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2002/11/16-17 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:26563 Activity:very high
        Your right-wing foreign policy in action (inaction?)
        \_ Ok, so the NGO's, read the U.N., spend all the money
           on office space and amenities and you want to blame
           the President?  Wait, isn't it these same NGO's that have
           run the Palestine occupied territories for 50+ years?
           U.S. soldiers don't need to be there, Turkey (a Muslim
           country in case you didn't know) is providing the
           security force.  Otherwise the article makes no
           relevant points.
        \_ Why is it always the US that gets blamed for everything?  How about
           you post some figures on how much aid was promised by the Euros vs.
           how much aid they actually sent?  How about you tell us how great
           it would be in Afghanistan if the Taliban were still in charge?
           No matter how much we do or spend or fix it's never enough for you,
           until you eventually point the other finger and say we're being
           imperialists and destroying their culture and right to free choice
           in how they run their country.  Gach... why do I bother feeding
           the trolls?
           \_ Cause it's our fault.  Live with it and have fun pissing off the
              next idiot who starts a tirade about "you Americans..."  -John
           \_ Everyone know the US foreign aid is rather low compared to
              other developed nations.  However private donations is
              quite high (eg. Bill Gates).
              \_ Everyone know?  How about a URL?  Everyone know indeed.
                \_ ROTF
                \_ Be nice to the f.o.b.
                   \_ Yeah yeah, show me the URL already.  Being fob doesn't
                      get him out of that.
                      \_ Stfw.  If you don't read, at least don't be a lazy
                         fuck.  I have no interest in expending any energy
                         to prove something to dumb arses like you.  On the
                         other hand, how is foreign aid relevant to the
                         discusion?  I must have misread the original post.
                         \_ Not my job to stfw.  If he's going to make random
                            claims it is his job to back them up.  Until he
                            supports his claims with real references his claims
                            are meaningless.  If you're the FOB who is posting
                            zero-reference out-your-ass claims then you need to
                            either stop wasting precious bits on the net with
                            that crap or back them up.  You're sure as hell in
                            no position to whine that other people won't do
                            your research for you and then whine further that
                            they are the lazy ones and not yourself.
                         \_ only homosexuals use the word "arse".
                            \_ I use the word "arse", and I didn't know yermom
                               went for doggy style with homosexuals.  -John
                                \_ put back on the chaps and get your arse over
                                   here.  Daddy needs some sweet sweet loving.
                      \_ When did this start?  I thought acting like a
                         clueless foreigner was a virtual "get out of
                         jail free" card in this society?
                         \_ Contrararily, whiney "They are stealing our jobs"
                            natives are the ones who want all the freebies.
                            \_ Uhm, duh, are you out of school?  They *are*
                               taking American jobs.  -lost job to H1b
              \_ Except this analysis ignores billions in U.S. military
                 expenditures to protect US and allied interests around the
                 globe.  Take for example, the Fifth Fleet protects Europes
                 oil in the Gulf of Arabia, Europe and Pacific allies lived
                 under the nuclear umbrella of the US since WWII, NATO/ U.N.
                 military missions, etc. etc. etc.
                 \_ Free food and patent busting medicine = good.  Freedom of
                    speech, freedom of movement, freedom to have the US protect
                    you from your intolerant and insanely criminal neighbors
                    with the US military = bad.  US = bad.  Europe = good.  Is
                    it all clear now?
2002/11/16 [Uncategorized] UID:26564 Activity:nil
11/15   Any way to get columns of text to line up using CSS
        without using tables or a fixed with font?
2002/11/16 [Uncategorized] UID:26565 Activity:nil
11/15   I _know_ one of you must have posetd this!  Fess up!
2002/11/16-17 [Politics/Domestic/Abortion, Reference/Religion, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:26566 Activity:very high
11/15   how do Freepers like the Left Behind books?
        \_ What a "Left Behind" book?  --!freeper
           \_ Bunch of religious-oriented action/adventure type novels
              apparently written around the apocalypse.  Lots of hype in
              the press around it recently.  I read some excerpts, and the
              writing quality is pretty abominable (as opposed to most other
              action/adventure type novels).  I think it's mainly a case of
              targeting content at a certain demographic group, i.e. giving
              the plebes what they want to read.  -John
              \_ I'm a Christian. I'm one of the ones who gives money to
                 the Church (from an earlier topic). I do not like the
                 "Left Behind" books: that kind of apocalypse story
                 doesn't interest me and I agree the writing quality
                 stinks. The movie version's got Kirk Cameron, so it's
                 gotta be good, right?
        \_ conservative != christian necessarily.
           It's a political ruse used by the left.
           \_ bullshit.  The reason the two have been lumped together is
              that the vocal, annoying christian minority, the kind that
              loves the left behind books, is overwhemlingly republican.
              Add to that the fact that the current repblican leadership is
              practically wallowing in it's fundieism and it becomes hard NOT
              to link the two. -aspo
              \_ A implies B does not mean B implies A.  Did you graduate?
                 From Cal?  I already knew they'd let any idiot in but do they
                 let any idiot graduate?
              \_ Well said.
                 \_ Not really.  Not even if you're grinding the same axe.
              \_ Neither Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Howard Stern, Dr. Laura,
                 nor Larry Elder, are Bible believing Christians.  Is banning
                 partial birth abortion so evil?
                 \_ Look, I'm not saying if you are conservative you have to
                    be a christian, raving or otherwise.  I'm saying the reason
                    many people equate the two are because of the actions of
                    a very vocal and strong compenent of the republican party,
                    the party most people associate with conservative values.
                    Don't blame "the left" for this misconception, blame those
                    that have wrapped fundementalist christian agendas into
                    the republican party line.  -aspo
                    \_ "most associated" by who exactly?  the leftist agenda
                       driven pseudo mainstream press?  yeah thought so. Just
                       how much acid, pot, and whatever does it take to get to
                       where you are now?  just curious.
                \_ the term partial birth abortion is pretty inventive,
                   go read . yes i realize
                   i have no hope of influencing the poster of the
                   above. - danh
                   \_ if partial birth abortions are so rare and so necessary
                      than would you object to a ban on PBAs except in cases
                      where it is medically necessary?
           \_ so you're just the secularly righteous type?
              \_ True atheist (not the nutty religion hating type) and true
                 conservative here.  We exist.  Thanks for noticing.  -!op
2002/11/16-17 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:26567 Activity:very high
        How did they get that "Stolen Image" thing to appear in the
        top version of the jpg but not the bottom?  Or was it just a
        redirect trick?
        \_ They're different files.  The top one is vs2000great1.jpg and
           the bottom one is vs2000great.jpg
        \_ the image in the top frame is linked to directly.  the image in the
           bottom frame is in an HTML page from the original site.  It's
           an HTTP_REFERER trick, not a redirect trick.
           \_ Have you tested directly linking to the image?  It works fine,
              there's no apparent REFERER trick.
              \_ er, oops.  er, yeah, two separate images.  that's... odd.
        \_ Check out the lips on this one!  I love chicks with great lips!
           \_ smooth like a baby's butt...  er..
           \_ She should really open up and smile, though
           \_ Those are stupid ugly lips! Do you realize you have no taste?
              Or were you talking about the other lips?
              \_ other lips?  What do you mean?  I chose this picture for the
                 lips, kiddo.  Lips.  It's all about the lips!  I sure as hell
                 wasn't looking at her grossly ugly face.  What were *you*
                 looking at?  Are you 13 or older yet?  Do we let 5th graders
                 on the motd these days?  I thought this was a college and up
                 computer system?
        \_ I was able to download a copy of the image without the superscript.
           Maybe it is an arrangement with google.
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