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2002/11/12 [Uncategorized] UID:26514 Activity:nil
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2002/11/12 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:26515 Activity:high
11/11   When I finger someone, sometimes it'll say that the person checked
        the email on Xth time but log in at X-Y time. The last log confirms
        the X-Y time. How can they check email without logging in?
        \_ imaps or pops?
           \_ there is also the nightly rsync job that backs up the /var/mail
        \_ You're doing it wrong. Have you even found her clit?
           \_ *gasp* right there... ohmigod... please... more...
2002/11/12 [Uncategorized] UID:26516 Activity:high
        What a stomach-turning site. "An actual star!" I wonder if their claim
        of "hundreds of thousands" of customers is true. That's several million
        dollars parted from fools.
        \_ It's like vanity publishing or paying to be included in "Who's
           Who."  I wonder how many of their customers have any idea they're
           not really getting a star named.  The BBB registers them as a
           member with satisfactory status.  --erikred
           \_ BBB?
                \_ Better Business Bureau.
           \_ So being a member of BBB really means nothing to consumers?  How
              come the BBB don't kick them out for bad business practice?
        \_ read the fine print at bottom:
           "International Star Registry star naming is not recognized by the
            scientific astronomic community.  Your star's name is
            reserved in International Star Registry records only."
2002/11/12 [Uncategorized] UID:26517 Activity:high
11/11   Anyone not had sex this millenium?
        yes .
2002/11/12-13 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Recreation/Music] UID:26518 Activity:very high
11/12   Concerning Beth Orton, assuming somebody else here has been following
        her music. Does anybody else find it odd that there is no mention of
        Bobbie Gentry when critics and others describe Beth Orton's style. (If
        you don't know what I'm talking about, go grab the old 70s song, "Ode
        to Billy Joe" with Kazaa.)
        \_ Beth Orton?  I think I slept with her once.  Or maybe her sister.
        \_ My mom mentioned Bobbie Gentry when I made her listen to Beth Orton.
          \_ Mm-hmm. I have this suspicion that the current round of music
             scenesters just plain missed the connection because the song is so
             old. I still like Beth Orton, but I'm a little disappointed that
             she hasn't acknowledged the debt, especially after all the noise
             she made about Terry Callier.
             \_ For me, I was glad she made all that noise about Terry
                Callier, because I hadn't heard of him before, and he's
                great. I already know who Bobbie Gentry was.
                \_ Well yeah, me too. I went right out and bought the album she
                   mentioned and I liked it. The arc of his career from being
                   a new big thing for 15 minutes, to decades of obscurity
                   including time as a programmer and back into the limelight
                   in his 50s is pretty neat.
                   Maybe she should give Bobby a call...
        \_ I like Green Day!  -danh #1 fan
2002/11/12 [Consumer/Camera] UID:26519 Activity:high
11/12   What is the deal with Kim on '24'?  --nmpg
        Implants                .
        She's all growns up
        It's all a camera trick
        \_ URL please?
          \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ Push-up bra?
        \_ Those aren't that big, are they?
           \_ compared to when she was 12, yes.
              \_ I see.
           \_ Exactly. Which shots are you referring to? They actually seem
              bigger in her FHM / Maxim shoots than in 24.
        \_ She's like a pushed up B cup.  Why are you even posting this?
2002/11/12 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:26521 Activity:nil
        \_ Nimbus!
2002/11/12-13 [Uncategorized] UID:26522 Activity:high
11.12   Hey you Wannabe gangster cs dudes, how was 8 mile? --rap/rock listener
        \_ It doesn't really make sense if you haven't seen the first 7 miles.
        \_ /csua/tmp/8mile([12]/2).avi
           \_ deleted you twink
           \_ Why would you want to watch a movie in an avi?  Whats the point?
 _____           ___       _____ __  __    _      __
| ____|_ __ ___ |_ _|_ __ |___ /|  \/  |  (_)___  \ \  __/\__
|  _| | '_ ` _ \ | || '_ \  |_ \| |\/| |  | / __|  \ \ \    /
| |___| | | | | || || | | |___) | |  | |  | \__ \  / / /_  _\
|_____|_| |_| |_|___|_| |_|____/|_|  |_|  |_|___/ /_/    \/
        \_ Eminem is going to Israel?  -John
        \_ I like Green Day!  -danh #1 fan
2002/11/12 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:26523 Activity:nil
11/11   Anyone not had sex this millennium?
                                \_ corrected -motd spelling nazi
        yes: .
        only clinton style:
        \_ You meant Bill CliTton?
           \_i dont get it
              \_ don't worry, it wasn't funny anyway.
           \_ I mean my One True President, William Jefferson Clinton,
              Commander in Chief, Leader of the Free World, Friend of the
              Poor, Champion of Women, and the First Black President!
2002/11/12-13 [Science/Space] UID:26524 Activity:moderate
11/12   Did USSR ever send any human or unmanned spacecraft to the moon's
        \_ I think they sent one to Venus?
           \_ yes venera probes.
        \_ They send several unmanned landers named lunik and luna to the
           moon's surface.
           \_ Their N1 manned moon rocket failed horribly and was hushed up
              for years.
        \_ The US is the only country to put people on the moon.
           \_ Don't you know? The manned missions to the moon were
              hoaxes. All of the tv footage was shot in a secret
              military installation in nevada. -F. Mulder
              \_ Neil Armstrong should deck you, too.
              \_ Don't you know?  The moon is faked!  There really isn't a moon
                 at all!  It's all part of the Jewish conspiracy to control the
                 media and through the media, humiliate and control the Arab
                 \_ That was Buzz Aldrin, actually.
                    \_ Doh.  You're right.  Thank you.
                 \_ Neil Armstrong was drugged and hypnotized and
                    made to believe that he was on the moon, in
                    reality it was a large underground soundstage.
                    I was getting close to the truth that's why the
                    torched my office. Trust No One! -F. Mulder
              \_ Don't you know?  The moon is faked!  There really isn't
                 a moon at all!  It's all part of the Jewish conspiracy
                 to control the media and through the media, humiliate
                 and control the Arab world!
                 \_ Its not the Jews its the Greys. Maybe the Jews are
                    in league with the Greys but I don't have any proof
                    of that because all the proof is locked up in some
                    bunker in a secret level of an unnamed air base in
                    the Nevada desert. Some day someone will find the
                    truth. -F. Mulder
                    \_ The Jews control the Greys through the media!
                       And Nevada is a hoax!
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