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2002/11/8 [Politics] UID:26463 Activity:nil
11/7    Current thread on BBC online is most outrageous and/or ridiculous band
        names. Can anyone top "And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead"?
2002/11/8 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:26464 Activity:moderate
11/7    Does anyone want to buy my copy of Vice City?  It is in perfect
        condition and the is fun as hell, I jsut shouldn't have spent that
        money on a game right now. -aspolito
        \_ rent it to the CSUA office
        \_ Jobless and nearly homeless?  Sell your body to strange men.
2002/11/8 [Transportation/Car] UID:26465 Activity:low
11/7    For those new kind of automobile tires that have V-shaped troughs that
        supposedly preform better on wet surface, does the orientation matter
        when they are mounted?  I saw a car with such tires mounted in what I
        think is the wrong way.  Thanks.
        \_ Yes, it does matter.  I forget which way is the correct way, though.
           Try searching and such.
        \_ tip of v contacts with road before the vanes of the v.  water has
           pathway to outside edges of tire.  other way, water is forced
           to center of tire patch, leading to hydroplaning.
        \_ some tires are ok in either direction, some are not.  if your
           tire place or mechanic doesn't know for your tires, get a new
           tire/auto place.
2002/11/8 [Uncategorized] UID:26466 Activity:very high
11/7    So is "mulatto" a word in common usage in nyc?
        \_ I've never thought of "mulatto" as particularly offensive. A
           mulatto, an albino, a mosquito, my libido.  --dim
           \_ It's hard to bargle nawdle zouss with all these marbles in my
        \_ My parents use it but none of my peers ever have. I'm not in NYC tho.
           Fuck you.
        \_ It's a common English word.  Is "telephone" a word in common usage
           in nyc?
        \_ It has the same connotation as "half-breed."  Outside of the
           Nirvana song, I've never heard it used, and a lot of my family
           comes from Brooklyn.
           \_ i've heard it on howard stern, which i mentioned in my
              original post.  apparently the person who deleted the
              pc post also thought stern was verboten. -op
2002/11/8 [Uncategorized] UID:26467 Activity:nil Edit_by:auto 50%like:26457
11/7    Where can I get info on how Sun HA clusters work? High Availability.
2002/11/8 [Uncategorized] UID:26468 Activity:nil
        \_ no.
           \_ well then!
2002/11/8 [Reference/Celebration] UID:26469 Activity:nil
11/7    > in attendance: njh jhs darin 'muy' 'julia' 'malcolm' jrleek jsampson
        > joining: 'malcolm' 'julia'
        > questions:
        >       how do you cut a cake into eight pieces with three strokes?
        top of cake:   (|)   - one
        top of cake:   (+)   - two
        SIDE of cake  |----| - three
        you have 8 pcs, because you cut the cake first into qtrs and then
        you cut sideways.
2002/11/8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:26470 Activity:high
11/7    >       who started the csua?
        It was brought back to the undergrads by El Presidente
        It was then that it truly began.
        \_ paolo, get a life.
2002/11/8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Jblack, Computer/HW] UID:26471 Activity:insanely high
11/7    As expected, the pc thread was killed once I posted a history of
        the term that suggested 1) its origin was leftist-communist, and
        2) it was originally used in earnest by the lefties.  Well done,
        \_ Uhh, I think the thread's demise has more to do with the fact
           that it was long and stupid.  It's not always about 'left' or
           'right' son.  Sorry, no cookie.
           \_ Your self-assuredness belies the meaninglessness of your
              \_ Your engrish betrays the depth of your foolishness.
           \_ Maybe for other threads but not when it comes to *anything*
              politically on the motd.  As soon as the left starts looking
              stupid (takes about 6 minutes) the thread get purged.  This
              is 100% consistent over time but you already knew that.  Why
              pretend otherwise?  Truth is the enemy of the left.  --!op
              \_ You just keep telling yourself that. All those Freeper
                 posts make the left look silly and weak, too.
                 \_ The freepers are insane and not a part of any serious
                    political discussion.  If you want to call the freepers
                    "the right" then I'm going to dig up and post the idiotic
                    left's version of the same idiocy and pin that on you as
                    the typical left.  I think the freeper poster is some
                    lefty crank troll.  --conservative
                    \_ the main freeper poster is reiffin, who is a crank troll
                       but probably not a lefty.  -tom
           \_ Maybe.  However, the person who purged the pc thread also
              purged a howard stern reference in another post, which
              makes it more likely that the pc thread was killed for,
              well, pc reasons. -op
              \_ Maybe you are just a paranoid freak with a persecution
                 complex. Everyone has their posts occasionally overwritten,
                 hence the frequent requests for people to use "me" to edit
                 the motd.
2002/11/8 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:26472 Activity:nil
11/7    "Microsoft Memo: How Not To Torpedo Linux"
        Is that memo intentional leak?
2002/11/8-9 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:26473 Activity:moderate
11/7    does anyone have that link to the 5 part article on real estate?
        \_ probably.
        \_ Here's the outline:
           Para 1: Introduction: The three main factors on real estate prices.
           Para 2: Location
           Para 3: Location
           Para 4: Location
           Para 5: Conclusion
           \_ part!=paragraph
2002/11/8 [Computer/SW/Graphics] UID:26474 Activity:high
11/7    So on Apple's web site it says:
        "The NVIDIA GForce2 MX and GForce4 MX graphics processors deliver
        unparalleled 3D graphics."
        Aren't there any truth in advertising laws about this?
        Unparalleled my flaming ass.
        \_ Well, obviously they don't mean unparalleled in speed. They
           can always claim "unparalleled" in terms of features and image
           quality. ie, truth is in the eye of the beholder
           \_ but it's not unparalleled in features or image quality either.
              also they misspelled the product name.
        \_ marketing droids know more about this stuff than you do.  Words
           like "unparalleled", "leading", "preimer" do not have strict
           definitions, so you can always use them.   -tom
           \_ Certainly, the other 3D cards' must be off by at least a
              couple of degrees, and there for are not parallel.
2002/11/8-9 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/HW/Memory] UID:26475 Activity:kinda low
11/7    hola, will going from 512mb -> 1gb of memory in my laptop
        significantly affect battery life? 5% less? -10%? --psb
        \_ Don't forget that DRAM refresh cycles also consume energy.
        \_ it will most likely increase battery life if it reduces swapping.
           if it doesn't, what's the point of upgrading?
           \_ what if 512 MB is insufficient only 5% of the time?
        \_ Depends on what you call significant.  If you're on the wire most
           of the time, no.  If you want to do serious traveling then 512mb
           is already too much.
           \- re: memory energy consumption [and attendant cooling demands]
              is why i asked. in re: swap/no swap ... gee maybe i need
              the memory to avoid heavy swapping when plugged in and
              doing a lot of photoediting ... and i dont want to take
              the extra memory out before going "unplugged". and the
              "depends what you call sig" person isnt saying anything
              at all. does anyone actually have a sense if memory is
              like 5% of total system power demand or more ... vs.
              lcd, and cpu. --psb
              \_ Dude, look up the power consumption needs of your chips and
                 do the math.  No one is giving you solid numbers because they
                 will vary dramatically by system.  I have a sense you don't
                 even know what you're trying to ask.
        \_ I have a 600MHz iBook with 640MB of RAM. It runs for 4 hours
           on battery easily. Decreasing LCD brightness tends to increse the
           run time by 25% or so. Does anyone have a similar model with smaller
           amount of memory? How much run time do you get on battery power?
           \- usually a little under 3hrs. i usually run the screen pretty
              bright. 800mhz titanium with 512mb. i am guessing the memory
              wont be a big deal then. --psb
              \_ Let us know after you shell out a few bucks since you're
                 unwilling to use google and a 4 function calculator.
2002/11/8 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:26476 Activity:nil 55%like:26490
        Good advice the democrats will ignore.
2002/11/8 [Uncategorized] UID:26477 Activity:nil
11/8    So, where exactly did Mirzaian give talks about his LP alg?
        \_ At my school.
           \_ Which school is that?
2002/11/8 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:26478 Activity:nil
11/8    What does the #0 in "FreeBSD 4.7-STABLE #0" from uname -a mean?
        \_ Less than #1 and more than #-1.
                \_ also, less than #.5 and more than #-.5
        \_ Kernel build number.  Build it again and it'll be #1. -geordan
2002/11/8-10 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:26479 Activity:low
11/8    FreeBSD nVidia drivers are out.
        \_ Directory Listing Denied
           This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed.
                \_  That's not something you see every day, a MS web
                    server serving up drivers for a real OS.
2002/11/8 [Uncategorized] UID:26480 Activity:nil
11.7    You know you're right:
        Top 10:
        Great: .
        Sucks, you pricks who are making money off of the late great veteran:
        Eh?: .
        \_ WTF?
2002/11/8 [Politics/Domestic] UID:26481 Activity:nil
11/7    Not all of us on the left are happy with the Dems:
        \_ He had me for awhile. Then he started being Geov Parrish again.
           Two years in Seattle listening to him whine was enough for me.
           I switched to reading The Stranger and haven't cracked the
           Seattle Weekly since. Like most "progressives", he laments the
           loss of power to control Supreme Court appointees and harangues
           the one guy the Demos have elected to the presidency in 20
           years in almost the same breath. No wonder the right doesn't
           consider the left a threat.
        \_ I disagree with the 'facts' upon which he bases his argument(s) but
           at least he follows logically from his non-facts to his conclusions
           unlike most leftists who simply spout opinion-as-fact.  He's a step
           up from your typical lefty, but his denial of reality leads me to
           believe as the above says that the left is not a serious threat if
           this is the way their clearer thinkers are going.
2002/11/8-9 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:26482 Activity:very high
        Bush has learned well from Sharon. If there is anyone you don't
        like, don't bother with arrest, don't bother with a trial,
        just execute 'em from the air. A US citizen murdered, too.
        \_ Not murder. Proactive attack against terrorist elements.
           \_ Not murder.  Assassination.  Prohibited by Exec. Order,
              and therefore illegal.  Arrest the CIA.
              \_ It isn't assassination unless you figure that every random
                 fuck towel head with a bomb is a foreign leader.
                 \_ says:
                    assassination: a killing by treacherous violence.
                    2.11 Prohibition on Assassination. No person employed by
                         or acting on behalf of the United States Government
                         shall engage in, or conspire to engage in,
                    2.12 Indirect Participation. No agency of the Intelligence
                         Community shall participate in or request any person
                         to undertake activities forbidden by this Order.
                    Read carefully, tool: nowhere does it say "foreign leader."
                             \_ US abolished slavery at the cost of a civil
                                war.  Sweden sat on its ass like a coward
                                until someone else did the dirty work.  Being
                                humane entails knowing when to fight for what
                                you believe in.
           \_ Be thankful the US isn't lining the roads with crosses like
              the Romans.  They could, and I bet they would actually be
              successful in stopping attacks that way (as Romans were).
              \_ So has Genghis Khan.  Yes, I am thankful that the US is
                 not like Genghis Khan.
                 \_ Romans are too close to home, eh?  Had to come up with
                    a big bad asian example, right?  That the US occasionally
                    fires rockets at cars loaded with dynamite (which I
                    consider a good thing) does not change the fact that it
                    has produced the most humane society the world has ever
                    \_ Have you ever been to The Netherlands? Sweden? Canada?
                       \_ What was Sweden's stance on the Nazis again?
                          \_ What was USA's stance on slavery again?
                             Sweden merely maintained independence.
                             \_ The US got rid of slavery at the cost of a
                                civil war.  US citizens lost lives trying
                                to oust Hitler when it became obvious he
                                was a threat.  Sweden just sat on its
                                collective ass and waited for Nazis to take
                                over the world.  Being humane is knowing
                                when to fight for what you believe in.
                                \_ Why did they ignore Stalin then hm? You know,
                                   it's just silly to say Hitler would really
                                   be able to "take over the world". At most,
                                   possibly some of the eastern european
                                   nations that Stalin ended up ruling for the
                                   next 50 years anyway.
                                   \_ If there wasn't a Western Front the Nazis
                                      would have taken out the Russians and
                                      then Britain was next.  After that, the
                                      US would stand alone for freedom in the
                                      world against the Nazi controlled Euro/
                                      Asian continent (as well as the oil in
                                      the middle east and the more valuable
                                      parts of Africa).
                                      \_ A Russian friend of mine said Russia
                                         has always won wars that others
                                         launched against it, and has always
                                         lost wars that it launched against
                                         \_ Your russian friend is wrong.
                                            Russia lost the war against the
                                            Golden Horde. -- russian
                                         \_ Yes, we can take that historical
                                            fluke as divine providence that
                                            it is fated that no one can invade
                                            and conquer Russia.  Thanks.
                                \_ The Civil War was over state's rights, not
                                   over slavery.
                                   \_ Wow... welcome to Oversimplification Of
                                      History 101.
                             \_ Why did you erase my question?  US sat back
                                on the same haunches as Sweden while the nazis
                                were sweeping through europe.  We would have
                                let england be taken before we did anything
                                if it weren't for pearl harbor.  we had business
                                dealings with the nazis that couldn't be
                                \_ Uh oh.. *this* assertion definitely needs
                                   some URL backing.
                                   \_ major IBM contracts for Nazi Germany.
                                      \_ dont be a git.  we didn't avoid war
                                         with the Nazis for IBM's sake.  Duh.
                                \_ and what did sweden contribute to the
                                   \_ Those cool knives?  Oh no wait that was
                                      the swiss, the Nazi collaborators.
                    \_ That the Romans had a little civilization going does not
                       change the fact that cruxifixing people is barbaric.
                       Do not confuse "inspite of" and "because of".
                       \_ You know, you would pull off that lecturing tone
                          much better if you knew how to spell 'crucify.'
                          \_ You know, you need to brush up your grammar
                             a little.
                             \_ Um..  to what grammar are you referring?
                                \_ "would have pulled"
                       \------"still [christians] others were burned alive
                              as living torches to light Nero's garden at
                              his Golden House." ... that's a funny story
                              but untrue ... probably some exaggeration
                              of suetonius. why are you focusing on rome?
                              look at the decree on megara or the melian
                              dialog. that is more appropriate. well i
                              suppose you can look at the destruction of
                              corinth in 146 by L. Mummius:
                Cary \& Schullard describe the aftermath as follows:
                ``In other Greek towns they restored the rule of the
                wealthier  classes,  and   they  made  Corinth  safe
                against social revolution by razing it to the ground
                and  selling its  inhabitants into  slavery.''  This
                was the hard edge to the vaunted {\it Pax Romana\/}.
                        See also famous speech of calgacus in the Agricola:
                A  rich enemy  excites their  cupidity; a  poor one,
                their  lust  for power.  East  and  West alike  have
                failed to satisfy them.  They are the only people on
                earth to whose  covetousness both riches and poverty
                are  equally  tempting.  To  robbery,  butchery  and
                rapine,  they give the  lying name  of 'government';
                they create a desolation and call it peace.
        \_ You're confused.  You kill the enemy, you arrest criminals.  They
           were the enemy.  As far as one of them being a US citizen, I'm not
           shedding any tears since our insanely open borders make the concept
           of US citizenship almost entirely meaningless.
           \_ Especially when some politicians are trying to give residency
              to illegal immigrants in order to buy votes from certain ethnic
              \_ The Republicans are guilty of 'excusing' illegal aliens and
                 making them magically into citizens (1986) while the Democrats
                 prefer to not bother with the citizenship thing and just have
                 endless numbers of people come over so they can raise taxes
                 on the citizenry in order to 'solve' a social problem they
                 helped create.  Fuck them both.
                  \_ Reagan 's amnesty was a political compromise with the Dems.
                     He later stated it was the biggest mistake of his
                     Presidency.  Unfortunately, today there are many RINOs in
                     Congress beholden to business.
                     \_ Saying, "I'm sorry" afterwards is too fucking late.
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