  It works well,
           but it's a delicate art, so it's not cheap.
        \_ I haven't heard of it, but generally anything with "Magic" in the
           title is a scam.
           \_ Magic Johnson, Magic Flute, Scotch Magic Tape, The Magic Bra. :-)
        \_ I used to remove 7 or 8 little dents.  I don't know
           how it works but it did.  Your dents cannot have any paint damage,
           cause it doesn't fix paint damage.
              \_ Magic: The Gathering...oh wait
           \_ partition magic?
            \_ okay, I was wrong.
        \_ Kragen sells stuff that will remove scratches.
        \_ I used something similar ( to remove 7 or 8 little
           dents.  I don't know  how it works but it did.  Your dents cannot
           have any paint damage, cause it doesn't fix paint damage.
2002/12/20-21 [Industry/Jobs] UID:26877 Activity:moderate
12/20   Christine the hiring beaach, do you look at GPA?
        \_ Way to impress your recruiter!
        \_ That's "biiiiyotch!" to you, kid!
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