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2002/11/10-11 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:26493 Activity:high
11/9    What are some good programs for encrypting files in WinXP?  Someone
        mentioned PGPdisk recently; is there anything better (cheaper, just
        as strong, just as trustworthy)?
        \_ gnupg on cygwin?
        \_ deltree is closely related to philgp.
2002/11/10-11 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:26494 Activity:moderate
11/9    remember roving profiles and bookmarks in netscape?
        is there something like that for mozilla? - danh
        \_ Nope. But it really needs it dammit.
2002/11/10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:26495 Activity:very high
11/9    Maybe this was answered a long time ago, but why doesn't the MOTD
        displayed on the Soda website?
        \_ Someone with "issues" posted some really offensive stuff about
           a year ago and thus the web motd was pulled. Now there is nothing
           stopping you from keeping a copy in ~/public_html so you can read
           the motd via the web.
           \_ what was so offensive that it banned free speech?  what's the
              command to use the melhalf (sp) command to view archived motd's?
              (i promise to write it down this time).
              \_ ~marco/bin/motdbrowse ... you may need to poke around the
                 files in ~mehlhaff/tmp
                 \_ since the motd is offensive just about every day to someone
                    maybe you could give a general topic?  how could someone
                    decide which particular topic was the one?
                    \_ Think about something significant that happened last
                       year (say in sept.). And yes the motd offends people
                       everyday, but in this case someone was offended enough
                       to complain to root.
                        \_ and that someone happened to suck the dick of
                           the then CSUA president
                   \_ dude, blowjob beats motd every fucking time, as it
                      should. what kind of idiot are you? --aaron
                           \_ dude, blowjob beats motd every fucking time,
                              as it should. what kind of idiot are you? --aaron
                              \_ thank you. --erikred
2002/11/10-11 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:26496 Activity:moderate
11/9    what's a unix instant messenger client that supports icons?
        \_ gaim?
2002/11/10 [Uncategorized] UID:26497 Activity:moderate
11/9    Everything interesting purged from motd by anonymous censor-coward.
        I see business as usual is going strong on the motd.
        \_ get a life
2002/11/10 [Uncategorized] UID:26498 Activity:nil
11/9    Here a time waster for any of you stuck at work on this rainy saturday:
2002/11/10 [Uncategorized] UID:26499 Activity:nil
11/9    Will 2002 Leonids be better than 2001?
        \_ problem is it coincides with a full moon, which will overpower
           many of the smaller meteor streaks.  Aside from that, this year is
           supposed to be better than last.
2002/11/10-11 [Computer/SW/Mail, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:26500 Activity:high
11/10   Is it possible for CSUA to automaticall forward all emails sent to
        <username>.* to username?  So like would go to
        \_ no, that would require work
           \_ Dumbass
        \_ you already have user+detail
           \_ How's that again?  Does that mean joe+*@csua will go to joe?
              \_ joe+<SMTPALLOWEDSTRING>@CSUA goes to joe@CSUA
                 \_ Do RFCs allow a plus in the user portion of address?
                    \_ Yes.
                       \_ Which one?
                          \_ RFC 822, Sec. 3.3
                             The localpart is word *(.word) (their notation),
                             according to sec. 6.1 of the same. 3.1 gives
                             word as atom or quoted-string. Atoms are
                             strings of chars except spaces, controls, and
                             special chars. None of these three categories
                             includes "+", so "+" is kept as part of the
                             atom token. The modern mail RFC, 2822, gives
                             a similar setup in its sec. 3.2.4, where atom
                             is explicitly 1*atext, with atext defined to
                             include valid chars, which are (quote):
                        ALPHA / DIGIT / ; Any character except controls,
                        "!" / "#" /     ;  SP, and specials.
                        "$" / "%" /     ;  Used for atoms
                        "&" / "'" / "*" / "+" / "-" / "/" / "=" / "?" / "^" /
                        "_" / "`" / "{" / "|" / "}" / "~"
                             ...And in all cases, it is left up to the
                             system to interpret localpart any way it likes.
                             Note that a lot of MTA's _will_ break on some of
                             those characters even though the RFC doesn't make
                             them illegal.
                             \_ more flexible is something like virtual
                                hosting username.domain.tld and forwarding
                                all mail to that smtp virtualhost to
                                username@domain.tld, letting you having
        \_ qmail does this better. arbitrary hierarchies and easy
           processing. and hyphen looks nicer than plus. --aaron
2002/11/10 [Uncategorized] UID:26501 Activity:nil
11/10   Don't forget to take your Prozac aaron.
2002/11/10-11 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:26502 Activity:high
11/10   In light of recent motd postings, why is pine such a bad mail agent?
        \_ It's a bitch to maintain, it has a huge memory footprint, it has
           broken locking, it's far less configurable than just about anything
           else you can chose, it uses pico by default which is a terrible
           thing to give a newbie as their first editor, it enforces bad
           habits, ...  is that enough?
           \_ so in other words you're a lazy sysadmin?  Yeah, I really
        \_ It's only a bad mail agent compared to all the other ones.
        \_ It doesn't embarrass paolo.
              wany my Doctor to be concerned about "how to use VI"
              in his spare time.
              \_ It's nothing about laziness.  If your "Doctor" is going to
                 need a mailagent, have him pop his mail off the server with
                 his favorite application.  Pine has so much wrong with it,
                 and so much time is wasted on maintaining it, it should be
                 a non-entity.  it amazes me that it's not.
              \_ how do you get 'lazy sysadmin' out of 'description of shitty
                 mail client'?  the above also said *nothing* about vi or your
                 doctor.  you're an idiot.  i normally don't just flat out call
                 someone an idiot but in your case it'll do.
                 \_ "normally don't"? not likely.
                    \_ I'm not tom.
        \_ It isn't.
          \_ Exactly. I've been using mutt for about a year now and I'm just
             about to switch back. There's things pine did better without me
             searching through documentation and config files. Oh. pgp. Mutt
             handles pgp encryption better. I'm not a sysadmin so that's
             the only thing I've found that works better.
             \_ what about firing off external programs to deal with
                attachments or HTML mail?  what about managing spam filters?
             \_ what does being a sysadmin have to do with anything?  just
                because the motd has one very loud semi-sysadmin who likes
                mutt does not mean mutt is worth half a damn.  please stop
                painting all sysadmins with the same stupidity brush.  i know
                a few motd reading sysadmins for longer than your mutt using
                pseudo sysadmin with the loud mouth and none of them use mutt.
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