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2002/11/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26373 Activity:very high
10/31   What do people do when you have to do a #2 during sex?
        Do you hold it in?  It sucks when your penis says
        "yeah, sex!" and the butt says "I gotta go!" and my brain says
        "Shut up, butt!  Keep going penis!"
        \_ I have never had this problem.
           \_ It's alright.  You (probably) won't be a virgin your
              _whole_ life...
              \_ I was originally going to say "I have had sex many hundreds,
                 if not thousands of times and I have never had this problem,"
                 but I decided that I would probably be accused of boasting.
                 In any case, I have had lots of sex and this has never been
                 a problem for me. I guess that I am so interested in the
                 sex that I don't think about much of anything else. If you
                 shoot your wad, then go to the bathroom, then come back for
                 more, no one is going to think less of you.
                 \_ depends on how long you stay in the bathroom.
                 \_ Hi eli!
        \_ Never had this problem, but had it with #1. It's a good way to have
           marathon sex if you don't mind your bladder exploding.
        \_ I don't hold it in. I let it kind of seep out everywhere.
        \_ Your grandma usually asks me to lay a big steamy loaf on her
           naked chest
2002/11/1 [Uncategorized] UID:26374 Activity:nil
10/31   Happy Halloweener!
2002/11/1-2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:26375 Activity:moderate
10/31   What is crack and how did running it result in ppl being sorried?
        \_ It cracks passwords semi-brute force with a dictionary attack and
           a lot of cpu & io time.
           \_ and any password actually cracked is then considered a "weak"
              password since crack was able to guess it in a relatively
              short amount of time.
2002/11/1-2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26376 Activity:very high
10/31   At what point in your relationship do you stop having sex marathon?
        For me, it's 1 year.
        \_ For me it was when we broke up after 2 years.
        \_ define marathon: more than twice a day? more than 6 hours straight?
           \_ 26.2 miles.
           \_ If you need help defining it you haven't had it so don't worry
              about it.  In your case the answer is "the moment we met".
              \_ if you insult someone because they demand decent definitions,
                 you are an idiot who needs to take more real math courses.
                 i've had sex for more than 12 hours straight on several
                 occasions, which is beside the point. when you argue about
                 something without defining your terms what you are is
                 an idiot.
                 \_ I agree.  Anyone who's taken a debate class, for instance,
                    would know this as well.
                    \_ You're both idiots.  No one is arguing about whatever
                       the hell you're trying to talk about.  Basic reading
                       comprehension would help.  Go back and read the OP and
                       see that you're just stupid.  Or you could ask your
                       debate class teacher if being a pedantic twit is the
                       way to get laid.  While you're at it, look up priapism.
                       It is considered a medical defect that needs curing not
                       a sexual bonus.  I define 'idiot' as a motd posting twit
                       who got slammed on the motd who turns to "debate class"
                       definitions to try to save face.  Idiot.
                        \_ how do you know the dude has/had a priapism? just
                           because you do, don't bring him down with you.
        \_ Once she's been successfully impregnated.
           \_ Successfully? Or accidentally?
        \_ There's a theory that says 6+ months without child -> loss of sexual
           attraction. I'm a pretty big believer in that but with me it is also
           been consistently closer to 1 year than six months.   I've never had
           a child so I can't speak to that, though I suspect that part only
           applies to females and that males are doomed after a year in any
           event.  This is also a good reason not to get married to a person
           you have only known for 3 months; after you stop wanting to have
           non-stop sex with them, you have to be able to Deal.  -31852219
           \_ Doesn't the presence of children actually depress the sex drive?
              \_ ehn. breast feeding is a "natural contraceptive" but i think
                 the presence of children depresses sex drive by inducing
                 stress.  Also "child" above should say "pregnancy", obviously
                 no one gets a child in the first 6 months. -31852219
               \_ It is certainly possible though (and almost certain for most
                  males) that a sex attraction simply drops after x months
                  regardless of the circumstances.  Wish I could find the
                  article that linked it to lack of pregnancy though.-31852219
           \_ Deal what?
              \_ Deal Cards.  (deal with the spouse, you know or the divorce)
                \_ Speaking of which, there's an important voice we have not
                   heard on the topic yet...
                   \_ not really.  we all know what he's going to say...
                      \_ maybe he's now a happy married guy (<6months)?
                         \_ I always knew a kind woman would prove his world
                            view wrong sooner or later.
                            \_ I dunno, man.  he seems awful happy wallowing
                               in his self-pity.
                               \_ You just wait until it happens to you. TBGH!
                                  \_ The Bitter Gay Ho?
                                  \_ nah, see -- I don't believe in marriage.
                                     never have, never will.  and where my
                                     non-belief in marriage ends, my belief
                                     in a good pre-nup begins.
2002/11/1-2 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:26377 Activity:low
10/31   Is it possible to change an FTP password via FTP?
        \_ its not in the FTP spec, but if you want to enable users to
           do that on your httpd you can hack it into the 'site' command. -ERic
            \_ How do I find out if I can change MY ftp password at my
               web host, other than calling them. (I know they should have SSH
               or SCP, but it's not my choice, its a colaborative project)
               \_ its not in the FTP protocol spec. Call tehir tech support
                  and see if they have some special way (i.e. some secure web
                  page or something).  Other than that, you can't.
2002/11/1 [Uncategorized] UID:26378 Activity:nil
10.31   Memorial Rally by George Will
2002/11/1-3 [Uncategorized] UID:26379 Activity:nil
10/31   Where are the pop/imap logs located?
2002/11/1 [Uncategorized] UID:26380 Activity:nil
10/31   Langston Walker vs Andre Carter
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