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2002/10/21-22 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:26263 Activity:very high
10/20   What's a good data structure / pattern for a winamp-style
        "Jump-To" dialog?  User types in a "foo bar", and the window
        returns existing files such as "Foomatic Hyperbaric", "Bare Food"
        \_ I checked out XMMS, and it just uses an iterative approach:
           separate the words by whitespace, then
           foreach filename {
                f = lowercase (filename)
                foreach word {
                        if (!strstr(f, word) return NO_MATCH
                return MATCH
           It turns out that processors are just fast.
        \_ I doubt there's any magic.  I think most likely it just does a
           substring search on each filename.  of course, if you want it to
           be interactive like winamp, you can progressively filter the
           \_ the poster wants to avoid iterating on each filename
              \_ obviously, but how do you expect to be able to filter on
                 arbitrary strings without it?  You're going to need to go
                 through each filename.  Or maybe you can index all the
                 filenames by what letters they contain; the user types 'f',
                 and the program returns a precalculated list of all items
                 that contain the letter 'f'.
                 \_ duh, perl.
        \_ a trie is good for searching strings with so-and-so prefix.
           don't know if that's so great for your examples though.
        \_ perl.
           \_ Perl is actually one of the slowest languages for regular
              expression matching.
              \_ And the fastest few would be...?
                 \_ C, C++, ocaml.
           \_ wait-- would you really consider this a data-structure?
              \_ no, I don't answer the questions, I provide the solutions.
                 most motd posters who ask detailed and specific technical
                 questions are already in a thought rut and need a kick in
                 the ass to get out and solve the real problem.
                 \_ apparently you miss sarcasm as well.
                    \_ if there was any I would've spotted it.  since this is
                       the motd, i expect people to post stupid things and
                       mean them.
                        \_ Thank you Comic Book Guy!
                           \_ See what I mean?
2002/10/21-22 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:26264 Activity:high
10/21   At work, i act as a tech support for a small company,
        I am thinking of dump all the manual, release notes,
        and all the problem i have encountered in the past into
        a sort of knowledge DB... I just want able to search
        things by keyword, nothing fancy.
        what kind of open source content management package
        should I use? there are too many of them at sourceforge.
        I would like to hear you guys' experiences
        \_ just create HTML pages and let Google search them for you.
        \_ I went through this exercise recently for a client. There are NO
                good open-source KM products but the defintion of KM varies
                widely. Many people find Wiki and search engine acceptable.
        \_ How to use mysql and perl/cgi front end?  How to get into Cal and
           knowing to write English goodly?
           \_ don't be an ass.  he got two words wrong.  How many languages
              can you write fluently?
              \_ thanks man.
              \_ just the one that counts in this country and unlike you I
                 provided an answer.  he didn't get two words wrong.  he
                 butchered the mother tongue.
2002/10/21-22 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Media] UID:26265 Activity:low
10/21   Next two movies you need to rent, "Bully" and "Series 7: The
        Contenders".  Not good date movies unless your date is 'different'.
        \_ what are you talking about?  These are great date movies!
           About on a par with Mullholland Drive.
           \_ Well ya, if you're only dating soda chicks or asians over 35 so
              it doesn't matter what they think.
2002/10/21-22 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:26266 Activity:high
10/20   I need to wrap a css file with "<xml><css>" so that I can embed it
        in a file and also link to it.  But doing so causes the linked-to
        version to ignore the first style-- any ideas as to why this
        \_ Is there really a <css> tag? Your question doesn't make sense?
           What are you actually trying to do?
           \_ Actually, I just need the "xml" tag-- I want to be able to
              embed the stylesheet in an html file created by XSL
              (requires an xml tag in the referenced document) yet
              still use the stylesheet via a <link href="..."> tag.
                \_ Aah, so you're trying to use one style sheet file
                   that will work in both XML and HTML, despite them having
                   different syntax. If you're using Apache, make two style
                   sheet files. One will be for HTML syntax, without the
                   <xlm> tag. the other will have an opening <xml> tag
                   and then an SSI include of the HTML version, and then
                   and then an SSI include of the HTML version:
                   <!--#include file="yourstyle.css" -->, and then
                   will be included by apache when it reads it.
                   the closing </xml> tag. It will have ony three lines.
                   you only need to make changes to the first one, and it
                   will be included by apache when it reads it. You might
                   have a problem with mime types: What will be the extension
                   of the XML/XSL filename?
                   \_ That's a good idea, but it won't work for me here.
                      I'm using an XSLT converter that uses
                      <xsl:value-of select="document(mycss.css)" /> and
                      apache isn't part of the equation.  I think I might
                      just have to choose one or the other.
2002/10/21 [Uncategorized] UID:26267 Activity:nil
10/21   Serious question.  How many of you have seen your sister naked?
        Please respond only if you're a guy.
        Oops sister: .
        \_ of course, but don't remember.
2002/10/21-22 [Uncategorized] UID:26268 Activity:moderate
10/21   How many people actually have custom scripts to log the motd?
        err... clarification: to log who makes various changes.
        \_ We are not aware of any such scripts and, were we aware, we would
           not be disposed to tell you of any such scripts.
        \_ Yes.  It was so trivial to write it was laughable.  Write your own.
2002/10/21-22 [Computer/Theory] UID:26269 Activity:moderate
10/21   By transferring 3.47 gigabytes over 3000 miles (4810 km) of network
        from Eugene, Oregon to Syracuse, New York in one hour, the team set
        an I2-LSR IPv6 category record of 39.81 terabit meters per second.
        is their math wrong or am I dumb?  from
        \_ Their math is fine, assuming they meant, to use the ISO terms,
           3.47 gibibytes and 39.81 terabits. note that the former is in
           units of 2^30 bytes while the latter is in units of 10^12 BITS.
           \- do you know what their %age of re-xmits was and checksum
              failures?  --psb
        \_ Damn.  I could stomp this record with a truck full of hard disks.
           \_ Never underestimate the bandwidth...
           \_ Netflix transfers way more data.  Except they use DVD's instead
              of HD's and postal carriers instead of a station wagon.
           \_ Not in 1 hour coast to coast.
2002/10/21-22 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:26270 Activity:very high
10/21   When u get a haircut do u usually tip the guy? Why/why not?
        \_ Guy?  That's too gay.  It's your free chance to have a chick
           rubbing your scalp.
        \_ Yes. one dollar.
           \_ It's not free, though.
        \_ That's obviously a trick questions.  Real CS men don't give a
        \_ Yes. one dollar to the nice lady ad Supercuts.
           fuck about their hair.
           \_ And real CS men don't get dates either.
        \_ Yes. one dollar to the nice lady at Supercuts.
        \_ It is customary if the service was satisfactory. --dim
                \_ what percentage is the customary tip... 15% like fud?
                      but no less than $5 (if it's a classy place).
        \_ The last one I went to had this almost non existent strings top
           about bikini size with these anti-gravity all natural C tits.
           You bet your ass I tipped!
           \_ wow brett, sounds like a great time. Oh and by the way,
              thanks for the suggestion below to write my own logging
              script. It works great!
                \_ you're logging script is flawed -brett
                   \_ damn.
           \_ When I went to school in the late 80s there was a salon
              on telegraph where a couple of the hot hair-stylists would
              kinda rub up against or brush their bosoms against you
              when they cut hair. Of course,  back then I didn't know
              what to do, how to get the most out of it, or tip.
                \_ suppose you tip a hot gal. Is she gonna do you? No. So
                   I don't see a point here.
                        \_ valid argument. But remember, your fate for the
                           month depends on your hairdresser. That's one
                           person I never try to piss off. :-)
        \_ This isn't an AIM chat.  "You" is spelled y-o-u.
           \_ Thank you.  Seconded.
2002/10/21-22 [Computer/Networking] UID:26271 Activity:moderate
10/21   Is this a DNS or an ARP problem? Is there
        any easy way to clear the arp entry (-d doesn't wrok because there
        is no entry).
        pluto [/htm/mrtg/cfg]# nslookup argon
        Server:  localhost


        pluto [/htm/mrtg/cfg]# arp argon
        ruhs ( -- no entry
        \_ it could very well be neither.  argon may have multiple IPs on
           a single mac.
           \_ Argon is a router. .66 is one of the routers IPs, .6 is not.
              It was (incorrectly) named in the DNS. Which I removed, and then
              got what you see above... but I didn't know how to clear the
2002/10/21-23 [Uncategorized] UID:26272 Activity:nil
10/21   One of my co-workers recently left to join Microsoft Research.
        I may be able to follow. Should I turn to the darkside?
        Opinions? There is a 20% chance I could be laid off from
        my current job. If so, I could instead work in academia for
2002/10/21-23 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:26273 Activity:high
        1/2 the pay, 2/3 the workday, and with soul intact. And I could
        chase after 18 year old coeds. thanks.
        \_ rank the following: pay, job satisfaction (which would give you
           more job satisfaction), work-life balance, job security
        \_ I returned to a campus job and found it tough to adjust because
           everything is so slow and everybody seems so lazy.
        \_ a couple days ago, watching a movie on Bravo, they said:
           "You're watching 'The Godfather', presented by Microsoft"
        \_ MSR has some stellar people on board, and is one of the best
           places in industry to pursue independent research (i.e. they
           like their employees to publish, you have little pressure to
           do research that contributes to the bottom line, reasonable hours
           by Microsoft standards) ... it's also a prestigious place to be.
                \_ yeah it's the BEST research company cuz all the Lucent
                   IBM Xerox laid off researcher needed a job so they went to
           \_ (1) $40 BILLION CASH (2) MONOPOLY.
                   MS. In another word MS acquired the research team, just
                   like the way they acquired 80% of the game companies.
                   \_ I heard that M$ stole a bunch of Sun and Adobe employees
           It's fairly silly to blame Microsoft for "stealing" or "acquiring"_/
           employees. What, you think these brilliant people you admire
           for their research accomplishments are merely robotic sheep who
           placidly accept Microsoft's offer when their old companies go
           tits-up? The people I know there, and there are many, went there
           having lots of other offers but thought MSR had the best
           intellectual environment.
        \_ What makes you think MS will still be around in their current form
           in the long term?
           \_ (1) $40 BILLION CASH RESERVES (2) MONOPOLY.
              \_ 1) cant live forever on even that much cash once 2) their
                 monopoly goes tits up.  I give it 5 years, tops.
                 \_ So you are saying youre shorting their stock?
                    They could lose $1 BILLION every quarter and still
                    be around 10 years. In 10 years though, their bank
                    interest, license-fees and upgrade-fees will make
                    their cash position even stronger. And after awhile
                    they wont have to increase their "microsoft research"
                    spending anymore because they will own all the
                    industry researchers.
           \_ what makes you think the US will still be around in its current
              form in the long term?
              \_ President Bill Gates would have made the US a wholely-owned
                 subsidiary of Micro$oft by then.
                 \_ I know you're joking but I sometimes see people who say and
                    mean things like this who don't understand the *vast*
                    size difference between the federal government or even any
                    state governmeny and the largest corporations on the
                    planet.  Taxation yields greater income than profit with
                    less effort.
        \_ Okay, serious answer now.  My impression is that MSR has a lot of
           good people in certain areas, but are not absolutely top notch in
           every field.  Also, rumor is MSR is becoming more product oriented.
           They don't make life absolutely difficult for pure theoreticians,
           but some sort of involvement with product groups is highly
           encouraged.  With that being said, it's still one of the best
           industry research labs around.  Indeed with all the other big names
           crumbling one after the other, they seem to be the only ones still
           breathing.  Yeah sure, you'll be joining the "darkside," but hey,
           the same can be said about being American.  It's not so bad once
           the scar from the chip implant heals.  -- alice
        \_ M$ just does this to try to legitimize themselves. It's
           not worth as much as it should be.
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