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2002/11/14 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Food/Alcohol] UID:26537 Activity:very high
11/13   Trivia: Anybody know any references to "angel in disguise"?  It could
        be from music, TV, movies, just about all media.  Chick offered me
        dinner if I could tell her where it's from.  Please help, MOTD!
        \_ It's likely a bible reference lifted directly from the text.
        \_ are you incapable of using google?
           \_ I've Googled and STFW, but wanted to cull the collective
              consciense of the CSUA.  Google found Brandy songs, but that's
              probably not it.
             %22&kgs=0&kls=1&avkw=qtrp  -John
        \_ I've heard of devil in disguise
           \- er is it likelt to be pop trivia or something obscure/literary.
              assuming the former, probably an ELVIS reference. --psb
              \_ Her big hint: elizabeth shue, angel in disguise -OP  help!
                    \- it is a leaving las vegas thing then.
                       i recommend asking "isnt E. Shue the chick who played
                       the skanky ho who was sodomized in LLV?"
                       Which brings us back to ELVIS. --psb
                       p.s. are you an alcoholic?
                 \_ google using elizabeth shue?  Must be some romantic
                    \_ Leaving Las Vegas? Yup. Romantic movie. I suggest
                       renting it the next time you want to get all cuddly
                       with your gf/bf.
                 \_ I'm getting lots of references to the movie the Saint
                    with Elisabeth Shue and Val Kilmer.
        \_ What a farce: she considered Pi Beta Phi's to be Angels in Disguises
           Is that a reputable sorority?
           \_ Huh?
        \_ there are a lot of blond people in Pi Phi - danh
        \_ All this for a dinner date?  She didn't even promise a BJ for this
           nonsense?  Dude, seriously, find another chick.  Avoid mind games.
           \- i dunno if it is so much the "playing games" in this case as
              the choice of LLV. if i am right, you owe me some answer
              lookups. --psb
              \_ Nope, not LLV.  Sorority girls think different.  But the
                 audacity ... she 'spected dinner from me!  One Top Dog,
                 coming up!  Thanks for all the help, MOTD -OP.
                 \_ you don't really apreciate top dog till you don't have it.
                    \_ Or sorority chicks. -another alum
                       \_ I concur. Spend a few bucks more and have a real
                          dinner. You may not score, but isn't worth a few
                          bucks to find out?
                          \_ No.  She's obviously just looking for a free meal.
                             Don't get used.  You don't have to buy sex at Cal.
                             There are plenty of perfectly good chicks walking
                             around who will put out without the games or the
                             meal fees.  Avoid the freebie meal mind chicks
                             like the plague they are.
                             \_ What? So you spent an extra $5 for a small
                                meal at an cheap place and trap the poor gal
                                into talking with you for the hour. Is it worth
                                the entertainment value?
2002/11/14-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26538 Activity:insanely high
11/13   My gf moved to NYC and I wanna send her flowers. is
        too expensive. Any other alternatives?
        \_ look in an nyc yellow pages and call around.
           \_ use something like and type in her zip code
              and order over the phone directly to the place. ask them
              if they are an actual store-front and not just a dispatch
              service.. there are lotsa those.
        \_     -bdg #2
        \_ What's "expensive"? Sites such as,, etc.
           have flowers under $30 (plus $9 shipping). Don't want to go cheap
           on your sweetie now, do you?
        \_ Yeah, start dating someone local.
           \_ Seconded.
              \_ The "ayes" have it.  Motion passed.  OP shall start dating
                 someone locally.
                        \_ who?
                           \_ Yermom.
        \_ putting the continent between each other is a mistake that
           mere floral arrangements won't countermand.
           \_ This depends on one's objectives...
              \_ uh huh.  Please name a few "objectives" that can be reached
                 when one's SO is on the other side of a large continent.
        \_ If your GF moved to NYC and you're in California then you need to
           understand that you no longer have a GF and she probably already
           has a new BF.  She's definitely dating.  If not already having sex
           with others it's only because she hasn't had a good second date or
           really great first date... yet.
        \_ -- or if you want to get more specific:
    flowers are good price, and they arrive alive and fresh,
           unlike calyx and corolla and
2002/11/14 [Uncategorized] UID:26539 Activity:kinda low
11/13   Play your cards right and this could be your next lover! -urld
        \_ Thank you for putting me off my dinner.
        \_ Contrast with:
2002/11/14 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:26540 Activity:very high
11/13   back to the question regards to my problem of being f*cked up
        by sys admin cuz they changed the UIDs... during the process
        changing user ID, is hard-link ever used to accomplished the task?
        I read somewhere that if hard-link is not being used carefully,
        I may never able to get those files couting against my quota
        unless the other person happened to deleted the file.  Is that
        \_ Please supply host IP address, login name and password
           and I'll check it out for you. It's too hard to debug with
           so little, random, information.
           \_, gwb, bombiraq
        \_ Sounds like you need to pay a contractor to go in there and fix
           this idiot's mess.  While you're at it, fire the stupid bastard
           because he's making the rest of us look bad.  --real sysadmin
        \_ maybe your sysadmin is a BOFH who is persecuting you because you
           just can't seem to use english properly.
        \_ Napalm the fuckin bastard.  -John
           \_ thanks to all (except that grammar/spelling nazi, who didn't
              really contribute anything useful).
              For those who never step out of bay area / berkeley: you
              would be suprised that sheer concentration of *GOOD*
              system admin here at Cal, and alarming number of those
              who are considered as mideocre at best at for the rest of
              the world, even in an academic setting (where my account is)
              For the rest... thanks for putting up with all sort of mis-
              spellings and grammar errors from me.
             \_ Actually a lot of the world has some pretty stellar
                sysadmins;  however, usually they lack a good academic
                environment in which to hone their skills and find out about
                others doing the same stuff.  So they often end up doing crap
                jobs tucked away in some company somewhere, underpaid and
                underappreciated.  I'm enjoy introducing people like that to
                others in the field by organizing BOFs and the likes;  I'm
                always amazed at how little contact some of the good tech guys
                have to the rest of the world.  And I still say there are
                enough decent good root-types to go ahead and napalm the
                fuckin bastard.  -John
                \_ Ever owned a cat, John?  Or are you just spouting?
                   \_ Yes and yes.  -!john
2002/11/14 [Uncategorized] UID:26541 Activity:high
11/13   Danh!  Do you finally have a job?
        \_ Jobs are irrelevant.
           \_ paychecks arent.
        \_ yes.
        \_ Jobs are irrelevant.
           \_ paychecks arent.
        \_ I keep seeing you in bio lecture. Are you a bio student now?
                \_ I wonder if my stalker is cute? - danh
                   \_ Unrelated question: do you like hairy cocks?
2002/11/14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26542 Activity:insanely high
11/13   I'm dating a girl right now. At what point in your relationship
        can you watch La Blue Girl with her?
        \_ when you want her to leave you?
        \_ I had to google this.  I agree with the above unless you're dating
           some really freaky girls in which case it doesn't matter and you'd
           already know that.  If you're dating a real girl then don't ever
           let her know about your bizarre japanime pr0n fetish.
                \_ what's wrong with La Blue Girl?
                   \_ if you have to ask it won't help to tell you.
        \_ Napalm.  Napalm.  Napalm.
           <DEAD><DEAD>  -John
           \_ Oh my god!  I can't believe it's available!   Must go to
              dotster right away!
        \_ An open minded girlfriend would not object too much to knowing
           your love for that particular brand of anime, getting her to
           watch is another matter. I would assume it's like getting a cat
           to take a shower.
                \_ Cats don't love you.  This is a common misconception.  Cats
                   are stupid and they hate you.  Feed them.  You are just a
                   large pink blob who provides smelly meat.  And you don't
                   "get a cat to take a shower".  You fool them into thinking
                   you're feeding them in the small tiled room, then turn
                   on the water.  Occasional showers are just a way of letting
                   them know who's in charge, and showing them the "big
                   picture".  Make sure you have a shower with a door,
                   though, so they can't get out.   -John
                   \_ My cat comes running and watches every time I take
                      a shower, but maybe he's just insane. -chialea
                      \_ can I watch you take a shower, chialea?
                                - your #1 fan
                        \_ He's a man trapped in a cat's body.  Has he ever
                           tried to have sex with you?
                   \_ This is true, but not of cats. It's true of women. Only
                      the smelly meat is more of a metaphor. Also a double-
                      \_ BDG?  Is that you?
                      \_ Wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a whole-wheat
2002/11/14-15 [Recreation/Humor] UID:26543 Activity:nil
11/13   I thought this is really funny:  ~john/innerstrength.txt  -John
2002/11/14 [Uncategorized] UID:26544 Activity:high
11/13   BIN LADEN IS ALIVE! Just like Elvis.
        \_ he's probably alive but really fucked up.  on his deathbed im sure
           he'll issue some order to his mindless psychotic followers to do
           something like blow up a nuke plant or release some nasty bio thing
           if they have one so he can die happy knowing he's personally
           responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands or more.
           \_ Which means the US should or should not go after him?
              \_ This is where John needs to slip in his 'napalm' quote.
              \_ IMHO, should.  He's going to die either way.  At least if
                 we nab him he might not get a chance to issue some final
                 apocolyptic orders.
        \_ More like El Cid.  --erikred
2002/11/14-16 [Computer/Rants] UID:26545 Activity:very high
11/14   <DEAD><DEAD> - are these guys for real?
        the cheque designs are amusing, but i was wondering if I could
        trust these guys.  Anyone heard of them?
        \_ not that amusing...
        \_ pretty much a big yawn from over here.  why dont you go into BOFA
           or Wells and get the nice kitty cat or balloons checks?  or maybe
           the one with the flowers and trees and nice people smiling?
        \_ Why do people pay $22.50 or $35 when they can get generic ones
           for $6?  Why do people still write checks at ALL? (esp. in the
           express lanes of supermarkets! :( )
        \_ 1) You people pay for checks!?  2) You people use checks!?
           \_ Rent, parking tickets, expenses to friends after a weekend
              trip.  Some utilities.  Some monthlies only have an automated
              payment which I won't do - less control.
           \_ Not every bill can be paid using a Bill Pay-type service. --dim
                \_ given that billpay generates checks, why not?
                   \_ 1. You have to pay for Bill Pay, too. 2. What happens
                      when you can't wait for/setup Bill Pay? For instance
                      buying something at a yard sale.
           \_ I prefer balancing a physical checkbook. Gives me time to
              contemplate my financial situation as I write checks for bills.
              \_ I balance my checkbook in a plain .txt file.  Same reason.
           \_ One check for rent, one check for church, one check for credit
              card, one check to transfer money from internet bank to credit
              union (got to have some cash).  I like beautiful checks with
              carbon copy.
              \_ Church?  You pay real hard earned money to a Church?  Why?
                 \_ Yes, as a matter of fact. Where do you pay your
                 \_ Yes, as a matter of fact. To where do you pay your
                 \_ "What was in their possession in the morning, was given
                     away by the end of the day."
                        - description of Mo-Tzu and his followers
                    real, hard-earned money? -!op
                 \_ "What they possess in the morning, they give away by the
                     end of the day."
                    "The chimney of where they stay never blackens (for they
                     were too busy helping those in need to stay at one place
                     for any length of time)."
                        - Description of Mo-Tzu and his followers by their
                        \_ The church is how we make it to be.  Check around
                           (not just here, but also in less developed countries)
                           to see how many schools, universities, hospitals, etc.
                           have church affiliations / origins.
                     \_ The biggest property owner in New York is the Roman
                        \_ The church is how we, through Christ, make it to be.
                           Check around, not just here but also in less
                           developed countries, to see how many schools,
                           universities, hospitals, etc. have church
                           affiliations or origins.
                           \_ I'm actually pretty much pro-church. You should,
                              however, be made aware that your statement is
                              presumptuous in several ways.
                              \_ It is simply my observation which I believe
                                 runs counter to the more cynical views
                                 more prevalent today.
              \_ You got the carbon copy thing to work?
           \_ none of you use quicken?
              \_ It's more of a mental exercise than using quicken. I like
                 to do the basic math and review the bills as I write checks.
2002/11/14 [Uncategorized] UID:26546 Activity:high
11/14   Is there anything equiv to craigslist in LA area?  I'm looking
        for a hiking partner.
        \_ Why don't you just use craigslist, they have a la section.
           \_ Oops.  Thanks.
        \_ How much does this craig make from his list, if anything?
           \_ enough to have 10 employees. - danh
2002/11/14 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:26547 Activity:nil
11/14   Big Brother is coming:
        \_ "Poindexter said any operational system would include safeguards to
            govern the collection of information. "  At least there will be a
            Minority Report!
2018/12/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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