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2002/10/25-26 [Computer/Companies/Ebay, Industry/Jobs] UID:26313 Activity:moderate
10/24   Anyone works at eBay?  I have a technical interview with them
        and would like to know in advance on what type of questions might
        be asked.
        \_ All your base are belong to us!
        \_ Just be arrogant, like say "If you're asking questions like that,
        you must really be desperate!" Or, "are you serious?" Even better,
        before you agree to go in, tell them you've been offered every job
        you've interviewed for, and are therefore requesting a technical test
        via email before conceding to a in-person interview, to make it worth
        your while. Worked for me. Wtf could ebay possible need anyway? None
        your while. Worked for me. Wtf could ebay possibly need anyway? None
        of this is rocket science.
2002/10/25 [Uncategorized] UID:26314 Activity:nil
10/24   For those of you who can't spell: do you know you can't spell?  When
        you misspell words, are you totally unaware that you've spelled them
        incorrectly, or are you just too lazy to look them up?
        \_ it's mostly a nearly crippling laziness on my part
2002/10/25-26 [Uncategorized] UID:26315 Activity:nil
10/24   Please, somebody, explain "Source Wars."
2002/10/25-26 [Transportation/Car] UID:26316 Activity:low
10/24   Where's a good place to buy repossessed cars from insolvent dot-
        commers in the Bay Area?
        \- hola, dont you think the car mkt is 1. reasonably efficient
        2. large enough so that there no free lunch and the price would
        not have really collpased ... unless you stumbled on someone
        who has to leave the country in a hurry [who may not be the
        ideal person to buy a car from] and you cant really "stumble"
        on someone systematically/by design. --psb
          \_ The OP said "repossesed". I know there are sales of this type,
             but I don't know where/when, sorry.You can always try law
             enforcement sales too, of course. -chialea
            took me less than 90 seconds to find.
2002/10/25-26 [Uncategorized] UID:26317 Activity:nil
10/24   What's up with the lack of technical responses? Is the response
        censor on?
2002/10/25-28 [Computer/Companies/Google, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:26318 Activity:low
10/24   Anyone know how to disable color in vim?  I hate it.  A search of
        the manpage and some of google returns on "vim turn off color"
        turned up no outstandingly good solutions.  --PeterM
        \_ setenv TERM vt100
        \_ use a termcap entry that doesn't include color.  -tom
        \_ Use nvi instead.
           \_ This is really the right answer.  vim fucking sucks. --scotsman
        \_ :syntax off helps, but tom's solution is the only 100% one. --dim
           \- ObUseEmacsVIM-mode
        \_ ED!
2002/10/25-28 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:26319 Activity:low
10/24   How do I set up sendmail so that "mail user" doesn't go to the
        local mail spool? Right now mail user@domain goes to Exchange
        but mail user doesn't.
           See "LOCAL_RELAY". -- jsjacob
           \_ thanks. still don't work. actually sending mail to an
              unqualified user makes the mail disappear. too bad
              our sys admins only do MS.
        \_ WTF are you trying to do?  Just use the provided mail server.
2002/10/25-28 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:26320 Activity:nil
10/24   Has anybody tried ripping songs from an XBox game?  I stfw but
        only find stuff about ripping a regular cd to the xbox HD.
        \- emacs M-x extract-audio xbox RET
2002/10/25-26 [Recreation/Travel, Industry/Startup] UID:26321 Activity:very high
10/25   The boss instituted a 7-day vacation/sick day (combined) policy
        for those who have been working for at least a year.  He says
        most startups don't give any vacation time at all.  Is this
        accurate?  How about where you work?
        \_ My company is still a "startup". 14 days vacation + 2 sick
           days per year. Pretty standard.
        \_ This is not accurate.  Most startups give 2 or 3 weeks
           paid time off (sick+vacation) and then aim to squeeze
           seventy hours weeks out of you the rest of the time.
        \_ That's the most absurd thing I've ever heard.
        \_ Utter bullshit
        \_ I'm not at a startup.  I'm at a gov't research lab.  But I
           get 13 sick days and 13 holidays per year, not counting
           national holidays such as Memorial day.  --PeterM
        \_ could be true.  Maybe you are a really small startup?
           \_ We have ~ 15 on-site employees.  Around for a couple years now.
            \_ It is bullshit.  Your boss is abusing the fact that jobs are
               scarce right now.  Do you really want to work for someone who
               tries to fuck hisi employees when he thinks he can get away with
                \_ Who would?  But the sad thing is, he CAN get away with it.
                   Bloody damned economy.  Irrational exuberance can bite me.
                   \_ The only reason he can get away with it is because
                      of apathetic, low self-image developers (and H1B's).
                      The market is bad, but it's not THAT bad.
                      \_ what safe secure hole have you been in?  or do you
                         rewl?  It *is* THAT bad
        \_ well that depends. Are you a H1B? If you are, ALL YOUR BASES ARE
           BELONG TO HIM. H1B have no legal grounds to sue and have no basis
           for complaint. It's the best cheap hitech labor.
           \_ Nonsense.  Civil complaints can be filed by anyone regardless
              of nationality.  Some courts will charge extra large filing
              fees for nonresidents, however.
              \_ That doesn't mean you will win.
        \_ we had FIVE weeks vacation at my last job... a start-up.
           of course, this was ~2 years ago.
        \_ Any URLs for vacation/sick policies (I looked on google) for
           startups?  If we assume he's not trying to screw people, the
           boss is a Type A personality who thinks everyone should work as
           hard as he does.  He thinks we should all work really hard and
           be proud when we succeed as a company -- instead of all acting
           like a bunch of 40hr/wk overpaid ingrates.
           \_ This sort of expectation is extremely unprofessional for any
              except a small cadre of founding members -- and even then it's
              borderline.  Very few people are in industry strictly because
              they like to work really hard.
           \_ "Proud" as in "wow, that's swell, have a piece of cake and let's
              get back to work" proud or "here's a nice big bonus and take a
              few weeks off" proud? Personally as I get older, I find better,
              more gratifying things to do in my life than cubicle work. What
              good is it to be successful if you can't enjoy life? And Allah
              help you, if have a family or get into a relationship. Your boss
              is trying to make you feel guilty for making money AND maybe
              trying to enjoy life at the same time. 'Sup to you to take
              it or leave it. Here's the best way to look at it, if the person
              of your dreams asks you to spend a long weekend in Tahoe and
              you can't do it because you had the flu in January, your life
              officially sucks.
        \_ Generally speaking, US sucks in terms of vacation days.  Europe
           and even countries in Asia are much better.  They get like 30
           days of vacation.  I only get a measly 13 days (not including
           sick days though).  It's because US has an anal retentive
           pilgrim's calling type of twisted work ethic.  However, I must
           say that your case is especially bad.  I think you are being
           bullied and exploited.  You should kick your boss.  Darn!  It's
           almost 8 p.m. Friday, why am I still at work?  Must be because
           I am a H1B slave.
        \_ Look, you are being exploited.  You know you are being exploited.
           Otherwise you wouldn't have posted to the motd.  Now if you just
           let this guy fuck you, you are a pathetic tool.  And to sit and
           whine about how the economy is os bad he can get away with it is
           not a solution.  First do you really want to work for someone who
           is going to treat you like shit any chance he gets?  I mean do you
           need the money that bad?  Do you have kids?  House payments?
           There are other jobs out there.  But if you don't want to quit
           you could actually talk to the guy about it.  Ask the other people
           at the company if they feel the vacation deal is fair.  If they
           don't ask them if they will back you if you make an issue out of it.
           They don't have to say anything, jsut sign something, or stand
           behind you when you make a case to the boss.  Then go in, and
           actually talk to the guy.  Don't be aggressive but don't be
           apologetic in any way shape or form.  Let him know you and the
           others are unhappy and that you want or more reasonable vacation
           policy.  That simple.  Chances are it will work.
           \_ The first half of your post is bang on.  But the idea of
              approaching management this way is unrealisitic at best -- this
              is something that is highly dependant on the work environment
              and the people involved.  Odds are, unless the OP is VERY
              charismatic, no one will back him when it gets real -- and
              dealing with an A-personality boss like this is only likely to
              get you classified as either a slacker, a troublemaker, or empty
              noise.  I've seen this happen before -- the 'shop-steward'
              approach is almost pointless in the vast majority of work
              environments.  If your company has an HR person or a sympathetic
              senior exec, you're better off working thru them than trying to
              start a half-assed revolution that's more likely to get you
              pushed out (shitty work assignments, blatant disrespect, etc).
              Don't get me wrong, communication is good -- but start with
              proper channels of communication before you escalate to direct
              confrontation.  Direct confrontation + junior level of
              employment is a really bad mix.              -mice
        \_ I have worked at four startups: the worst had 15 days PTO
           and nine holiday days a year, the best 11 holiday days, five
           days sick and three weeks vacation. -ausman
2002/10/25-28 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:26322 Activity:low
10/24   Anyone know of a way on solaris to see how many bytes went out
        on a particular interface? Analogous to netstat -ib of freebsd?
        I have some tools to do this, but I am wondering if there is a
        stock way. --psb
        \_ check out orca or setools. Let me know if this works for you.
           Or ucd-snmp or netsnmp. -abe
           \_ that's not what he asked.
              \_ I'll kill you and eat your children. -- Cthulhu
                 \_ You're sleeping.  Anyway I don't have children and I ran
                    out of SAN years ago.
2002/10/25 [Uncategorized] UID:26323 Activity:nil 72%like:26324
10/25   Death in Utah by firing squad:
2002/10/25-26 [Uncategorized] UID:26324 Activity:nil 72%like:26323
10/25   Death in Utah by firing squad: -urld
2018/11/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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