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2002/12/12 [Uncategorized] UID:26793 Activity:nil
12/11   Anybody know how StringBuffer.reverse() works?  How would I do
        that in O(n) time? --doesn't have a decompiler
        \_ for(i=0;i<length of string; i++) {
            newstring[i] = oldstring[length of string - i];
            there, it's reversed.  if youwant the original string copied
            over, add:
            for(i=0;i<length of string; i++) {
              oldstring[i] = newstring[i];
            That is an O(n) operation.  You could claim it is an O(2n)
            operation also, but only a fool would nitpick that.  And
            by the way, you are as dumb as a stone for having to ask.
            \_ Informative and insulting in one response!  Great work.
            \_ Should be "newstring[i] = oldstring[length of string - 1 - i];".
                \_ Yeah.  But you should have left it as an
                   exercise for the OP.
        \_ FYI, Java source is always available to be downloaded; you don't
           need a decompiler.
2002/12/12-13 [Uncategorized] UID:26794 Activity:high
12/11   Following up:
        I just did this problem last week again for fun.
                                                \_ for fun? you must be really
                                                   great at a party or out on
                                                   a date!
                My wife thinks I'm a pretty good date _/
                thank you very much, and hers is really the only opinion that
                counts on the matter.  Yes, I read the Feynman lectures in my
                spare time.  So what?
                \_ So who is she dating?  What's her id on the casual
                   encounters board at craig'slist?  I've got 2 bucks.
                   \_ CE is so yesterday on CL. Go for Erotic Services.
        Turns out the max force (when the last bit of the
        chain hits the scale) is twice the weight.  I've
        verified this experimentally.  The weight v. time
        is: f(t) = (m/l)*(gt)^2
        m = mass, l=length, g = gravity
        \_ what did you do "experimentally"?
        \_ what did you do "experimentally"? --psb
           \_ I took a chain of non-negligible mass, and watched it as it hit
              the scale.  The maximum force reached twice the weight of the
              chain when it was done (and of course rapidly went to zero
           \_ Also, interesting followup to the ladder-against-the-wall: what is
              the final horizonatal velocity of the ladder?  What if the wall
              weren't there?
           \_ Also, interesting followup to the ladder-against-the-wall: what
              is the final horizonatal velocity of the ladder?  What if the
              wall weren't there?
2002/12/12 [Uncategorized] UID:26795 Activity:high
12/11   Hi, I'm trying to write an HTML feedback form that opens a new
        window to confirm submission, but does not change the current
        window.  I've tried
        <form method="post"
        which opens a new window properly, but the post variables aren't
        available.  Is there a different way to do this?
        \_ <form method="post" action="myformprocessor.php" target="_blank">
2002/12/12-13 [Recreation/Food] UID:26796 Activity:very high
12/11   Hello I will be operating out of the westwood area this weekend.
        If you have some suggestions for bars/cafe/cheep restaurants/used
        book facilities or live music locations or other things to do,
        pls advice. ok tnx. --psb
        \_ There are lots of easy women hanging around Koreatown who like
           being picked up by strangers.  The only problem is most aren't
        \_ for entertainment: compute your water use while in socal,
           and figure out how much the american taxpayer spent to
           bring it to you in the middle of a fucking desert.
           \_ As if Hetch Hetchy were free, and not the destruction
              of part of Yosemite.
        \_ walk on Westwood and you'll see. Also drive on Santa Monica.
           Lots of restaurants and asian massage parlors. Westwood is a
           great place. I'm happier here than when I was at ucb -ucla ee guy
           \_ The PSB does not go to jack shacks.
              \_ "jack shacks" = asian massage parlors?  Never heard this
                 term but it's funny.  I love the motd.
        \_ Santa Monica is worth visiting. The 3rd St. Promonade area has
           a couple of interesting bookstores (one specializing in
           architecture/art books). The Main St. part of Santa Monica
           down by Venice also has a couple of good bars.
           And while you are in LA definately see the Museum of Jurassic
           Technology in Culver City: There's great
           cheap Indian food by the MJT.
           \_ I heard about that museum on NPR. I hear it's a crock.
        \_ Didi reese in Westwood is good, cheap ice cream & cookies. there are
           two hookah joints right next to it. Forgot the street name, but
           it's very close to ucla off gayley. --ucla biomed guy
           \- ok tnx for the suggestions. keep them coming. does the art book
              location have photography books? also are they full price?
              these days unless something is truely rare you can find stuff
              online ... so things are price dominated rather than availability
              dominated. i am not interested in ho facilites. yes i appreciate
              there are a lot of restuarants but i was looking for suggestions.
              there are a lot of restuarants on shattuck between university and
              rose but what would you recommend for a fast cheep lunch other
              than cheeseboard and gregoire? ok tnx. --psb
              \_ Sushi Ishiin is one block north of Wilshire, (forget
                 the street name, I always walk) near Westwood intersection.
                 It is a darn decent sushi place.  It is across the street
                 from Palomino, if you ever get the craving for Skates-esque
                 food.  There are also a lot of good Persian restaurants
                 in the area, I think one of them is called "chelo kebab" but
                 once again, am not sure, since I'm usually walking, and
                 following someone else's lead. --chris
                 \- are the super-expensive sushi places? craving for skates-
                    esque ... ??? why would you go there for anything but the
                    view or unless someone else is paying? it's not awful
                    but there are pareto superior places all around --psb
2002/12/12-13 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:26797 Activity:nil
        Whacky Germans at it again!
        \_ the word is "wacky". now, don't you feel like an imbecile?
           \_ If you read the article you'd get it.  Since you didn't, it's
              your loss for missing it.  So, uhm, no.  I don't  Do you?
2002/12/12-13 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:26798 Activity:nil
12/12   I'm looking for a site like that sells vintage
        american (70s, 80s) XXX movies in VCD format.  I can find plenty that
        sells them in VHS tapes.  That's useless for me.  I want them in
        VCD format.  I know that it's bootleg and violate copyright laws.
        This is a serious request. I've done extensive searching and can't
        find any.
        \_ Sounds like a good way to make some cash on the side.  Seriously,
           ever consider contacting the publishers of the tapes and offering
           a VCD burning service?  If you don't mind being a miserable
           child-molesting PORN PEDDLER, that is  -John
2002/12/12-13 [Uncategorized/Multicategory] UID:26799 Activity:kinda low
12/12   Ahh, Berkeley's net connection saturated again....
        \_ It looks like there is some saturation, but the net problems of
           the past couple of days are probably due to denial-of-service
           \_ What denial of service attack?
           attacks, rather than traffic volume.  There's some slop in our
           network capacity; if we're at capacity, usenet traffic (15% of the
           total) gets deprioritized.
           Right now the bottleneck is the link to the Packeteer box itself,
           which is limited to 100 megabits but is being upgraded. -tom
           \_ The whole campus only gets 100mb/sec?
                \_ The campus, except the reshalls (which have their own pipe),
                   and SETI@Home (which also does), currently has 100 megabits
                   to the commodity Internet (that is, everything that's not
                   Internet 2).  -tom
                   \_ By the way, does the EECS have it's own connection
                      to commodity Internet or do they share this connection
                      with the rest of campus?
                        \_ I believe there are a couple of research links
                           directly into EECS, but most of their traffic
                           travels over the same nets as everyone else. -tom
2002/12/12-13 [Uncategorized] UID:26800 Activity:kinda low
12.12   Stereolab singer dies in bike accident.
        \_ Man that sucks.  Miss Modular was a great song.
        \_ Er, RIDE CAR!
           \_ RIDE SUV!
              \_ RIDE 70's TANK!
                 \_ RIDE WILLY'S GP!
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