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2002/11/11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26503 Activity:nil
2002/11/11 [Recreation/Activities] UID:26504 Activity:very high
11/10   I'm looking for good, comfortable, insulated, waterproof hiking-style
        boots, though they will just be walking-around boots until surgery.
        Arch support is a must. Not having any luck, but I haven't lived
        in snow for a long time. Reccomendations? -chialea
        \_ I'm not sure if they sell insulated boots, but Vasque boots
           are very comfortable, but also pricey. Get the Gore-tex lined
           ones for those slushy days.
           \_ i'll second that.  vasque boots are great.  get nylon/split
              uppers for fast break-in.  vasque are sized wider than
              some other brands, at least for men.
              \_ hmm. wider is not good. -chialea
              \_ hmm. wider is not good, but looking around reveals
                 some VFS thing that works with the arctics. thanks.
        \- do you wants boots for hiking or something else? explain
           what you want to do with them. otherwise impossible to make
           recommendations. also nobody can recommend a model only
           "design criteria". boots are one of the hardest pieces of
           gear to buy and one piece of gear worth spending $ on. --psb
          \_ I have the inconvenience of living somewhere where it snows,
             but from what I hear it melts a lot as well, or at least
             slushes. I'd like to walk around, stand around waiting for
             the bus, and after some surgery and physical therepy, stick
             some snowshoes on em and go walk around, as well as some
             light hiking in the snow. -chialea
             \_ more specifically, I don't think I'll be doing multi-day
                until I have a good bit of physical therepy and my damn
                hip actually works. -chialea
        \_ spray some water proofing on a pair of slippers and slide in some
        \_ I'm still waiting for someone to say something sexist and not
           realize it. oh wait, I guess that's me.
2002/11/11 [Transportation/Car] UID:26505 Activity:moderate
11/10   The only thing that could make this car faster would be decals:
        \_ Don't forget the speed-holes.
        \_ Why do people always associate modified Japanese sports cars with
           riceboys?  The characters in "The Fast and Furious" aren't riceboys.
                \_ that's cuz you havent seen the HK original
           \_ A person who owns a rice rocket, regradless of ethnicity, can
              be referred to as a rice boi. BTW, I wouldn't consider fast and
              furious as illustrative of the ave. life of a rice boi. Most
              work retail and have dull lives. No one would watch a moive
              about a bunch of fry's cash register clerks, so hollywood hyped
              it up a bit.
2002/11/11 [Uncategorized] UID:26506 Activity:very high
11/10   This is just wrong:
        \_ why?
           \_ legos are just wrong since they introduced 'sets' and got rid of
              the 'bucket of blocks'.
              \_ there's nothing wrong with sets.  what's wrong is the
                 increasing number of overly specialized  blocks that they
                 make that are appropriate for one set but are totally useless
                 \_ yeah, ok, I agree this is a little annoying. But one
                    could hardly say its "wrong"... and anyway, I'm sure
                    enterprising young creative minds can find plenty of other
                    uses for these overly specialized pieces. hm, why are we
                    debating this. what a waste of time--
                    \_ no one is debating anything.  fact: it's just wrong.
           \_ as of at least a year or two ago you could still buy a bucket
              of blocks and it was pretty damn cheap too.
              \_ I was at a lego store 2 weeks ago and the one thing they
                 didn't have was anything even close to the traditional
                 bucket of blocks.
        \_ I have the 700piece Tie Interceptor that came out coupla years
           ago, sitting on my desk.  Fucking sweet.
           \_ Uh huh....  I bet the chicks really dig on that!  U R KEWL!
              \_ Oh, I'm sorry.  Is there an insult imbedded in that comment?
                 \_ N0 wae d00de, U R w4e KEWLE!!1  K4n 1 B U?!1
                    \_ You made me smile.  Here's a cookie.
2002/11/11 [Uncategorized] UID:26507 Activity:nil
11/10   J-Lo to marry Ben Affleck? Right or Wrong?
        \_ Item!
        \_ That what I heard on the radio last night.
           Who are these people anyway?
        \_ Awful actor weds awful singer.  Nobody cares.
        \_ who cares?
2002/11/11-12 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:26508 Activity:nil
11/10   Does anyone know anything about IBM thinkpad "bios encryption"?  I am
        led to understand it does something like munge the boot sectors or
        partition table and put them somewhere else on the hard drive, but
        can't find any specifics on it.  -John
        \_ running windows?  MS KB #89549104-1376 says to reinstall.
2002/11/11 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel, Health/Sleeping] UID:26509 Activity:high
11/11   Can somebody clarify how exactly the settlers of the occupied
        territories make a living?  The latest shakeup in Sharon's gov't
        seems to be over money for settlers.  That leads me to believe that
        the gov't pays them to live there and do nothing else.  The settlements
        are too far from any private sector jobs, right?
        \_ They get paid bounty for murdering palestinian children in their
           sleep and using their fresh blood in their satanic jew rituals of
           evil.  I thought everyone knew that?
        \_ They steal olive groves and orange trees from Palestinians and
           pick the fruit. No joke, the settlements sit on most of the best
           \_ bullshit.  they get paid by the American tax payer supported
              Israeli government to kill palestinian children for their wicked
              blood rituals.  (when you grow up and stop trolling maybe I'll
              tell you the real answer to the OP's question except the OP
              looks like a troll too)
2002/11/11-12 [Consumer/TV] UID:26510 Activity:high
11/11   Any 'Alias' fans?  I think Sidney's mother is using the CIA to wipe
        out the Alliance and SD-6.  She probably has deciphered enough of the
        Rambaldi writings to know that she won't die anytime soon so she can
        risk turning herself into the CIA.  What about Sloan's wife Emily
        is she working for Irina or another member of the alliance?
        \_ Never watched but it sure is funny to read this stuff from a POV of
           total ignorance.  You sound like a total psycho but I'm sure I sound
           the same with my shows.
           \_ I don't watch shows where they bait you with an
              exceedingly attractive woman.
              exceedingly attractive woman.  I pirate VCDs of
              "The View".
              \_ I don't watch the show.  Who's the exceddingly attractive
                 actress?  Thx.
           \_ Nah, if you've watched the show, then you know he's not psycho.
              It's building up some conspiracy (minor ones) like X-files.
                 on DVD.
              Quite frankly, it's one of the best shows on TV that's worth
              watching.                                 ~Ivy
              \_ It's too bad they didnt just keep it to straight spy vs spy
                 and had to put in all the mumbo jumbo.  Same problem with
                 the Xfiles when they transitioned from serial killers to
              \_ TV sucks. Who wants to deal with all the commercials and
                 futzing with schedules etc.? If it's good it should be put
                 on DVD. *pout*
                 \_ Tivo rocks!
2002/11/11-12 [Computer/Networking] UID:26511 Activity:high
11/11   Any ideas for where to buy this 3com type3 pcmcia card locally?
        I want it today.  3C3FE574BT
        \_ why a 574BT? thats a slower 16bit.. get the 575. i have bought
           them from the dotcom depot at lawrence and arques near frys
           in sunnyvale. -shac
            \_ I think the CardBus drivers are expermiental/unstable in linux.
               What OS do you use this card with?
        \_ Fry's in Freemont?
            \_ Thanks, I was wrong, Looks like the 3C3FE575CT is supported
               Thanks, I hope it works. -op
           \_ is this the place you're talking about?
                \_ yes.. thats actually a separate store, next door,
                   owned by the same guy... both stores are GREAT. -shac
                   \_ Do you have a phone # or url for dotcom depot.
                        \_ try the same phone #.. too much junk
                           to list on a web page.
        \_ Fry's in Fremont?
           \_ nope, called em.
2002/11/11 [Computer/SW/Mail, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:26512 Activity:nil
11/11   Henceforward, all criticism of mutt and/or non-negative statements
        about pine will be summarily removed from the motd. Thank you for
        your cooperation.
        \_ Are you the bozo that keeps censoring anti-Bush comments?
           \_ Anti-Bush comments are anti-American and pro-Terrorist.
2002/11/11-12 [Science/Biology] UID:26513 Activity:high
11/11   Darwin at work.  Gotta love basic science at work.... -from -urld
        \_ That comment sure sounded stupid.
           \_ Thank you for participating.  Your comments
              will be retained for 6 months on file.
        \_ Huh?  How does a suicide have anything to do with basic science?
           \_ Darwin = basic science.
            \_ Issac Newton would disagree. Issac Newton >> you
        \_ A unauthorized plane flew over the MacDill AFB control tower only
           months after 9/11 and didn't get shot down?  What lax security!
           \_ You believe that's what really happened?
2018/12/15 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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