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2002/10/22-23 [Uncategorized] UID:26274 Activity:moderate
10/21   Anyone here use a fully or primarily online bank?  (i.e. one
        mostly without bick and mortar "branches")
        \_ what is your question?  concerns?
           \_ deposits, business accounts without monthly fees.
           \_ i'm looking to experience a bank failure first hand.
              \_ technical failure?  Or financial failure?
        \_ I use Netbank.  I love it.
        \_ Check out <DEAD><DEAD>  It has a free bill pay and high
           interest rate on checking.  No  fees with $1,000 avg balance. -alexb
2002/10/22 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/Rants, Computer/SW/Security] UID:26275 Activity:high
10/21   Is there any service that takes email and sends regular mail?
        Like bill pay, but with email instead of checks.  I should be
        able to set up "sendees" and they could print and send my emails
        to them.  Then i could correspond with my amish friends!
        \_ don't you have a printer, stamps, paper, and envelopes?
           \_ I'm VERY LAZY and am willing to pay someone else to
              specialize in that and get the economies of scale.
            \_ cool, thanks.
2002/10/22 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:26276 Activity:high
10/21   Just an idea-- what do you think of a sort of "follow" command
        for tcsh or bash.  Idea being
        % mv /some/really/long/dir/path
        % follow        # cd to /some/really/long/dir/path
        \_ try replacing "follow" with
           % cd !$
        \_ cd !$
           \_ Thanks, I knew I wasn't that creative.
              \- more interesting in a global and directory-specific
                 history stacks. ok tnx --psb
              \_ pushd !$
        \_ There are also times when I do something with a file, and
           then want to go to its directory, e.g.
                % mv oldname /new/directory/newname
                % cd /new/directory
           So in t?csh, I have 'there' aliased:
                there:   aliased to cd `dirname !-1$`
           \_ naughty geordan.  'cd !$:h', or in this case 'cd !-1$:h'
              \_ Not necessarily -- the reason brg and I chose this method
                 was for the case that /new/directory/newname might be a
                 directory itself.  So you'd use 'there' for the general "I
                 want to go to the last directory I specified." -geordan
           \_ wow THANKS geordan  -rosario #1 fan. You got more trix?
              \_ Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids. -geordan
2002/10/22-23 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:26277 Activity:very high
        Try the poll.  Last time I voted, 16% says that the airline should
        pay for the seat.  That means that 16% of american are fat asses that
        requires two seats on a flight.  That is just sad.
        \_ Or they realize how much narrower seats are these days, when in the
           past the config was 2+2 and is now 3+3.  At some point el lardo
           must pay, but at which bit?  I do know that SWA shouldn't be putting
           them in the emergency aisle!
           \_ american planes already have amongst the widest seats. It's the
           The USA should ban transmorgified fatty-acids (crisco) and
              leg room that keeps getting shortened.
        \_ If you take up twice as much room, your should pay twice as much.
           The USA should ban transmogrified fatty-acids (crisco) and
           excitotoxic flavir enhancers. they are making people fat and
           causing syndrome X. (insunin resistance and high blood pressure etc)
        \_ some people can't help being that's genetic for them.
           as a compromise, they should pay 1.5X the regular seat. airlines
           should accomodate them. shit, america accomodates for every other
           "disability" that exists.
           \_ Being fat isn't a disability.  The number of people with
              actual hormonal problems who "can't help being fat" dwarfs
              the number of people who just overeat.
           \_ Yeah, my Twin-XL bed shouldn't have cost anymore than a
              regular twin bed despite it costs more to make and uses
              more resources. Yeah Right. If you eat more calories that you
              burn per day you gain wait until your energy consumption matches
              your caloric intake.
           \_ Less than 5% (I've heard 1%) of obesity cases are genetic. But
              maybe they should offer some seats that are 2 to an aisle instead
              of 3 that cost 50% more... this isn't communism, the general
              population shouldn't have to pay for the few that are overweight
              (whether it is due to genes or habits). It's not like safeway
              charges you per visit... you pay depending on how much you buy
        \_ it's not the number of seats but the weight that should be
           taken into consideration too -- more jet fuel
           \_ not to mention the safety hazards. getting stuck in aisles,
              crushing other passengers, etc
        \_ Screw the fat people.  They should all stay home until Jerry or
           Heraldo cuts down a wall and wheels them out on a truck to the
        \_ Actually, it just means that 16% of Americans are either fat
           or pinko commies that want to stick it to corporations whenever
           possible.  Even when it makes no sense. -jrleek
           \_ if you hadn't noticed, it's the corporations who want to
              stick it to Americans--the airlines in this case.
           \_ I hate those fat pinko commies that want to stick it where
              it makes no sense.
2002/10/22-23 [Uncategorized] UID:26278 Activity:nil
10/21   Did spamd die?
2002/10/22 [Uncategorized] UID:26279 Activity:nil
10/21   When are you going to M$ research, nweaver?
        \_ Sometime after yermom lets him out of bed long enough for
           him to graduate.
2002/10/22-23 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:26280 Activity:moderate
10/22   What's the unix command-line program to extracting text from a .doc
        \_ strings
        \_ catdoc
        \_ rm
        \_ wv does it, albeit poorly
2002/10/22-23 [Science, Politics] UID:26281 Activity:kinda low
10/22   Anyone know about the power outage in Berkeley?
        \_ yeah, the power went out.  i think its back now.
2002/10/22-24 [Computer/Theory] UID:26282 Activity:high
        If you know the answer, please e-mail me, but don't give it
        away here. -- ilyas
        \_ Don't ask us to do your homework for you, mr. cheaty-pants!
           \_ I solved this already.  I also received one solution from
              someone on soda. -- ilyas
        \_ "Small" as in fewest vertices or "small" as in some notion
           the graph even need to be planar?
              sufficient for planar graphs.  -- ilyas
           of Euclidean diameter or something like that? Also, an edge
           can exist if and only if the distance is exactly 1? And can
           edges intersect (provided the graph is still planar)? Hell, does
           the graph even need to be planar? Can 2 vertices be assigned
           to the same position in the plane?
           \_ Small in a sense of fewest vertices.  An edge can exist
              if and only if the distance is exactly 1.  Edges can intersect,
              the graph does not need to be planar.  Two distinct vertices
              cannot occupy the same position on the plane. -- ilyas
        \_ what's a 4-coloring? Does this question need more explaination?
           \_ A 4-coloring is an assignment of colors to vertices, such
              that no more than 4 colors are used, and no two adjacent
              vertices share a color.  The terminology I am using comes
              from a related problem asking whether 4 colors are always
              sufficient for planar graphs (which was solved by Appel
              and Haken with the aid of a computer in 1976). -- ilyas
2002/10/22-24 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:26283 Activity:high
10/22   Has anyone installed an xWindows browser(netscape/mozilla/opera/??) on
        \_ Please don't do this. I am sure you can find a better place to
           run your browser from. Like scotch, for instance.
           \_ Please don't do this and have it fork off 700 processes and
              make soda unusable for the other 170 users, Mr. edelson.
              \_ We've been keeping an eye on you for some time, Mr. Edelson.
        \_ I think it's funny that the non-undergrads are complaining that
           the undergrad is using the machine paid for by undergrad money.
           \_ Soda was donated.
              \_ Don't confuse the issue with facts.
                 \_ Fact.  The nettap sure as fuck wasn't donated.
                    Fact. If you want the K6-200 back, go get it.
                    Fact. Last i checked it was running redhat anyway.
           \_ There's actually a significant difference between "using the
              machine" and "bringing the machine to its knees".  The latter
              affects more than just non-undergrads.
2002/10/22-23 [Computer/Rants] UID:26284 Activity:high
        I'm sure those of you who do nothing but sit on your fat asses all
        day in front of the computer have already seen this.  For the rest of
        us, here it is.
        \_ still bitter about the bill gates mugshot thing, huh?
           \_ My friends almost always know about "the links" before
              I do, and even I knew about the mugshot.  That guy was
              such a twink, and his I'm-cooler-than-you-because-I'm-
              feigning-ignorance thing was so pathetic.
        \_ The cluetrain people are schmucks.
2019/08/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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