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2002/12/1 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:26673 Activity:insanely high
11/30   Is there any sort of software that can take an XML schema (DTD,
        XSD, RelaxNG, whatever) and create from that a UI (web form, java
        swing app, etc) suitable for creating a conformant XML document?
        \_ Yes.
2002/12/1 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:26674 Activity:insanely high
11/30   Anyone else having problems with pine dumping core? I know it's
        impossible but please lay off the "pine sux use mutt" propaganda.
        \_ haven't noticed anything recently.
        \_ You mean this?
                Problem detected: "Received abort signal".
                Pine Exiting.
                Abort (core dumped)
           I guess that means I've seen it.
2002/12/1 [Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:26675 Activity:nil
11/30   Someone cleaned off the old shit which is fine, and the interesting
        shit which isn't fine and then added stupid pine shit which is
        absolutely definitely not fine.  Since there was nothing left worth
        reading it was time for a fresh start.
2002/12/1-2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26676 Activity:very high
11/30   Has anyone dated anyone from church? Do church people have less sex
        in general? Is it a bad idea to date someone from church (he/she may
        want you to go to bible study twice a week)? I guess my question is
        basically if going to church and meet new people will be sexually
        satisfying. Thanks.
        \_ you're korean, aren't you?
           \_ is it really that hard for koreans to get laid?  i got laid all
              through school without church, going to frat parties, getting
              anyone drunk/stoned, or any other BS.  --white alum
              \_ my guess is, yes.  most of my korean female friends (the ones
                 who "plan" to marry korean anyhow) are very concerned about
                 their "reputation" in a very conservative korean community.
                 the ones who aren't virgins tend to have sex with non-Koreans
                 because the general idea is that word won't get back to
                 the korean community.  as a result, korean men have a hard
                 time getting laid with korean women, unless it's "serious."
                 \_ Ok then go screw non-korean women.  The guy is looking for
                    sex, not a real gf or wife material.  works for the rest
                    of us.
        \_ If all you want is sex you'll get a better time/money/sex ratio by
           going to Oakland and buying a street hooker when you're horny.
           \_ Spoken like a true motd-er.  Want to give us the algorithim
              you've developed to arrive at this conclusion?  And how does it
              weight STDs and social censure?
              \_ Condoms are free so that's a dx->0 in the equation and the
                 same for social censure when the rest of your motd squad is
                 doing the same and helped by pointing out the better ones.
        \_ That's why I go to church -- to get laid.
        \_ mormon church has pretty highly rated females
           \_ ask darin for details
           \_ And good Mormons don't have sex outside of marriage. -emarkp
              \_ So marry her and screw her brains out.  And when you're
                 tired of her, find another, and marry her too.  And so on.
                 \_ Since mormons go in for polygamy its not really
                    \_ if only.  not anymore.  they arrest the ones that do.
              \_ I don't think that the OP cares if she is a good mormon,
                 in fact he'd probably prefer a bad one.
        \_ The one girl that I truly loved is a Christian.  She is so
           beautiful and alluring to me, and I so longed to be with her.  If
           I could be with her, I really would care less about sex.  The same
           could be said (though to a lesser extent) of another Christian
           girl I met recently.
           \_ fob.
              \_ fobby worried about being fobby
                 \_ there's the pot,kettle,black thing for sure.  -white guy
                    \_ exactly, but why do you suddenly feel necessary to
                        mention your color?
           \_ Not how it would work for me.  Close proximity to a woman
              means near-uncontrollable sex urge.  Unless she's ugly or
              really stupid or a bitch.
              \_ And you wonder why they sell Restraining Order form pads
                 at Office Depot?
                 \_ What is that?
                 \_ I said "near-uncontrollable", and the proximity i mean
                    is either touching or within 2 feet, not likely to come up
                    in an "office" situation, but routine in dating.
                    \_ So when you're in a crowded elevators you start shaking
                       and quivering and maybe pee on yourself?
2002/12/1-2 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:26677 Activity:low 75%like:26680
11/30   Sometimes Pine deletes all my mail. How to avoid?
        \_ easy. delete it all yourself.
        \_ DELTEATED!
        \_ BALEETED!
        \_ Pine is my client
           My inbox is now empty
           Pine is bad for me
        \_ obUseARealMailReader
2002/12/1-2 [Uncategorized] UID:26678 Activity:moderate
11/30   I didn't know anyone here was this old:
        \_ wtf is "V"? viagra? --aaron
           \_ venereal disease?
           \_ vanadium.
           \_ vaseline. poor man's ky.
2002/12/1-2 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:26679 Activity:insanely high
        \_ Nice troll, but I'm going to a blank URL on the basis of that
           tagline.  Tell us where it goes if you want us to read it.
           \_ it's william buckley making fun of al gore in an op ed piece.
              i call myself a leftist, but think he's basically right.
              al gore and the rest of the democratic "leadership" is
              completely full of shit and without any vision or ideas other
              \- does anyone else think ALGOR may have suffered some
                 psychological damage after the 2000 election? --psb
                 \_ Its the eight years of living in the shadow of
                    "Big" Bill thats gone and driven him bonkers. - Bill C.
                          \- well that's true ... i think he deeply resently
                             bill's johnson keeping him from his destiny ...
                             although i am kind of curious if he is bright
                 \_ Back.  Did your article end with "They preferred it the way
                    it used to be,"?  I think there's something missing.
                             enough to realize clinton is a lot smarter than
                             he is. i dont mean smarter in a slick willie
                             reptilian sense ... i mean in a "my brain is
                             larger" sense, --psb
                             \_ let's face facts, al gore just isn't a smart
                                man.  he's an average man who works really
                                hard.  bill clinton is brilliant but had other
                                psychological issues which is why he took
                                enormous risks just to cigar interns and cum
                                on their dresses.  bc >> ag
              than that someone is out to get them.  they're right to be
              paranoid. without any integrity, any charisma, or the
              willingness to stand for any issues whatsovever, there's
              a reason everyone hates democrats.
              \_ Thank you for the explanation.  Now I'll go read the article.
                 \_ Back.  Did your article end with "They preferred it the
                    way it used to be,"?  I think there's something missing.
              \_ Hey!  Stop insulting my hero Bill Clinton and his bb
        \_ Crap.  I was going to post the Buckley piece with a better tagline.
           Anyway, I just feel bad for Gore.  Zeitgeist, indeed.  The man is
           a psycho.  Please, please, please run this psycho in '04.
2002/12/1 [Uncategorized] UID:26680 Activity:nil 75%like:26677
11/30   Sometimes mutt deletes all my mail. How to avoid?
2002/12/1-2 [Uncategorized] UID:26681 Activity:low
12/1    Poll:
        I like .
                          \_ easier to type, has the motd redirector
                                                     \_ ?
        I don't like .
        \_ because I want to see the domain before actually going there
2002/12/1-3 [Uncategorized] UID:26682 Activity:low
12/1    What's the reasoning behind the "price too low to display"? Why would
        Amazon want to avoid the price crawlers? Are people more likely to buy
        once it is in the shopping cart or do they feel like they are getting
        a super deal or what?
        \_ Yes.
        \_ I think sometimes there are marketing contracts that legally prevent
           them from advertising the super-low prices in order to keep the
           manufacturer's relationship good with other retailers, Especially
           ones that will "Meet or Beat ANY advertised price"
           \_ Yup.  Here's an explanation on "Minimum Advertised Price":
2002/12/1 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:26683 Activity:nil
        Yes, Scaife has donated 100s of millions to the far right and
        this was already by 1981.
        \_ are you going to provide some kind of context for this?
           are you replying to some post that got deleted, or am i
           just to dumb to understand why we all have a burning need
           to know about some rich guy's philanthropic interests from the
           early 80's?
           \_ It is in reply to a long and ongoing debate about right wing
              influence in the media. The subject has been debated in the
              motd numerous times. Scaife is still around and still doing
              the same thing, but with even more money.
              \_ See my full reply below.  In short though, "BFD".
        \_ My answer is "so what?"  What's the value of the free air time the
           left has given itself through ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN for the last few
           decades?  It's a hell of a lot more than 1 man has donated to create
           a few think tanks and foundations to support what he believes in.
           This is still the US of A.  He has a first amendment right to spend
           his money to get his views aired in public.  I still don't
           understand why you think this make it some sort of grand conspiracy
           and is somehow unfair to the left who has owned the major media
           outlets for decades.  I'd trade you what Scaife has done for the
           control you leftist have over TV and newspapers and I'd kick in an
           extra $10 for your lunch on top of it.  Is this one of those things
           where the left believes only the left is allowed access to free
           speech and the media to get their message out and it's somehow a
           crime or illegal for the right to get any of that (even though the
           left gets it for free and the right has to pay for it because the
           major media outlets are so staunchly left biased)?
           \_ when almost everything on the "news" media is weather, sports,
              advertisements and fluff pieces about a drowning puppy, i
              don't see how either side can seriously say there is much
              of a political bias. how can there be a political bias
              where there is almost no serious coverage of politics?
              if you went looking for a bias between chevy and ford or coke
              and pepsi, you'd actually have some statistics.  but democrat
              vs. republican? hah!
           \_ non-troll, but curious:  where does it say in the First
              Amendment that we're guaranteed the right to spend our money
              to spread our political/religious/whatever views?
           \_ Where did you get the idea that large corporations like
              GE and Microsoft are leftist?
              \_ dict paranoia
        \_ Why is this even debated... 70-80%+ journalists admit
           their party affiliation is Democrat, as do 90+% academics.
           The news is slanted to sell corporations and products,
           that is the only non-left bias.
           \_ Where do you get these numbers? All the studies I have
              seen journalists "admit" to being centrist.
                \_ I post such stories and studies ad nauseum.
                   Inevitably they are deleted rapidly.  I'm not going
                   to dig them up again.  Just do a search or spend
                   some time on conservative web sites.
                   The news is generated in New York and LA, can you get
                   any more liberal?  Here's a start on Goldberg's
2018/11/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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