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2002/11/22 [Uncategorized] UID:26585 Activity:nil
11.21   too much motd trolling this week. i'll be back less week. troll less.
2002/11/22 [Health] UID:26586 Activity:nil
        Man farts in OR, sets his balls on fire.
        \_ Is that an urban legend?
2002/11/22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:26587 Activity:nil
11/21   I like how He Who Shall Not Be Named tried to get the motd
        destroyed last year because of perceived comments on the motd
        against people of the same ethnicity as his girlfriend,
        and now He Who Shall is dropping anti-Semitic remarks into
        the motd.  Go bears.
        \_ I like how the OP wasn't at any of the politburo meetings where
           this was discussed.  I also like how the OP neglected to note that
           He Who Shall Not Be Named really wasn't involved in the
           decision-making process.  I also like how the OP neglects to note
           that He Who Shall Not Be Named's girlfriend is a reasonably
           intelligent invdividual who is quite capable of making her point
           and acting without He Who Shall Not Be Named's prior approval.
           I also like that the OP neglects to be named.
                \_ do you kick non politburo members out of
                   politburo meetings? -  !op
        \_ Funny how the anti-Semitic comment stays, but the anti-Isreal
           comment gets censored.
           \_ Because hating Jews is easier than hating a country?
           \_ don't you know that it's now fashionable to be anti-semitic?
2002/11/22 [Uncategorized] UID:26588 Activity:nil
11/21   Wow, the motd is finally living up to its usual standards!
        Go team!
        \_ Yeah the bonfire was burning dangerously low for a while there.
2002/11/22 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:26589 Activity:high
11/21   Another $10b (that's BILLION) down the drain for the Jews.
        \_ Actually, it's for the Israelis.
        \_ Man, intolerance is so fucking cool.  Makes me glad to be a
           a member of this organiztion. -dans
           \_ What's tolerant about giving $10b to a foreign nation (a nation
              whose nat'l religion is Judaism)? That could fund approx.
              1000 startups.
              \_ Ahem. 'Another $10b (that's BILLION) down the drain for the
                 Jews.' -dans
        \_ I guess spelling is no longer a requirement to be a ap reporter
           or editor: "jump-strating" indeed.
        \_ Am I the only one who actually read the link?  All of you are
           morons.  The article does not say any such thing.  Shame on all
           of you for your brash stupidity.
           \_ OPs interpretation of the article is that the loan guarantee
              that is being sought is equivalent to pouring money down the
              toilet. Whether or not his interpretation is correct should
              be self-evident.
           \_ OP is stupid and didn't read it at all.  The US is NOT loaning
              $10b, the article even says if Isreal repays the loan, there is
              NO cost to the US at all. -ERic
        \_ Yawn.  Anti-semitism's easy when you're anonymous.  Sign your
           screed next time, troll, or expect to get plonked. --erikred
2002/11/22 [Uncategorized] UID:26590 Activity:nil
        Is there any reason why this beer can is worth so much?
        \_ Never underestimate the insanity of collectors.
        \_ Jeez, and like a sucker I've been giving my cans to recyclers.
2002/11/22 [Uncategorized] UID:26591 Activity:nil
11/21   Are there any plans for ant to support symlinks?
        \_ maybe you should ask the ant developers?  are you a pine user?
           \_ If you have any information on the subject, please let me
              know.  Otherwise, let it be.
2002/11/22 [Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:26592 Activity:nil
11/21   Crazy criminal shit happening in West Berkeley as I write this -
        Choppers overhead and streets barricaded. Check for
        the low-down. 2PM
        \_ Chickens coming home to roost, yo.
        \_ I thought the full moon was on Monday....
        \_ it's berkeley.  standard.  nothing of note going on.  we used to
           \_ bank guards getting shot is not standard, fuck off.
           hear gun shots fairly regularly near my south side apartment and
           some guy got shot n killed 2 houses down one summer in a drug deal
           gone bad.  no biggie. GO BEAR!
           \_ Ooh. You've seen it all, haven't you ghetto boy?
              \_ shrug, whatever.  just because your daddy is rich doesn't
                 mean life was so easier for everyone else.  say hi to yermom
                 for me and tell her how much i appreciated the cash for
                 rendering services your daddy couldn't perform.
                 \_ Funny. That's what I was about to say to you. So where
                    are you hiding from it now, gb? As the above reply
                    points out, today's event was not standard and you're an
                    effete twat implying it is. Some of us live here.
                    \_ I wish to hand out cookies for the both of you.
                    \_ I graduated and got the fuck out of that pit, that's
                       what I did and where I am now.  There's no pride in
                       living in a south side slummy ghetto shithole.  I'm
                       doing quite well now and damned proud of it and never
                       going back.  You're a damned fool if you're trying to
                       imply that there's some holy mark of pride for living
                       in a slum.  It's standard because it's standard.  Shit
                       happens to good people in bad places all the time. You
                       taking personal offense doesn't change that.  facts is
                       facts, son, deal.
                       \_ No, I think the other guy was implying that your
                          pseudo non-chalant attitude is a stupid affectation.
                          You're the one that seems to want to make this about
                          some lame badge of honor or something.
                          \_ Not at all.  I was saying that such a thing is
                             so common in such places why bother to note it as
                             some sort of special horror?
                       \_ There is pride in being a self-made man, coming
                          from humble origins and becoming successful:
                          something you whiney brats born with a silver spoon
                          in your mouth will never understand.
                          \_ Exactly my point.  -fled the slums
                \_ go go gadget free association!
           \_ The bad guys are shot in a drug deal gone bad, but today the
              ones shot were innocent victims.
              \_ no one is innocent.
                 \_ why don't you come over for dinner?  I need help digging
                    a hole and polishing my .45
                    \_ see what I mean?  you'll all a bunch of psychos. theres
                       no innocents, only victims.
              \_ Oh and it's ok when a drug dealer gets murdered?  WTF is wrong
                 with you!?  They're people too.  You think they'd be dealing
                 if they had another real choice in life other than pumping
                 your gas or serving you fries?
        \_ I wish the cops shoot the gunman dead.
         \_ You can say "I hope the cops shoot..." or "I wish that the
            cops shoot..." but "I wish the cops shoot..." is bad grammar.
                 \_ shot
            \_ I to be speaking better imblish for you.
               \_ YAR!
            \_ Indenting by one space is bad MOTD indentation.
2002/11/22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26593 Activity:high
11/21   Pull down your Natalie Portman posters, fanboys, Anna Paquin's
        in the house:
        \_ a poor replica of Claire Danes
           \_ Panquin is another no-ass white girl
              \_ Not much tits either.
        \_ rank: Anna Paquin, Natalie Portman, Claire Danes.  Anna Paquin
           is pretty cute - !op
           \_ and since she's won an oscar, she's obviously a great
              actor also!
        \_ some photoshop and some really fucking weird lighting and she
           ends up looking almost cute.  And NP has brains too, btw.
           \_ And you can still get off on your pedophile dreams about her
              role in "The Professional."
              \_ Anna Paquin appeared as a child in several movies
                 \_ yes, but not as the would-be seducer of grown men.
        \_ I am pretty sure that is Anna Paquin's face on Halle Berry's body.
           \_ HB: another ugly chick who somehow got famous for being hot.
              The world of hollywood can be baffling.
                \_ In a costume, they can do a lot to make her look different.
                   Sorta like how they made anorexia postergirl Lara Flynn
                   Boyle look in MIB II. This appears to be a case of the same
2002/11/22 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:26594 Activity:nil
11/21   How do I quote in a csh script to do variable replacement
        inside a sed line if I also need to use the $ regular expression?
        Like sed 's/$/$foo'?  Thanks!
        \_ csh uses backslashes to quote.  If you need the actual backslash
           character then you double backslash.
        \_ If you have to start worrying about csh quoting, you should be
           using perl.  -tom
           \- to actually answer the question: use single quotes to
              get $ to be treated as a regexp character. leave the parts
              where you want the shell vars to be expanded be unquoted.
              This may/will break if you have $ or spaces in the contents of
              the shell var [in which case you may be doomed with csh].
              e.g. sed '/'${i}'/s/$/FROB/g' will up "FROB" at the end
              of a like matching $i. --psb
2002/11/22 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:26595 Activity:nil
11/21   What is the deal with HP abandoning the 32s line of calculators?
        That was the last of the RPN entry scientific calculators. I'm deeply
        upset by this, as I really enjoy using the 32s line of calculators,
        and there is nothing that even comes close from other companies.
        does anyone have any info about this?  I've searched the web, and just
        found links to people selling the 32s as a "collectors item" for
        300 bucks.  this really really sucks.  surely someone must be doing
        something about this.  if not, i will.
        \_ In the age of pda's why do you need a calculator?
           \_ PDAs suck as calculators.  There's something to be said for
              tactile feedback of physical buttons.
              \_ ...and HP has much better buttons than any other calculator
                \_ Agreed
              \_ I have to take you word for it. I made it through school
                 with a cheap casio that someone had chucked in the trash
                 in Betchel.
                 \_ Which model?
                    \_ I Don't remember, it was one of the cheap solar
                       scientific models.
        \_ use a slide rule.  get over your babyish needs for a calculator to
           do the work for you.  you'll never learn that way.
           \_ Have you ever used a circular slide rule? They rock. Compact
              and powerful.
                \_ I just log into soda and
                   use "bc -l".  seriously.
                   \_ obviously not on the 18th at 7 am..
           \_ Back to analog computing?
              \_ "Back to oil and coal are they?" - Salvor Hardin
2002/11/22 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:26596 Activity:high
11/20   How did Soda crash? I thought FreeBSD was the mighty uncrashable OS?
        \_ You got a Win2K machine that's been up this long with no crashes?
        \_ Don't be stupid.
       \_ Stale troll -- stale cookie.
          \_ Au contrair.  LOL at the OS snobs.  May their noses descend
             from the clouds.
             \_ Whatever.  I'd like to see a Linux system take the punishment
                soda does and stay up as long.  That's a joke.  --linux admin
                \_ yeah, I'm sure's servers don't take any
                   punishment.  -tom
                     \_ God damn if you aren't the biggest stupid fuck on the
                        motd.  You idiot.  They obviously have zillions of them
                        behind load balancers so when a few dozen go down, you,
                        the internet luser coming in from the public net would
                        never know it.  You have absolutely no fucking clue
                        what you're talking about, never ran a 24x7 site, never
                        touched a load balancer, and know nothing about the
                        difference between a multi million dollar multi hosted
                        site like amazon or google and a single host system
                        like soda.  You have any idea why they use linux?
                        Because it's rock solid?  Nope.  That's not it.  They
                        use linux because its kewl and some places use it
                        because it's a cheap way to run throwaway java boxes.
                        The last I checked soda wasnt a throwaway java app
                        server box in a farm of 5000 machines.  And finally,
                        you are a fucking idiot.  --real 24x7x365 admin
                        \_ I think it's more likely that an anonymous
                           coward doesn't know what he's talking about, than
                           that Amazon and other major tech businesses around
                           the world run Linux because it's "kewl".  -tom
                           \_ Anonymous or not, he's sounding better than
                              you at the moment.
                        \_ "real admin" sounds like a jew.
                             \_ nah, that level of beratement is quite common
                                with koreans.
                                \_ either way still sounding smarting than tom
                                   \_ Oh yeah, a real achievement, that.
                                      \_ ok got me there. its a low standard.
                                        \_ the comment wasn't clever the first
                                           time, either
       \_ Hi paolo!
          \_ doesn't sound like him.
2002/11/22 [Politics/Domestic/California, Computer/SW/Security] UID:26597 Activity:nil
11/20 How can I verify Soda's certificate?
       \_ No. You can't add self signed certs to your cert store.
          \_ yes, you can... the easiest way is if the machine is using
             the same cert for https... you can import it simply using
             IE... otherwise you need to manuall add import it, but it
             can be done.
             \_ Does the CSUA have a https site?  Still haven't found
                the self-signed cert ... -OP
             \_ Not all versions of OE/IE support this.
          \_ Really? That's dumb. Another reason not to use Lookout(tm)
             \_ A self signed cert has no meaning in the PKI
                model, since all it says that you vouch that
                you are who you claim you are. If you really
                want to implement the cert mgmt correctedly
                there is no reason to allow such certs into
                the cert store.
                \_ Point taken.  Where can I view this cert, and how was it
                   generated, for technical curiosity's sake?  And does the
                   CSUA have a cert for https?  -OP
                       \_ has all the goodies
                \_ By the way, is self-signed certificate different from
                   a certificate that was signed by an untrusted CA (say
                   you have setup a certificate authority within your company
                   for signing certificates)
                       \_ self-signed: signed by untrusted (your own) CA
       \_ I like the original minty green certs best, but some of the more
          orange flavored ones that came later were ok too.
          \_ Before being bought out by RSA, Xcert minted their own brand for
             a promo ... labeled obviously as: "XCerts"! -OP
             \_ Sweet!
         \_ Another approach if you really want secure POP is to set up
            SSH forwarding on a local port to csua:110, then just set up
            Outlook to retrieve email across the SSH (i.e., localhost: 110).
2002/11/22 [Recreation/Sports] UID:26598 Activity:nil
11/20 If you want to know about "The Play", go to It's the front
       page article atm.
         \_ Cal is gonna lose. In the history of my paying attention to Cal
            football they never won so why now? They'll choke.
          \_ So *you're* the one.  Stop watching so's we can win, would you?
       \_ The articles said there was only four seconds left, yet the run
          before the touchdown in the video clip seemed to last a lot longer.
          \_ The last play of the game can be as long as it wants, as long
               as it starts before time runs out. They could be running for
               an hour and it'd still count.
       \_ SJ Mercury had a sidebar where they showed the play was illegal
          to begin with, claimed that there was a forward lateral, and claimed
          that someone was already down.  Must be a stanfurd grad.
          \_ The call always stands despite video in Pro Basketball also.
             I remember Clippers vs. Spurs 1989, Charles Smith hit a last
             second shot 2 feet behind the 3 point line that was called as
             a 2 pointer.  The fact he landed *after* shooting in front of
             the line was missed by the officials.  They lost by a point.
             If video could undo a game after the fact, people would not go.
             \_ Actually basketball is doing some instant replay officiating
                now.  But certainly college football wasn't, then or now.
                In any case, there are no forward laterals--it is easy to
                ascertain this from the video replay.  It is not so easy
                to ascertain whether Garner's knee touched down before he
                pitched it to Rodgers, but it appears that his leg is on
                top of a Stanford player's leg.  By today's NFL replay
                rules, the call made on the field would definitely stand.
                In addition, Stanford was penalized for illegal participation
                (for the players and the band on the field), and the penalty
                at the time for illegal participation was to award the other
                team a touchdown.  -tom
                \_ Didn't the band come on the field only after
                   (they thought) his knee went down?  In which
                   case the illegal participation call still
                   hinges on that result. [ reformatted - motdformatd ]
                   \_ No, the band can't go on because they think his knee is
                      down, even if he is down.
                   \_ The whistle hadn't blown, so The Play wasn't over. -tom
                \_ one of SJ Mercury's arguments was that the formation was
                     illegal.  There were only four Cal Players within ten feet
                     of the ball before the kickoff.  The forward lateral
                     reminds me of the Music City Miracle play in the NFL.
                   \_ It would be min of 10 yards, and there are no illegal
                      formations for the defense.  Only applies to offense.
       \_ I'm still trying to figure out why any of you care about things like
          Cal football.  Any of the players would piss on you and rape your
          girlfriend for fun and then laugh about it after at practice.
          \_ When I used to hang out at my gf's place at Clark Kerr all the
             time, I would see some of the same football players every day
             and it got to the point where after a while they'd even
             acknowledge me on campus.  Clearly this means that they're not
             all bad, right?
             \_ No, how do you figure that?  Because they didn't beat you up
                or gang rape your gf in the stairwell?
          \_ girlfriend.  what is that?
               \_ for most of us, yermom.
          \_ I feel thoroughly rebuked. I apologize. Let me go back into
               my cubicle and discuss the latest Enterprise episode with
               all my Magic buddies.
             \_ Clearly ducking the issue.  Nice try but no points for that.
                GO BEAR!  WOOT!  Ya know, the phrase "football player rapist"
                didn't appear out of thin air.  Or maybe you've spent too
                much time in your cubicle?
               \_ don't we go over this every year?  and i thought
                  it was the basketball players. - danh
                \_ You are right. All football players are thugs and rapists.
                   There's not a good man among them. Thanks motd! --dim
                   \_ Yawn.  Take the grade school level debate tactics some
                      place that cares.  The rest of us outgrew this sort of
                      childish "take their point to the ridiculous extreme"
                      nonesense by junior high.  If you''ve got nothing to
                      say then don't bother.
                      \_ You obviously haven't listened to the Rush Limbaugh
                         show or Ann Coulter lately.
                         \_ Which still has nothing to do with anything.  Why
                            can't you make the simple effort of sticking to
                            the topic?  Don't bother posting if you're on drugs
                            and going off into la-la no-brains land.
                  \_ I'm a fan of rape.
                   \_ Come over here and sit on uncle aspo's lap
                \_ Or maybe you haven't watched enough football.
                   \_ This has something to do with the price of tea in China?
       \_ Did that Stanfurd quarterback Elway ever mention why he called the
          timeout when there was eight seconds remaining?
            \_ Yep, he admits it was a stupid thing for him to do. He got
               caught up in the moment.
             \_ How does the timing work?  What would have happend if Elway
                didn't call timeout at eight seconds left?  I don't know much
                about football.
                \_ Basically, he would've called it with 2-4 seconds left.
                     Then the field goal would've been the last play of the
                     game. Instead, the field goal took 4 seconds, so they
                     still had to kick the football back to Cal.
2002/11/22-23 [Reference/BayArea] UID:26599 Activity:high
11/21   My brother is coming to visit me in Berkeley with his car. He wants
        to stay here for a week. He's never been on West coast before. Please
        list fun and interesting places to visit in the Bay Area and beyond.
        \_ touristy but not too touristy stuff in the city: lombard st.,
           chinatown, golden gate park (japanese tea garden), palace of the
           legion of honor, china beach, palace of fine arts / exploratorium
        \_ Just go to Oakland or SF and pick up some TV hookers.  That'll be
           a lot different than he's used to.  If not then your bro needs some
           outside professional help.
        \_ three of my favorite "views" of the City: Twin Peaks,
           Treasure Island, Carnelian Room (the first two are quick drives
                            \- i think that is a bad place to eat, price-perf
                               wise ... "dont eat at restaurants with a view
                               or that move"
           you can do(<15min. out of your way). the last is good for a drink).
        \_ touristy but not too touristy stuff in the city (this is kind
           of my 'routine for visiting relatives'): lombard st, chinatown,
           golden gate park (japanese tea garden), palace of the legion of
           honor, china beach, palace of fine arts / exploratorium area. Take
           him to some good restaurants, but that's a whole other thread.
           \_ Fisherman's Wharf, GG bridge, you forgot that.
              \_ And Alcatraz.
        \_ Drive down to Half Moon Bay/Moss Beach to visit tidepools.  Go
           to the moma, legion of honor.  Up to Napa, drink some wine.
           The aquarium in GG park.  Drive to Santa Cruz or Monterey.  Eat
           on the median by the Cheeseboard.  BART someplace at least once,
           even if just to go to a museum.  Get him drunk on sake and make
           him sing karaoke in Japantown.  While you're at it, convince him
           to get a tattoo.  Of a giant fish.  On his forehead.
        \_ Mitchell Brothers.
           \_ You know if you want non-generic advice beyond "go to
              alcatraz and napa" it would help to give some idea about
              what vague kind of thing you are looking for.  Going to the
              Monterey Aquarium vs. shoeshoe in Yosemite vs. Burrito in
              the Mission are pretty different kinds of trips.
              \_ LA is also west coast. Go to SoCal, Disneyland, San Diego
                 Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara.
                 Oops you said fun and interesting, sorry.
                 How old is he? What's he interested in? Ethnicity? Native?
                 Where from? East coast? or just school there?
        \_ Does he come from some conservative part of the country?  If so,
           Telegraph might be enough for a shocking experience.
           \_ Hardly.  I came from a conservative part of the country and was
              in school when telegraph was much more fucked up and it was
              just this really dirty crime ridden street to my eyes.  They have
              those all over.
        \_ Also Muir woods for the redwoods and hiking.
        \_ Take him to the power exchange and tie him to a rack and let
           everyone there have their way with him. I bet that is something
           he wouldn't find in Kansas.
           \_ You'd be surprised what you can find in Kansas.  SF doesn't have
              a lock of kinky sex.  They're just more insecure about it so
              they need to make a big flashy show out of it.
2002/11/22 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:26600 Activity:nil
11/21   Anyone else get a job spam with a .doc with some shit title about
        "affirmative action info application" or some bullshit like that from
2002/11/22-23 [Uncategorized] UID:26601 Activity:nil
11/21   For all you Al fans out there:
2002/11/22-23 [Recreation/Computer] UID:26602 Activity:nil
11/21   Friday fun:
2002/11/22 [Recreation/Media] UID:26603 Activity:high
        \_ amazing! a subliminal dick!  incredible!  thanks for the great
           link!  i'll email all my friends and coworkers emediately--
           or perhaps just include it in my next mass fowarard of jokes
           from Usenet.
           \_ that's "subliminable"
           \_ I thought that was a left hand.
           was actually kind of funny.
           \_ The title is "Laid by the best" -- I think that's supraliminal.
              \_ You're missing it.  However, the little mermaid poster isn't
                 "subliminal."  It was a pissed off animator giving a little
                 "fuck you" to Disney Corp.
                 \_ Bullshit.  Like anyone in such a small field would risk
                    their entire livelihood on some stunt aimed at one of the
                    biggest anime houses on the planet.
                    \_ The animator says it was just a coincidence, but Disney
                       removed the image in a few places because it's
                       definitely phallic:
                 \_ I was wondering if that might not be the case.
                 \_ Wasn't there a scene in a Disney Cartoon movie where the
                    clouds appeared to look like "SEX"?
                    \_ Yes.  It's in the Lion King, at some point after Simba
                       runs away he flops down into the dust and it says SEX.
        \_ uhm, a picture with a perfume bottle(?), a knife, and a penis.
           ok, that's nice.  we needed this because...?
           \_ yes.
        \_ the rest of the site presents additional pictures of subliminal ads
           ... a lot where the author highlights the word "sex" - sometimes
           on items that doesn't even seem western or in the english language.
           He/she might be overboard on some of these ... but what's even more
           funny is the micro-sized font text that is displayed as you move
           between pictures:
           Subliminal messages in advertising. whether or not you believe in
           subliminal techniques in advertising you have to admit that the
           following examples of actual subliminal messages that I've scanned
           from advertisements are indeed subliminal! People the world over
           are ludicrous enough to believe not only that subliminal messages
           have no effect but that subliminal messages don't even exist! Go
           through these subliminal examples and if you still believe that
           they're not there, you're blind.  Devious!! -!OP  [formatd]
2002/11/22-23 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:26604 Activity:nil
11/21   For Cal football games, can you sit anywhere in your assigned section
        or must you sit in your assigned seat?  Is seating first come/first
        \_ Know you nothing, grasshoppa?  This is Cal.  You have an assigned
           number.  Use appropriately or they'll send a dorm health worker
           around to show you how.
        \_ The student section is general admission, the rest is assigned
           seating.  In most cases, you can move around a fair amount, but
           not so much for the Big Game.
2002/11/22-23 [Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:26605 Activity:high
11/21   Anyone else get a job spam with a .doc with some shit title about
        "affirmative action info application" or some bullshit like that from  [why was this deleted. it was a serious question. i want to
        know if anyone knows if this is a scam or what. please leave posted]
        [no its not an anti-affirmative action derogatory comment.  the topic
        of their email is not the point. stop being an asshole. this is a real
        inquiry. please foad. thank you, you overly sensitive ignorant stupid
        illiterate prick]
        \_ You are being threating and hateful on the motd. I'm scared for
           my life. Perhaps I should ask root to lock the motd for a few
           days so you can have a cooling off period.
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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