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2002/12/16-17 [Uncategorized/Profanity, Recreation/Media] UID:26822 Activity:very high
12/15   New trek movie.  Steaming pile of crap.  Discuss.
        \_ Nemesis = Remake of TWOK w/ crappy bits of Blade thrown in for
           bad measure. Its obvious that Stewart and Spiner have Shatnerits
           and that Star Trek is being treated as a "franchise" with cookie
                \_ Good point.  I never considered reheating shit.  However,
           cutter stories to keep the dollars flowing into Paramounts coffers
           (the bond series suffers from this problem as well). The combination
        \_ wow, I just want to say that the above is one of the more clever
           and entertaining threads in a while.
           \_ Totally.  I'm genuinely surprised that the motd propriety
              censor hasn't nuked this thread yet.
           of humor and seriousness present in the original stories is missing
           from the current Star Trek offerings. Some TNG and DS9 eps. came
           close, but the TNG movies have been a disappointment (First Contact
           being a dim bright spot)
           \_ Stewart got $12 mil / Spiner $6 mil.
                \_ Shatneritis has nothing to do with pay and everything
                   to do with professional immaturity
           \_ Your eyes were playing tricks on you. First Contact was not a
              "dim bright spot." It sucked. The movie franchise has been
              heading downhill since TWOK.
              \_ IV was good.
                 \_ VI wasn't that bad either.
        \_ I disagree.  It is not steaming.  Steaming would imply that
           it is still warm, and therefore, new shit.  It is not new shit.
           \_ It could have been reheated shit.
                \_ Good point.  I never considered reheating shit.  Moreover,
                   if anyone is gonna serve shit warmed over to the public,
                   it's Hollywood.
                   \_ Does microwaved shit count as 'reheated'? Also,
                      using 'reheated' may put too much of a positive spin
                      on it, as refried beans are also 'reheated', and they're
                      pretty good.  -John
                      \_ all shit that comes from a warm-blooded animal was
                         at over 90 F at some point, which is above typical
                         eath ambient temperature, and which hence should be
                         called hot.  any shit which is heated later is
                         re-heated, regardless of what the heat source is.
                      \_ You need a vacation.
        \_ A fan's movie in some ways, a freak-of-the-week movie in others,
           suffered most from being part of the same franchise that brought
           us the excrebale Voyager.  I felt less bad on watching this than
           I did watching Reign of Fire, but worse than watching The Bourne
           Identity.  But hey, who cares?  LOTR's the only show worth
           waiting for now. --erikred
        \_ So you're saying you liked it and it was better than Cats, right?
           \_ Yes, and I'm going to see it again and again and again.  -John
              \_ But, it seems, you didn't laugh or cry?
        \_ It didn't make me angry like the last few star wars movies,
           so I guess it's ok. - danh
           \_ Same feelings here. Not stellar by any means, but more than
              satisfactory enough for me.
2002/12/16-17 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:26823 Activity:insanely high
12/15   Gore: say what you will about him, at least he has made a smart
        decision this time.
        \_ Yeah, well, since he already won the election once, why should
           he have to do it again?
           \_#1: It is considered polite to append to the end of the motd.
             #2: Name one recount he won.
        \_ Yeah, he was pretty damn funny last night as Trent Lott.
           \_ Except he was just reading someone else's lines.
              \_ I heard that most actors and actresses read other ppl's
                 lines, too.
        \_ Yeah it'd look really stupid to go again and get crushed or worse
           not even get the nomination.  Then history would say it was just as
           well in 2000 and the country got what it wanted afterall.
        \_ Damn, I like hm too... better than Lieberman.  Last thing we want
           is a Jewish president... it will only make things worse in the
           middle east.
           \_ Only a Jewish president could go to Palestine.
           \_ Leiberman will never be president, the unwashed masses of this
              nation will elect a african american before they elect a jew.
           \_ Gore just lacks charisma. He doesn't have the right personality
              to win people over. Too bad issues like being "stiff" or not
              "looking" like a president are what most people seem to focus
              on above all else.
                \_ Leadership is all about personality and charisma, and yes,
                   to a degree, integrity.  He lacks on all of these.  And...
                   he lost the election.  Deal with it.  Majority doesn't
                                          \_ Oh, fuck you.
                   matter.  If it did, Bush would have campaigned in CA.
                \_ Execpt he loses on those too.  He's a inveterate liar
                   and too much of Clinton made its way into his character.
                   He's a big governement socialist, definitely a 'winner'
                   He's a big government socialist, definitely a 'winner'
                   on the issues eh?
                   \_ how does the "clinton == big government" myth live on?
                   \_ the fact that you said the words "big government" in
                      a discussion discredits anything you have to say.
                      nevermind the misspelling.
                        \_ Nothing meaningful to say so you talk out of
                           your ass.  The size of the federal government
                           is primarily the result of socialist / democrat
                           policies the past 90 years.  All of your liberal
                           heroes are statists.
                           \_ Which president grew the overall size of
                              government most out of all of them in the
                              last 40 years? Reagan! Who shrank it the
                              most? Clinton. The real statists are all
                                \_ Except Reagan submitted a balanced
                                   budget every year.  Guess who controlled
                                   Congress.  Reagan made a bargain - tax
                                   cuts and defense increases for democrat
                                   deficits.  We are still enjoying the
                                   dividends.  Clinton shrank the government?
                                   Now you are making things up? Democrats have
                                   controlled Congress for virtually the
                                   entire century.
                                   Guess who enacted SS? Who started the
                                   War on Poverty and allowed SS into general
                                   expenditures? Who then levied taxes on SS?
                                   You're full of shit or ignoring the facts.
                                   \_ Now you are just making things up. Who
                                      controlled congress in 1984? Now look up
                                      up the number of federal government
                                      employees at the start of Clinton's term
                                      and the at the end. Tell me what the
                                      difference is. Now tell me what the
                                      difference will be after 2 years of
                                      Republican controlled government. I
                                      am eagerly awaiting your reply.
                                   \_ Ok so they downsized the military by
                                      several hundred thousand and rehired
                                      hundred thousand more federal employees.
                                      I guess in your world this is 'shrinking'
                                      government.  So you, despite the claim
                                      of every Democrat  on the face of
                                      the earth, that libs are for smaller govt?
                                      Gore / Clinton in favor of nationalize/
                                      socialized medical service and youre
                                      telling me this equals smaller govt?
                                      You're a fucking joke.
                                      \_ No, I think both "sides" are in favor
                                         of larger governments. The Dems want
                                         more handouts and the Repubs want more
                                         cops. I think they both suck.
                                         PS Reducing the size of the military
                                         counts as "reducing government" to
                                         any sane person. Also, look at your
                                         own Cato institute graphs, they show
                                         a (slight) decrease in federal
                                         expenditures as a percentage of GDP
                                         over the 8 years Clinton was in office.
                                         There are a lot of bad things that
                                         you can lay on Clinton's door, but
                                         increasing the size of the government is
                                         not one of them.
                                         \_ Contract with America.
2002/12/16 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:26824 Activity:very high
12/15   Green Wealth, Animal Rights Riches
        "The 12 biggest environmental pressure groups in
        the United States enjoy combined annual revenues of $1.95 billion..."
        \_ Are you Icelandic or retarded?
        \_your libertarian mouthpiece numbers look like they
          were pulled out of nowhere.  this topis is lame and
          boring anyway.  Damn those all powerful environmentalists,
          trying to save the world!  what a bunch of fucks!
          \_ Yes, damn them!  This planet belongs to us, not our children,
             and we can use it as we please.
          \_ Yup.  and stop blame Chinese being a pollutor.  You guys
             has done 100 years of polluting, now it's our turn.
                                        Chinese Industrialist
2002/12/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:26825 Activity:high
12/15   What is the best way for a Cantonese speaker to learn to speak
        \_ The best way is still the stupiest way.  Go to Beijing
           and stay there for 3-4 month.  You will be suprised how
           fast you pick up the language.  For Northerners like us,
           it is the Cantonese which is more complicated (8 tones vs. 4)
        \_ buy a good pen to write on your hand with.  as far as i can
           tell this is the most widley used method.
        \_ Go to a massage parlor.
        \_ start speaking mandarin, and don't look back.
        \_ Don't try putting a mandarin accent on Cantonese words.  It sounds
                \_ Dude it all sounds the same.  I think it's all a plot to
                   confuse the white people.  And get rid of that idiotic
                   scribble while you're at it, will you?  Thanks.  -John
           \_ "I am not afraid of Heaven.  I am not afraid of Hell.  But I
               tremble in fear when a Cantonese tries to speak Mandarin."
               tremble with fear when a Cantonese tries to speak Mandarin."
        \_ I learned when I had to watch the Mandarin TV shows with subtitiles
           on Ch66 with a Taiwanese dormmate in my first year of college
           because I had no TV.  After a year I could speak slowly with a
           strong Cantonese accent.  After 12 more years I can now speak
           fluently with a little accent.  --- yuen
2002/12/16-17 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:26826 Activity:moderate
12/15   If before a Motd entry is seen by anyone, it is deleted by someone
        using a laptop in the forest, did it really ever exist?
        \_ There is a perfect image of every motd entry in the mind of God.
           \_ Even those that are aborted!  Save the unborn motd entries!
        \_ That depends on whether or not there was a tree falling.
2002/12/16-17 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:26827 Activity:low
        \_ doesn't this suck? it should focus more on price-searching features.
           \_ recognize that vendor quality/reputation is a factor in
              purchasing decisions. --aaron
2002/12/16-17 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:26828 Activity:high
12/15   is there a rule of thumb that relates the processor speed/type
        to the number of interrupts it can handle per second without
        significantly affecting its performance? specifically, I'm
        wondering if about 1000/s (i.e. 1 kHz) is too much for a P II.
        \_ what is too much?
                \_ 1000 interrupts/ that too much?
                   \_ what is your definition of too much?  the cpu keels
                      over and dies?  latency or throughput drops to a
                      certain level?  what level?   but like the next poster
                      said, depends on your isr, your driver, etc.
                        \_ I want it free enough so that another program can
                           be in the foreground and active. BTW, it's Win2k.
                           And I don't want to just measure it and see b/c
                           I want to know whether I should embark on writing
                           the ISR in the first place.
                           \_ what is your foreground program doing?  what
                              does active mean anyway?  see, this is a silly
                              discussion, and you have to go and do performance
                              measurements.  tanstaafl.
        \_ That also depends on how efficient the OS is in handling interrupts.
        \_ measure it and see?
2002/12/16-17 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:26829 Activity:nil
12/16   Can somebody id the song in the beetle convertible commercial?
        I really like that song.  Thanks.
           like, duh, you're stupid and stuff. and you're welcome.
           \_ Thank you young man. -old fart
                \_ So hot in.  So hot in here!
        \_ Mr. Blue Sky by the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO). Excellent
           song. A nicely done snippet of a commercial. I am sooo old...
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