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2002/12/3 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:26693 Activity:moderate
12/2    What was that really buggy FTP Daemon? WU-FTPD? I'm looking to replace
        \_ wu-ftpd is quite buggy, esp where security is concerned. If you
           want a decent high perf. secure ftp daemon take a look at djb's
           publicfile. Its a bit hokey to get running, but one you have it
           working it is quite solid.
           \_ I'd consider using it, if it didn't display funny directory
           \_ I'd consider using publicfile if it didn't display funny directory
              listings with most ftp clients out there. -!OP
           \_ I'd consider using publicfile if it didn't display funny
              directory listings with most ftp clients out there. -!OP
        \_ ncftpd
2002/12/3 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:26694 Activity:moderate
12/2    is there a way to have an X window from another machine running on
        my machine, without having to have an xterm logged into that machine?
        I'd like to just have an 'xbiff' on my desktop telling me when I
        have mail on a certain machine. thanks.
        \_ Look at ssh's X-forwarding.
           \_ ssh -l <remote login> <remote machine> <command>
        \_ sounds like the old (semi-insecure) xon  command.
        \_ telnet into the other machine, run "xbiff -display myMachine:0 &",
           logout.  -- yuen
2002/12/3 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:26695 Activity:high
12/2    What does the following struct mean?
        struct { instr_t :18, _i:1, :13; } u_i;
#define i_i u_i._i
#define getI(x) (((((uint32)(x)) << 18)) >> 31)
#define putI(x) ((((uint32)(x)) << 31) >> 18)
        \_ it means you should read up on bit fields.
        \_ Hi paolo!
           \_ Ok, I give up.  Why is this funny?
           \_ Especially because paolo doesn't log in to soda.
              \_ Well, not in the past week perhaps, but:
pst              ttyEm    Fri Nov 22 12:32 - 12:33  (00:01)
pst              ttyEH    Wed Nov 20 14:22 - 14:27  (00:05)
pst              ttyCi    Tue Nov 19 20:04 - 21:35  (01:31)
pst              ttyBS    Mon Nov 18 10:42 - 10:46  (00:03)
                 \_ yes yes that's nice.  Why is this funny?
        \_ The struct is composed of three members, one of
           type instr_t that is 18 bits, one of type _i that
           is 1 bit, and I think a signed int of 13 bits.
           This might help:
           \_ they're commas, not semicolons.  _i is the field identifier,
              not the type.  All three fields are of type instr_t, with
              the first 18 and the last 13 bits being unnamed.
              \_ As far as the macros are concerned, does the first
                 one return the value of the last 14 bits * 62?
                 I have no idea what the second one does since it
                 seems to deal with only the last bit.
                 \_ I think even the order of the bits in bitfields is up to
                    the compiler.  So getI() only works for some compilers.
                    Why does he need getI() anyway?  "foo = u_i._i;" will do.
                    --- yuen
                    \_ I would guess that it's for cases where that 32-bit
                       value got read as an integer rather than as the struct.
                       of course, this could have been easily solved with a
                 \_ wha--?  It's not that hard to understand.  you've got a
                    32-bit value where you're only concerned with is the 19th
                    bit from the left.  getI gets that bit.  It shifts left 18
                    bits then shifts right by 31 bits (hint: there's only one
                    bit left).  putI does the opposite; it takes a value for
                    that bit and places it in the right spot in the returned
                    \_ But the problem is that you don't know whether _i is
                       the 19th bit from the left or from the right.  You don't
                       know whether the 18-bits or the 13-bits are the more
                       significant bits.  It's up to the compiler.  -- yuen
                                Read Portability. They prefer shifting for
                           \_ shifting is preferable to the bitfields, but
                              I think masks would have been better than
                              the extra shifts and would be just as portable
                              (if not more so, since they wouldn't necessarily
                              be dependent on operating on 32-bit values.)
                        \_ yes.  sorry, I didn't mean to imply that it wasn't
                           compiler-dependent.  there's also the assumption
                           that there's an appropriate underlying type for
                           the uint32 typedef.  my assumption is that the
                           code is for some specified compiler and
2002/12/3-4 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:26696 Activity:kinda low
12/2    Anyone used a cron replacement (like CA AutoSys) that they're
        happy with? I'm looking for something which controls more than
        one machine. Mail me. -- Marco
        \_ client/server cron?  Given all of 3 seconds to think about this it
           sounds like a security problem and what's wrong with rsyncing the
           crontabs out anyway if you're going into that?
        \_ Use cfengine as a replacement for cron.
2002/12/3-4 [Transportation/Car] UID:26697 Activity:nil
12/3    Woman uses baby's stomach to start car:
2002/12/3 [Reference/Law, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Politics] UID:26698 Activity:nil
12/3    First law of the motd: As the length of the motd increases, the
        probability of someone saying '_____ IS THE STANDARD!' approaches 1.
        \_ First law of Lotto: As the number of times you buy Lotto increases,
           the probability of you winning once approaches 1.
           \_ Not always true.  You could choose the same number on all
              tickets you buy.
           \_ I assume you mean buying all combos and not buying every week
              \_ No, I meant if you keep on buying one Lotto ticket every
                 round, the probability of you winning in one or more of the
                 rounds approaches 1.
                 \_ if the probability of winning the lottery is < 1,
                    then the overall probability of the algorithm you propose
                    will never reach one.  (yes, it approaches)
                    if the probability of winning the lotery is 1,
                    then the overall probability of the algorithm is 1
                    \_ I never said it reaches one.  I only said it approaches
2002/12/3 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:26699 Activity:high
        "Mr. Black definitely has some young people he doesn't like, and the
        feeling is definitely mutual," McClelland said. "But citizens still
        can't arm themselves to enforce the law."
        If the police can't or won't do it then why not?
           \_ perfect.
        \_ Because armed assault without a badge will get you time.
           \_ You have a right to defend yourself.  It is established legally
              that the cops are not in any way responsible for stopping crime,
              keeping you safe from criminals or any other pre-crime events.
              They are only required to take a report and maybe try to arrest
              the criminals after you're dead.  I'd rather take my chances in
              court with a jury of my peers than take my chances on the well
              wishing of the criminal in my home.  How about you?
2002/12/3 [Uncategorized] UID:26700 Activity:nil
12/2    false description pointing to gross pic purged.  not even a new gross
        pic.  at least get us something new if you're going to do this.
2002/12/3 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:26701 Activity:insanely high
12/2    Got plutonium?
        \_ wow, how long before someone tracks this guy down and tosses his
           ass in a cell for 15 months before they decide he's not a threat?
           \_ He can be an "enemy combatant" and detained indefinately without
              access to a phone, let alone a lawyer.
              \_ ...and according to Ashcroft, just by suggesting that
                 this might be a bad idea, you are helping the Terrorists.
                 But that's ok.  as long as people on the motd get to
                 pay very slightly lower taxes they don't give a shit about
                 due process or constitutional rights.
                 \_ yes because if I voted for Bush and lower taxes it must be
                    because I knew in advance that he'd appoint ashcroft and
                    ashcroft is an idiot and I'm 100% behind anything Bush does
                    or says as if it came from the Mouth Of God(c) because I'm
                    a conservative.  Or we could pretend we're adults and not
                    paint those with differing viewpoints with a huge brush
                    all in one color unless it makes us feel really smart even
                    though it shouldn't.
        \_ When I was growing up, US keeps preaching to my country's
           government: "Detention without trial is wrong!  blah blah blah".
           Now US is doing the exact same thing.  This country has no self-
           \_ The difference being that in China you murder people for reading
              the net and sending email.  Here, we captured a bunch of bomb
              laden terrorist thugs and will hold them safe, fed, and far away
           alot of time in Pakistan.
           Where was the liberal outrage over Waco, Ruby Ridge, etc.?
           Its clear this administration has not abused the powers its been
           delegated by the Patriot Act and HSA.  Can't wait until Hillary
           or the next Clinton administration gets into office.
              until they stop trying to kill us all.  See that subtle diff?
              \_ Huh? ... I have never been to China, unless you count
                 Hong Kong, which was still under lease when I visited.
                 Lots of countries faced threats much greater than thosed posed
                 by some ragtag terrorists, with much less resources to fight
                 against those threats.  How fast US abandons its principles
                 once it encounters some problems of its own.  So much for its
                 belief in freedom and due process, and the many who died
                 fighting for these.  At least, US knows now to shut its big
              \_ bomb laden?  who was that?
                 \_ the guy who paid for the 9/11 bombings and a bunch of other
                    attacks?  you've been on this planet right?
                    \_ readingcomprehensionP
                       \_ #f
        \_ All of TWO U.S. citizens have been detained.  Both have access
           lawyers and have had their cases brought before judges.  One is
           enemy-combatant, the other is useless scum who conveniently spent
           alot of time in Pakistan.  Where was the liberal outrage over Waco,
           Ruby Ridge, etc.?  How has this administration abused the powers
           its been delegated by the Patriot Act and HSA.  Can't wait until
           Hillary or the next Clinton administration gets into office. [fmtd]
           \_ Hundreds, perhaps thousands of non-citizens were swept off the
              \_ can you recomend a book or article or documentary or web site
                 on Waco or Ruby Ridge?
              streets and kidnapped out of their houses in the middle of the
              night. The government will not release their names or let them
              talk to a lawyer. We do not know the conditions of their
              imprisonment or the term of their confinement. This is outrageous.
           \_ Why should there be liberal outrage?  It's not like the guy at
              Ruby Ridge won a friggin' lawsuit against the Feds after they
              killed his wife and then used the money to fund extremist groups
              determined who want to overthrow the government.  Gotta love
              Janet.  Or maybe you think the same folks fucked up at Waco where
              they could have pulled DK off the street while he was shopping
              for groceries every week and instead laid on with the heavy jack
              boot siege which led to an inferno which directly caused the
              deaths of many people including several children.  What's wrong
              with that?  In both cases the victims were christian and didn't
              support the left.  Death is the right answer.  The candle lit
              vigils are only for the mass murderers and child rapists.
              \_ They were Christians?
                 \_ Ruby Ridge and Waco, yes.  The mass murderers only find
                    Jesus after they're on death row which is too fucking late
                    for their victims who no one (but their families) seems to
                    remember or give a shit about.
           \_ The ACLU, which is a poster boy for the liberal left, was
              very upset over the abuses at Waco and Ruby Ridge. Go to their
              site and do a search and you will see all the stuff they did,
              including testifying to Congress, at the time.
2002/12/3 [Uncategorized] UID:26702 Activity:high
12/2    We didn't start the fire:
        \_ That was awesome!
        \_ sound & Flash warning but worth 3 minutes of your life unless you're
           on your death bed but if you're on your death bed logged into soda
           then you deserve what you get anyway for wasting your final minutes.
                \_ well said.
           \_ Billy Joel isn't worth 10 seconds of my life, let alone 3 minutes
        \_ just reinforces the fact that that song consists of meaningless
           juxtapositions of images.  -tom
           \_ hey grumpy boy, didn't get your coffee today?
              \_ if you'd like to explain what the queen of england has to
                 to with joe dimaggio, and what either of them has to do with
                 "the fire", which apparently is some kind of bad thing
                 (since "we tried to fight it"), go ahead.  -tom
        \_ beaten to the punch:
2002/12/3-4 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:26703 Activity:high
        I moved someone else's link to the top.  Sorry if that bugs you.
        Anyway I think this is great.  If you declare war on the government
        you have to expect that your actions bring risk of risk.
        \_ And of course, the government would never be wrong about someone's
           affiliation.  -tom
           \_ I think they maintain a twink points list and eliminate those
              who break the 100 mark.
        \_ The article mentions Jose Padilla.  I have an mp3 of a guy by
           the same name; the track name is Walking On Air.  Same guy?
            \_ No.  This JP is a small time criminal turned wannabe terrorist.
        \_ Make you wonder what they're going to do about the radical
           right-wing groups in the US who advocate overthrowing the
           \_ Doesn't make me wonder at all.  Ever heard of Ruby Ridge?  We
              already know thanks to Janet Reno.
              \_ So there was only one right-wing seperatist in the US and
                 the FBI killed his wife (Hey it doesn't matter, she was
              \_ So there was only one right-wing seperatist in the US and the
                 FBI killed his wife (Hey it doesn't matter, she was
                 affilitated with him and therefore a enemy combatant, thus
                 now legally a target.)
                 \_ Uhm, I'm trying to come up with a reply but you're not
                    really coherent.  Almost but not quite.  I'm not going
                    to touch this one.  You can have it.  You win.  I think
                    you're off kilter and dangerous.
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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