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2002/12/6 [Politics/Domestic/California, Reference/Tax] UID:26728 Activity:high
12/5    Any recommendations for a good computer store in Berkeley, or nearby?
        I'm building a desktop linux box. want it quiet and quality parts.
        \_ my basement - danh
        \_ Fry's. And obL1NSUX!
           \_ In Berkeley?
              \_ Said nearby, fremont is nearby.
        \_ well there is a best buy in e-ville
        \_ There are none in Berkeley city limits.  I suggest visiting large
           stores like Fry's and Compusa to look at pretty boxes and then buy
           over the net to dodge CA sales tax and get lower prices overall.
           \_ mmmm shipping costs
              \_ I've done the math.  For expensive parts the sales tax is
                 often higher than shipping *and* you get a lower base price.
                 And oh, btw, fuck CA's brutal and crushing sales tax.
                 \_ then move back to russia, jewboy!
                 \_ i buy cases locally, because they have a bad weight/cost
                    ratio.  everything else i tend to do mail order, except
                    for the occasional fry's special.  non-special prices
                    at fry's are awful.
                    \_ Hell, boy, you shoulda asked! We don't pay no stinkin'
                       case shipping charges!
                       \_ man, them be pricey cases.  last case i bought
                          was for $10 at a surplus place off brokaw in sjc.
2002/12/6 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:26729 Activity:high
12/5    Is the name of the suspect always release when someone is arrested for
        a crime but before a trial is conducted?  Thx.
        \_ Arrest records are public records, meaning that anyone who
           wants to can go down to the courthouse and look at them.
           \_ Unless the feds believe that the records could compromise
              nat. sec. or since 9/11 if the person is arrested on the
              assumption that he/she is a "terrorist".
              \_ Was this ObOurRightsOurBeingVioledIHateGWB?
                 \_ Its ObOurRightsAreBeingViolatedIHateJohnAshcroft.
                    \_ Ah, I see.  Thanks for clearing that up.
                        \_ There is a subtle difference. I don't hate
                           GWB. He seems like some of the frat boys I
                           used to meet at Cal. Not so bright, but lots
                           of fun at parties and can help boring geeks
                           get dates with cute chix.
                           The one problem with frat boys is that they
                           often get mixed up with the wrong crowd (ie
                           Rumsfeld, Cheney, Poindexter, Ashcroft, etc).
                           \_ So you think frat guys are nice?  Exactly what
                              do you think your wrong crowd types were doing
                              in school?  Avoiding frats?
                              \_ I didn't say that all frat guys are nice,
                                 just some of them. The problem is that
                                 the nice ones often get screwed over by
                                 the not so nice ones as is most likely
                                 the case with GWB.
                                 \_ I voted for him bc I think he's a hard ass.
                                    I don't think he's nice at all.
                                    \_ I voted for GWB because I expected
                                       him to get medieval with some intern's
                                       ass with the iron rod of capitalism.
                                       \_ I was hoping for an inanimate, carbon
        \_ i believe minors are an exception -- caliban
2002/12/6-7 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS/VM] UID:26730 Activity:very high
12/5    Anybody used VMware for linux? What did you think of it?
        \_ works great, i run win2k in it. haven't gotten
           it to work with esd yet but i haven't tried very hard.
                \_ What's esd?
                   \_ It's what your mom whispers in my ear when i do her, son.
                      \_ Damn it, Dad, go home.  You're drunk.
                \_ enlightenment sound daemon, you can pipe sound
                   out of the windows inside of vmware through
                   /dev/esddsp, or so i hear, i haven't
                   been able to make it work yet
        \_ I ran it on FreeBSD.  It was dirt slow with Win2k (plenty of
           memory allocated.)  -John
            \_ on what type/speed computer? is "dirt slow" slower than
               a pentium1, or a 486? I'm buying a new machine with the
               intention of running linux everyday. How fast of a machine
               to I need to buy to have windows95 running inside vmware
               seem as fast as a pentium 133?
        \_ I thought it was a pain in the ass.  With 5 computers at my desk
           it was easier to just install whatever I wanted on whatever.
                \_ do you jest? How big a hassle is it to have 5 computers
                   at your desk?
        \_ happily on my 800 mhz p3 thinkpad, giving it about 256 MB.
           use the non-persistent disk option and leave edited files in linux
           (accessed over virtual net share).  watch win2k never rot out
           because you discard the changes from 98% of sessions while friends
           running it native have to reinstall periodically for stability.
2002/12/6 [Uncategorized] UID:26731 Activity:high
        If you can't score here, you can't score.
        \_ You need 2 to tango with her.
        \_ 5'4, 165 lbs. Pudgy.
           \_ You don't work out do you.  You dont understand muscle
              weighs more than fat do you.
2002/12/6 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:26732 Activity:nil
        The American officer also had a low opinion of the Western journalists
        he met at Bagram. "They just hung around our base all day. Whenever we
        had some special operation, we'd offer the journalists some facility
        to go on patrol with our special forces and off they'd go - you
        know, 'we're on patrol with the special forces' - and they wouldn't
        realise we were stringing them along to get them out of the way."
        \_ Same author:
2002/12/6-9 [Uncategorized] UID:26733 Activity:kinda low
12/6    Are soda disk quotas going to be increased any time soon?
          \_ So looking at df, it seems that most of the mounted home dirs
             are approx half-full. Maybe a sysadminy person can comment on
             whether this means we have enough room to raise quotas (I would
             assume that it depends on how much of their current quotas most
             people are using). If this is something you would like, and you
             have reasons/can show we have excess space/are willing to provide
             more disks, mail vp and politburo. -librarian
                \_ what are the specs of a such a disk drive?
                   are the /home/foo drives only 8GB?
                   from <DEAD>csua/Minutes/F2002/20021003.politburo<DEAD>
                      jhs: Does the CSUA want any TDA? The xcf has some
                           that it can afford to lose.
2002/12/6-10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:26734 Activity:nil
12/6    looking for a Voice UI Designer.. details in
        /csua/pub/jobs/MindSource  -shac
2002/12/6-7 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:26735 Activity:high
12/6    I read the articles on Xp and its connections to microsoft computers.
        I'm not upgrading.  However, I'm worried about my windows 2000 box.
        I couldn't find references to w2k doing the same thing.  Is anybody
        aware of w2k phoning home and sending your computer's info to MS?
        \_ read up more on what is sent and such.. basically, there is no way
           for microsoft to know anything about you other than a serial # and
           your name.. you can even give them a bogus name. of the info sent
           to them they can olny guess that your graphics card is one of 100
           different ones.. you have btwn 128-256MB memory.. you have one of
           100 different network interfaces.. there are several papers
           written by independant parties about it... -shac
           \_ for now.  Who's to say the next auto-update brought over by
              windows update won't bring more intrusive feedback to M$.
              \_ Silly rabbit--surely you've turned off auto-update, right?
        \_ Some tweaks for WinXP, including steps to disable some
           of Microsoft's data collection methods:
2002/12/6-8 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:26736 Activity:nil
12/6    In emacs20, is there any difference between find-tag and tags-search?
        \_ yes.
2002/12/6-9 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:26737 Activity:low
12/6    Looking for recommendations for an encryption tool to protect files
        and disks.  Prefer something open source, that has been subject to
        public scrutiny.  Ideally, freeware.  Must be Windows XP compatible.
        \_ use a one time pad, and put the key on a floppy disk up your ass.
           \_ most asses other than yours are not large enough to accommodate
              a sufficient number of floppy disks to encrypt a hard drive with
              an OTP, and repeating an OTP is quite insecure.
              \_ one of those USB hard drive keychain things would fit
                 up an ass.
        \_ PGP
2002/12/6-7 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:26738 Activity:very high
12/6    A few years ago I saw an online rant about why firstname.lastname
        email addresses are bad.  I think it was by Eric Allman, but I can't
        find any refrences to it.  Any ideas?  -John
        \_ i think it's a great idea.  what's the problem with it?
           \_ There are going to be many people with the same first.last
              combo.  There are going to be many with similar first.last.
              Too many will stupidly assume that first.last @ one place will
              be the same first.last at other places.  Much better to destroy
              that false assumption using all sorts of different things at
              different places.  And oh yeah, older hosts can't deal with
              long user names so you get into making aliases for everyone so
              they now have 2 addresses.
              \_ far lamer is using the first 7 letters, plus the first
                 initial.  EVEN more duplicates.  There's just no easy
                 answer for a large corp.
              \_ not necesarily.  what if it's a pretty small organization
                 that has it's own domain name:
           He ignores rational arguments against his position. -tom
           \_ Gee, tom, imagine that...
           \_ he won't disagree that it might work for some places.
              he will argue that it is not a general panacea.
              \_ actually, he will refuse to fix sendmail bugs related to
                 real name matching because he thinks you shouldn't do that.
           \_ and what are rational arguments for such a system?
              \_ being able to send mail without first consulting directory
                 services, or without having to have directory services
                 available.  There is also aesthetic appeal to name-based
                 addressing.  It breaks down for large enterprises, but for
                 small groups it's usually fine.  -tom
                   \_ "aesthetic" is not a rational argument. and I think
                       "firstname.lastname" is much uglier that "handle".
                       Anyways it seems designed for people to send email
                       withoug knowing the email address of the recipient.
                       sounds like a system designed for short term laziness
                       at the expense of long term simplicity and sanity.
                       \_ I agree. Let's ditch that DNS thing too. People
                          should use IP addresses, like God intended them to
                          do. Ascii was a bad idea too, everyone should learn
                          to type in hex.
        \_ not the same thing, but here is something:
            \_ that idea would be great it "you" happened to own the
      name space, but if somebody else gets the
               name you use:  that would suck.
                \_ You would own if you own you@uclink or
                   you@socrates.  That sort of screws people in departments
                   that provide their own mail servers, but it was a
                   necessary compromise to get the report written.  -tom
                     \_ so it screws people in technically competent
                        departments for the benefit of others.
                    \_  if you want shorter email addresses, what about
                        giving uclink or socrates ailiases like
                        <DEAD><DEAD> or <DEAD><DEAD>? something
                        that has one syllable instead of 3.
2002/12/6-7 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:26739 Activity:nil
12/6    Any recommendations for online bookmarking sites?  I'd like to have a
        master list of bookmarks that I can sync across several machines and
        different browsers (IE, Netscape, Opera).  Yahoo's bookmarks are
        limited at 1000; I've tried but don't like their
        interface too much.  Any reference to such comparisons would help too.
        Thanks in advance.
        \_ If you can't find anything, why not set up something yourself?
           Toys like phprojekt ( albeit a bit overkill
           for just bookmarks, let you do just that.  Or do you want the
           bookmarks locally available?  -John
        \_ limited to 1000?  Dude, you're doing way too much surfing.  I've
           got about 100 after surfing since there was surfing and never visit
           most of those.  get out.  meet women.  become a priest.  be useful
           to society in someway.  limit bookmarks to under 1000.
2002/12/6-7 [Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:26740 Activity:high
12/5    Has anyone tried riding a motorcycle from LA<->SF area on say, I-5
        or 101? How was it? Was it doable? Tiring? Not recommended?
        \_ I did Berkeley to UCLA in 7 hours on 101.  It's a bit rough at
           that pace, need to net about 70mph including the 2 gas stops.
           It's a nice ride from San Luis Obispo to Ventura, then 101 goes
           inland and sucks.  -jor
           \_ I thought the 580 to the 5 is faster?
           \_ I thought 580 to 5 is faster?

              \_ not in summer, in proper riding attire.
        \_ Well, It kinda depends on the bike, amoung other things.
           It's certainly doable, whether you WANT to or not is another
           question entirely.  :P  But if the bike is comfortable, and
        \_ I've driven the I5 many times and *never* seen a bike on it.  Ever.
           you have 8 hours, whatever.  I-5 is really boring tho' -jrleek
        \_ I've driven I5 many times and *never* seen a bike on it.  Ever.
           Not one.  Maybe there's a reason for that.  Maybe you'll be first
           bike! like on slashdot or fc!
        \_ I have a friend who has done that multiple ways.  says get maps
           \_ The fun foothill roads where James Dean died (in a Porsche). --dim
           and follow the more fun highways parallel to I-5 in the foothills.
           be sure you're up to handling strong gusty cross-winds.
           \_ The fun foothill roads where James Dean died (in a Porsche).
        \_ Hmm...bugs.
        \_ The distance isn't that bad, but from my experiance with long
           distance motorcycling, getting OFF the major highways made for
           a lot more interesting and a lot less stressful (and therefore less
           tiring) riding.  So I'd suggest 101 over 5 and country roads over
           both if possible.  -aspo
        \_ my husband and i caravan'd down to L.A. -- he on the bike, me in
           the car.  it was _not_ very comfortable for him, and since cars
           weren't expecting a motorcycle on the road, not very safe at times.
           we went down I-5.  At Harris Ranch, we took a break and he found
           it so comfortable to sit in the car that we ditched the bike and
           picked it up on the way back.  his motorcycle was a really fast
           racing bike, not a cruiser, so it may be a different experience
           on something like a BMW bike.  Plus, it was the middle of winter
           and it got pretty cold for him.
           \_ i was expecting the story to end in sex. where's the rest of
              this story? please repost!
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