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2002/11/25 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:26624 Activity:high
11/25   Clinton: I Threatened to Attack North Korea
2002/11/25 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:26625 Activity:low
11/25   Anyone got a url to a photo of the Far Side cartoon,
        top half of the panel, nerd is sitting in bed, thinking
        'Does she like me?  Does she like me?  Does she like
        me a lot?  Does she like me more than I like her?  Does she?
        Huh?  HUH?' and the bottom panel has the girl sitting
        in bed thinking "I wonder if I like ice cream?'.
                It's "You know, I think I really like vanilla."
                or something like that.  -ax
2002/11/25 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:26626 Activity:high
11/25   Clinton: the daily cal editor's nipples
        are showing:
        \_ Uhm, whatever.  You can see more nipple on *much* better looking
           chicks by simply walking down any street in an American city for 5
           minutes at noon.  I'm not sure why you'd care or want to test this
           but whatever, there it is.  And I'm not seeing what this has to do
           with Clinton.
           \_ Yeah. Kids these days ..
        \_ You're a virgin, yes?
        \_ I see the nipples. I don't see the connection
           to clinton.
           \_ Maybe she was an intern...
        \_ I don't even see the nipples.  Maybe I need a bigger monitor.
           \_ Obviously you are a left-wing Clinton apologist.
        \_ Does that mean she's not wearing a bra?
           \_ 1) probably
              2) there are bras through which one can see nipples.
              3) there are bras that have fake nipples attatched
                 to them.
                 \_ yes, but are the fake nipples inflatable and
                    deflatable? (yes, i know the reference.)
                    \_ I don't know the reference you're refering to.
                       I just know that this is a patented invention
                       i've seen in the patent database at
                       the versions of the patent i read did not
                       have inflatable nipples.
              4) nipples may be added with photoshop very easily.
              5) you're an idiot.
2002/11/25 [Recreation/Activities] UID:26627 Activity:insanely high
11/25   Nerds getting excited about Cal football:  My new theory is that the
        school spirit thing makes nerds feel like they're a part of something
        for the first time in their lives even though everyone involved in the
        game they obsess over couldn't care less if all the nerds live or die.
        My other theory is that it's some sort of homoerotic submissive thing
        for the weakling and mostly white&asian nerds to worship the very big
        and mostly black players but that seems too controversial a topic for
        the motd to discuss seriously without screaming racism or simply
        censoring the whole topic without a single thought, especially if
        there's a grain of truth to it.
        \_ Why is this something that needs a long, convoluted theory to
           explain?  Perhaps the reason that you're getting so worked up over
           this has more to do with your own issues than with the people that
           enjoy spectating.
           \_ No, it's purely academic.  I don't have any issues.  I don't care
              what other people do with their own time in that sense.  I simply
              find it bizarre and seek an explanation.  I find it interesting
              how incredibly defensive so many have been and who try to go off
              topic with various personal insults against me without making the
              slightest attempt to engage in real discussion.  If it isn't at
              all important to you then I suggest just ignoring it.  -OP
              \_ Perhaps people are reacting defensively and flaming you
                 with OT crap as a result of your insulting presentaion of
                 your 'academic' interest.  Try a less accusative method of
                 discussion if you really want intellectual debate.
        \_ back to your favorite Counterstrike server where
           you came from!
           \_ OT, ignored.  -OP
              \_ right.  since you're ignoring his post, you had to tell him
                  that so he'd KNOW that you're ignoring it and didn't read it.
        \_ There's nothing here I would argue with.
        \_ And this differs from any other sports team how?
           \_ it differs from a cross country team in that they
              are largely nerds.
           \_ Because it appears to me that only the football team at Cal has
              this sort of fanatic nerd following.  -OP
              \_ How about the football and basketball teams at 'Furd?
                 Or sports fans in general of any major sport?
        \_ we're sorry. we'll resume back to getting excited about
           perl and open source, you fucked up sports fan wannabe.
           \_ OT, ignored.  -OP
        \_ If you want to know more about this whole sports subculture, I
           strongly recommend, "Influence: the psychology of persuasion"
           by professor Cialdini.  He did extensive studies of college
           sports fans.  The results will suprise you.  Basically the lower
           the self-esteem and sense of achievement a person has, the more
           likely that person would be a big sports fan.  It has to do with
           identifying oneself with a team and experiencing a sense of
           accomplishment through the team. A must read if you like
           psychology and self-improvement books.
           \_ Thanks.  I'll check it out.  Did you read it?  Do his methods
              seem valid? -OP
        \_ Obvious someone who's a little insecure about other people having
           a good time. It's okay guy, someday you might be happy too.
           \_ Wrong but a good guess after getting a C+ in Psych 1. -OP
        \_ How is it different from any other spectator sports, or even any
           other sports that the viewer doesn't participate like the Olympics?
           \_ There's nothing homoerotic about looking up Kristi Yamaguchi's
              \_ I still remember her "Got milk?" ad.  (And you think that was
        \_ How are "nerds" different from any other sports fan in this way?
           \_ Because as a nerd you're the a member of one of the few sub
              cultures in their fan base that they'd squish out of existence
              if they could, whereas the typical Joe 6 Pack isn't. -OP
              \_ That's true. I would. -- Kyle Boller
              \_ I think you have been watching too much "Revenge of the Nerds"
                 Most of the jocks I have known could care less about nerds.
        \_ During the maturation process, most human beings learn to
           identify and care about things larger and greater than their
           personal, individual self. Identifying with a sports team,
           either as a proxy for something else (in this case the
           University) or even for it's own sake, is generally a healthy
           progression on the path to beoming a full member of society,
           capable of forming psychological bonds with other adults,
           being able to form families, joining and advancing group
           goals, and taking on the rights and responsibilities of
           citizenship. Some nerds are capable of moving on this
           progression towards community responsibility. Most are not,
           hence the popularity of extreme indviduliast philosophies
           such as libertarianism and other kooky forms of self
           adoration amongst computer geeks.
2002/11/25-26 [Uncategorized] UID:26628 Activity:high
11/25   What is a good way to dispose of disposable razor?
        \_ In an apple
                \_ better yet, put a few in a steak and feed it
                   to a dog.
                   \_ yeah its always fun to abuse a defenseless and naturally
                      loving creature that trusts you implicitly.
                        \_ exactly, that's what I'm saying!
           \_ I prefer a snickers. No juice and it sticks better.
        \_ I usually just put the cap back on and throw it in the trash.  Now
           that you mention it, maybe that's not a responsible way.  I think
           throwing it away in an aluminum can or a glass jar is better.
           \_ It's going straight to a dump.  Doesn't matter.
        \_ separate the plastic from the metal. Recycle both.
           \_ straight to a dump.  the recycling business's dirty secret.
2002/11/25-27 [Computer/HW/Memory] UID:26629 Activity:moderate
11/25   Which of these rechargable batteries have memory effect: NiCd, NiMH,
        Li-ion?  Thanks.  --- yuen
        \_ NiCd has major memory effects
                \_ what's the physical/chemical basis of this
                   memory effect?
                   \_ obGoogle
        \_ none.  modern batteries do not have memory effects.  however, the
           term has been applied to other phenomena, such as voltage drop,
           which is found in current nicad batteries
2002/11/25-26 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:26630 Activity:high
11/25   How do I get openssh to work with s/key? I've got skey working and
        have passwords, but having trouble making openssh use them.
        \_ obGoogle
                \_ Google on "skey openssh" gives a million links on
                   the old ssh vulnerability
        \_ Why not just use password-encrypted authorization keys?
        \_ ChallengeResponseAuthentication yes
           in sshd_config. -geordan (who dares to give actual answers)
                \_ what should I then see when I do ssh -v in the
                   allowed authentications? publickey,password,
                   keyboard-interactive ?
                   should I continue to login as user or user:skey ?
                   do I need to change /etc/passwd or anything else ?
                   \_ Hm.  keyboard-interactive is my guess.  I don't
                      actually remember how to activate S/Key from the
                      client; I remember that OS X's ssh did it by default.
                      Why do you want to be using s/key with ssh, anyway?
                        \_ sshing from untrusted machines
                           Tried this, but still didn't work. Any urls that
                           are openSSH specific?
2002/11/25 [Uncategorized] UID:26631 Activity:nil
11/25   The 80s are coming back, but not necessarily with Johnny Depp:
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