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2002/10/18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26237 Activity:high
10/17   Woman accused of biting husband to death after he refused sex    <DEAD><DEAD> -urld
                                                \- has someone written
                                                   a cmdline tool that
                                                   will return shornted urls?
                                                   like this:
                                                   # shortenurl <RET>
                                                   <paste in long url>
                                                   <returns short url>
                                                   or "cat|echo" | shorturl ...
                                                   ok tnx. --psb
                                                    \_ I haven't, but that's
                                                       a great idea. -urld
                                                   \_ ~geordan/bin/u
                                                      I wrote it in about
                                                      five minutes, so let
                                                      me know all about all
                                                      the crappy bugs in
                                                      it. -geordan
                                                      \- yes ok good,
                                                      but i suggested the
                                                      first example to
                                                      avoid the hassle of
                                                      quoting and backslashing.
                                                      and worrying about CR.
                                                      \_ Okay, it'll take
                                                         urls either on the
                                                         commandline or
                                                         from stdin.
                                                         \- ok good job.
                                                            might want to
                                                            rename to say
                                                            "udo". i alias
                                                            u to uptime.
                                                            ok tnx. --psb
                            Symlinked for your convenience. -geordan _/
                                Rad program! -urld. _/
        \_ Would you want to have sex with her?
        \_ Better than biting him to death after sex like a spider.
2002/10/18 [Science/Electric] UID:26238 Activity:high
10/17   I'm going to Thailand.  Does anyone know what kind of AC plug adapter
        I need to use over there?  (I know it's 220V over there.)  Thanks.
        \_ Can't you live without your vibrator for awhile?
        \_ would you trust us even if we told you?
        \_ To be safe you should protect your equipment with an adapter made by
           Trojenz corporation.
        \_ I've seen travel stores come with voltage adaptors, plug adaptors
           and so forth.
           \_ Franzus makes several plugs and B&H carries them, but Franzus
              does seem to make one for Thailand.  -- OP
              \- try the bookstore at rose and shattuck. they dispense advice
                 and products. --psb
        \_ On a serious note, Thailand uses the Continental Europe plug.
           Two prong, cylinder-looking plugs.
2002/10/18 [Reference/BayArea] UID:26239 Activity:moderate
10/17   I want to have a digital image printed on a coffee mug as a present.
        I know there are places to get this online (clubphoto,,
        etc) but I was wondering if there's anywhere in the bay area that
        do this so I don't have to wait for shipping. any ideas?
        \_ almost any photo store maybe?
           \_ I called around and people I talked to didn't know what I was
              talking about...
              \_ Check around the big malls.  Vallco in south bay had a little
                 store that would take pictures and put them on mugs, tshirts,
                 etc.  Those stores are probably your best bet.
                 \_ lots of places do it - walmart, office depot - but do they
                    all just send them off to the same mail order places?
        \_ There's a place called Keepsake Factory, in the Newpark Mall
           in Newark. They do everything onsite, they do not send it out.
           Phone: 510-792-0192.
2002/10/18 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:26240 Activity:high
10/17   3 votes against the asian chick.  Racism!
        \_ stay angry!
        \_ What about Terilyn Joe?
2002/10/18 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:26241 Activity:nil
10/17   Enron trader pleads guilty:
        Finally, the deregulators are getting their comeuppance. Watch, one
        of the libertarians will cry "but it wasn't *real* de-regulation."
2002/10/18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26242 Activity:high
        \_ yes I'm angry, I'm angry that white women prefer white guys. Why
           can't they see the softer, gentler side of Asian men? Why do they
           prefer the brawn over the brain?     -angryasianman
           \_ ??? The website does not make any Hoyt Sze-style diatribes about
              Asian women dating white guys. Or are you just trolling?
              \_ It's because of our small penises, isn't it?
           \_ doesn't it piss you off that asian chicks date big dumb white
              guys or non-asian-ethnic guys rather than stick with asian men?
              \_ CHOTO PEE PEE! CHOTO PEE PEE!
        \_ The problem with asian chicks: ever seen a hot 35+ y/old asian
           woman?  Me either.  It's like aliens steal them at age 34 or
           \_ Do you know many in the 35-40 group?  I spent a week hitting on
              my beijing tour guide until I found she was married, had a kid
              and was 36.  Stop looking in geek hangouts - go out to 10ks.
           \_ you mispelled "h07".
           \_ Dammit! I guess that means the hot admin in my bldg will be
              disappearing within a year.
              \_ Post the job opening!
           \_ Michelle Yeoh is 40. I don't know if she's "hot", but she's
              \_ Not fake Hollywood crap.  Real women that you can actually
                 see walking around in real life.  Don't post your favorite
                 jerk off h07 chick list from Hollywood's makeup and fake
                 camera angles & lighting pits.  No hot asian women.  They
                 all turn into these ugly shriveled prune people at ~35.
                 Good to date young, but don't marry one.
                 \_ On the other hand I've seen in real live many more 200lb+
                    white and black women than 200lb+ Asian women.
                    \_ there's probably a few on soda.
                    \_ the asisn ones get hidden by their families out of
                       shame and family pride.  or sold off as fish bait
                    \_ True, but that's ducking the point.
           \_ Kelly Hu
              \_ How old?
                 \_ 35
2002/10/18 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:26243 Activity:high
10.17   anyone have a good unix primer (online) for college freshman? my
        little brother knows ls, pine, pico, who, and talk, but that's about
        it. something that can introduce him to the concept of jobs, processes,
        pipes, but also, simpler stuff, like... i dont know, the stuff that
        the average unix user takes for granted.
        \_ Unix for the Impatient
        \_ dont let him use pine.
        \_ go take a community college class on Linux certification,
           that would help.  Or take a class on web page thingy
           (make sure it's shell script + CGI  instead of Frontpage + IIS).
           That will get him started. The rest of it is just force
           oneself uses an unix-like machine (e.g. linux) at home, and
           not afrad of asking questions without be flamed.  Unix crowd
           love to flame newbies, but I have found that Unix crowd
           is tend to be much more helpful than let say, VB crowd...
           they usually teach you how to do things after they laughed
           at you for being such stupid ass.     --still an unix newbie
           \_ That's cuz VB is black magic...and stupid black magic.
                 taking away their job after read a "... in 24 hours" book,
              \_ No, it's because the VBers have an honest fear of some newbie
                 taking away their job after reading a "... in 24 hours" book,
                 but the unix people are just low-social-skills pricks who
                 really want to help but not until after they've lorded it
                 over someone for a bit.
                 \_ Indeed!!
        \_ I wrote an introduction to unix for 61a students a few years ago.
           Most of the material should still be current. Corrections /
           suggestions for improvement welcome. --twohey
2002/10/18 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:26244 Activity:high
10/17   Beginner question: what does 2>&1 mean and what is the history of
        that strange syntax?
        \_ redirect file handle 2 (standard error) to handle 1 (std out)?
        \_ history lesson: unix is as unix does.
           See "IO Redirection" section. Doesn't say why ">" and "<"
           were chosen. Neither does it say why "&" was added in this
           context. However, I assume "&" was added because file descriptor 2
           adds to (rather than clobbers) file descriptor 1.
           \_ maybe because you can sorta kinda think of & as somehow like
              the address operator in C.
              \_ history lesson: unix is as unix does.
           \_ The intuition is this: "&" means "the stuff that was 1 already
              AND the stuff that was on 2." A bit of a stretch, but not
              completely random. > and < existed pre-UNIX, I think, and in any
              case are the most arrow-looking characters in 0x20-0x7F ascii.
              Intuition -- one thing is going "TO" or "FROM" another.
              \_ history lesson: unix is as unix does.
           \_ history lesson: unix is as unix does.
2002/10/18 [Uncategorized] UID:26245 Activity:nil 72%like:26251
10/17   Fonda, Sheen et al Spew Out Another NY Times Ad
2002/10/18 [Uncategorized] UID:26246 Activity:moderate
10/17   When I'm invoking gcc I'm really invoking cc1. How do I find out
        which path/version of cc1 I'm invoking?
        \_ run with -v.
2002/10/18-19 [Industry/Jobs] UID:26247 Activity:moderate
10/18   Friday afternoon.  work sucks.
        \_ could be worse. it's been lay-off central around here for the
           last two days.
           \_ last night I dreamt that my boss told me I'd be out of a job
              after january. But I was supposed to finish my stuff before
              \_ Funny--that actually happened to a co-worker of mine.
        \_ could be worse, you could have quit your job and gone to
           grad skool and then discovered that you had forgotten how
           much you hated school and that work is infinitely better
           than putting up with shitty profs, boring course work and
           and tiresome homework.
           \_ And by the time you get back into the real world all the hot
              asian chicks turned into 35+ year old prunes.
              \_ Funny--that actually happened to a friend of mine.
2002/10/18 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:26248 Activity:nil
10/18   How do I tell plain old Netscape 4.76 for Solaris to not allow
        any pop-up windows?
        \_ I think you upgrade to a newer version of Netscape. Or you
           could try the Solaris version of Opera, the fastest browser
           on earth.
        \_ Disable java entirely or install mozilla1.1.
           \_ javascript, twink
2002/10/18 [Uncategorized] UID:26249 Activity:nil
10/18   Equivalent of Amoeba in Philly?
2002/10/18 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:26250 Activity:nil
        The problem isn't ``foreigners taking our jobs,'' it's ``American
        companies can get IT work done more cheaply overseas.''
        \_ Why go overseas when you can pick up H1Bs here who are afraid of
           packing themselves and their families up and moving back to the
           home country? It's a little more pricey, but you have greater
           control over the product, the employee, and avoid middleman markup?
        \_ All work can be done more cheaply overseas. This includes medical
           care, manufacturing, and so on. Cost-of-living is cheaper there and
           so are wages. The problem is what happens when everyone has been
           outsourced. Who will keep the US economy afloat then? --dim
           \_ I'm curious about how you would outsource medical care.  Fly
              people to Taiwan?  -tom
              \_ Lots of people go to Mexico for medical care. The point
                 being that doctors in Mexico make less than doctors here,
                 even though it's a skilled and valuable profession. Everything
                 costs less to do somewhere else. --dim
              \_ It's not hard for Kaiser-style medical care.  You call Kaiser
                 saying you are very sick and you want to make an appointment
                 to see a doctor, and the guy on the phone keeps on asking you
                 if you feel this and if you feel that, telling you it's no big
                 deal and go get some over-the-counter medicine and drink lots
                 lots of water, and bye.  If you insist on making an
                 appointment, he'll tell you there's a slot in three months.
                 Then you're left dying and he gets a bonus for turning yet
                 another patient away and saving the company money.  For this
                 kind of medical care, it's easy to outsource to any English-
                 speaking country with a phone network.
2002/10/18 [Uncategorized] UID:26251 Activity:nil 72%like:26245
10/17   Fonda, Sheen et al Spew Out Another NY Times Ad
        \_ I crap better editorials than this.
          \_ Agreed.
        \_ "...and even former death row convict Muima Abu-Jamal..." Former?!
           when did they free Mumia??
           \_ his sentence was commuted last year, although it was conditional
              on no appeals and they've appealed it.  -tom
                \_ Forget Mumia, Free Trafficant!
                   \_ I say free them both.
                      \_ Trafficant has better hair.
        \_ This is not a link to the ad, it is a link to a poorly written
           diatribe attacking the ad. Got a link to the ad?
           \_ seems unlikely to me that the ad would be online... unless
              someone happened to scan it...
2002/10/18 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:26252 Activity:high
10/17   Whats wrong with you guys. ALL women turn into ugly prunes by 35.
        It's not just Asian women. If anything blond women age faster.
        \_ Black women don't get wrinkles until much later.
        \_ No.  There are lots of hot women of other races over 35.  There are
           no asian women over 35 who aren't stomach turners.  With non-asians
           the rate drops but never hits zero.  Asians: 35+ = zero hotties.
           \_ troll.  I know plenty of asian women over 35 who are
              still cute.  Plenty of asian MILFs out there.
              \_ Not a troll and not my fault if you have really low
                 standards.  MILF, indeed.  Unlikely.  Maybe you know 1 if
                 you're lucky or blind.
                 \_ Maybe he has a fetish for shrivelled prunes.
              \_ What's MILF?  Thx.
                 \_ Multiple Independently-targeted Linear Firearm
                 \_ Mother I'd Like to Fuck.  Basically one of those 35+ y/old
                    moms of your friend(s) who had a child at a young age and
                    is still fuckable and at age < 20 you have the fantasy
                    that she's "in reach".
                 \_ Moro Islamic Liberation Front:
                 \_ from the movie "American Pie". MILF -> Mom I'd Like to
                    Fuck. Although I don't know why for some reason op thinks
                    35+ automatically implies motherhood.
                    \_ It is *not* from the movie.  no more than hollywood
                       invented any of a million other things.  The OP didn't
                       say 35+ implies motherhood, someone later did.
              \_ I only know of one over-35 hot Asian woman.  She's an HR
                 director here.  She looks 35-40.  She has an okay face, but
                 her body is very hot, something like 5'2" 32D-21-33.  Of
                 course these are only my visual estimates.  I wouldn't know
                 her actual figures.  Looking at her is a treat, especially
                 when she's working out.  This is the only one I know in real
                 life.  Every other one is not worth looking at or is worth not
                 looking at.
                 \_ BINGO!  We have a winner!  This is exactly my point.  The
                    rare few that exist occur so infrequently as to be hottie
                    mutants or something.  I work in SF so you'd think I might
                    see a few.  Maybe there's been 1 every 6 months that I've
                    seen on the street, in a restaurant or BART.  Maybe 1.
                 \_ Um, that sounds like my stepmom, but she's 46.
                    And HR VP, not director.
                    \_ What a lucky guy your dad is!
2002/10/18-20 [Consumer/PDA] UID:26253 Activity:kinda low
10/18   I've been trying to find a list of mergers / acquisitions involving
        Sony, but I can't seem to find the right Google search words.
        Anyone have an idea? -dpc
        \_ this type of information is not generally free as far as I know.
           I might be able to get it for you... post your login.
2018/10/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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