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2002/11/17-18 [Consumer/PDA] UID:26568 Activity:high
11/15   I have a Sony Vaio... had it for almost 2 years. The screen has
        started flickering occasionally... it seems to be getting worse.
        Any suggestions on how/if I can get this repaired? I know alot of
        people have gone through hell trying to repair Sony's... any
        info would be welcome. Thanks.          - rory
        \_I think I might know what's wrong. Send me an email. williamc
        \_ my condolences. GOOD LUCK.  I can only offer the advice of
           keep searching the web, it's likely that someone else has
           encountered the problem. By the way, the last Sony laptop I tried
           to get fixed got me pissed because the sony phone tech wanted
           to charge me $10 before disclosing the part-number (just
           the part-NUMBER) not including the part itself! I just
           wanted to make sure it was the right part he was trying
           to sell me (since their web- site sucks so badly, the
           part wasnt listed. And the phone tech only had some
           cryptic part description ("harness jack") and no pictures)
           There are lots of design flaws in their laptops. Almost 2 yrs
           is about right. And tell us the damn model number if u want help
                 PCG-F580... does that really help? _/
        \_ Sonys seem to have a lot of problems and their tech support is
           bad. They wanted to charge me (to troubleshoot) because the software
           on their web site would not install. I haven't had any problems
           getting Sonys fixed (very fast turnaround) but I spent a lot of
           money fixing them and they need to be fixed often. A new
           display will be $700, btw. --dim
           \_ I guess one thing I'm trying to figure out is what it is that I
              may need to replace... the display seems fine, it looks clear,
              etc... but it is just this sporadic flickering that occurs...
              I'm guessing it is some kind of connecting cable or something.
              I'd like to be more educated before calling Sony or some other
                                                  \_ don't kid yourself.
                                                     Sony's call center is
                                                     staffed by mostly clueless
              repair service... but have not yet been able to find any info
              on the web.
              \_ Send it in to Sony. They will send you a quote back. You
                 will have the option of getting it fixed, having it disposed
                 of, or having it shipped back to you. There is a diagnostic
                 fee, but it's not too bad ($20 or $50). --dim
        \_ I was trying to replace the screen on a toshiba and found a few
           websites that sell parts for various laptops (such as new screens).
           Sorry I don't have it bookmarked but some googling will work.
2002/11/17 [Science/GlobalWarming, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:26569 Activity:very high
11/15   Finally!  The right common sense way for the US to deal with the
        rest of the world.  I'm too young to have voted for him at the time
        but I sure wish the world had more leaders like this.  We need this
        sort of courage in times like these.
        \_ Like sheep to the slaughter...  It's too bad he wasn't around
           during WWII eh?
           \_ Do you propose then that we openly violate treaties that we
              have signed and expect other countries to follow?
              \_ why propose something that's already being done?
                 \_ Name one.  And don't name the anti-nuke treaty with the
                    Soviets.  There was an 'out' clause built into the original
                    treaty and we legally exited.
                    \_ invasion of Serbia without authorization of UN
                       security consoul for one.  GHB's authorization of
                       invasion of Panama is another.  For the rest, US just
                       pressure other nation to sign but not signing it
                       itself, including Univeral declaration of Women's
                       right, Univeral ban on land mind, biological weapon,
                       and nuclear test.
                       \_ Serbia: say what?  You're insane.  It was a NATO
                          sponsored action.  You know, NATO?  That treaty
                          created org?  Panama?  What treaty was that?  The
                          one where we gave up control of the incredibly
                          important PC to a bunch of third worlders?  And for
                          the rest, if we didn't sign it then we didn't break
                          it.  Your debate fu is weak.  Try harder.  I actually
                          thought you might come up with something but I see I
                          was correct: we didn't break any treaties: you're
                          just spewing your agenda driven ignorance.
        \_ --"For every time an American gives a dollar, a citizen of Norway
           --gives 17 dollars," he [Carter] said."
           I'd love to see the numbers on this.
           \_ And the tax rates.  And how much of American tax dollars have
              gone to keeping Norway a safe place to live.  And how many
              immigrants they allow in and how easy it is to work or get
              citizenship there vs here.
2002/11/17 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:26570 Activity:nil
11/16   Somalis accuse Lewiston mayor of racism, bigotry
        \_ So tell me, was this posted by an anti-freeper?
2002/11/17-18 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:26571 Activity:kinda low
11/17   the last five paragraphs of from this article:
        Ed Karabinus, 56, was a security manager at Shepard Air Force Base
        in Texas last winter when he traveled through Dallas-Fort Worth
        International Airport and encountered inefficient screeners who
        didn't speak English.

        He decided to become a screener himself. He took the test, and in
        March he was one of 61 people hired as supervisors.  Eight months
        later, he has been promoted to federal security director, a new
        category of federal law enforcement officer, overseeing both Wichita
        Falls Municipal Airport in Texas and nearby Lawton Municipal Airport
        in Oklahoma.

        Federal security directors earn between $108,400 and $150,000 a year.

        Karabinus, who now drives a used Mercedes, motivates his screeners
        by saying, "Look where I went, guys, in eight months."
        DAMN, where can I get a job like that?
        \_ There are always special people in all sorts of jobs doing really
           well.  They are the exceptions, not the rule.  The typical airport
           security jock is making $8.50/hr and will get a COLA in 2 years to
           \_ They are federal employees now making more than that. I don't
              know how much more, but more than $17k/yr certainly.
2002/11/17-18 [Recreation/Media] UID:26572 Activity:high
11/16   MOTD Movie Critic Says, "Harry Potter 2: whatever you thought of the
        first HP movie, ditto.  This one is exactly the same in all ways.
        This is only a bad thing if you didn't like the first one".
        \_ No...this one was geared much more for people that are fans
           of the book. The first one could have been watched (and was
           in fact watched) by people who are new to HP; this one relied
           a lot on having already read the story. This HP movie also
           had a lot of scenes that were excessively long. But I still
           liked it.            -huge HP fan
           liked it.            -huge HP fan (hHf)
           \_ I couldn't stand the Harry Potter books. I couldn't get past the
              gee-whiz kiddie feel. I can read the Narnia books or Tolkien as
              an adult and feel rewarded but for HP I would need a lobotomy.
              That said, I found the movie to be decent entertainment.
                \_ Talking about children's books that are worth rereading
                \_ 1) This movie wasn't such a literal translation as the
                   \_ well, to be honest I was just going on memory for that.
                      but compared to the H.P. I thought it was more original.
                   again, I recently reread the Earthsea trillogy (which
                   somehow grew to six books) for the first time since I was
                   12 or so, and damn if they aren't good books. -aspo
                \_ Narnia?  I couldn't read Narnia as a HSer.  Lord save you!
                \_ Did you read any of them other than the first? They
                   get progressively darker (and much better). And if
                   that has no significance for you...well then shit,
                      do not carry equal weight.  You're dismissed.
                   they really aren't meant to be profound literary
                   classics. They're just kids books that also appeal
                   to older people too. I can't say with certainty
                   that they won't be around in 50 years (like Tolkien,
                   or Shakespeare), but then again I don't know that they
                   won't, either. -hHf
                   \_ Just another passing fad.
           \_ If it was a literal translation of the book, why did it rely
              so much on having read it in the first place?
                \_ 1) This movie wasn't as much of a literal translation as the
                   first one, and 2) by making references to things that
                   weren't explicitly explained or brought up already (or
                   to things in the future, much like Star Wars). -hHf
           \_ Tsk.  The MMC is not a fan of the books and in fact knows nothing
              about them except what was in the first movie and enjoyed both
              the first and second movies about the same.  As a self proclaimed
              "huge HP fan" you're in no position to judge how much a non-fan
              such as the MMC would.  Shame on your for questioning an MMC
              review with your ignorant pap. --MMC
                \_ Just the same way that you're in no position to judge how
                   much you think everyone else will like it ("whatever you
                   thought of the first HP movie, ditto").      -huge HP fan
                   \_ Silly child.  I am the MMC.  You are nothing.  Our views
                      do not carry equal weight.  You're dismissed. --MMC
                      \_ Too bad. -hHf
2002/11/17-18 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:26573 Activity:low
11/17   Who broke spamassassin?
        \_ And why hasn't anyone responded to email/motd requests to fix it?
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