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2002/11/23 [Uncategorized] UID:26606 Activity:very high
11/21   Regarding a thread from a day or so ago-- who is He Who Shall Not
        Be Named?
        \_ he can't be named, can't you read?
           \_ he cannot read, but he somehow managed to type
        \_ voldemort
        \_ Shoggoth?
        \_ HastuaaAAARRRRRRGGGHHHH
        \_ the unnamed prole
          \_ And why shall he not be named?
        \_ Lord Voldemort.
2002/11/23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:26607 Activity:nil
11/22   So who were the politburo members responsible for the Great MOTD
        Lock Out?  Who was the offended party?  Who was her boyfriend?
        \_ this should probably be in that CSUA encyclopedia thing if
           its not already.                     - rory
           \_ it's not in the encyclopedia.  so who were the involved
        \_ paolo.
2002/11/23 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:26608 Activity:nil
11/22   "Hot laptop burns scientist's penis"
        What kind of dumb scientist is that?
           \_ Better question would be what brand of laptop was he
        \_ The other friday fun url is:
           \_ "named the nation's No. 1 party school".  I thought the No. 1
              party school is Santa Barbara.
        \_ maybe he's been using those new "climax control" numbing condoms
           \_ Hmm, makes a lot of sense.  Otherwise why didn't he feel anything
              before it's too late?
2002/11/23-25 [Uncategorized] UID:26609 Activity:high
11/23   Is there a definitive campus directory to reverse-lookup campus
        phone numbers?  People finder doesn't seem to be too useful.
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>, shockingly.  -tom
           \_ That's what the Berkeley home page calls People Finder.
        \_ fspb
           \_ eh?
        \_ Thanks, motd censor.  Leave Toms' useless post and remove the
           one that was actually helpful, good job fuck nut. -OP
           \_ That was "fspb".   -fspb poster
                \_ fspb uses the same data source.  -tom
                   \_ And works from any shell on campus without all the html
2002/11/23-24 [Recreation/Media] UID:26610 Activity:high
11/23   MMC Die Another Day Yeah/Nay? My bandwidth is limited and I
        don't want to download if its a pos like eps 2. Tnx.
        \_ MMC is a fucking idiot.
           \_ Because MMC abused your poor pathetic little excuse for an ego?
              Whine to yourself in a dark closet while sucking lemons.  No one
              gives a damn.
              \_ I hate all movie critics.  MMC is the only one who will
                 actually read my insults.
        \_ Download Red Dragon instead.
           \_ Not my type of movie.
        \_ Download?  If you're going to watch on a dinky monitor with your
           dinky 8 dollar speakers then it won't matter if it sucks or not.
           The best movie in the world will suck like that.  I have no
           sympathy for you trying to save a 5 buck matinee charge either.
           \_ Actually I use svideo out to play the movie on my wega.
              Yeah the sound sucks a bit since the rips are just stereo
              rather than dolby 5.1.
              \_ You're missing out on the real experience.  There's no point
                 in asking how good a movie is on TV that needs a full screen
                 to properly enjoy.  Might as well wait til it comes out on
                 ABC/NBC/CBS and they chop it up and stick in commercials.
                 \_ I'm asking about content. There is no point in paying
                    $5 to watch a crappy movie just so the explosions sound
                    better and the image is bigger when you really just want
                    to fast forward most of the movie because it sucks.
                    \_ Yeah right.  Just like everyone using Napster in the
                    Usually I'll download and watch a movie on TV and if I
                    like it I'll go and watch it in the theater.
                    \_ Yeah right.  Just like everyone using japster in the
                       day was just sampling 80+ gigs of mp3's before buying
                       the good ones.  Funny how they didn't.  It never
                       ceases to amaze me how common thieves can some how
                       self justify their immoral and illegal actions with
                       such obvious lies.  My only question: do you believe
                       your own lies despite all evidence to the contrary?
                        \_ you got evidence for 'didnt' part twink?
        \_ Is it true that DivX movies are better quality than VHS?
           \_ they tend to have more porn than VHS movies, so, yes.
           \_ it's a lossy compression scheme, so the quality can vary.
              of course, if the source material is crappy camcorder footage,
              DivX isn't going to magically make it better.
              \_ I was thinking about movies that are already out on DVD, not
                 movies that are stolen from theaters a la Seinfeld.
2002/11/23 [Uncategorized] UID:26611 Activity:nil
11/22   GO BEAH!
2002/11/23 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:26612 Activity:nil 66%like:26614
11/23   landlord survey - your landlord is:
        other azn:
        a jew: .
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