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2002/10/13-14 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:26166 Activity:high
10/13   John Salomon has letter to the editor published in The Economist.
        See it in this week's issue.
        \_ Would someone please put the text somewhere on soda?
        \_ Who is John Salomon?
           \_ > finger john | grep -i salom
Login: john                             Name: John Morgan Salomon
John Salomon, first against the wall when the Revolution comes
        \_ Yeah, type in the letter.  It can't be more than a few paragraphs.
        \_ What issue date exactly? He isn't in the online letters:
           (Subscription required)
           \_ The letter doesn't say anything substantial.  Was it just
              repartee or was it edited down?
                \_ Edited-down repartee to a badly-written, ill-informed
                   article featuring worse-than-usual management blather by
                   worse-than-usual cretin Sun manager.  Can
                   I put it on my resume?  :)  -John
                   \_ Can you put the original in /csua/tmp?
                        \_ /csua/tmp/letter.txt
                          \_ That letter never would have been printed save
                             for the "dashingly handsome" bite. I'll have to
                             remember that trick.
                             \_ Hehe.  The "Zurich, Switzerland" bit
                                didn't hurt, either.
                                \_ Ha ha ha! Jesus lord in heaven they suck.
                                   Very well done!
                   \_ URL or title of the original you responded to?
        \_ The Economist is intended for people who want to FEEL that they are
           intellectual, sophisticated, and have a wide breadth of knowledge.
           Stereotyping is what it does to keep its customers.  You happen
           to notice because you have a working knowledge of this subject,
           but it really applies to basically everything in that magazine.
           \_ true.  but i like Economist obituaries -- they alone are
              worth the price of the magazine.  - misha.
              \_ Certainly no other "news" magazine provides unpaid for full
                 page obits for running dog industry captains.
2002/10/13 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:26167 Activity:kinda low
10/12   How much does a Gigabit Ethernet NIC and switch cost? Where to Buy?
        \_ way too vague.. NIC varies btwn $100 and $1500 depending on
           the manufacturer and the cards features and the switch varies
           on how many gigE ports and other ports on it. for basic pricing
           maybe check Dell.. they have a very cheap gig switch. and of
           course everything depends on copper or fiber. -shac
              \_ Copper PCI NIC's that work in Linux and a 4 port copper switch.
                 I still have a related question from yesterday: Compare the
                 lag between running an Xserver (WinAxe_) over 100BaseT compared
                 with running X on the Linux machine's hardware for real.
                 \_ I've displayed netrek from workstation to another over a
                    100mbit link.  Ran as fast as if it was local.  YMMV.
        \_ Ebay sells Cisco gig switches for <$1000.
2002/10/13-14 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:26168 Activity:high
10/13   What's the minimum res to print decent 8x10's? is 1024x768 (scanned
        at 200dpi) good enough? Are there rules of thumb?
        \_ no.  you need about 1500x1000 for relatively decent picture
           the guy spend $500+ on Ofoto making 8x10 prints
        \_ What are you doing with it?  If you're giving it to grandma then
           you want it done professionally.  Good enough depends on how good
           grandma's eyes are these days.
           \_ it's for grandma. where's a place that can scan about 100
              photos and give me a photocd and high quality prints?
              \_ You have .jpgs or paper or negatives?  For .jpgs upload them
                 to, or  If you need
                 them super fast then shell out and take your negs/prints to
                 any of a million local places but the prices will be much
                 higher than the online services.  The online places will take
                 undeveloped negatives, scan them in and send you prints, too.
                 \_ I have prints, no negatives. Even on DSL, it would take
                    forever to scan 5MB images and upload them, so I was
                    wondering if it's ok to shrink the jpg's.
                    \_ if you have prints, take them to a photo print place
                       and get copies made.  There's no reason to introduce
                       digital here.  If you do introduce digital, you can't
                       afford to throw away resolution.  -tom
                       \_ Thanks for the advice. In general, can they also
                          give me a photo-cd from the prints?
                        \_ Online photos will cost you $.25/print vs. $.50
                           at a local photo store.
                           \_ not for 8x10
        \_ this was useful: -op
        \_ I heard that for "good" quality you need to print at 300dpi.  So for
           8"x10" you need 2400x3000.  But that is only if your image source is
           of high quality.  If you only have small prints to start with,
           there's really no point to scan, say, a 4"x5" at 600dpi and then
           print it at 300dpi to 8"x10".  The final print won't be good anyway.
        \_ Printing is best at 300-200, but I've gone below 150 and still had
           acceptable results for some types of images.  Scanning prints
           however tops out around 200dpi, so you can't scan a 4x6" print to
           make an 8x10" with any level of quality.  -jor
2002/10/13-14 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:26169 Activity:high
10/13   To the fellow trying to do the shell thing with ps2ascii ...
        ls *ps |sed 's/[.]ps$//' |awk '{print "ps2acii " $1".ps" " "$1".txt" }'
        modify to your need. --psb
        \_ that is actually something similiar to my original solution
           before I posted the question on MOTD.  My problem with this
           is that while it printed the proper expression, it doesn't
           "execute" the exepression. Since I am an awk newbie,
           as soon as I try to put backquote `` around the awk expression,
           everything blows up.  So, my original solution was pipe this
           expression to some file and execute it as a script.  Any one
           knows how to execute that awk expression directly?
           \_ eval `ls -1 *.ps | sed 's/\(.*\)[.]ps/ps2ascii \ \1.txt;/'`
        \_ or ls -1 *.ps | sed 's/\(.*\)[.]ps$/ps2ascii \ \1.txt/'
           \- i think based on the fellow asking having trouble with csh
              variables, it is better to do all the command building in awk
              instead of using fancy regexp. for someone familar with regexps
              you can do this on the fly in emacs dired-mode. --psb
         \_ psb, and rest... Thank you all!  --kngharv
        \_ Can we put this into the motd.official or perhaps in the welcome
           message for new members?
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