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2002/10/19-21 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:26254 Activity:nil
10/18   How do I change the font size of the menus in mozilla?  I'm using
        the qt-toolkit.
        \_ I thought mozilla used gtk.
           \_ It maintains a layer of abstraction above the toolkit.
        \_ Mozilla is prefect in all ways.  It needs no changes.
2002/10/19-20 [Uncategorized] UID:26255 Activity:high 80%like:26259
10/18 -urld
        \_ "We realize that the study population was relatively inadequate..."
           \_ Size doesn't matter.  Of the study, that is...
2002/10/19-20 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:26256 Activity:low
10/18   How's Stanford, twohey?
        \_ hey what are you, some kind of freak stalker?
           How's chialea doing at CMU?
           \_ Poor alexf, already forgotten.
              \_ hardly, unfortunately... -alexf
        \_ alexf, how to get into Berkeley? Help.               -junior
                \_ why can't you post a serious response on motd?
           \_ email if you want a serious response. -alexf
                \_ serious response receiver, can you please post alexf's
                   response? Thanks.
           \_ suddenly become leet, or suck appropriate dick. helps to
              be female and attractive if you opt for the latter.
              \_ helpful but not necessary.  diversity rules!
2002/10/19-20 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:26257 Activity:nil
10/18   I'm looking to buy some new hardware to run Linux on: AMD Athlon,
        AGP graphics for X. Any suggestions for the motherboard, chipset
        and graphics card. I don't really need 3d but wouldn't mind having it,
        if it doesn't degrade 2d performance.
        \_ If you want a cheap mb, take a look at this one:
           I think that there is a coupon that will reduce the
           price further.
        \_ wait a month or two and get an Intel Granite Bay motherboard.
           Dual channel DDR will kick ass.
             \_ I don't want anything too expensive. Should've said my budget
                is about $700 (if possible) for: 80GB disk, CPU, M-Board,
                Video card, Case with power supply (oh yeah memory too)
                \_ you need RAM also? that's plenty of money. Get a Western
                   Digital 8MB cache drive, $111 at newegg. For Intel, get
                   a P4 2.4B ($184) or 1.8A and overclock to 2.4 ($141),
                   and a $95 albatron 845PE board. For AMD get a board
                   that does 333 MHz DDR and any cheap processor.
        \_ GeForce3Ti or MX (Don't waste your money on a 4, since XFree
           doesn't support it). Go for a 2000+XP since the chip is ~ $100
           and isn't that much slower than a 2200. Any mb with DDR and
           ATA100 should be okay. I think mine is a Via.
           \_ You can always download NVidia's drivers from nvidia's web
              site. They work better than XFree86 ones but you will have
              to rebuild them for every kernel upgrade.
          \_ THanks y'all.  -op
2002/10/19-21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:26258 Activity:high
10/18   use /csua/bin/me to edit the motd, morons.
        \_ get a life
        \_ Jove.  Only Jove.
           \_ setenv $EDITOR jove.  Is that hard?
              \_ The '$' shouldn't be there. -geordan
           \_ Um.. fuck jove... and pico...
        \_ You know it. I know it. I don't need to say a damned thing.
           \_ But naturally you did anyway.  dufus.
          \_ But apparently someone else needs to...<sigh>
        \_ blah blah motdedit blah me blah blah motdedit blah moron.  get
           over it.
        \_ fuck off I'm the queen
        \_ fuck you.
           \_ fuck you too.
        \_ Convincing people to change their habits by calling them
        \_ fuck you.
             \_ just use one of the programs that respects the file lock.
                \_ No thanks.  None of your god damned business what anyone
                   else uses.
                   \_ You should really see someone about these flashes of
                      anger.  There are some talented psychiatrists around
                      \_ You should really see someone about these flashes of
                         megalomania.  There are some talented psychiatrists
                         that can help you with your control-freakishness.
           names is probably not the most effective or intelligent way
           to effect change.  Perhaps you should consider a different
           strategy.                    -mice
                   Communism exists, remember?
                \_ convincing people is not effective, PERIOD. That's why
                   Free Republic exists, remember?
                   \_ *laugh* the motd is so rude even statements about the
                      motd being rude get edited.
                   \_ I think you mean 'fascism'.
                   \_ You seem to have missed my point, but I suppose this
                      being the motd and all, it's to be expected.  *shrug*
                   \_ Religion/brain-washing is the way to go.
           \_ Yeah.  We need to have an intervention on the rude motd bastards.
              Ah damnit.  Can we start again?
              \_ Nah.  Motd is no fun without rude motd bastards.    -mice
        \_ Oh yessuh!  Anythin ya say suh!  You tha boss suh!  Fuck you.
2002/10/19 [Uncategorized] UID:26259 Activity:nil 80%like:26255
10/18 -urld
2002/10/19-20 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:26260 Activity:low
10/18   Congressman Cussin' Mad Over Clinton-Korea Charges
        \_ Ah, newsmax.
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