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2002/11/2-3 [Uncategorized] UID:26381 Activity:kinda low
11/1    does pot help keep your hand steady for soldering small wires?
        \_ It will help you care less when you fuck up
        \_ dude and then like i heard ya know if you like study while stoned
           and then you know like if you get just as stoned on the same drug
           when you take the test youll like be like in the same mental zone
           as like when you studied and then do super well.  dude i always
           get fucked up really bad before soldering anything!  anyone who
           doesn't get stoned before doing something dangerous is like you
           know just a pussy loser!
        \_ It will give you fantasies you will never forget.  Thus you
           will want more.  In short, don't start.
           \_ Fantasies about what it was like to have to two functional hands?
        \_ I find resting my hand on the table, etc. is more effective than a
2002/11/2-3 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:26382 Activity:kinda low
11/1    Solaris packages.  Anyway to install multiple instances of the exact
        same package?  Same arch, version, etc.  Just different install dirs.
        \- you could use something like the modules package. last i heard
           \_ the modules package??  -op
        it was being worked on by a fellow at sun but i think it may have
        been abandoned/rewritten. you can look for the usenix paper. --psb
             \- of if youa re talking about packages as in "/opt" the
                module stuff doenst really apply. i thought you meant what
                is a convenient way of having an emacs 19/20/21 or mutiple
                gcc instances etc. --psb
        \_ I suggest tweaking the package by hand.  What package are you trying
           to dual install and why?  Use softlinks.
        \_ pkgadd -R
           \_ fucker, stop posting man page answers.  dick.  what fun is that?
              \_ Should I just say RTFM insted? I thought about mocking psb
                 for coming up with a stupid and complicated answer to a
                 simple question, but I thought the answer was funny enough.
                 \_ Ok, ok, you get a pass on this one.
2002/11/2 [Transportation/Car] UID:26383 Activity:high
11/1    For Sale: 2000 Toyota Tundra,Black,V8,4WD,Limited,TRD,6cd,tan leather
        71K freeway miles.  Always had synthetic oil and Mobil M1 filters.
        KBB $23,800 your price $21,000. -allenp
        \_ why aren't you seeling it?
2002/11/2-3 [Uncategorized] UID:26384 Activity:nil 50%like:26288
11/1    stupid programming terminology question: what's the difference between
        a "shim" and a "stub"?
        \_ A shim fits between A and B -- typically adapting one to another.
           (Note the dictionary definition of shim.)  A stub is a function which
           coforms to its signature but does nothing, typically to be replaced
           later.  A stub may be replaced by a proxy, as well.
           \_ Note that despite this perfectly logical description,
              "stub" is often used to refer to all of the above types
              of functions.
2002/11/2-3 [Recreation/Media] UID:26386 Activity:moderate
11/1    Damn Lucas! He cut so many scenes from the IMAX version of Ep2!
        \_ Two elderly women are at a Catskill Mountain Resort,
           and one of them says "Boy, the food at this place is
           really terrible." The other one says "Yeah I know,
           and such small portions."
           \_ this is the best post in a long time!
        \_ cuz the movie is too long for imax format. they cut-up
           apollo 13, too.
        \_ IMAX is a very thick film and because of that has very limited
           running time.  Anything larger and it wont fit on the reel.
           \_ in this case less is better.
2002/11/2-3 [Health/Disease/AIDS] UID:26387 Activity:insanely high
11/1    how many different continents have you have sex on?
        1 - .
        2 - ......
        3 - ....
              \_ woo! i rule! --aaron
                \_ how many different chicks?
                \_ er, how many are from Asian hookers?
                   \_ C'mon, aaron's good-looking enough to get laid
                      without resorting to paying whores.
                      \_ Good looking has nothing to do with getting laid for
                         guys since most women can't even agree on what a good
                         looking guy looks like.
                         \_ 9 out of 10 hot chicks agree:  aaron's good looking.
                            \_ URL?
        \_ does yermom count as a continent?
        4 - ...
            \_ sure am glad I made that trip to South America!
               \_ Did you go and do some random chick there or bring along
                  a gf? I'm too scared of disease to ever consider the former.
                  \_ 33% of all sexually active Americans over the age of
                     10 have some kind of venereal disease.  You can
                     get herpes just *kissing* someone.  1/4 of all
                     new American AIDS cases are in people under 21.
                     Don't think for a second that the lack of mud huts
                     and unpaved roads means this is a sexual paradise.
                     \_ WTF are you?  A dorm health worker/condom dispenser?
                        How about a real berakdown for those AIDS stats?  How
                        How about a real breakdown for those AIDS stats?  How
                        many new cases are from male homosexual sex vs hetero
                        sexual sex?  With a few loud exceptions the motd
                        doesn't care about gay men getting AIDS.  AIDS is an
                        activity transmitted disease, not age related.
                        \_ Do you have a herpes-diseased genital area with
                           lots of broccoli-shaped growths?
                           \_ Not until after I did yermom.  Were you the guy
                              in the mask and cock ring?
        0 - .  \_ How come I have to add this choice?
                  \_ Because you're the only virgin left on the motd?  Everyone
                     else at least went to SF or Oakland and got a hooker once?
                   \_ there are hookers in Berkeley too!
                     \_  where are the hookers in Oakland and Berkeley?
                      \_ San Pablo!
                         \_ That's like being in Oakland though.
                         \_ San Pablo and where?  It's a long street!
                            \_ San Pablo and Oakland.
2002/11/2-3 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Academia/Berkeley] UID:26388 Activity:very high 50%like:26360
11/2    Chancellor Tien has died? how sad. - former grad.
                                                \_ you graduated and then
                                                   un-graduated? --aaron
        \_ former grad?  uhhh, yeah.  i used to be a grad, too,
           then i went through a div stage, and now i've settled
           down to being a curl.  I wanted to be a Laplace operator,
           but i flunked the test three times.
                \_ hey, you're not a dork!
        \_ But Michael Heyman is still alive!  Rejoice!
                \_ was he a bad chancellor?
                   \- i think IMH might have been a little more aloof
                      to more students ... law school, bowtie and all
                      that ... but i thought he was ok.
                      \_ you think?  he might?  We knew the same IMH?
                      \_ you think?  he might?  We knew the same IMH?  The one
                         I knew was a negative for Cal in all ways.  Just
                         because he didn't rape your sister doesn't mean he
                         was ok.  You're clearly clueless.
        \_ I am sad too. :(
           \_ Cheer up. You'll die yourself before long.
        \_ me too.  Most people don't understand what does it
           take for him to accomplish this much in his short life.
           Left the mainland China because of his family background
           does not compatible with the Communist, left Taiwan, probably
           knew that the so-called Taiwanese would never accept him.
           Put up with all sort of racial discrimination in the US.
           Got his political career cut short because of the political
           witch hunt (lead by Cox) targeted at people of Chinese origin.
           He was a man defied all the injustices, in China, in US, and
           find a platform to contribute.
           \_ there are alot of great things to say about tien.  let me
              just add this:  his thermo text kicks ass.
           \_ nice little victim rant.  Don't denegrate the man by turning
           \_ nice little victim rant.  Don't denigrate the man by turning
              him into your "Chinese Victim Does Good Despite Racist US" poster
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