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2002/12/17 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26830 Activity:high 54%like:26834
12/16   Making love to a married woman is incredible.  The fear of getting
        caught. The taking of another man's wife.  The forbidden fruit.
        This illicit sex makes the experience all the more fantastic and
        unbelievable. She has absolutely no inhibitions when she is with me.
        Her willingness to experiment with new techniques even surprises me. I
        doubt she is as free with her husband as she is with me.  This is
        an affair to remember. How long will this last?  I do not know.  I
        hope it never ends.
        \_ "Making love"?  what are you, gay?  You should say, "fucking
           a married box" or "boning the bride."
        \_ You should see "Unfaithful".  This is a good movie.  No troll!
           Don't see it with your SO.
           \_ how about my wife, our girlfriend, and her lesbian lover?
        \_ There's a Chinese saying: wife < concubine < maid < stealing other's
           wife < failing to steal other's wife.  The last part puzzles me, but
           that's how the saying goes.
           \_ the maid part suppose to be "prositute," but otherwise I heard
              the exact same thing.   A lot of Chinese saying truely
              refelect the human nature, which contrary to western believe,
              stayed pretty much the same for thousands of years
2002/12/17-18 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/Security] UID:26831 Activity:insanely high
12.16   Does anyone here get the economist? my subscription expired two days
        ago and i want online access to an article called "Trapeze artists".
        if you could post it in /csua/tmp it would be most appreciated
        \_ So why not resubscribe, rather than steal?
        \_ Are you planning to resubscribe?
           \_ I just did, and I have the print version of the article, but I
              want to forward the article to a friend. Yes, I could scan it
              or snail mail him the original, but that's a pain. Or I could
              wait a month or two for my new subscription to kick in, but that
              is more lame.
                \_ Post a url to the article and your friend's email address
        \_ So you're asking someone else to commit copyright crimes and then
           put their name on it for you?
                \_ yes, I am actually. thanks for clarifying the situation
                   though. prick.
                   and I will forward it for you.
        \_ Thief.
           \_ copyright violation is not theft. look up thief and theft in the
              \_ Sure it is.  You're taking or making use of something that
                 isn't yours without permission that normally costs money for
                 access.  Take the rest of your argument to slashdot or k5
                 where you'll find like minded thieves who care.
                 \_ that's not theft. theft involves taking away. "making use"
                    of something -- which isn't even a thing, is not theft.
                    for you to say otherwise is just like my stating you are
                    a cunt.
                    \_ Yeah whatever.  Take it to slashdot.  In the meantime
                       do you mind if I have sex with your gf?  It's not like
                       my making use of her while you're busy with copyright
                       violations is denying you your use of her.
                       \_ This is wrong on so many levels.
                         \_ Just another victory against copyright violators.
                            \_ i'm not the OP. i'm just saying it isn't theft.
                   \_ It only "normally costs money" because of a perversion
                      enshrined into law. Should breathing air cost money, too?
                      Would you support such a law, if passed?
2002/12/17-18 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:26832 Activity:low
12/16   I want a "List of Figures" page in my LaTeX document. Is there a
        way now to get it to display the figure names and pages
        automatically, without me having to (re)type each figure name
        manually? Thanks.
        \_ LaTeX has a \listoffigures command.
        \_ Often you want long captions in the caption of the actual figure
           but only short ones in the list of figures. If so define
           it with \caption[short]{long}.    -- recently finished dissertation
2002/12/17-18 [Uncategorized] UID:26833 Activity:nil
12/16   Anyone have any recommendations in the South Bay on where to have
        family portraits done? Or even just places to avoid? Thanks.
2002/12/17 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26834 Activity:nil 54%like:26830
12/16   Makin' love t'a married mama be incredible.  De fear uh gettin'
        caught. De takin' uh anoda' man's mama.  De fo'bidden fruit.
        Dis illicit sex makes de 'espuh'ience all de mo'e fantastic and
        unbelievable. She gots'ta absolutely no inhibishuns when she be wid me.
        Ha' willin'ness t''speriment wid new techniques even surprises me.  I
        doubt she be as free wid ha' husband as she be wid me.  Dis is
        some affair t'remember.  How long gots'ta dis last?  ah' do not know.
        I hope it neva' ends.
        \_ "Makin' love"?  whut you is, gay?  You's should say, "fuckin'
           some married box" o' "bonin' de bride.  What it is, Mama!"
        \_ You's should see "Unfaidful".  Dis be some baaaad movie.  No troll.
           Don't see it wid yo' SO.
           \_ how about mah' mama, our goathomey, and ha' lesbian lover?
        \_ Dere's some Chinese sayin': mama < concubine < maid < stealin' oder!
           mama < failin' t'steal oder's mama.  De last part puzzles me, but
           dat's how de sayin' goes.
           \_ de maid part suppose t'be "prositute," but oderwise ah' heard
              de 'esact same wahtahmellun.   A lot uh Chinese sayin' truely
              refelect da damn human nature, which contrary t'western recon',
              stayed pretty much de same fo' dousands uh years
              \_ yah anoda' baaaad sayin' is, dig dis: lots uh sex be baaaad.
                 food too.
2002/12/17 [Uncategorized] UID:26835 Activity:nil
12/17   I have suspicions that someone is sleeping with my duck.  Would you
        all please suggest horrible ways I could get even with the bastard
        who is doing this?  It's all right if he ends up dead, so long as he
        suffers, though I must not get caught.
        \_ Considering the sorts of diseases you can/will get from having 'sex'
           with a duck or other bird, your duck has already inflicted more
           than enough horrors and suffering.  Pity the man.
           \_ My duck is not diseased.
              \_ Your duck may be diseased now!
2002/12/17-18 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:26836 Activity:low
12/17 guy here. Things started working today. Neither me or my
        admin has any clue. He did update the named.root file 4 days ago but
        I highly doubt that has anything to do with this. Any ideas on why
        the Intenet is such a mystery?
        \_ i guess your third sentence pretty much summed it up.
        \_ The Internet as it exists these days is the result of a whole
           bunch of hacks and kludges developed late at night while under
           the influence of powerful mind-altering substances such as
           coffee, beer and vc funding. That it continues to work at all
           desipte the constant unrelenting barrage of things like Java,
           RTSP, BIND, Sendmail and Outlook Express should shock and
        \_ Mystery?  What mystery?  Only to the lack of clue people.
2002/12/17-18 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:26837 Activity:moderate
12/17   Does anyone know where I can find source code and/or executable
        for sar for Solaris 2.9?  I couldn't find it on google.  Thanks!
        \_ Do you have a support contract from Sun?
        \_ Executable: SUNWaccu on Solaris 9 install media.
           Source: If *.edu, send $100 to Sun.  If not, send many times
           that to Sun. -alan-
2002/12/17-18 [Health/Dental, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:26838 Activity:insanely high
12/17   Liv Tyler from LoTR and Armageddon fame.  Is it just me or does she
        look "asian-ish"?  I just checked her bio data and both her parents
        are white.  But she does have that asian-ish look.
        \_ just you.
        \_ yes, just you.  Kristen Kreuk is half Chinese
        \_ You've got yellow fever.
        \_ How can you think anyone who inherited her father's horse mouth
           looks Asian?
        \_ I used to be hot for Liv until I read an interview where she
           came off like an idiot and I found out she smokes like a chimney.
           \_ Yes, I can understand how these things could be a turn off
              when you guys go out.
              \_ Smoking isn't a turn off unless she wants to do it around
                 me or wants to kiss.  I've never kissed an ashtray but I've
                 kissed a smoker and can't imagine an ashtray is much worse.
                 Being stupid is a huge turnon.  The best are always the
                 stupid chicks who don't see they're being used unti long
                 Being stupid is a huge turn on.  The best are always the
                 stupid chicks who don't see they're being used until long
                 after I'm bored and gone.  The absolute best are the ones
                 who never figure it out and will let me use them again later
                 if I change my mind.  Smoking: bad.  Stupid: good.
                 \_ just ask her to use some mouth wash before you guys
                    kiss.  seems like an easy solution.  say hi to liv
              that means she's a better lay than I thought.
                    for the soda gang next time you guys go out.
                    \_ Will do, buddy!
           \_ Listening to her talk is pretty painful.  Watching the LoTR
              interviews are great until she opens her mouth.  Funny, I guess
              that means she's a better actress than I thought.
        \_when you complete your "i shall fuck liv tyler" mission, please
          let us know.
2002/12/17-18 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:26839 Activity:high
12/17   Ashcroft's Genius:,1023-latour.shtm
                \_ No immigration.   Problem solved.  -ax
                   \_ gee I'm sure there'd be no problems created
                   \_ How do you plan to prevent illegal immigration? Its
                      not as if the dangerous ones will stop trying to get
                      \_ Duh.  The same way you'd deal with any invading
                         army.  You'd shoot them on sight.
                         \_ passive deterrence works better.  think land
                            \_ No way.  You know anything about tree ringing
                               and gypsy worm catepillars?  The first batch of
                               worms to crawl up the tree hits the poisoned
                               tree collar and dies, the next batch crawls over
                               their corpses, etc, etc, until the collar is
                               covered and the rest continue on up and strip
                               the tree dead.
2002/12/17-18 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:26840 Activity:kinda low
12/17   Anybody tried selling southwest airlines flight coupons before?
        They're good for round trip anywhere SWA flies.  I'm thinking of
        selling them but not sure what price I should ask.  They're pretty
        much good anywhere in the US.
        \_ Craigslist shows between $250-$300 depending on blackout dates
           and expiration date.
        \_ I've both bought and sold them before on eBay. $250-$300 is right.
2002/12/17-18 [Computer/HW/Printer, Computer/SW] UID:26841 Activity:nil
12/17   I have a PDF file that I can see perfectly fine with acroread.  But
        when I try to print it to a big HP printer here at work it chokes
        on the first page that has some graphics and stops printing the
        entire file.  What could cause this to happen?  Does postscript levels
        have anything to do with this?  I tried converting the PDF to PS and
        printing the PS file directly and the same thing happens.
        \_ the printer usually sends back an error message but the printing
           software might or might not show it to the user. If this is an
           HP8000 or 8150 series printer, make sure you have the latest printer
           and jet direct card firmware installed on it.
        \_ Heard stories where printers choke on postscript that uses
           mac newline convention. May or may not be relevant...
2002/12/17-18 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:26842 Activity:very high
12/16   Ollie's Army Takes Grenada, Again
        I can't imagine a ship I'd much rather see come down with a
        Norwalk-like bug.
        [deleted and restored-- guess it's not just the lefties doing
         the censoring, eh?]
        \_ Maybe it was deleted because it's such an obvious troll?  Since
           when is anything about Ollie news?  Link from the center and right
           that get deleted are from main stream/leftist news sources.  This
           is noise from motherjones for christ's sake.  Hardly main stream
           or unbiased.  They make ABCCNNCBSNBC look right wing.
           \_ gee, the freerepublic links are never obvious trolls
              \_ Straw man.  You're ignored what I said.  I'm glad that
                 frereper links get killed.  They're stupid.  You also purge
                 standard main stream/leftist links.
                 \_ How this a "straw man?" You do know what that means, right?
                    \_ Sure do.  Do you?  How is it not?  I never once said
                       anything about freeper crap.  Freeper crap is troll
                       fodder and everyone here except the freeper poster would
                       easily agree on that.  I'm talking about mainstream
                       links on real news items that get censored because
                       certain lefties don't like to see real news that doesn't
                       fit their world view.
           \_ Aw, does the widdle right-winger not like leftie news posts?
              Suck it up....
              \_ I don't care.  Just be aware of the difference between
                 propoganda and biased drivel and real news.  When you figure
                 out the difference, you can take off your debate training
                 wheels and say something worth the bits required to store it.
                 \_ You've obviously mistaken MotherJones for a news outlet.
                    Mother Jones discusses and critizises and opines on the
                    news.  They have journalists on staff and as contributors.
                    But I don't think anyone would be willing to claim that
                    they are trying to be a "fair and unbiased news source".
                    They embrace and trumpet their agenda far and wide.
                    \_ Exactly.  Same shit as the freepers.
                       \_ Except that motherjones actually attempts to include
                          historical context and hard facts.  If you had
                          compared to, say, the Economist, your statement might
                          have some weight.
2002/12/17-18 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:26843 Activity:kinda low
12/16   Do you like Sega Mobile? (not work safe)
        \_ better link (unless you actually READ japanese) :
        \_ what's not work safe about an oiled up chick with a big rack in
           a bikini?
        \_ Megumi.  DOB 09/25/81, T156 B94 W60 H86 (in cm).  Hot!
2002/12/17-18 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:26844 Activity:very high
12/16   Anyone familiar with the ibuddie laptops by ecs -
        They are cheap and look good (very configurable/upgradeable for a laptop)
        But sometimes you get what you pay for.  Any experienced opinions?
        \_ You know that it doesn't come with a battery right?
           \_ neither does an iMac.
        \_ They weigh a ton.
2018/12/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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