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2002/11/26-27 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:26632 Activity:very high
11/26   on Linux file system (ext2/ext3)... I know that the superblock
        is repeated every X of blocks.  and yes, my linux partition's
        superblock got fucked up... block 8193 is corrupt as well... which
        superblock is next?             --googled and find no answer
        \_ From the mke2fs manpage:
           -S     Write  superblock and group descriptors only.  This
                  is useful if  all  of  the  superblock  and  backup
                  superblocks  are corrupted, and a last-ditch recov­
                  ery method is desired.  It causes mke2fs to  reini­
                  superblocks  are corrupted, and a last-ditch recovM--
                  ery method is desired.  It causes mke2fs to  reiniM--
                  tialize the superblock and group descriptors, while
                  not touching the inode  table  and  the  block  and
                  inode  bitmaps.   The  e2fsck program should be run
                  immediately after this option is used, and there is
                  no guarantee that any data will be salvageable.
           Never tried this myself, but I try to avoid redhat.  --scotsman
        \_ Depends on the options to mke2fs.  Default options depend on
           your distro.
        \_ Some versions of newfs when given the proper parameters will give
           you the alternate super block list.  I'd give you the exact options
           but I'd rather you checked the man pages for newfs and got it
           exactly right for your distro.  I don't want to be responsible for
           wiping your drive by telling you something that might be wrong on
           your system.
           \_ anything is welcome.  I don't have that many thing important
              on that Linux box, and worse comes worse I will reinstall it.
              Just that I have encountered this very very often, and I would
              like to find a way to fix it... in case that there is something
              important on my linux box in teh future.
              \_ Ok then, try "newfs -N <device>", where <device> is going to
                 be something like /dev/hd0c or whatever the path is to the
                 hard drives on your distro.  Please check the man pages that
                 -N option exists and that it only prints the parameters for
                 the device in question as it does on mine.  You want the
                 character device, not the block device.
           \_ there is no newfs.  only zuul.
           \_ tried newfs prior to my post on motd, newfs doesn't come with
        \_ I believe it repeats every 8192 blocks, so just add 8192 to 8193,
           try to restore the superblock from there, rinse, repeat.
           \_ tried... "Bad Magic Number in super-block while trying to open
           \_ are you assuming the first superblock is at 0? then you need
              to re-check your math. --aaron
        \_ man fsck.ext2 and look at -b option.  tune2fs -l /dev/whatever will
           tell you if you have sparse superblocks --dwc
2002/11/26 [Uncategorized] UID:26633 Activity:nil
11/25   Birds of Prayer officially dead.  Firedfly is next.
2002/11/26 [Recreation/Media] UID:26634 Activity:high
11/25   I saw attack of the clones on DVD saturday.  It wasn't THAT bad.
        Why were you people bitching and moaning about it?  My expectations
        were so low going into it that I actually enjoyed the movie.  Next
        time espisode III comes out, don't expect anything!
        \_ it sucks that a movie that looks so pretty and obviously had so
           much effort put into it... just sucks.  the acting sucks.  the plot
           makes no sense.  did you really care who's army was fighting who at
           the end?  what's with the stupid dialogue?  ok the fett and yoda
           scenes were cool.  [formatd]
           \_ Yeah, the acting sucked.  And I thought the romance scenes were
              overdone.  But I think you really weren't supposed to care
              about siding with an army.  They are all just puppets in the
              grand scheme and nothing can be done about it.
        \_ It was that bad.  The rest of us had only modest expectations for a
           movie that simply didn't suck and paid money for that shit.
        \_ I thought Attack of the Clones was better than Return of the Jedi,
           but not nearly up to the first two.  Sure the dialog was stupid
           and the acting was bad, but that is true of all the Star Wars
           movies.  -tom
           \_ I agree with Tom. You others sound like bitter old men.
              \_ wait, I'm supposed to be the bitter old man around here. -tom
                 \_ you're not old, a man, or particularly bitter.  you're just
                    overly self centered and have an overblown ego which are
                    entirely different flaws.
                    \_ gee, anonymous insults are so enlightening.  -tom
           \_ All 3 of the first movies were better than these last 2.  The
              only problem RotJ had was the friggin Ewok warrior teedy bear
              for-sale-in-stores-now! thing it had going.
              \- immediately after seeing CLONE i might have ranked it above
                 RoJ but after seeing it again, I would probably give the nod
                 to RoJ. You cant easily recover from the "Phantom Legacy".
                 I have added to ~psb/When_Clones_Attack --psb
2002/11/26 [Uncategorized] UID:26635 Activity:nil
11/25   I think I'm rather sick, because when I glanced over a Yahoo News
        headline "U.S. busts largest-ever identity theft ring" all I saw was
        "U.S. busts largest-ever ......".
        \_ why were you sick? you not into the girls?
2002/11/26 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:26636 Activity:high
11/25   i have just downloaded the freebsd 4.7 *.iso files.  now, how do i burn
        these *.iso files to the cdrom?  like what search words to search for
        more info at google, softwares capable of this, etc. would be greatly
        \_ assuming you are using windows you will need roxio easy cd or
           nero or something similar.. xp built in cd writer wont burn from
           an iso -shac
           \_ there is also the free cdrecord software available for win32.
              actually i guess they call it "cdrtools".
        \_ just use whatever CD burning software that you have.
        \_ What platform are you working from?  If it's FreeBSD w/ ATAPI
           (ie, not-SCSI) search for "burncd".  I believe it's in the
           handbook as well.
        \_ uh what OS did you download them with?
        \_ please rethink if you want to run freebsd
                \_ you just never quit do you?
           \_ yeah, see the thread below.
           \_ hi paolo!
2002/11/26 [Uncategorized] UID:26637 Activity:nil
11/26   motd sex poll.  intercourse during menstrual period:
        sometimes: ..
2002/11/26 [Uncategorized] UID:26638 Activity:nil
        She's still so hot after all these years!  MJ eat your heart out!
2002/11/26-27 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:26639 Activity:very high
11/26   A serious question about this:
        I have zero experience with recent apple hardware or software.
        My company needs rock solid NFS hosts at low cost.  Performance isn't
        an issue.  The clients will be Solaris 2.7 and Linux 2.4.  Do any of
        you have any experience with this?  Does it sound good/bad to you and
        why?  Any info, urls, whatever is much appreciated.  BTW, this isn't
        a religious issue.  I just want something that will work and isn't
        going to cost me an arm and a leg like EMC, Hitachi, or IBM and I
        sure as hell don't want to start building my own.  Thanks!
        \_ I'd be wary of any ATA array.  IDE just isn't designed for large
           file service projects.  Also, this sort of thing looks like super
           overkill for what you describe.  I suggest finding a good supplier
           of prebuilt *nix boxes, preferably something running a BSD tcp stack
           for the sake of NFS.  I found a fibre channel array from
           that runs $1700 per .5TB.  Had no trouble with it yet under windows
           2k, mandrake, and freebsd.  Alternatively, you may want to look at
           the Sun A1000 line.  --scotsman
        \_ I would not consider the XServe as a general-purpose server at
           this point.  Apple just doesn't have a server pedigree (except
           a pedigree of abandoning their server products).  -tom
           \_ apple's xserve is an incredible piece of hardware, but overkill
              for what you need.  build a box from  also,
              dell has $1k 1U servers with one year of on site support and
              two more years of by-mail support.
        \_ Solaris has a great NFS support and the most featureful NFS
           implementation. Why would you want to serve Solaris client with
           anything other than a Solaris server?
           \_ because Sun's low-end server hardware sucks.
              \_ In what respect? Do you really need 3GHz Athlon CPU on an
                 NFS server? Take a look at Sun Fire V120, a very decent low-end
              \_ their hardware also is unreasonably expensive, as is support
                 as well as people who know solaris.
                 \_ A configuration with 1 GB RAM, 72 GB of disk, and a
                    650-mhz processor is $6000.  You can get 3 much faster
                    Intel boxes for that much.
                    \_ What they gain in speed, they loose in software
                       robustness and support. Specially, if you need an
                       NFSserver, the question should be a no brainer. Also,
                       who pays the list price for Sun hardware? Talk to a
                       salesman. They'll slash the price by up to 50%
                       depending on how deep your pockets are.
                        \_ Mylex DAC960 controller.  You can put together a
                           real good x86 server for <<< $5k.  Equivalent
                           performance (and yes reliability) from Sun is gonna
                           cost you three times as much, at least.  And don't
                           tell me Sun equipment is more reliable;  some of
                           my clients run thousands of high-load servers, and
                           the Compaqs and Dells and other PC boxes of their
                           world don't suffer any more outages.  -John
                           \_ I don't want to 'put together' 20+ new boxes.
                        \_ ah.  nweaver.
                       \_ what software robustness and support do they lose?
                          only if you screw together some parts from Fry's.
                          \_ You get incomplete and unstable NFS support
                             and funky RAID software. See the original poster's
           In addition to the IDE
           flakiness that someone mentioned, AFAIK, you can't mirror the boot
           disk on the xserve since it does not have an internal RAID
           controller and OS X probably does not support putting / on a
           software RAID device. Would you really like to take your server down
           for hours when the boot disk fails? If you're looking for a cost
           effective SCSI array consider the new Sun D2 (JBOD) or the 3310
           series (hardware RAID).
           \_ Read the link above:  OS X supports RAID devices.
             \_ But it doesn't support putting your root file system on software
                \- does apples weird file system with its weird case issues
                   manifest themselves over nfs? this is a real annoyance for
                   me when Makefile = makefile, configure = Configure etc.
                   ok tnx. --psb
           \_ Forget software RAID anyway. Performance *is* an issue, although
              it may not be the determining issue. Buy yourself a hardware
              RAID card and stick it on a cheap PC with a gigabit NIC. --dim
2002/11/26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26640 Activity:nil 66%like:26642
11/26   Why do h07 azn chix have better looking skin?
        \_ than non-h07 azn chix? dunno.
2002/11/26 [Uncategorized] UID:26641 Activity:high
11/26   How to make six figure salaries working in IT? This is a serious
        question. -undergrad IT worker wannabe.
        \_ Get an MBA instead.
        \_ go back in time to 1999.
        \_ don't worry, with the new gestapo being started up under john
           poindexter, there will be *plenty* of government teat to
           suckle from.  your job will be to help the effort to spy on
           everyone and track down thought crime.
2002/11/26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26642 Activity:nil 66%like:26640
11/26   Aaron, where did you get your noiseless h07 azn chix?
2018/12/09 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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