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2002/11/24-25 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:26613 Activity:high
11/23   We will have the axe back!
        \_ "we"? Whatever.
        \_ woohoo! about freakin time!
        \_ Many thanks for not watching to the guy who's been jinxing us all
           these years...
           \_ You're welcome!
        \_ 30 to 7! I still can't believe it.
        \_ Where can I find the scores for all the big games?
           \_ Pac-10 or across the country? If the latter, might as well
              use ESPN.
                \_ For all the Cal/Stanford Big Games ever.
                   \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
                        \_ Perfect, Beautiful, Thanks.
        \_ I waited four years before Cal got the axe in 1993.
           1990 sucks especially bad.  Hopefully the 00s won't be as
           bad as the 60s and 90s.  1991 was bad too when a good Stanford
           team beat a very good Cal team (final national ranking #7)
           with the help of great running by Vardell.
           \_ But we will still always have THE PLAY.
2002/11/24 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Reference/RealEstate, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:26614 Activity:high 66%like:26612
11/23   landlord survey - your landlord is:
        black, white, puertorican or chinese boy: M
        \_ what's a "puertorican"?
        \_ Ever heard of "Puerto Rico"?
           \_ he means Borricuan.  (yes look it up).
           \_ Yes.  What's a "puertorican"?
              \_ its "Puerto Rican" with a typo. get over it.
               \_ Goddamn, one fucking space left out... it was a quote from a
                  shitty missy elliot song in case you didnt know.
        dirty, old, and indian:
        other azn:
        persian: .
        \_ are there persians anywhere but iran? why dont people say iranian?
        a jew: .
             \_ you mean evil money grubbing vampiric baby killing jew, right?
                \_ You forgot lying, and backstabbing.
                \_ mmm, vampiric babies
                   \_ I believe it's a string of adjectives modifying the
                      object jew but you knew that.
        who cares?: .............
        small, green, and filled with jam: .
        racist: go BEAH
        old white woman with 6 cats, 2 birds, and an old mangy dog: .
        no idea: .
2002/11/24 [Finance/Banking, Recreation/Dating] UID:26615 Activity:moderate
11/23   Given that the world is going to end in 2012, do you think it best
        that I refinance my home loan for the short term and pay it off
        before or go 30 years and pull out cash?
        \_ I think it best that you give me your money and I get laid.
        \_ If you're really sure, you ought to be giving away all your money
           to the poor and doing good works, so you can be caught up in the
           Rapture.  Not to mention seriously studying the Bible.  Good works
           alone without faith won't get you into heaven.
           \_ Rapture?  No, it's a Mayan prediction based on their calendar
              and understanding of the 5 cycles of the universe.  What the
              hell does the rapture have to do with anything?  The bible never
              predicts a date for it.  RTFB.
        \_ no, it's April 21, 2041.
           \_ says who?
              \_ says whoever posted that. duh.
2002/11/24 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:26616 Activity:moderate
11/23   A San Francisco liberal - how racist of you to delete
        an article by Thomas Sowell
2002/11/24 [Uncategorized] UID:26617 Activity:nil
11/23   In honor of our victory, the first Axe Rally in seven years will be
        on Sproul at Noon on Monday. The Axe will be paraded around campus,
        and classes are not to be attended. See you there!
2002/11/24 [Uncategorized] UID:26618 Activity:nil
2002/11/24 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:26619 Activity:high
11/23   Why is your stupid article about Pelosi and how
        she's responsible for high housing prices in SF
        more important than my Big Game article?
        And why the hell are you battling with me for
        control of the motd at 11PM on a Saturday night?
        Who the heck are you? - danh
        \_ It's probably the same whiny shithead that was insistent about
           claiming "all football players are rapists" was a refined debate
           \_ No, it isn't.  And that 'idiot' claimed no such thing.  You're
              a moron.  If you're going to use direct quotes at least put in
              the 5 seconds required to dig up what someone actually said.
              Yet another blazing idiot disgraces the motd (that's you, btw)
              and doesn't even see his own hypocritical stupidity.  Learn to
              read and then return.
              \_ If it makes you feel good about yourself to believe that,
                 then go for it.  You're still an idiot, though.  Just like
                 that other self-styled debate 'expert'.
                 \_ Both (all three?) of you have already lost. -pld
              \_ Ten to One says the message above was by the same idiot.
2002/11/24 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:26620 Activity:high
11/24   Hey, I missed the big game (projects), is there any way I can
        watch the game online?  I can't even find clips...
        \_ whiny liberal scum!
          \_ It's John Ashcroft!  He's found me out!
2002/11/24-25 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:26621 Activity:very high
        _ In Berkeley, Calif., hundreds of University of California fans
        overwhelmed security guards and tore down the goal posts following the
        Golden Bears' 30-7 over rival Stanford. Some of the fans were taken
        away in handcuffs.
        \_ hey mom, i'm in jail!
        \_ Yay!
        \_ Yes we did =)  -was there, carried the goalpost to sproul
        \_ How hard are those goalposts to remove?  Are they expensive
           to replace?
           \_ Not very hard to remove when you have a mob of Cal students.
              Rumor has it that each costs circa $15K.
              \_ I cannot remember which liberal school was involved, but one
              \_ I cannot remember which schools were involved, but one
                 recently agreed to pay another $5k for a goalpost that
                 its students tore down in the other's stadium, so I
                 think $15k might be a bit high, unless it's the bay
                 area's high cost of living kicking in again...
              \_ I'm sure the football-backer alumni will pay for it.
2002/11/24 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:26622 Activity:nil
11/24   7am, earthquake anyone?
        \_ -from --urld
2002/11/24-25 [Uncategorized] UID:26623 Activity:nil
        I prefer <DEAD><DEAD>
2019/03/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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