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2002/11/5 [Uncategorized] UID:26407 Activity:high
11/4    Feminists Demand Sex Toys in Campus Clinics
        "There is a real feverish back and forth on the hot issue.."
        \_ damn, the url shortener just got me to click
           on a Free Republic link.  damn you! - danh
           \_ god forbid you might be exposed to something outside your little
              ultra leftist self reinforced world.
              \_ like something from an ultra rightist self reinforced world?
2002/11/5 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs, Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:26408 Activity:moderate
11/4    How to consolidate CD track 1-10 into one mega MP3 file? ok thx
        \_ How to choose from:
                How do I ...
                How can I ...
                How would you ...
           ? ok tnx
        \_ probably some software package out there.  There are "mixer"
           software as well where you can edit parts of the song or put
           them all together.
           \_ rip them to .wav's, and then cat the .wav files together?
              \_ I thought Adaptec has some feature where you can "merge"
                 files/tracks together.
                 \- emacs multimedia-edit-mode
           \_ Sample Program:
2002/11/5 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:26409 Activity:high
11/4    I'm having a problem formatting inline elements in xsl-- I have to
        handle the situation where
        <school>I graduated from
          <link href="<DEAD>"<DEAD>Cal</link> in 1998.
        My current template is like this:
       <xsl:template match="school">
        But the this causes the space after "Cal" to be ignored, rendering
        "I graduated from Calin 1998." (with Cal appropriately hyperlinked)
        How do I solve this?  -mjm
        \_ Don't know how well this would work, but you could try
            <xsl:preserve-space elements="school"/>
           That might be a little overzealous, though. -geordan
           \_ I tried that, no luck.  It seems like this would be a problem
              common to any inline element, but I haven't seen a good
              solution yet.  -mjm
        \_ You're seriously doing your resume in XML?  Trust Motd Wisdom on
           this: no one cares what format your resume is in.
           \_ The example was fictitious but representative.
           \_ You never heard of XML Resume? Let's you create text, html
              and pdf resumes w/ ease. Also, lets you create different
              resumes based on where you are applying (e.g. C vs. Java
              resume). -!mjm
              \_ It also allows you to demostrate that you know XML/XSLT
                 when applying for XSLT jobs.
                 \_ No one cares.  Your text only resume is going to a bimbo
                    in HR who doesn't know anything about anything and is only
                    scanning for keywords off a list.  Your resume is not the
                    place to demonstrate your madly kewl hx0r skillz.  As an
                    alum who has "been there, done that" in the job market and
           Not sure why it would make any difference.
                    has had no problems getting new and very high paying jobs
                    during a down economy I think I might be in a good position
                    to tell you this and be right.
                    \_ How high is very high? -alumnus looking for job.
        \_ My page comes up correct with the space and I use this:
           <xsl:template match="school">
                <a href="{@href}">
           Not sure why it would make any difference; perhaps it's not
           the syntax but rather a bug in the transformer you use.
           \_ This will linkify the entire sentence, won't it?
              \_, it only does so for the school element.
2002/11/5 [Computer, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:26410 Activity:nil
11/4    Yet another reason to avoid helping your friends out with their home
2002/11/5 [Politics/Domestic/911, Consumer/Camera] UID:26411 Activity:very high
11/4    Anyone has any URLs to the nude pictures of a female star published in
        in a magazine Hong Kong a week or so ago that brought the magazine to
        closure?  Thanks.
        \_ do you want the nude pix of the nepalese actress that got her to
           kill herself too?
           kill herself too? well a lot of people are agitating about this
           in nepal. there were also allegagtions she was a ho.
           oh this newspaper is on the weeb but it might be hard for
           most of you white people to read. i guess you can look at the
           pictures. see e.g.
           \_ psb, silly boy, look harder:
              You know, for the white people.  --erikred
              \- well that isnt where the good stuff is. that's the spin.--psb
           \_ yes
           \_ Did this actually happen?  I can't find much sympathy for
              someone who was so ashamed by nudity.,4057,5396450%255E401,00.html _/
              \_ She was probably condemned by the society.  If she felt
                 ashamed about it, she wouldn't have posted nude.
                 \_ yeah im sure no one does anything they'd be ashamed of
                    earlier in life when they're desperate for cash or a break.
                    get off the motd you spoiled silver spooned elitist pig
                   \_ uhuh...and you are speaking of personal experience?
2002/11/5-6 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:26412 Activity:moderate
11/04   Is the incoming mail server (POP3) still
        Can't seem to download email into Outlook 2002 for some reason.
        \_ you need to use "pop3 over ssl" or "imap over ssl"
           \_ Thanks.  Soda does not allow outgoing mail (SMTP) from a mail
              client right?  Just double-checking.
              \_ of course it does.
              \_ You can use SMTP if you use an ssh tunnel.
                 \_ isn't mail or pine a mail client?
                    \_ pine is not a mail client.
2002/11/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:26413 Activity:low
11/04   So, I installed RT2 and it seems good, but i don't see a "give" button
        (only a take).  I want the admin to be able to "give" requests to
        a given user.  Someone want to clue me?  tnx.
        \_ Go into the request and click on "Jumbo", there are a lot more
           options there.  -tom
           \_ Thanks.  One more question, if you will indulge me...
              How do I configure a user to be a global "Administrative Cc:"
              (i.e. automatically carboned on ANY activity anywere in rt)?
2002/11/5 [Health/Sleeping, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:26414 Activity:nil
11/4    New poll:  Now that Maggie Cheung is divorced, you would sleep with
        her if you had the chance:
        Yes: .
        Who's Maggie Cheung?: ..
        Are you kidding, she's one of those 35+ wrinkled up old asian prunes: .
        \_  Maybe 30 years
           ago but now she's a hag.
2002/11/5-6 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:26415 Activity:low
11/4    Does Intel use pure Intel machines to design uproc, or do they use
        a mix of Sun/HP/IBM/Intel machines for EDA+design+optimization?
        \_ The *huge* Intel server room I saw on a tour was all Intel but
           that doesn't mean other facilities aren't doing other things.
        \_ in 98/99 They were using a lot of Sun machines.  Don't know anymore
           as I have changed jobs and don't work with them anymore.
           \_ I tihnk intel largely does their own tools in-house, so probably
              on intel.  If they use Cadence, that is Sun/HP only.
              \_ synopsys runs on linux/x86.  some cadence tools for linux
                 were in beta a couple months ago.
2002/11/5 [Health] UID:26416 Activity:nil
11/04   Dr. Smith dead, oh the pain, the pain:
        [substituted better url]
2002/11/5 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:26417 Activity:high 72%like:26435
11/5    damnit, it's november 5.  it is your civic duty to
        1) vote
        2) troll the motd about it.
        3) get really agitated about other peoples trolls and
           rant for half a screen about it.
        \_ Actually I disagree with #1.  it is not your  civic duty to vote.
           It is your civic duty to cast your ballot after educating yourself
           on the issues and candidates and making an informed decision.  If
           you're just going to blindly vote for some party or blindly vote
           on some proposition you haven't read or don't understand then
           please do us all and yourself a favor and stay home.
        \_ What is the Freeper list of endorsements? I want to vote that.
           \_ Find the Chronicle's list online and vote the opposite.
2002/11/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:26418 Activity:low
11/5    I hope those touch-screen voting machines aren't running windoze!
        \_ Worked fine for me.  Very slick.  Even a Broward voter could do
           it without BSOD.
                       \_ BSOD?
                          \_ Blue Screen of Death.  Never used windows?
                             \_ It's probably the Bill-Gates-mugshot guy.
2002/11/5-6 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26419 Activity:moderate
11/5    What oath do you have to say (or contract do you have to sign)
        when you get married at city hall? I just want to know what
        you're agreeing to when you get married in a completely
        non-religous setting.
        \_ At the Oakland City Hall there are two versions.  The long version
           covers oaths like "... in sickness and in health ..." and such, I
           don't remember exactly.  The judge said the short version is much
           shorter and is nicknamed "lunch special" because it's usually used
           by people who want to register quickly during lunch breaks.
        \_ It's very simple.  You give her all your stuff and all your money.
           She takes that when you get divorced.  Second, you're obligated
           to pay her money for the rest of her life.  In return, you get
           the privilege of fucking her now and then, until she decides she
           doesn't want you but would rather fuck your best friend,
           and you go back to wanking.
           \_ no i go back to yermom.
           \_ mmm... prenup.
              \_ I've heard prenups are hard to enforce in California
                 \_ mmm... no-fault divorce...
           \_ Where are you, BDG? -- BDG #12 fan
        \_ With divorce rates in the ~50% amongst Americans, I'm curious how
           you can even bring yourselves to utter the words "... till death
           do us apart."
           \_ Or part, for that matter.
           \_ More so with a prenup.  "I love you for all my life ... but I
              don't trust you with my wallet."
           \_ The problem is not the divorce rate per se but too many getting
              married who shouldn't be.  To you married folks, go look at your
              SO and see if you can honestly say you still want to be with this
              person for the rest of your life.  No?  Get it over with now
              while you still have time to correct your youthful error.
                \_ what brilliant advice!  I'll go consult a lawyer right now!
                   \_ laugh now monkey boy.  youll be crying when you look
                      back at how many years you wasted with someone you knew
                      wasn't right.
2002/11/5-6 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:26420 Activity:nil
11/5    Is there a way to make emacs' TAGS smarter about searches?  There's
        a type called foo_t.  I do a tags search within emacs for it.  It
        brings up the first instance where foo_t is used as the return type
        of a function.  That's useless for me.  I need to know how foo_t is
        defined.  Any way to make it work correctly?
        \_ One workaround is to use tags-loop-continue (ESC ,) after it finds
           the first instance.  Another one that might work is to specify the
           .h files before the .c files when you run etags.
        \_ grep.
2002/11/5-7 [Computer/Domains] UID:26421 Activity:nil
11/05   Looking for tips on setting up DNS on a laptop which changes networks
        frequently.  I need local mail delivery, and qmail doesn't like not
        being able to resolve my local hostname.  I get DNS via dhcp for now,
        but if anyone knows of a way on unix (FreeBSD) to dynamically change
        my fqdn to <DEAD><DEAD> when I move to a new network,
        I'd appreciate it.  I don't have dynamic dns available.  Is there a
        non-messy way to do this with BIND forwarders?  I've tried running
        a local dns server which rewrites its zone files everytime it gets
        a new IP via DHCP, but it's ugly and unreliable.  -John
        \_ doesn't your local host name also need to be configured into
           qmail, or does it learn it each time via dns?  And why are you
           assuming your local host name has anythign to do with a name
           assigned to some interface address?
                \_ Sorry for the long post, I've put the details in
                   ~john/dns.  Thanks.   -John
2002/11/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:26422 Activity:nil
        It's a tie!  Everyone stayed home!
2002/11/5-6 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Security] UID:26423 Activity:nil
11/05   What form of encryption is used for system passwords?  Is it
        possible to use that same form in mysql?  I would like to be able to
        take a users encrypted password from sql (which needs to be usable
        through mysql) and give them a system account once they have jumped
        through additional hurdles.  Is this possible? how? URLs appreciated.
        \_ ???  What's the project goal?
        \_ man crypt
2002/11/5-6 [Industry/Jobs] UID:26424 Activity:low
11/5    How is the job market now for senior developers?
        \_ My company has one opening for director and three for senior level,
           but no opening for junior level.
           \_ yermom's always got openings for them.
           \_ Which company?
                 \_ Is Efi still running the show there?  He's pretty
2021/06/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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