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Berkeley CSUA MOTD
2002/11/20-2003/1/5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:26578 Activity:nil
11/18   Soda crashed.  Soda was rebooted.  -root
2002/11/20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:26579 Activity:high
11/19   /etc/motd.public with motdedit seems to be broken. mehlfalf seems to
        have held the motd lock for hours now.
        \_ it was always broken.  tough shit.  and spell his name right.
        \_ Who uses motdedit?
           \_ Apparently the guys who can't edit motd.public right now.
        \_ see what happens when you try to play nice? You get stomped on
          by others.  this is the motd.  deal. -ERic
2002/11/20 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:26580 Activity:nil
11/19   can we turn on php support on the webserver please?
        \_ Note that using mod_php on a multiuser system could
           introduce some awkward security issues. Why not just
           execute PHP scripts as CGIs? -!root
           \_ sure! how do i do that
             \_ Someone needs to install the php interpreter on soda and it
                better be compiled with --enable-discard-path or it might not
                work well for CGIs. -!root
                \_ After looking at the ports collection, doing
                   "cd /usr/ports/lang/php4 && make install"
                   should probably do it.
                   \_ Done.  --root
                      \_ I'm still getting <?phpinfo()?> as the result of
                         my test.php - should I rename the file something else
                         or have it in a different dir?
2002/11/20 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:26581 Activity:nil
11/19   On my FreeBSD 4.7 system, when I type "w" to see who's logged on
        (it should only be me), it doesn't show anyone being logged on.
        Why is it doing this? It also says this:
        w: /dev/:0: No such file or directory
        \_ Try this (as root):
            cp /var/log/wtmp /var/log/wtmp.bak
            cp /var/run/utmp /var/log/utmp.bak
            cp /dev/null /var/log/wtmp
            cp /dev/null /var/run/utmp
           Then reboot.  If things are ok, you can probably delete
           the .bak files.
2002/11/20 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:26582 Activity:nil
11/19   is there any ground for a lawsuit if i got involuntarily transferred to
        another department, and the department that i am being transferred to
        terminated me on the date of my transfer citing that i am not a good
        fit for the only position that they have in the department?  note that
        there was a layoff (i think, since about 5 people got let go) about 2
        weeks ago.  realistically speaking, what will i be able to get out of
        this lawsuit and will this lawsuit affect my future career?
        basically, i am just bummed by their unprofessionalism and the
        "termination" on my employment record after having given them my heart
        and soul during the past 2 years, and had an excellent performance
        record with them.  i want to get a general feel of this before
        consulting legal consult.  any tips, urls, past personal/friend
        experiences, etc. would be greatly appreciated.
        \_ YES! SUE THEM!  There's a federal law that requires companies to
           give 90 day advance warning for any layoff.  Most tech companies
           \_Depends on the company size and number of layoffs. It also
           depends on how you were hired. Also, the OP says he got transferred,
           not fired. There's a distinct difference.
           violate that law, that's why the people get severance packages
           contigent upon you signing a waiver stating that you will not
           sue them.  In this case, your company is circumventing that law
           by making it appear as a transfer and then a firing.  That's
           And anther related advice to everybody who is about to get laid
           You can get more money out of suing them.  But it does take more
           time.  I suggest that you be patient and wait for the bigger
           check when they settle out of court.  And they will settle out of
           \_This only applies if a company doesn't file for Chapter 11 or 7.
           If a company seeks bankruptcy protection, you will most likely not
           see a dime. I think it goes something like this: Court, Attorneys,
           IRS, judgements, preferred creditors,
           unwashed masses of stockholders.
           \_ in calif its only if they are laying off over 20% of the company
              at a given time.. they can get around this by saying "we are
              gonna do layoffs in 90 days" but not saying who.. untill that
              90th day.. or so ive been told by a few diff hr girls -shac
           \_ Not in California.
           \_ This is true only if you expect the company to still be around
              for a while, right?
              \_ obviously yes.
           \_ Since my companies were startups that were doing final layoffs
              before shutting down it was more like take the severance check
              directly to the bank the moment I got it before everyone else
              got to the bank and emptied the account before my check could
              get there.  ;-)
        \_ Not really, but in America you can sue anyone for almost anything.
           I doubt any legal counsel will take up your case since it's pretty
           flimsy, but who knows. If you look hard enough, you can probably
           find some crackpot lawyer to waste time on it. If you are willing
           to pay for the prosecution out of pocket then anyone will take the
                          \_ Take legal advice from someone who doesn't
                             know how to user the word "prosecution"?
                             \_Apparently you are confused. I assume you
                             don't understand the colloqualism of
                             "paying for the prosecution." Sorry, you lose.
                             \_ or the word "use"?  gotcha hypocrite!
                                \- er are you suggesting "pay the for the
                                prosecution" is an expression like "pay the
                                piper"? otherwise "prosecution" implies
                                criminal jurisdiction pursued by the "public"
                                rather than a tortious claim, which is what
                                i assume you are suggesting. so i suppose it
                                it clear what you mean, but poor usage.
                                lots of matters can either be criminal or
                                tort, so it's worth being clear. --psb
           case. If you don't like the job, then quit. Keep in mind that if
           you do set yourself up for potential future career damage if word
           ever leaks out. Keep in mind, they haven't fired you, and their
           case for transfer can be relatively easily justified.
           \_ It's worse in Japan. You can't quit at all.  And if you manage
              to leave, you will be blacklisted.
                \_ As much as Tokyo has managed to piss me off, I refuse
                   to touch America until that idiot you people call a
                   president is extirpated from office.  That country is
                   so royally foobar'd now that you'll have to pay me the
                   negative deficit and a whore every night from
                   yoshiwara before I go back.  I have absolutely no
                   desire to go back in the near future until McCarthy 2
                   relinquishes his totalitarian grip on that place.  I
                   do miss aspects of America (namely prices) but that
                   place is just a wasteland.  I'm glad I got out while I
                   could because I'd hate to be in that landscape right
                   now.  I suppose if I were in college it wouldn't be so bad
                   but I graduated UCI and moved on so living there would be a
                   nightmare.  Even my friends and family are struggling
                   with the unemployment problems.  Really the country
                   needs to implode and start from scratch because it has
                   too many unsolvable problems.  - Happy Living In Tokyo
                   \_ Yawn.  Whatever.  You graduated from UCI?  Maybe that is
                      your real problem?  Take the ultra leftist hate mongering
                      zero references agenda driven drivel elsewhere.  Troll.
                      \_ Maybe you should pay attention to what people outside
                         the country see that we cannot. At least his comments
                         are more than an ad hominem attack.
                \_ If I looked like Kim Il Sung, I'd probably move too
        \_ I'm assuming this job is in California.  We all work "at will" which
           means they can fire you without cause for pretty much anything.  I
           suggest you find a labor lawyer and take them up on a free
           consultation (do not pay for a consultation, call someone else).
           A California labor lawyer can tell you if you've got a leg to stand
           on.  I'm guessing not but I'm not a lawyer and neither is anyone
           else here.
        \_ Just move on A.S.A.P. before your skills get rusty.  You don't want
           a reputation as a vengeful person.  Just take some recommendations
           and prepare the explanation well for when you interview.
           \_ The valley isn't that small.  No one has a repuation at the
              grunt level.  That's pure nonsense.
2002/11/20 [Uncategorized] UID:26583 Activity:nil
11/19   Anyone see the Leonids?  Anyone see them from a light polluted area?
        \_ Saw a bunch from Bort Meadow up in Anthony Chabot Park.  Saw
           a few from home (near the Grand Lake Theater) even with a fire
           truck flashing its lights twenty feet behind me.  Very nice.
2002/11/20 [Science/Space, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:26584 Activity:nil
11/18   Where is the best place to find quiet/silent power supplies,
        CPU cooling fans, and HD enclosures?
        \_ Papst makes good fans, but they're a pain to get online.
           [originally posted by ax - shorturld]
        \_ Ya know I was starting to get into all this over clocking, super
           cooling, quiet this and special case material that stuff when it
           struck me that this whole concept is just 'wrong'.  These are
           consumer level devices.  They shouldn't require special cooling
           units, water pumps, super quiet extra expensive fans, etc.  I've
           decided the whole thing is a big scam and I'm not going to toss
           away good money on the computer version of Rice Boy Rocketry. --!RBR
           \_ the quiet fans from pcpowercooling are about the same price
              as you'd pay for a loud, generic fan you'd find at compusa
           \_ A while back our work had a power outage.  It was amazing how
              much quieter the office was without all those computers on.
              Ever since I have been a believer in quiet computer case design.
           \_ Lots of people find that even non-overclocked are still very
              noisy, so this question is still relevant.
              \_ That's the point I was trying to make.  Why the hell are
                 computers so god damned loud and hot in the first place?
                 All the excess heat and noise implies a fundamental design
                 flaw.  --!RBR
                 \_ Apple Cube
                    \_ Yeah but I want something that runs software.
                       \_ I think this is why the market for PCs sucks.
                          After complaining and receiving a suggestion
                          for something better, the complainer says,
                          "Oh, that won't work for _me_." My iMac runs
                          all the software I want. It's also really
                          quiet -- no fan.
           \_ I was working on my laptop with its disk spun down and the fan
               off. It was nice to not hear the incessant racket.
           \_ I actually find our PVR/satellite receiver to be annoyingly loud.
              Fan, hard drive, odd high-frequency blips...the older I get the
              more sensitive I get to these things.
        \_ aaron!  where did you find your uber elite water cooled machine
           that thing is RAD, it makes absolutely no noise.
        \_ maybe? -=Aubie
        \_ I just hooked up the fan in my power supply to a pot, and used
           that to control the speed of the fan.  Cranked the fan speed as
           high as I can and for it to stay inaudible.  Ref
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