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2002/10/10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26142 Activity:very high
Marriage poll,
        1 year:
        3 year:..
        5 year:
       ~7 year: .
        10 year:
        1 year:
        5 year: .
        10 year:

I respectfully excercise my 1st amendment right to disagree with you
all... again.
\_ why is it that other people's wife always look prettier?
   \_ Why is it that other people's wives always have nicer tits?
\_ You're wrong.
\_ How much do you want to bet this is one of those gun-luvin Simon voters?
   \_ You couldn't be more wrong. If I didn't have a gun, the King of England
      could just march in here and start pushing you around. Do you want that?
      Do you?
   \_ And what's wrong with that? Next time there's a riot in your town
      see how great waiting-periods, trigger-locks, and other half-baked
      "safety" measures work.
      \_ Assault weapons have gotten a lot of bad press lately, but they're
         manufactured for a reason: to take out today's modern super animals,
         such as the flying squirrel, and the electric eel.
         \_ Cain't let thim varmints get away with it!  Yuh just cain't!
            \_ i have an uncle who sounds like you, only not joking.
               \_ Scary shit, man.  Where's he from?
                  \_ michigan.
2002/10/10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26143 Activity:kinda low
10/10   what is the etymology of the word "poon tang"? i couldn't find it
        in any dictionaries.  it sounds like a loan word from some asian
        language.  does anyone know?
        \_ From OED : poontang, n.
           Also poon tang and with capital initial(s).
           [Prob. ad. Fr. putain prostitute.]
           Sexual intercourse, sex; women collectively, or a woman,
           regarded as a means of sexual gratification. Also attrib.
           Hence as v. intr., to copulate.
           \_ thanks!  i was right about the loan word part, wrong about
              \_ Don't forget, Vietnam was a French colony.
                 \_ Bah. The slang was in use before then. Based out of
                    New Orleans/Louisiana.
2002/10/10-11 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:26144 Activity:very high
10/9    Gephardt promises amnesty if....
        \_ Oh yah right like this is news or something.  The rest of us have
           known for years that people like this have been willing to
           sell out the country in exchange for some temporary power while it
           all swirls down the bowl.  Stop posting the obvious.
        \_ Reagan granted amnesty to 2.7M illegals; Bush the First even more.
        \_ Reagan granted amnesty to 2.7M illegals; Bush the First some more.
           Even Bush the Pretender did this. All politicians do this.
           \_ Let's keep to the facts.  When did Bush II grant amnesty to any
              illegals?  And Bush I?  I think not.  It was 1986 (*sorry* for
              injecting fact into your diatribe) for the big flood and nothing
              of note after that.  How many maid services were started in 1986
              in California.  Mine was.  Gosh what a coincedence.
              \_ Here is Buchanan attacking Bush II for granting amnesty:
                 Sorry I can't find a more reliable source, but it was not
                 widely reported at the time.
                 \_ Uh, GO! PAT! GO! is your source?  Get over it.
                    \_ Bush The Pretender extended a Clinton amnesty.
                       Search google if you have not heard of it. Neither
                       party tried to make hay out of it, for obvious
2002/10/10-11 [Uncategorized] UID:26145 Activity:moderate
10/9    Hah!  I'm going to retire!  I'm sending out these emails to everyone
        to send me 5 bucks to buy my reports and soon I'll be raking in
        thousands per day with unlimited earning potential!  You buncha
        suckers will be sitting on your lame asses on the motd while I'm on
        my own island somewhere surrounded by servants!
        \_ In common parlance, your 'island' is called a 'federal prison'
           and those servants are referred to as 'prison guards'.  And the
           300lb gentleman raping your ass is what you'd doubtless call the
           'concierge'.  But whatever works for you man.  Go for it!
           \_ It's perfectly legal!  One of my reports says so.
           \_ "I don't want to go to "pound-your-ass" prison!"
        \_ Eh, I tried it and it didn't work. However, I found something
           that did! Send me $5 for my report on what I did and how you
           can do it, too!
           \_ You just didn't try hard enough!  If you haven't gotten enough
              money coming in you just have to keep sending out more emails!
        \_ Just give me your bank account number and I'll deposit a large
           amount of money of which you'll get 10%
           \_ I can give you my bank account #, no problem.  You can't *do*
              anything with it.
              \_ Just post it here. Thanks.
                 \_ 314159265358979, Bank of Zurich
2002/10/10-11 [Recreation/Pets, Recreation/Media] UID:26146 Activity:insanely high
10/9    Birds of Prey, the only new show that can actually make Firefly look
        watchable.  70 minutes of pure hell.
        \_ Yeah. It sucked pretty hard.
        \_ batman did not have a love child with catwoman!
           \_ Um, actually he did -- on Earth-2.  (Not really a "love child",
              the two of them actually got married.)  There hasn't *been*
              an Earth-2 in the comics for a while now, but I see no reason
              why the TV show shouldn't go back to that original
              character concept.
              \_ And you allowed your brain to retain this information...
        \_ Apparently you haven't actually watched Firefly.  It's the first show
           I'm actually interested in seeing weekly in a while.
           \_ I watched Firefly.  You just have no taste.  It was a total
              snoozer and made no sense.
              \_ Funny, it made sense when I watched it (every episode so far).
                 Maybe you're just retarded?
                 \_ I wasn't stoned when watching.  Perhaps you could share?
                    I haven't heard someone use the word "retarded" as an
                    attempted insult since about 5th grade.  Gosh, it takes me
                    back to simpler days... thanks for the memories, kid.
                    \_ Um, the fact that both you and I remember "retarded" as a
                       put-down suggests we're of comparable age.  I'm on an
                       anti-pc kick at the moment.  Were you asking me to share
                       IQ points?  Sorry, they're non-transferrable.
                       \_ I was asking you to share whatever you were smoking
                          when you decided Firefly was worth watching or
                          interesting in anyway.  Maybe the concept of happily
                          legal hookers got your boat floating?  No guilt sex
                          with hookers who *want* to sleep with you?  A good
                          deal for you I think.
                          \_ Ah, now your discontent is clear:  your hookers
                             don't look that good.  I can see how it would be
                             difficult to suspend disbelief when your sad
                             reality assaults you every waking minute.
                             \_ Now I know I want some of whatever you're on.
                                \_ Is it that much of a surprise that I don't
                                   need brain-altering substances to enjoy good
                                   characters and passable writing?  Man, it
                                   *is* a sad little life you lead, isn't it?
                                   \_ You need to check the dictionary.  Those
                                      words don't mean what you seem to think
                                      they mean.  It's a one season show.
                                      \_ You guys should exchange contact
                                         info so you can get into a fist-
                                         fight over it.  I loooove you, motd!!
                                         \_ this thread make my fucking day.
                                            i don't have a tv and have
                                            no idea what the hell they're talk
                                            ing about, but it rules.
                                   \_ This is the lamest conversation ever
                                       \_ Which is lamer?  The conversation or
                                          the person who felt compelled to
                                          comment on it?
                                          \_ Self-referential lameness. Whoo..
              \_ Okay, actual point that Firefly got me hooked--at the end of
                 the first episode, after having a fight (shots fired, knives
                 thrown, etc.) we get the following exchange:
                 Bad guy (about to be released by good guy):
        \_ I was flipping through my cable yesterday and when I saw
           "Birds of Prey", I thought it was an animal program, so I
           switched to it.  After watching for about 2 minutes, I
           switched to a talking heads News channel.  From what I remember
           of the 2 minutes, there were like 3 girls in Birds of Prey.
           One looks ok, the other 2 so-so.  I still prefer watching wild turkeys
           running around on Discovery channel.  What is Firefly?  Is it
           about insects?  The good thing is, now when people talk about
           Birds of Prey, I know what they are talking about instead of
           sounding like a clueless idiot, and having my gen-y cousinette
           call me a retard.
                 "Keep the money. Use it to buy a funeral. It doesn't matter
                 where you go, or how far you fly. I will hunt you down. And the
                 last thing you see will be my blade."
                 Good guy:
                 "Darn." -- Boots bad guy right into the engine.
                 They've got me for the first season just for that moment.
                 \_ You mean the only season.
                    \_ Um, no.  I mean the first season.  It's already better
                       than the first season of Enterprise, so I'm confident
                       it'll get at least one more.
        \_ I was semi-excited to watch the premiere, but I had to turn it off
           after 20 minutes.  It was that God-awful.  I knew it was in trouble
           the moment the daughter was supposedly crying over her dead mom.
           Could her acting actually be any worse?
           \_ Hey!  That was *quality* acting!  As a Batman fan I'm also
              annoyed that they have the Joker doing his own thug work and
              Batman just sort of "left town, I guess, gee, golly".  Where's
              the first and last season of Firefly when you need it?
        \_ I was flipping through my cable yesterday and when I saw "Birds of
           Prey", I thought it was an animal program, so I switched to it.
           After watching for about 2 minutes, I switched to a talking heads
           News channel.  From what I remember of the 2 minutes, there were like
           3 girls in Birds of Prey.  One looks ok, the other 2 so-so.  I still
           prefer watching wild turkeys running around on Discovery channel.
           What is Firefly?  Is it about insects?  The good thing is, now when
           people talk about Birds of Prey, I know what they are talking about
           instead of sounding like a clueless idiot, and having my gen-y
           cousinette call me a retard.
           \_ is't that a klingon war ship?  is this some kind of startrek
           \_ What's a cousinette?
2002/10/10-11 [Uncategorized] UID:26147 Activity:very high 57%like:26149
10/10   literal translation of "come se come sa" (sp?) ?
        \_ it means "monkey see, monkey do" in swahili
           \_ Actually, no; that's "paona mbege, pafanza mbege," at least
              in literal translation. -alexf
              \_ where did you find this?
                 \_ A couple of online dictionaries, plus some ling classes
                    with Sam Mchombo who likes to pull up data from Swahili,
                    Nyanja, Zulu, etc.
        \_ "so so". as in "not bad" (pas mal)
        \_ "comme ci comme ca". French. literally "like this like that"
2002/10/10-11 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:26148 Activity:insanely high
10/10   Housing bubble in the Bay Area:
        \_ Cool! If I wait three years, I can actually buy a home here.
           \_ uh, did you actually read the article?
              \_ uh, did you? Train harder. It's at the end.
           \_ I'm still waiting for the Big One to scare everyone away.
              \_ When I was in 2nd grade we had this whole big thing about
                 safety and earthquake training and whatever because "they"
                 were +_certain_+ the Big One was coming Real Soon Now.  Still
        \_ Just for info, Inman is a real estate INDUSTRY "news source."
           I do not need to read the article to know that this
           article will indicate that there is no housing bubble (not
           saying there is or isn't just saying that this source
           has stong incentive to say "there's no bubble.")
        \_ That article says Bay Area prices are vulnerable to a 10% correction.
           Consumer Reports says SF home prices are 15% above historical
           price/income ratios and Oakland and San Jose are 25% above. All
           this points to a correction. But this is not the same as a "bubble."
           \_ How is a price correction different from a bubble bursting?
              \_ A correction is prices drop back to historical price/income
                 ratios. A bubble burst is if drops below that level. Some
                 argue it's more the percentage drop. Six of one, yada, yada..
                 \_ sez who?
                    \_ motd wisdom
           \_ Wow so you're like totally fucked if you bought in Oakland or
              SJ in the last few years, huh?  That was a bad bet I guess.
                \_ the article suggests a 10% price drop over 7 years.  If
                   you bought 3 years ago in a reasonable area, your home has
                   already appreciated 50%.  -tom
                   \_ What's a "reasonable" area in Oakland?  I wasn't aware
                      there were any.  Have they taken the Murder Capitol
                      crown from Palo Alto this year yet?
                   \_ 30+ percent in 10 years?  Not disastrous but not
                      wonderful either.
                        \_ it's a leveraged investment so your return is
                           actually much greater than that.  A $200K house
                           with $20K down payment that appreciates to $300K
                           and then drops to $270K gives you $70K return on
                           your $20K investment.  Plus tax benefits, minus
                           transaction fees.  It's still pretty damn good.
                           \_ When did any property in Oakland ever hit $200k
                              much less go up to $300k?
                              \_ when was the last time you were in oakland?
                                 of course, by the same rights, when did you
                                 last talk with your head out of your ass?
                                 \_ this was useful.  thank you for participating
                              \_ houses in the hills go for millions.
                                 3/2 in Rockridge is $600K.  3/2 in Temescal
                                 or Piedmont Ave is $500K.  The median home
                                 price in Oakland was $341K in August.  -tom
                                 \_ Wow!  That's amazing!  There really *is*
                                    a huge bubble waiting to burst in Oakland.
                                    There's only just so many suckers with
                                    money willing to buy in Oakland....
                                    \_ Oakland's crime rate is lower than
                                       Berkeley's, and is only slightly
                                       above SF's.  And really, the crime
                                       rate on Hegenberger and East 14th
                                       really isn't meaningful to someone at
                                       College and Shafter.  -tom
                           \_ Don't forget the 10 years of house payments,
                              those would count as part of the investment.
                              \_ Not really...that money would be going to
                                 rent, otherwise.  -tom
                                 \_ A typical house payment is larger than
                                    the rent you would otherwise pay to
                                    rent the same space.
                                    \_ Certainly not true in my case.  We
                                       went to a bigger house in a better
                                       neighberhood and reduced our net
                                       monthly cost.  -tom
                                       \_ So you were paying too much rent??
                                          That's nothing to brag about.
                                        \_ no, we were paying below-market
                                           rent at the time we moved out. -tom
                                           \_ Uh huh.  That makes a lot of
                                              sense.  My rent on a 2BR was
                                              about $1200 which was typical for
                                              what I had in most of the BA. My
                                              mortgage was $2550 on a non-jumbo
                                              30 year with a decent rate. The
                                              only way you could've ended up
                                              paying less is if you were
                                              renting a house and paying too
                                              much.  Let's see some numbers.
                                             \_ we were renting a 2/1 house
                                                for $1450--the tenants after
                                                us paid $1750.  Our net monthly
                                                mortgage cost is about $1400
                                                on a 3/2.  -tom
                           \_ Leveraged means additional risk, and you may
                              lose more than your principle.  Also, it's
                              a huge investment in terms of time and effort.
                                \_ fine, keep paying rent, I'm sure that's
                                   more rewarding.  -tom
                                   \_ I think the idea is more money down, less
                                      risk, still no rent, and buy in a better
                                      area than Oakland.  Depressed areas with
                                      high crime rates are always going to be
                                      the first and hardest hit.
                                   \_ Buy a house if you need it.  As
                                      an investment it may or may not
                                      work out but be prepared to spend
                                      lots of time and effort on it.
               \_ How overinflated are prices in various parts of the LA area?
                  Particularly the South Bay of the LA area.
                  \_ South Bay of the LA area?  We used to call that Orange
                     County.  Don't fuck with Mickey Mouse, you goon!
                     \_ No, that's NOT Orange county.  It's
                        basically the SW part of LA county, the
                        area south of LAX that includes Torrance,
                        Manhattan, Hermosa, and Redondo Beaches,
                        Palos Verdes, etc.  Definately not Orange
                        County, doesn't even border OC.  I believe
                        it refers to the southern part of the Santa
                        Monica Bay, which only extends down to Palos
                        Verdes, which is probably 15-20 miles west of OC.
                        \_ Look, boy, I told you before and this is the last
                           time, DON'T FUCK WITH MICKEY!  He has his own
                           Congressman and will utterly destroy you!
                \_ South Bay is bordered by Marina Del Rey and San Pedro.
                   Coastal cities only. You can find a small place for $400k
                   in Redondo, but all the other cities will run you $600k+
                   for almost anything. --lives in torrance
                   \_ OK.  But how overvalued is it?  How much will
                      it likely go down, and how soon, as compared
                      with the SF Bay Area?  Is it as "bad" of an
                      investment as Oakland or San Jose, which is
                      apparently 25% overvalued?  And, BTW, I live
                      in Torrance too.  Who are you and where in
                      Torrance do you live? -asb
                        \_ that article doesn't say "Oakland and San Jose
                           are 25% overvalued."  It's not that simple.  -tom
                      \_ Right now I rent a room in a house near the RH AMC.
                         If you ask me, I don't think prices will come
                         down too much in the next few years. The 30% tax
                         writeoff should offset any losses. But making $70k
                         I can't afford more than $250k, which means going
                         inland, which sucks.
                            \_ You could get a decent condo in the South
                                Bay of LA for that price, though probably not
                                in Manhattan or Hermosa.  I looked at a condo
                                for $180k near Vermont and Torrance Blvd.
                                It was a pretty decent 2 bedroom condo,
                                around 1000 sq ft.
                                \_ Condo != house.  It's a lousy investment.
                                   \_ Why is it so much worse of an
                                        investment?  Sure, you have to pay
                                        big HOA fees, but you save time and
                                        money.  You don't have to hire a
                                        gardener or reroof your house, etc.
                                        Is it really such a bad investment,
                                        and if so, why?
                                \_ Actually, I was considering a new condo
                                   in a decent part of Gardena, but I decided
                                   I'd rather live closer to the beach and in
                                   a better neighborhood. ($220k)
                                        \_ So where exactly did you buy
                                           this $220k condo?  Redondo?
                        \_ I made $72k and with 10% down I could afford $440k
                           at wash mutual using their hybrid ARM. the 10% down
                           is what opened doors (borrowed from relative). too
                           bad I got laid off (luckily before buying anything).
2002/10/10 [Uncategorized] UID:26149 Activity:nil 57%like:26147
10/10   literal translation of "eat my ass, bitch!" (sp?) ?
        \_ it means "monkey see, monkey do" in swahili
        \_ "so so". as in "not bad" (pas mal)
        \_ "comme ci comme ca". French. literally "like this like that"
2002/10/10-11 [Computer/Rants] UID:26150 Activity:high
10/10   Sweet.
        \_ WOW!  I've never seen that before!  Except for the other
           87 times.
           \_ You're so special!  Not all of us spend our lives on the net.
              \_ Oh please.  It's not like the image just hit the internet
                 \_ I've been on the net since '85 and never saw it.  You *are*
                    special.  Very *special*.  You know... *special*.
        \_ Pretty cute, compared to his evil look now.
        \_ my dad's friend's brother was the cop who booked him
           \_ can you find out what he did?
              \_ at a New Mexico rest stop, he was monopolizing the john
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