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2002/11/27 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Men] UID:26643 Activity:nil
11/26   My boyfriend wants me to shave my pubic region, but I am new to
        this.  What are the general preferences for you guys out there?
        What about shapes?  Do you like it all off, or a little left on?
        Any experiences with waxing?
        \_ waxing hurts.  like a bitch.
        \_ all off. and yeah it'll probably hurt to wax, but you get two
           to three weeks of extra pleasure with no stubble in exchange,
           no razor bumps, etc. wax it.
        \_ what about guys?  shouldn't guys shave?  i once went out
           with a shaved guy -- pretty interesting.  better oral experience.
           \_ the OP was about guys.  Hint: my boyfriend
        \_ just keep it neat.  I trim with clippers about once a month.
           some like au natural, though.  eh.  do what you like.
        \_ Congratulations and well-trolled, dude.
2002/11/27 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:26644 Activity:nil
11/26   With procmail, I'd like to pipe some email trough a perl script
        then pass it on to the appropriate mail folder. Is it possible
        to use procmail's function to write the email into the folder
        after the script processes it, or does the perl script have
        to do the final append to the the mail folder?
        \_ Yes, no.  A rule like
             :0 fw:
             | scriptname
           will do this.  The f means pass all mail that hasn't matched
           yet through that script as a filter.  The w means pay attention
           to exit codes and if it fails, go on. man procmailrc for more info.
           \- mailgent has a perl escape however you maybe be E_TOOSHORT
              to run mailagent. --psb
        \_ I want to do two things to any message that matches a pattern. I
           know how to either file it or pipe it into a program. I'm
           wondering if I can do both in one reciepe: pipe then file.
           Do I need to make two passes to do this? -op
           \_ I've seen some interesting things with re-entrant procmail,
              but your goal is probably simpler than that to accomplish.  What
              is the goal?  Give an example.
           \_ use a {} block.  check ~mconst/.procmailrc for examples.
2002/11/27-28 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:26645 Activity:high
11/26   More on raid: My company currently has about 50 TB of raw storage
        and needs about 8-10 more TB over the next year.  IDE is ok as long
        as it hot swaps and can be mirrored or raid5.  Performance is *not*
        an issue.  I'm looking for prebuilt systems with vendor support.  I'm
        already the only sysadmin for 100+ servers, 3 locations, and 50TB.  I
        don't want to build my own boxes and I don't want to ever have to do
        anything more than set an IP, (maybe config and) export a FS, and
        walk away.  Cost is an issue.  Maintainability (is that a word?) is an
        issue.  Performance is not an issue.  Reliability is an issue.  I can
        get a Netapp for $20k/TB.  Know of anything in the $10k-14k/TB range
        that fits my other needs?  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  I really
        appreciate all the advice given in the other thread.  --overworked SA
        \_ Bluearc? Netexpress?
        \_ If you want reliability and maintainability, go with NetApp.
           Anything cheaper than that and you are going to pay for it
           in maintenance time.
           in maintenance time. You can get a good used 700 series netapp
           for cheap. -ausman
           for cheap: just look on ebay. -ausman
        \_ maintainability is a word.  ask vadim about netapp.
2002/11/27-28 [Recreation/Media] UID:26646 Activity:high
11/26   I missed the first 10 minutes of buffy, what happened to giles?
        \_ They're writing the guy into his own show as soon as Joss has
           time (ie, when Firefly gets the axe).  It seems super unlikely
           that anything serious happened to him.
           \_ I know that.  But did they actually show anything following up
              the cliffhanger at the end of the previous episode?
              \_ nope.  just repeated the cliff hanger part.
           \_ Still, I wouldn't quite put it past them to kill Giles off
              and have all of ASH's future appearances this season be the
              Big Bad mimicking him.  That's part of the fun of watching
              the show.  (They could still do a series about him; just set
              it in the past.)
              \_ Well, seeing as he'd be playing the same character in the
                 new show, this seems pretty unlikely.
        \_ I haven't been watching this season at all, but when Buffy died
           two seasons ago how come this did not activate a new Slayer like
           it did when Buffy died at the end of season 2 and Kendra was
           \_ Probably because Joss hasn't had any strong character driven
              ideas for a third slayer.  When he or one of his writers does,
              we'll see the third...
           \_ I assume it's because Faith is the last in line, and she's
              alive and well.  Buffy can't just keep dying and activating
              new slayers each time.
           \_ because it is a tv show? -aspo
              \_ IT IS NOT A TV SHOW!  IT IS REAL LIFE!  AUGH!
2002/11/27-28 [Computer/SW/Languages/JavaScript, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:26647 Activity:moderate
11/26   Can anyone point me toward a javascript that checks for the existence
        of a directory every X seconds and jumps there when it becomes
        available?  I stfw but I don't think my script-describing fu is up to
        \_ checks for the existence of a directory on a web site?  I doubt
           it's possible, since you'd have to be able to differentiate the
           error page that the web server generates from the real page.
           on the other hand, you probably could have a script that reloads a
           page every X seconds, which have the same net effect.
           \_ I thought perhaps that the 404 return code would be visible
              to javascript, but I have no idea how to do it myself.
                \_ Why Javascript?
        \_ You want perl.
                   \_ It's a web app that people upload files to.  They're
                        given an "upload successful" page that should
                        redirect them to where they can d/l the finished
                        product when it's finished.  Is there any other
                        way (besides a time-delayed meta redirect, which
                        I've got) to do this?  That's why javascript
                        sounded good.
                        \_ Does the upload script have to be javascript?  Look
                           at something like PHProjekt for another way of
                           placing files online.  -John
                           \_ The upload is entirely normal HTML plus PHP
                              on the server side.  Javascript is solely
                              for the upload confirmation page, and it
                              should take them to the download page when
                              the download page is created.  ANYTHING that
                              would solve this problem well would be
        \_ do it on the app side. i.e. keep the browser happy by sending
           some <!-- crap --> to it; at the same time keep checking your
           url (HttpUrlConnection). you can get a return code from that
           call. once the file is there, redirect the user - gosha
           \_ It's a public server so I'm running the processing function
              infrequently and at low priorites, meaning wait times of
              several minutes.
2002/11/27 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:26648 Activity:high
11/26   Related to below... Does the A1000 support hardware RAID? I've got one
        sitting around in the office that I haven't bothered to plug in yet...
        \_ No, but Veritas Volume Manager works great.
           \_ You are wrong. A1000 DOES support hardware RAID. It's build
              into it.
              \_ Yes and No are the two answers I've heard so far...
                \_ The difference between the A1000 and the D1000 is that
                   the A1000 supports hardware RAID.  -tom
                   \_ but both are buggy POS devices.
                      \_ A1000 firmware and software is indeed fairly buggy
                         and requires lots of careful patching. However, I am
                         not sure how your comment appies to D1000 which is a
                         dumb JBOD. It doesn't contain any intelligence or
                         require any software to work by definition.
                         \_ the D1000 is a jbod then they plugged a RAID
                            controller in the thing and called it the A1000.
                            they expected anyone who bought the jbod version
                            to use disksuite or veritas VM.  -guy from sun
                         \_ Maybe it was just me but after 2 RMAs and an
                            electric shock I'm not going near any more A/D1000
                            units.  Both were crap.  I like the 5200s though.
                            \_ I have one that's worked flawlessly for a few
                               years now. Performance is not super and there
                               are better products for the price, but I haven't
                               had any issues with it. --dim
2002/11/27 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:26649 Activity:very high
11/26   In 2000 I thought he was a 4 faced lying sack of ego maniacal shit.
        Now I just feel sorry for him.  I think he's lost it.
        \_ If I were Mike Judge, i'd have my lawyers send that guy a letter.
           His scketch of Gore looks *exactly* like Butthead.
        \_ Well he's a bit misguided;  he sees some sort of far-reaching
           plot in the media when, with very very few precious exceptions,
           it's all just shit geared towards idiots.  Never ascribe to
           malice or stupidity what can be explained by raw sewage.  -John
           \_ yeah, it's pretty funny how the right thinks the media are
              part of a giant leftist conspiracy and the left think it's
              a giant right-wing conspircacy...while the executives
              who control the media know it's just a conspiracy to make them
              lots of money.
              \_ No one with a grain of sense believes in the "liberal media"
                 myth.  He's very right about the machine of foxnews.  It
                 amazes me that anybody actually watches it.  --scotsman
                 \_ Oh, so the surveys that show that 90% of journalists vote
                    Democrat are a myth, eh?
                 \_ If you watch ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN and it doesn't offend you and
                    you're voting left then maybe it doesn't offend you because
                    they have the same politics you do?  I vote right and find
                    all of them sickening.  I understand that when I listen to
                    Rush he has an agenda.  He makes it clear he's biased and
                    doesn't claim to be unbiased.  When I used to watch the
                    3-letters news it was clear they had a bias but were
                    unwilling or unable to cop to it possibly because they
                    really honestly think they're fair and even handed even
                    though they're clearly not.
                    \_ Actually, what upsets me is that in the attempt to be
                       unbiased, the quite probably liberal-minded reporters
                       leave stuff out that should be said (albeit in an
                       editorial rather than a report, but when was the last
                       time you saw editorial or simply an attempt at historical
                       context on any newscast). --scotsman
                       \_ I don't trust the newsmedia to provide a historic
                          context to anything.  They're not historians.  They
                          are commercial providers of current information and
                          nothing more.
                    \_ maybe they are being fair, and the right-wingers just
                       have agendas that sound ridiculous when they're
                       reported fairly.  -tom
                       \_ maybe, or maybe you've been drinking your own
                          lemonade for too long.
        \_ The RNC has been crying "left-wing media bias" for 20 years.
           Turnabout is fair play.
           \_ It's not turnabout.  The media has been left wing for far more
              than 20 years.  Just what the world didn't need is hiding behind
              more false moral equivalency.
              \_ And from my perspective, the media has been pro-business
                 and corporate run and controlled for much longer than that.
                 So it really matters where you are looking at it from.
        \_ Scaife and others have spent hundreds of millions smearing him
           and Clinton. He is telling the truth:
           \_ Scaife hasn't spent hundreds of anything.  And even if he and
              mysterious 'others' did, that's still nothing next to the 24x7
              value provided by the 3letter networks for decades without any
              counterpoint until now.  Gore is just upset the Right can
              finally get their message out.  He think it's unfair.  Boo hoo.
              I had to stop reading your link after laughing my ass off in the
              summary paragraph: "One of the machine's most important leaders
              is Richard Mellon Scaife, the billionaire who is financing
              nearly all the scandals that engulf President Clinton."  Did
              Scaife buy the Blue Dress(tm) or The Cigar(c)?  *laugh*
              \_ Scaife has contributed millions. Your denying it does
                 not strengthen your case.
2002/11/27-28 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:26650 Activity:kinda low
11/27   Cold hard cash wasted:  Far From Heaven.
        This movie was so hideously bad, I can't even begin to describe it.
        \_ Check the Douglas Sirk original (this was an homage). If you like
                that one, check the rest of them. (All of them). If you don't
                like it, there's your answer.
        \_ That's a shame. May I ask if you've seen previous Todd Haynes
           films and liked them? (Safe, Velvet Goldmine, Poison) -- ulysses
           \_ Haven't seen any others of his.  I wouldn't discount him
              completely based on FFH, as he was working against a shitty
              script and an apparently rotating door of producers, but it
              was really horendously bad. --scotsman
              \_ Oh hah.  I just noticed on IMDB that the script was his.
                 Okay, another strike. --scotsman
                 \_ Like Hal Hartley, people either love or hate Haynes. Take
                    for instance this piece of worship:
           Far From Heaven sounds like
                    pretty standard Haynes to me. Be warned if you find
                    yourself considering his other stuff.
2002/11/27 [Uncategorized] UID:26651 Activity:high
11/26   Can I get retroactive unemployment?  even if I have a job now?
        \_ no
        \_ go back to israel
        \_ You can try to apply 'late' but it's unlikely.
           \_ they only start from when you apply because they're supposed to
              track how you searched for a job each and every day. so no.
2002/11/27-28 [Industry/Jobs] UID:26652 Activity:kinda low
11/27   job openings in SF:
        \_ no slav jews need apply
           \_ eh?
2002/11/27-28 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:26653 Activity:nil
11/27   jal function_foo;
        add a, b, c;
        The add instruction is always excuted.  I did some tests using
        gcc -S on some simple routines.  Sometimes I see stuff like this
        in the output:
        jal function_a;
        jal function_b;
        The compiler doesn't seem to explicitly insert a noop.  But there must
        be a noop after it.  My question is: is an noop executed by the CPU
        without the actual noop code?  Or does the assembly insert it
        automatically and I just don't see it with "gcc -S"?  Thanks.
        \_ Most ISAs do not have this branch delay slot.  Of the major
           ISAs, only MIPS (and maybe SPARC?) does.  In any case, there
           are directives that tell the assembler whether or not to
           introduce its own delay slots as needed, or to interpret the
           code as given.  I believe it is .set noreorder and .set
2002/11/27-28 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:26654 Activity:very high
11/27   How is a Kissinger led fact-finding commission going to reassure
        Americans about anything? I really don't understand this, what
        is Bush's purpose in putting that man in charge? Conservatives,
        help me understand here, is Kissinger actually well respected and
        trusted by anyone? -ausman
        \_ it's about the money.  It's all about the money.
        \_ could you give a news link to tell those of us who live in
           a Faraday cage with a text terminal what you are talking about?
        \_ The Nobel committee (along with Arafat).  -tom
        \_ He is, no shit, a rock star to conservatives young and old.
     Let me speak honestly, frankly, openheartedly. You are a liar.
                                        --Le Duc Tho to Henry Kissinger
     I showed nothing on my face, but in my heart, I laughed and laughed.
                                        --Henry Kissinger
                                                                \- psb
           \_ In a way, Kissiner is an American hero.  He act solely upon
              the interest of American States. In the process, again
              and again fulfilled American's Imperial agenda over the
              world.  The price, is violate just about every  idealogy
                which the founding fathers envisioned about human rights,
                civil rights, and democracy.  Then again, he got
                Nobel Peace price, something I still couldn't figure out
                \_ The FF didn't believe in democracy or what we today refer
                   to as human rights.  As far as the "Imperial" agenda goes,
                   we'd be the first country to ever exert our so called
                   imperial power through McDonald's and Nike.  If other
                   countries don't want us to be powerful they should stop
                   giving us so much money for our stuff.  The Nobel PP is a
                   complete crock.  They gave it to Arafat, a known murderer
                   and terrorist.  Try to figure *that* one out.  Kissinger
                   might not be a nice person but he never pulled a trigger.
        \_ I'm not sure which is a better line but we need more of both of
           these types of men.
        \_ Kissinger: He'll find whatever there is to find.  It is just a
           case of how it gets reported and spun.  As far as will it reassure
           anyone, dunno.  I find it more reassuring than if say Jimmy Carter
           or some other ninny was doing it.  At least this way there'll be a
           file with the truth in it that'll come out in 50 years at worst.
           \_ Okay, some are reassured. That is all I wanted to know, thanks.
              \_ And others are waiting to see where they're going to fit
                 Haig back into the club.
                 \_ Or maybe Walter Mondale.  He'd make a good Senator or
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