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2002/10/29 [Reference/BayArea] UID:26351 Activity:high 80%like:26357
10/28   Are the anime purveyors in the Bay Area pretty much the comic book
        stores or are there any dedicated stores?
        \_ Yes.
           \_ ok, this joke is REALLY REALLY old. seriously. Yes, we all
              know you are a kewl cuhmpyuter siyence d00d and you know
              booleyuhn lahjik real g00d.
        \_ When you say "anime" what do you mean specifically?  Do you
           videos, comics, or merchendice?  If it's merchendice then there
           is a place at the parking structure on Durant and Telegraph in
           Berkeley, and "Kimono My House" in Oakland.  But I don't know
           the address for that
2002/10/29-30 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/Domains, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:26352 Activity:nil
10/28   What is the register file made up? Same as L1 (e.g. 6 transistors)?
        \_ It is made up a few hundred years after the Grimm Brother's stuff.
        \_ depends on architecture.  Usually sram array supporting dual/quad
           port read/write.
2002/10/29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26353 Activity:insanely high
10/28   I'm trying to make Tiramisu cake (yes, to impress a girl). Does
        anyone have a favorite recipe to follow that's fairly idiot-proof?
        There's a ton on the web that are either dauntingly complicated
        or seem kind of unauthentic (lack of rum is a dead giveaway).
        \_ As OP, this is my first post since the original. What's so
           funny is that my original question was only about Tiramisu
           but I just threw that "to impress a girl" thing just because
           I was curious about how many morons in CSUA would try to insult
           me about how I was only trying to get laid. Fact is, I'm only
           trying to make something for a Halloween potluck. That's it.
           But since all of you seem to have all these "how to get laid"
           theories, troll away. By the way, thanks rory for actually
           giving useful advice.-OP
        \_ she must be either very very fine or has very large tits.
        \_ You could pick something easier than Tiramisu that would
           still be impressive.  Any reason that it has to be tiramisu?
           \_ This guy should stick to Bundt cake, especially the kind made
              from mix. --dim
              \_ I know a good recipe for that.
                 \_ I love the instant cake-in-a-box stuff.  By the time I'm
                    done mixing there isn't enough to bother baking it, so I
                    don't.  Yum!
        \_ Just buy one from Stella's in North Beach. Tiramisu is complicated.
          \_ Good to see romance alive and well.
             \_ What, North Beach isn't romantic enough for you???
             \_ Romance?  Get over it.  He just wants sex for the first time.
        \_ dear desperate, u still trying to steal someone else's girlfriend?
        \_ funny you should ask... I just made some for a pot luck on Sat. I
           used this recipe, with a friend. It was slightly too complicated
           and easy to mess up... but might be a good one to use:
           In general, the tricky/important things are to get the lady fingers
           of crap isn't important.  Make her read scripture from
           well-soaked but not too soggy, and to get the marscapone creamy
           of crap isn't important.  Make her read Scripture from
           Free Republic while I pee on her, yelling "House
           on fire, house on fire!" like I do. What the hell exactly are you
           trying to do with this girl?
           and fluffy. Also, get some good dark chocolate and grate it on top.
           My friend has a better (read: easier to make well) recipe that you
           can try. mail me if you want me to find it... or if you just have
           questions in general.                - rory
        \_ I can't believe the silly things people do while dating!
        \_ Lots of Rum.  Make her drunk.
           \_ Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.
              \_ Beer is queer, but wine is fine.
        \_ Dude, as if.  This is *not* going to impress a girl.  If you want
           to get laid, you're trying too hard.  If you want a LTR, this sort
           of crap isn't important.  What the hell exactly are you trying to
           do with this girl?
           \_ Hear hear. Cooking to impress a girl is a one-shot gimmick
           \_ I disagree. Every woman is different, but reading from
              the Free Republic website is likely to turn her off.
              Use something sexier, like the Intel TTL.
              with limited appeal. If you want to do something for her,
              find out what she needs to get done and help her
           \_ I disagree... all the girls I know are really impressed by
              cooking. I mean, if you're a loser, the girl is not going to
              like you... but if she's interested, and you make her a nice
              elaborate meal, she'll be really impressed, flattered, etc.
           \_ I also disagree.  Chicks are superficial and are more easilly
              impressed by flashy, but meaningless gestures.  Doing
              something that she really needs done would be a waste of time.
           \_ Having to put that much effort in is a sure sign you
              are a rookie.  A true pimp daddy would not resort to baked
              goods.  -ax
           \_ To the above desperate geeks who think cooking is cool: I say
              again that you don't need to put in that kind of effort if all
              you want is sex.  If you want a LTR you're either scamming her
              with your one shot gimmick because you'll never cook for her
              again *or* you'll be doing lots of 'special cooking' events for
              her forever which is way more hassle than it could possibly be
              worth if you don't enjoy cooking.  So maybe your ditzy chick is
              is impressed?  So fucking what?  It still matters what your goal
              is.  You guys need to figure out what you want and keep your eye
              on your goals and less time wasted on random acts of impressive
              cooking feats.  1) decide what you want from her, 2) do stuff
              that will lead to #1 with minimal effort, 3) success.  If step 2
              is requiring too much effort, such as making tiramisu just to
              get laid then find another chick; you're wasting your time on
              some super high maintenance bimbo.
              \_ yeah listen to the man. go to thailand or the phillipines
                 and get some desperate chick who will worship you. get her
                 tested first though. and don't let her out of the house.
                 she might get uppity.
                 \_ or better yet... Russia! I hear they have trips for
                    $1-2K. That should be easily affordable by any young
                    employed programmer. Bring a bride home and never
                    cook again!
                 \_ The man didn't tell you to buy a bride.  He told you to
                    stop being a pussyboy who works way too hard at getting
                    laid with all the bullshit cooking crap.  My bed was warm
                    all through college without any of this begging and trying
                    to impress the bimbo stuff. OP, ask yourself this key
                    question: wtf is *she* doing to impress *you*?  Nothing
                    but be born with big tits I'd bet.  You're getting off on
                    the wrong foot by putting yourself in the weak position
                    from the get-go.  You've already lost.  Try again with
                    another one since you fucked this one up so badly.
2002/10/29-31 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:26354 Activity:kinda low
10/29   Any ideas on the origins of the term "glob"... as in the csh command?
        \_ Ever seen BH eat?
        \_ from
           Historical note: The jargon usage derives from glob, the
           name of a subprogram that expanded wildcards in archaic
           pre-Bourne versions of the Unix shell.
           \_ I assume they called it glob because * matches globally. --dim
              \_ No, it has to do with pot stickers.
2002/10/29-31 [Computer/HW/Display] UID:26355 Activity:kinda low
10/29   My CRT monitor at work got upgraded from one old type to another,
        perhaps less old one.  It is brighter, has more contrast and
        seemed generally better at first.  However, after a while my vision
        seems to be getting kind of blurred.  Is this a problem with the
        CRT's convergence (focusing of the electron beams)?  Is there a
        practical way to adjust convergence?  It seems difficult to fine-
        tune that when the difference shows up only over a while.
        \_ Stop drinking.
        \_ Did the configuration change?  What's the refresh rate that you
           are using with the new monitor?  - misha.
        \_ Make sure the contrast/brightness setting is within
           reasonable range. More and more newer monitors are shipped
           with 100% contrast setting, which is NOT good for your eye.
  and download their demo version.  Make
                \_ payware? BLECH!
           sure the refresh rate is 75 or 85. Not 60 or too high.
           \_ What kind of bullshit reason do you have for saying "not too high"
              \_ Do you have clinical evidence against the previous poster's
           Everyone who works long hours in front of computers should
           calibrate their monitor.
              \_ CRTs are band-limited and over-doing the refresh rate
                 just cuts your pixel accuracy within each scanline.
                 \_ wtf does "band-limited" mean?  Each the monitor supports
                    a certain mode or it doesn't and it stops displaying.
2002/10/29-31 [Reference/Military] UID:26356 Activity:high
10/29 on the failure of gun
        control and loss of freedoms in the UK.  Lesser side focus on a
        comparison with USA.
        \_ Fun point, whenever I get into a discussion with a British person
           about how massive CCTV surveillance and gun control have failed to
           bring their violent crime rate anywhere near under control, even
           compared to the US, they never fail to mention some study claiming
           that murder rates in the US due to gunshot wounds are only falling
           due increased US hospital trauma ward experience...  -Johnxs
           \_ watch "Bowling for Columbine". In fact, everyone: you should
              all watch "Bowling for Columbine"... this is a GREAT movie.
              And to all you NRA objectivist freaks: Its not even advocating
              gun control. EVeryone will like this movie. It will make you
2002/10/29-30 [Reference/BayArea] UID:26357 Activity:low 80%like:26351
10/28   Are the porn purveyors in the Bay Area pretty much the adult book
        stores or are there any dedicated stores?
        \_ When you say "porn" what do you mean specifically?  Do you
           videos, comics, or merchendice?  If it's merchendice then there
           is a place at the parking structure on Durant and Telegraph in
           Berkeley, and "Kimono My House" in Oakland.  But I don't know
           the address for that
           \_ Kimono My House:
        \_ LAME.  Can't you find something better to do with your time
           rather than editing other people's motd posts?  Isn't there a
           a hospital you should be bombing?
           \_ hey, it's a real question.  what are some of the better
              anime/toy stores in the area?
              \_ Japan Video on Post St in Japantown has a huge collection.
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