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2002/11/13-14 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:26525 Activity:high
11/12   What is a good X11 graphical NewsReader client?
        \_ Mozilla.  Works a charm.  If you _really_ want gui toys, you won't
           be concerned about bloat.  -John
        \_ Good?  Newsreader?  On X11?  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHHAAHHA!!!!  If you're
           painfully desperate there's always Xnews but you're better off with
             \_ images
           a real client on windows.  Why do you need a GUI client for what's
           a strictly text based world?
             \_ images. A picture is worth a thousand words.
                \_ you can probably beat off to fewer than a thousand words
                \_ thats what external viewers are for.
        \_ gnus, running emacs in X11 mode and type M-x gnus.
        \_ ED! ED is the STANDARD good X graphical NewsReader client!
           \_ Uh no. xterm -e "telnet $NNTPSERVER nntp" would have been
              a better response
              \_ Are you new here?  ED!  ED is the STANDARD!
2002/11/13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26526 Activity:nil
11/12   While I don't like complete flat chested women, I do prefer smaller
        breasts. I prefer size AA over D. Is there something wrong with me?
        \_ Yes, you are obviously a fag. What is size AA, btw?
           \_ AA is the measurement you get when there's no difference in
              the chest and bust measurement, that is, she has no boobs.
           \_ y'know, the standard?  Often used in remote controls.
           \_ breasts caving inward? (like my HS french teacher)
              \_ Maybe she had them removed due to breast cancer.
                 \_ You forgot to add "you asshole" on the end.
        \_ Yes, there's something wrong with you.  Anything else you need to
        \_ You're probably a latent pedophile.
        \_ you're writing on the motd.  you're logging into soda.  Do
           you need other signs?
2002/11/13-14 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Foreign] UID:26527 Activity:very high
11/13   In light of the pending sniper trial, do public defenders have
        to defend someone even if it is against their will? Are they
        assigned to a trial, or do they choose it themselves?
        \_ everyone, even mass murderers, deserve a fair trial
           in this country.  anyway i'm sure there are plenty
           of lawyers out there who would love to take
           such a high profile trial.  no they don't choose.
        \_ Which leads us to the "napalm the fuckin barbarians" school of
           law enforcement.  -John
        \_ everyone, even mass murderers, deserve a fair trial in this
           country.  anyway i'm sure there are plenty of lawyers out there who
           would love to take such a high profile trial.  no they don't choose.
           \_ "deserve", or "are required to receive?"
              \_ ...when the government feels like it.  ever heard of
                 Kevin Mitnick?
                 \_ What about him?  You're not one of those whining Mitnick
                    defenders who bought his line are you?  RIDE BIKE!
                 \_ Mitnick got due process.  He's also a fucking egotistical
                    moron.  What's your point?
              \_ There is only a requirement for competent representation and
                 that standard is very objective. There is no requirement for
                 effective representation.
2002/11/13-14 [Computer/Domains, Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:26528 Activity:very high
11/13   When does e-commerce really start?  Does any scholars here read
                                        \_Next Tuesday.
        any documentations about how to utilize the internet to do business?
        I just recently read that PanIP is suing all the small business
        that utilize automated shopping over the internet.  Supposedly the
        owner of PanIP has two patents describing the automated process
        of e-commerce.
        \_ "Strong English language skills required".
                \_ shut the fuck up aaron.
                \_ ??? Is that quote directed to the link ???
2002/11/13-14 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:26529 Activity:high
11/13   does anybody know how i can get cygwin and windows 2000 to share
        clipboard information ?
        \_ RTFM.
        \_ die you self righteous fuck.  how do i do it?
          \_ FOAD, you self righteous ass-biscuit.  How do I do it?
            \_ Amen, brother.
            \_ blah blah blah.  Whining little bitch, read the manual.
               I did.  Everyone else did.  What makes you so fucking special
               that the simplest things should be spoon fed to you?  This
               isn't your momma's tit.  Go do some work and report back.
            \_ Read the fucking CSUA charter, dumbass.  It's not about anyone
               being obligated to service your fat, lazy, ignorant ass.  Show
               that you have an iota of intelligence and initiative if you
               really want help.
2002/11/13-14 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:26530 Activity:very high
11/12   Unix / shell question.  I need to find *ALL* the files in a system
        which is owned by a particular user ID (i.e. my OWN user ID),
        how to do that?  I managed to find my own user ID by look at the
        /etc/passwd file (it is not shadowed), but I am not sure how to
        use "find" command to do what I want.
          (for those who are curious... my account at other places got
           screwed big time when the system admin decided to reassign
           user IDs on the existing accounts.  I end up having a lot of
           files couting against my quota than I actually owns... need
           to help the system admin to solve my problem!! :(  )
                \_ find / -local -mount -user $user
                 Or something close to that.  Note the -local and the -mount
                 are supposed to stop you from getting automounted file
                 systems.  (Automounting all the file systems available
                 from remote machines will piss off your sysadmin and take
                 longer.)  This command worth what you paid for it.  -ax
           \_ WTF?  Why did the so called sysadmin change UIDs?  As a sysadmin
              I object to you calling this person by the same title.
              \_ This can be done cleverly, elegantly, and cleanly, but
                 obviously this person's sysadmin was incompetent.  rsync
                 is a wonderful tool.
                 \_ It can be but there are few reasons to do so.  Someone this
                    stupid won't have a reason to change UIDs.
                    \_ Most obvious case, someone makes the decision to go
                       to centralized password administration.  the point
                       still stands, though, that to screw this up is a sign
                       of incompetence.
                    \_ Maybe the "stupid" sysadmin is taking over this
                       user's sorry-ass company and integrating it into
                       their current UID scheme and so what, the sysadmin
                       couldn't find every single file owned by this UID
                       on some lab/desktop machine, like you *could* or even
                       *would* considering the time-effort tradeoffs
                       Just speaking in general and obviously not for this
                       specific user, but the followups were just too
                       much broad clueless generalization.
                       \_ it's very easy to do this sort of resyncing if you
                          have half a clue.  the failure to catch all ownerships
                          falls squarely on the sysadmin, dude.  --sysadmin who
                          has had to do this recently (and flawlessly).
2002/11/13-14 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:26531 Activity:insanely high
11/13   conspiracy theory of the day:  if Bin Laden were really alive,
        he'd send al jazeera a video, not an audio tape. hence, the message
        is fake.  however it is a good fake, that has convinced people
        who know his voice very well. this implies technological
        sophistication, as well as the intelligence to fake Bin Ladens
        rather fancy sounding arabic.  who would have the motive and the
        technical knowhow?  Iraq.  I think this is a fake broadcast by
        Iraq to try to erode international support for the U.S.
        \_ You are completely wrong. The only gov. that has the kind of
           resources to fake a message like that and get all of the media
           outlets to buy into it is our gov. If you want to be exact
           not the elected gov. but rather the shadow gov. that actually
           runs things and spreads misinformation and manipulates the
           public in order to keep us from knowning the Truth! that we
           are being used a pawns by aliens bent on galatic conquest.
           Bin Laden and Sept. 11 and Iraq are all just a cover for the
           shadow gov. to get funding for black ops. projects designed
           to facilitate the conversion. Trust No One! - F. Mulder
        \_ Which leads us to the "napalm the fuckin barbarians" school of
           law enforcement.  -John
        \_ Even if you're correct on everything, bin laden being alive won't
           erode support for the US.  Please avoid jobs at the State Dept.
           \_ did you read the transcript of the message?  it's not the
              existence of the message, but the content.
              \_ I read it all.  So what?  You're still in la-la land.
        \_ It'd more believable if you said it's the US who had the motive and
           the technical knowhow to fake it.
           \_ Ooo! I like this one. Only Bin Laden isn't the target anymore.
              \_ bin laden has never been the target.  if he were, he'd be dead.
              \- i think in the past they have been able to get various info
                 from the video tape ... location conjectures, health of OBL
                 etc so that might be one reason also. --psb
                 \_ you think no one who works for bin laden has heard of
                    a bluescreen?  i would like to hope that they're that
                    stupid, but i doubt it.
                    \_ Blue and green screen are easily detectable and are
                       pointless if you're trying to look holy and tough.
2002/11/13-14 [Reference/Military, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:26532 Activity:very high
11/13   Iraq accepts weapons inspections:
        What is the point of weapons inspections? Does anyone think
        that the inspectors will actually find the nuclear/chem/bio
        weapons that Iraq has?
        \_ Whether they find anything or not isn't really the concern -- of
           course they will.  The real question is how long will Saddam
           continue to cooperate?  This seems like another delaying tactic,
           appeasing the UN in the short term....
                \_ Which leads us to the "napalm the fuckin barbarians"
                   school of law enforcement.  -John
        \_ Why not? The first weapons inspectors team found a bunch.
           \_ They've had years to hide stuff.
              \_ Their own people will spill the beans on a lot of it.
                 There's no such thing as a real secret if more than 1
                 person knows it.
                 \_ So where is bin Laden?  Is he dead or alive?  Did
                    Monica swallow?  Are you really an idiot?  Presumably
                    more than 1 person know the answers to these questions.
                    Please enlighten us.
                    \_ bin laden is alive and in pakistan, monica swallowed,
                       and the above poster is an idiot.
2002/11/13-14 [Uncategorized] UID:26533 Activity:kinda low
11/13   Pong:
        \_ An oldie but a goodie.
2002/11/13-14 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:26534 Activity:very high
        My favorite quote from this article:
        "George W. Bush is a usurper of power, an incompetent frat-boy fool
        and a radical extremist (or the incompetent frat-boy-fool pawn of the
        radical extremists who control him and his White House). In domestic
        governance, the fool-extremist Bush administration embraces
        anti-environmental, corporatist, plutocratic policies that must, if
        properly exposed, meet with mainstream rejection. In foreign policy,
        the administration is at once inept and menacing: a know-nothing
        president led by a cabal of neo-imperialists into an unwanted war, the
        prospect of which has alienated the world and the reality of which
        will be a corpse-rich quagmire".  [which of you self righteous lying
        censoring right winger nut cases deleted this?  restored!]
        \_ what makes you think he's a liberal? he just own stocks.
        \_ Which brings us to the 'napalm the fuckin bastards' school of
           law enforcement.  -John
           \_ Um.  what? --scotsman
        \_ Change radical to Reactionary, and I think we have a winner.
        \_ Hey wasn't this here yesterday? Where's the motd god now?
2002/11/13-14 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:26535 Activity:moderate
        \_ Your point?
           \_ I believe (s)he wants us all to click on that opt-out link.
                \_ bugnosis?
2002/11/13-14 [Reference/Military] UID:26536 Activity:very high
11/13   In the "Black Hawk Down" operation in Somalia, why did the US start
        the assault in daytime instead of at night?  Didn't they think the
        special forces have a much bigger advantage in darkness?
        \_ The guy(s) that they were trying to catch were elusive and erratic.
           The intelligence that the US Army had was only good for a very short
           duration, so they had to move ASAP.  BTW, the units that were
           employed Rangers, Delta, Air Force PJ's, maybe a couple of Navy
           SEALS, but no Special Forces.
           duration, so they had to move ASAP.  BTW, the force that was
           employed consisted of Army Rangers, Delta (NOT the same as Special
           \_ I think that distinction is pretty pedantic, the
              army says Delta is part of the special forces.
              \_ Probably true, but the distiction still exists.
           Forces), Air Force PJ's, and maybe a couple of Navy SEALS, but
           no Army Special Forces troops were used (AFAIK).
                \_ It's hard to tell people apart at night.  Which leads us
                   to the "napalm the fuckin barbarians" school of law
                   enforcement.  -John
                   \_ they didn't bring night-vision equipment
                      \_ They did.  There were just so arrogant that they left
                         the goggles at the base instead of bringing them along
                         onto the choppers.
                         \_ that's what I mean.  They left it behind at the
        \_ So a few more grunts die. That's what they signed up for anyway.
           \_ Not only a few more of us died, the whole operation failed.  They
              failed to capture the warload.  Personally I think it's a huge
              \_ hold on there, they did capture the warlord.
                 the operation was a success.
              humiliation to US.  The most elite military force in the
              strongest country in the world initiated a surprise attack on,
              not even the govt troops, but merely a warlord in a small
              third-world African country, and was defeated big-time, and then
              had to be rescued by regular troops of another third-world
              country.  And the warlord didn't escape.  We escaped.
              \_ This is woefully erroneous.  The operation was in fact a
                 success -- they got the targets.  The attack was only nominally
                 a surprise (lookouts near the base routinely signaled any
                 military action and burned tires to alert the locals).  The
                 base was not hidden from view of the locals, and in fact
                 endured regular mortar attacks (in fact, the Delta guy depicted
                 in the movie who helped Stebbins was killed by a mortar blast
                 only a few days after the battle).  Additionally, the attack
                 occurred in the middle of one of the largest arms markets in
                 that region of the world, while the locals were hyped up on the
                 drug khat which they routinely chewed at that time of the day.
                 Finally, the rescue by "another third-world country" was a
                 rescue by a UN team which had ARMORED units, which Clinton
                 denied the US contingent.  Read some history you moron.
              \_ And soon, that same army is going to fight for
                 Truth, Justice, and the American Way in Iraq!
                 U S A!  U S A!
              \_ The operation was setup to capture not the top warlord
                 (whatever his name is) but several of his leutenants.  Some of
                 the most interesting of them managed to escape.  One simply
                 walked out of building when it all started, called a taxi car,
                 and fled. This is something that the book mentions but not the
                 movie AFAIK.
              \_ Because for some reason we actually care what the rest of the
                 socialists and fascists in the third world (and France) think
                 of us so instead of doing The Right Thing (wasting the whole
                 place) we played this pansy assed Clinton bullshit boy-with-
                 his-toys crap and tried to avoid killing civilians while
                 trying to accomplish a ridiculous and meaningless mission with
                 inadequate resources and support from Washington.  Thank you.
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