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2002/11/7 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:26448 Activity:very high
        An honest look at GWB from England's leading liberal publication.
        \_ just because it said something you like, you call it "honest
           look."  Has Berkeley taught you ANYTHING?
           \_ So is the guardian honest only when it says something you like?
              \_ I hope that wasn't a serious attempt at an argument.  -!OP
2002/11/7 [Uncategorized] UID:26449 Activity:nil
11/5    \_ Does Nguyen have a corresponding Chinese charater?  Is it the
              same as "Ruan3" in Mandarin and "Yuen" in Cantonese?
              \_ A Vietnamese friend of mine once wrote her last name in
                 chinese, and it was "Ruan3" (in Mandarin), as in "Ruan3
                 Ling2 Yu4," the actress from the 30's who committed suicide.
                 \_ Thanks.  Does Nguyen actually have the same origin as
                    Ruan3 (like between Korean Lee and the Chinese Lee)?  Or
                    do they just happen to have the same pronounciation so the
                    Vietnamese borrowed the Chinese character (like between the
                    Chinese Lee and the American Lee)?
2002/11/7 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:26450 Activity:nil
           \_ yeah, he killed 20 million Jews just like Hitler did.
              stupid revisionist beatnik
           \_ yeah, he did so poorly at Harvard that Al Gore did better
              again, stupid revisionist beatnik
2002/11/7 [Recreation/Pets] UID:26451 Activity:nil
11/6    Dere dis REALLY cute Vietnamnese goat in mah' class. What's de best
        way t'go out wid her?
        \_ Say, "me lika da pho."
        \_ Ask her.  Ah be baaad...
        \_ roofies
        \_ move in wid ha' and neva' say some wo'd until ya' figure
           out she's some ragin' lesbian.  'S coo', bro. - danh
        \_ You's wants'ed advice specific t'Vietdojiggerse honky chicks?
           You's could start by not misspellin' "Vietdojiggerse".
        \_ steal some dog. den feed da bud it togeder.  Ah be baaad...
         \_ Afta' all, whut's de mo'al difference between some hamburger
                  and some collieburger?
            \_ dogs gots' some soul.
               \_ if dogs gots' souls den so's do pigs
            \_ dog's gots sucka'ality.  Right On!
2002/11/7-8 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:26452 Activity:high
11/6    Solaris 2.7, E6500 with lots of disks.  One disk up and died but
        I didn't get the serial number dumped in the log like usually happens.
        Is there some way to get the serial# for the dead disk?  I know the
        device path and it's entry in 'format' and a bunch of other stuff.
        I'm remote so making lights flash won't help.  All help appreciated!
        \_ This is why you keep logs of this kind of thing around...
        \_ luxadm ? why do you need the serial number? You mean WWN?
           or part number? how about 3rd party tool sysinfo?
           I dont understand. If you  know the disk, maybe start accessing it
           to make it generate another error in your "log"?
           You also can often look at the format output for disk type
           and match it in the FE handbook or sun system handbook
           or the web to get the part#.
        \_ OP: my fault, I wasn't clear.  I need the serial # because that's
           the only unique identifier on the outside of the disk.  I'll be
           sending someone else there to pull the drive out for replacement
           and need a very clear and easy way to ID the drive the barely
           technical person can deal with and not fuck up.
           \_ make it blink for him.  sure you're remote, but you could
              certainly make it blink until disk is found.
2002/11/7-8 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:26453 Activity:high
11/6    is there any open source IDE which uses emacs-style key commands?
        \_ you don't specify the language but Eclipse has emacs key bindings.
        \_ emacs?
           \_ that is what I have been using.  I really would like little
              perks such as being able to display function arguements,
              list of all the method in a class, etc... if there is a
              lisp library can do that, let me know
              \_ the Harmonia research group at Cal does just this type of
              \_ the Harmonia research group at Cal does stuff related to
                 this type of stuff. Mike Toomim is their emacs person...
                 you might want to mail him. toomim@cs          - rory
                 \_ you know, I thought you were a girl until I saw your
                    picture.  What a disappointment.
2002/11/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/Abortion] UID:26454 Activity:very high
11/7    end of political correctness predicated, film at 11.
        \_ Don't hold your breath. The fringe left obsession with language
           came to be during the Reagan 80s largely, I feel, as an unconscious
           reaction to the shock of suddenly being politically superfluous.
           It may, god forbid, begin all over again. --Berkeley liberal
           \_ It should be noted that "political correctness" includes
              conservative phrasings, concepts, and spins which obsecrate
              their views into much more "palatable" words and ideas.
              \_ Wow, that's an incredible re-write of reality.  PC is a very
                 strictly left wing linguistic butchery and nothing else.
                 \_ Oh no. If you've been around long enough, this sort of
                    thing showed up on both sides of the aisle. The more
                    recent and publicly obvious 80s-era virulent strain was
                    a lefty thing, but I've run into it in connection with
                    right-ey vocabulary as well as far back as the early 60s.
                    \_ such as?
                 \_ The very phrase "Political Correctness" is a PC right wing
                    \_ Bullshit.  I was at Cal in the 80's and plenty of the
                       freshmen got 'corrected' numerous times by some lefty
                       with, "You can't say that!  It's not PC!".  I even have
                       an English 1A paper from my sophomore year which says
                       my paper wasn't "PC".  You can try to revise history
                       all you like but that doesn't make how history really
                       was any different.
                       \_ The term was used by neocon types when I was at
                          Caltech in 1982. It is foolish to generalize from
                          your personal experience to all history.
                    \_ it is perhaps a perjorative term applied to lefty/
                       liberal euphemisms.  But the euphemisms to which the
                       term is applied are themselves lefty inventions.
                       not that euphemisms are solely a lefty/liberal thing.
                       look at "regime change" "pro-life"
                       \_ The right turned it into a perjorative term but it
                          didn't start that way.  The term is solely a creation
                          of the left.
                          \_ You have some sort of evidence backing this up?
                 \_ Let's start easy with regime change, freedom fighter,
                    ethnic cleansing, and pro-life.
                    \_ You don't seem to know what political correct means.
                       PC is all the non-reality crap about not calling a
                       cripple a cripple, but 'differently abled' and other
                       nonsense like that.
                       \_ Crap.  PC is like I can't say white people have
                          higher IQ, or women should stay in kitchen,
                          or Jews control the media, etc.
                          \_ *laugh* I think we're done if you're going to try
                             to bait the motd like that.
        \_ my friend called a mutual friend of ours a "mulatto",
           I told him that only 17th century slavetraders in
           New Orleans use that term, that it was archaic and
           not used much anymore, he claimed "everyone in NYC
           says 'mulatto'", he said I was being "PC", I called
           him a moron. - danh
                       \_ So if cripples don't want to be referred to as
                          cripples, you'll do so anyways?  That's cruel.
                          Cruelty is what the right is all about.
                          Also selfishness and materialism.
                          \_ They're not "differently" abled.  They're
                             "disabled".  If they want to be called "basketball
                             stars" more power to 'em but it's a lie.  I'm
                             going to ignore your obvious troll on the cruelty
                             parts.  No cookies to be found here.
                             \_ "Cripple" is very different from "disabled."
2002/11/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:26455 Activity:nil
11/7    Lock phasers Mr. Worf: (-urld)
        "I'll call it the Alan Parsons Project"
2002/11/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:26456 Activity:kinda low
11/7    Does anyone have recommendations for colo facilities in the bay
        area?  It's for business, and high uptime is important.
        \_, down in south fremont.
           \_ if you have the money id say go w/ someoen other than
              they are friendly and have smart guys but not the greatest
              network and peering. exodus or at&t or similar.
              \_ What's wrong with their peering?  they've got quite a few
                 very reliable peers and big phat pipes.  And they won't
                 dick you around on quotes for colo.  My last two companies
                 have both done business with them, and i can't remember more
                 than three downtimes over 4 years.  and none were more than
                 an hour.
        \_ Verio is owned by NTT so they'll be around for a bit and since
           they don't want to lose (any more) jobs, they work hard to keep
           customers happy and give you a fair price.  They've been around
           for a while.  My company uses them and is happy.
2002/11/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:26457 Activity:high 50%like:26467
11/7    Where can I get info on how HAs work?
        \_ HA?  High-Availabilities?
           \_ Hand Action. is required
              reading for sodans.
                \_ like someone else knows more about masturbation than I do?
                   Ha!  Keep dreaming.
                   \_ It is no dream paeon. It is fact. My handiwork is the
                      superior. I hereby throw down the gauntlet. I'm taking
                      off the kid gloves! All of you under my mighty thumb!
2002/11/7-8 [Computer/SW/Graphics] UID:26458 Activity:kinda low
11/7    On ultra5's there's m64config to tweak the graphics settings.  Anybody
        know the equivalent command on sunblade 100s?  Users are complaining
        about some cad tools' color mapping being different on sunblade 100s
        vs ultra 10s.  The tools and the monitor are identical.  What can
        I tweak graphics wise?  Thanks.
        \_ fbconfig? also, possibly afbconfig or ffbconfig or even m64config.
           my sunblade also has an m64.  check the output of prtconf to figure
           out which frame buffer it uses. --scotsman
        \_ This depends on the framebuffer. If you're using the on-board
           video connector, then you should use m64config. If you're using
           the Expert3D-lite, then it probably needs some other tool for
           configuring its settings.
2002/11/7-8 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:26459 Activity:high
11/7    What kind of computer do they use to store financial data in
        say Wall Street or in banks? Cray? SGI? Sun? INTEL???
        \_ IBM.
        \_ Store? Probably IBM. I think either the Nasdaq or NYSE runs trading
        through an HP farm though.
        \- does anyone know what kind of computer the FED MASTER COMPUTER is?
           The one at the bottom of a mine in colpepper, virginia? This is
           the computer that tracks the reserve requirements of all the
           usa banks. --psb
        \_ They don't use a 'computer' generally.  They use SANS and high end
           DAS and NAS devices from companies like EMC and Hitachi.  When you
           get into high end 100% uptime computing environments you stop seeing
           computers and start seeing discrete components: some sort of app
           server/farm connected via multiple high speed fiber links to SANs.
           \_ Sorry, what do SANS, DAS and NAS stand for?
              \_ SANs -> Storage Area Networks
                 \_ say your FC mesh
                 NAS  -> Network Attached Storage (ie file servers)
                 \_ your storage appliance, like netapp.
                 Don't know what DAS stands for
                 \_ direct attached storage
                 \_ disk on your lameass POS linux box.
2002/11/7-8 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:26460 Activity:kinda low
11/7    I have an SQL table where an auto-incrementing value got cleared
        (i dont know how). What's an easy way to go through each row and assign
        it an incrementing value?
        \_ Which database?  In Oracle, use PL/SQL and a for loop.
2002/11/7-8 [Computer/Theory] UID:26461 Activity:high
11/7    So, when and where is this LP breakthrough coming out?
        \_ The paper was submitted for publication this year.  I went to a
           talk today given by the guy who came up with it -- the algorithm
           is beautifully simple.  Unfortunately, I think he is trying to
           patent it.
           \_ Where was the talk? Where is it being submitted for publication?
              Who is the author (or at least institutional affiliation)?
              \_ At my school.  The author is Andy Mirzaian, from York
                 University in Canada (received his PhD from Princeton a while
                 \_ Did he give details about this algorithm at the talk?
                    All the details? Were people convinced? Has this work
                    been subjected to formal peer review?
                    \_ He described the algorithm, but not the proof that it
                       runs in poly time.  It has not been peer reviewed yet
                       (since it has only been submitted, not published).
                 \_ Ah. May I ask which school you are at?
                    \_ You may.
                       \_ Which school are you at?
        \_ --google
           \_ Yea, got that.
2002/11/7-8 [Computer/Theory] UID:26462 Activity:kinda low
11/7    Anyone have a good intro (i'm in math54 atm) to bayesian analysis
        that a college sophomore could understand? i read that the new
        spamassassin uses it (like ifile) but cant find a good intro text on
        it other than:
        (which was actually pretty good)
        \_ If you are talking about that stupid /. thing, it's really simple.
           It's just counting words.  If a document has lots of words deemed
           'spammy', it does not get through.  This is literally all there is
           to this 'bayesian' approach.  AI people call this the 'naive bayes'
           \_ i dont read /. -op
        \_ does spamassassin actually use this already?  If so, how do I slap
           it around and tell it which is spam and which isn't?
           \_ the beta/experimental release (2.5) does.
        \_ Bayesian analysis fundamentals are simple.  It all drives off of
           Bayes Theorem (mathworld has one, but there are plenty of better
           ones, if you google for it:  In a
           nutshell, given the observation of data D, the probability that a
           hypothesis is true is equal to the conditional probability that the
           data is true given the hypothesis * the PRIOR probability of the
           hypothesis being true.  In essence, it ideally redistributes your
           prior probability distribution based on the data observed.  Bayes
           Theorem:  P(H(i)|D) = [P(D|H(i))*P(H(i))]   (formatd was here)
                where                  ---------------------------
                D = observ. data       Sum(j=1->n,P(D|H(j))*P(Hj))
                H(i) = hypothesis i
                1<=i<=n                         -nivra
        \_ What's the relation between Bayes Theorem and Neural Networks?
           \_ No relationship at all.  Neural networks are function approximators
              that work using hillclimbing.  Bayes theorem is a relationship
              between conditional probabilities of two events (it's not actually
              a theorem, it just follows straight from the definitions).
                -- card-carrying bayesian
           \_ Bayes Theorem: Conditional probability.  I don't remember Neural
              Networks using Bayes Theorem.  However, Bayesian networks use
              Bayes theory.
              \_ I don't know much about Neural Networks.  Presumably, they use
                 different learning algorithms for deciding what information to
                 weight, and how to weight its nodes/connections.  Thus,
                 presumably, you could have a Bayesian learning algorithm that
                 decides how to re-weight its connections based on observed
                 data.  -nivra
                 \_ google for bayesian networks or bayesian belief networks.
                    Neural Networks typically have an activation function
                    at the nodes to weight things.  The Backpropagation
                    Algorithm is typically run.  I don't think I've heard
                    of a variation of Neural Networks algorithm which uses
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