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2002/11/29-30 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:26665 Activity:nil
11/28   can dvd burners burn store bought DVDs w/ standard software or do you
        need elite pirated software?
        \_ doesn't elite pirated software just mean a pirated copy of
           standard software?  anyway, you can't directly copy store bought
           DVD movies; you'd have to get some tools to decrypt the DVD if
           it's encrypted, yank out the audio/video streams you need,
           make sure the stuff you want fits onto a DVDR, and then burn it.
           not sure about the Xbox/PS2 DVD burning...
        \_ .  the documents there have a blind-men-feeling-
           up-an-elephant quality, but if you can do cs at berkeley, you
           should be able to puzzle things out.
        \_ burn store-bought DVDs?  What are you asking?  Yes, you can burn
           to store-bought DVD[+-]RW? media.  Where else would you buy it?
           Now, if you're asking if you can *copy* commercial DVDs, then no
           not exactly.  Commercial DVDs are typically pressed dual-layer
           discs; consumer hardware can burn only a single layer, so you
           either need to recompress or split the movie into parts.  And
           elite pirated software?  That would imply that there's commercial
           software to do such things.
2002/11/29-30 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:26666 Activity:high
        Fox news continues to gain audience share while all others lose.
        What can we do to save the American people from themselves?!  Anyone
        with common sense should be able to easily see that Fox is just
        extremist right wing nutter propoganda while MSNBC is a bastion of
        fairness and neutral reporting.  We must save MSNBC so the truth can
        be heard!
        \_ right.  by the logic of the editorial , it's not propoganda
           because it's got so many viewers.  By this logic, neither is
           the People's Daily:
2002/11/29-12/1 [Transportation/Airplane, Reference/Law/Court] UID:26667 Activity:very high
11/29   Has anyone used a lawyer for fighting a traffic citation? If so what
        was the outcome and how much did you shell out.
        \_ Unless you killed someone or you're up for some other sort of
           serious felony conviction you're wasting your time.  The lawyer
           fees will seriously outweigh the court penalties for a simple
           guilty plea.  No real lawyer will take your "75 in a 55 zone" case.
           \_ how about 125 in a 30 zone?
                \_ I think that falls under "serious felony".
        \_ I used the SF Traffic Clinic lawyers to fight a traffic citation.
           It was a couple hundred dollars, but I avoided a point on my
           driving record, and kept my insurance costs down too.  They
           specialize in driving citations in the bay area and are pretty
           good at arguing down a 75 in a 55 zone to a smaller offense. --chris
        \_ Be your own lawyer:
                \_ thanks chris, that's what I wanted.
        \_ Be your own lawyer:  Direct(but long)URL:
           Check out books like: Fight your ticket
                \_ I have the Nolo book, used it in court, judge loved
                   \_ me too. but I didn't do everything the book said.
                        my attempt and reduced the fine but didn't dismiss
                        the ticket. --op
                   \_ same here. but I didn't do everything the book said.
                      Since then, I've been waiting for a speeding ticket
                      to fight but haven't gotten one --poster of the book link
           \_ I used stuff from the Nolo book and totally got my ticket
              dismissed.  It really helps to know the Law here. -ERic
           \_ Ever heard of
        \_ You're doomed.
2002/11/29-30 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:26668 Activity:kinda low
11/28   And my God!  They're taking over the book stores too!
        Current sales rankings:

        "Joined At the Heart: - 2,001
        "The Spirit Of the Family" - 5,664
        "Earth In the Balance" - 58,691

        "George and Laura: Portrait of an American Marriage" - 94
        "Bush At War" - 2
        "Let's Roll" - 123
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