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2002/10/30 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:26358 Activity:nil
10/29   Break out your wallet...
        'Haitians coming ashore in Key Biscayne, FL'
        By some estimates there are 13 million illegals in this country.
        \_ Freeper Guy - I thought something bad had happend to you.
           I love you, man!
2002/10/30-31 [Uncategorized] UID:26359 Activity:moderate
10/29   Where can I get chip sayings like "Less is Moore" or "Sparc's Fly"
        \_ the motd?
        \_ Stop drinking.
        \_ You seem to be doing pretty good all by yourself.
2002/10/30-31 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:26360 Activity:high 50%like:26388
10/30   Chancellor Tien has died.
        \_ urlP
        \_ Man, that's blue.  I remember he guest lectured at one of my
           classes just before he stepped down -- he was a pretty interesting
           fellow.  I was bummed when he stepped down and that other guy took
           over the job.                        -mice
        \_ Cal's a rough place to do undergrad, but my memories of
           Chancellor Tien remain fond. Go Beahs! - elizp
           \_ Actually I believe it was, "GO BEAH!" but that's ok.
        \_ This is sad.  We used to enjoy nicking roses from his garden--
           mind you, this was before the machete incident caused them to
           chop down the trees along the wall.  I figured he probably
           knew people were doing things like this but was cool enough
           to not bother upping the security.   --erikred
           \_ Uhm yeah, cost of more guards to protect roses from vicious
              student rose thiefs vs cost of a few roses.  Tough call.  I
              liked Tien a lot but let's not get all post-death gooshy.
              \_ Why not?  He was a great guy.
              \_ I remember he had Rosebud murdered.
                 \_ Yes, especially after she brandished a machete at police
                    while she was breaking and entering.  how terrible.
2002/10/30-31 [Uncategorized] UID:26361 Activity:nil
10/30   Online digitial photo developing - (old) reviews from STFW give
        ofoto and shutterfly the best marks, was wondering if anyone had
        any recommendations, or know of another better service?
        Trying to get nice color-true prints of 4MP and 4000 dpi slide-
        scanned (from negatives) shots... Thanks! - mds
        \_ DIY for that sort of need.  Online is better for snapshots.
2002/10/30-31 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:26362 Activity:moderate
10/30   I want to calculate gas flow impedances through a tube at a few
        PSIG.  can someone recomend a reference on the web that will
        help with this?
        \_ The proper term is called "pressure drop."  If you insist,
           go to library and look for Perry's Handbook. Otherwise,
           go bug some Chemical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering
           nerds for help.  I am sure you have helped them answering
           UNIX questions in the past. It's just returning favor.
           \_ thanks.  i didn't know what it was called by CE people.
              google doesn't help much if you don't know the right
              buzzwords.  in case anyone cares, here's the table
              i was trying to find:
        \_ gee i'm sure motd is a better place to ask than google, this
           isn't incredibly esoteric or anything, and i'm sure there's
           an expert in fluid dynamics here and that google doesn't have
           anything that could help you.
           \_ ie, STFW
           \_ 1) Cal is a top-rate engineering/science school
              2) Many Cal engineers/scientists are CSUA members
              3) When searching for information, it often helps to also
                 ask at a place where you know there may be some top-rate
                 {whatevers} in their field to help you.  The motd is one
                 possible place for this.  What is so fucking difficult about
                 this that makes you no-life no-clue pack of twats feel you
                 have to make up for your lack of knowledge and willingness to
                 help with not-particularly-clever snide putdowns?  You are
                 LAME.  Let me read it to you, L.A.M.E.  You wear the flaming
                 hot neon pink capitalized letter 'L' tattoo on your pimply
                 forehead.  You will NOT reproduce, as you are a jaffa
                 fuckwit.  Your family tree does not fork.  You smell bad.
                 Dogs and small children run at the sight of you.  Disease
                 and stupidity pool wherever you place your stumbling hairy
                 feet.  Let me also not forget that you haven't the brains
                 god gave coleslaw.  Your mother wears combat boots.  You
                 fly DDs.  Your job description includes the term
                 "pencilneck".  You chew your toenails.  You have an
                 average feeling about this level.  You are flatulent. People
                 avoid things you have touched.  I fart in your general
                 direction.  You have all the cans in a six pack but lack
                 the plastic thingy to hold it all together.  L A M E.  There
                 is no excuse for you, you shit-festering son of a one-
                 balled male prostitute.  The ten-foot poles in your vicinity
                 have all been removed, as no one uses them anyway.  You are
                 a one-handed typer.  Your credit card statement shows
                 subscriptions to bukkake sites.  Do us all a favor;  go sit
                 in a corner and continue to fester and rot as you have been
                 doing all along, but from now on, do so quietly.   -John
                 \_ yes, yes righteous indignation blah blah sancitmonious
                    blither blah blah you suck.  you think about this
                    entirely too much.
                        \_ Not really...I think I had a point, but then I just
                           felt like insulting you a lot.  -John
                           \_ you had a point.  absurdly obscure technical
                              questions sometimes get answered on the motd.
                              in the end, i only found what i was looking
                              for because of motd help. the motd alone
                              did not solve my problem, but google + motd
                              did. -op
                 \_ Rock on brother!
2002/10/30-31 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:26363 Activity:high
10/30   "This is not spam!"
        Why do spammers bother putting this when everyone knows it is spam.
        \_ hm. good point. Maybe they are trying to trick you.
        \_ Wow, they are so sneaky!  I read this whole email from Tiffani at
  and she said it wasn't a spam but was in response to
           my having opted in to her mailling list but I could get off her
           bestiality pics list if I send my CC# and other info to her in
           Nigeria!  But I figured since I opted in to the list I must've
           done it for a good reason so now Tiffani and I are like a hot
           item if you know what I mean!  (wink!)
        \_ To give you another catchphrase for spamassassin.
2002/10/30-31 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:26364 Activity:moderate
10/30   Don't forget to study hard!  Go Bears!  :(
        \_ Anyone who got this far either already studies well (not hard) or
        \_ Perhaps you are too young to remember the Chancellor?
           \_ I remember Tien and the asshole before him.  So what?
                \_ how cute. another rebel amongst the modt ranks.
2002/10/30-31 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:26365 Activity:very high
10/30   In pine (yeah, I know, pine sucks and I should use something better),
        when I look at my sent-mail folder, it shows who the message was sent
        to.  However, if I copy a sent-mail folder from another account and
        access it with pine, it sees that the mail was not sent from my csua
        account and figures it's not a sent mail and just lists the message as
        From: <my name>, rather than To: recipient, which isn't very useful
        when looking for a message I sent to a particular person (Yes, I can
        use grep, but I would prefer to see the To: field as I scroll through
        the list of messages).  Is there is way to force pine to show the To:
        field as I scroll through the messages?  Or maybe instead of using
        '' as a criteria for determining if it's
        a message I sent out, maybe it could just use 'login' as the criteria?
        \_ nope.  As you said, pine sucks.
        \_ You obviously don't understand that pine sucks.  Just saying it
           at the start doesn't excuse your endless whining about your fourth
           rate mail reader.  When we say you should use something better, we
           mean you should use something better and stop asking stupid pine
           related questions.  You have people here highly proficient in all
           the major (useful) mail readers.  Pick one at random and you'll
           get your questions answered.  Stop using pine.  Stop bugging the
           motd about pine.  Read Free Republic.  Vote
           for Mondale.  Just stop.  Fuck.
           motd about pine.  Just stop.  Fuck.
           \_ How do I launch pine on soda?
              cp it to a disk and put it on the next shuttle flight
           \_ ok, what's a major useful mail reader?
              \_ dog
                 \_ rm.  ed.  newfs.
              \_ mutt
              \_ (n)mh + mh-e, gnus, vm
        \_ Go to pine's config ((M)ain (S)etup (C)onfig).  scroll down to
           near the bottom, and add your other email address to the field
           called "alt-addresses".
           \_ Thanks!  That's exactly what I was looking for.  See, pine
              doesn't suck as much as you people think it does.
2002/10/30-31 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:26366 Activity:low 66%like:25405 66%like:26928
10/30   This is not a troll!
        \_ You're not fooling me!
        \_ You nazi.  That post is like hitler.  I had sex with yermom.
           Kill all republicans.  Ban abortion.  Asian women are hot.
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