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2002/10/9 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:26134 Activity:high
10/8    Siebel scholar receipients:
        University of California at Berkeley, Department of Engineering and
        Computer Science: Katherine Everitt, Yaping Li, Anthony Lobay,
        Manikandan Narayanan and John Edwards III
        \_ The third.
2002/10/9 [Uncategorized] UID:26135 Activity:high
10.8    Why is <DEAD><DEAD> so slow and broken? Can someone rewrite their
        asp's and give them a box that wont crash every 3-4 days.
        \_ Like anyone reads it?  If you care so damned much, go do it!
           \_ Better yet, H4X0R their DNS, and point it to your new, improved
2002/10/9 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:26136 Activity:nil
        what's so illegal about using cooking oil in your car?
        \_ People who use biodiesel they make themselves (namely, poring in
           cooking oil) may potentially cause more pollution.  But
           the real concern is that the guvernment doesnt' get the tax
           on diesel, which is a lot higher in teh UK than the US.
2002/10/9 [Uncategorized] UID:26137 Activity:insanely high
10/9    Is there an easy way to see if i have a gigabit or a 100mb card in my
        \_ ifconfig -a to list interfaces.  Look up the man page for your
           interface type.
        \_ look at the box ...
        \_ hme0. Not sure if it is 100 or 1000mb.
           \_ that is 10/100.
        \_ Sun gigabit cards are going to be ge0,ge1, etc.
        \_ Sun gigabit cards are going to be ge0,ge1, etc with an ifconfig -a.
           I'm surprised 4 people before me weren't able to answer this.  No
           wonder so many of you are underemployed or unemployed or getting
           shit wages.
           \_ They did at least a good a job as you, given your apparent
              ignorance of the ce gigabit interface common to the 480s.
              \_ Which he doesn't have.  If he has one he has a geX. Thanks.
                 \_ E250 can take a gigaswift (ce) ethernet card.  Gracias.
           \_ The fry machine is a damn Windows box. The Sun box is for the
              hoity-toity drive-in folks. Bastards. Every one of 'em.
           \_ Bah, the world is not revolving around the Sun (no pun intended),
              but yes, every Sun jockey would know the answer ..
              \_ Sun isn't the last word in commercial unix but without it
                 you'll have fewer good work opportunities.  It'll be a long
                 time before Knows_Sun != Good_Job.  Knowing Linux may get you
                 a 'kewl' job but kewl doesn't pay the mortgage anywhere you'd
                 raise kids.
           \_ mmm, happy meal ethernet.
2002/10/9 [Transportation/Car] UID:26138 Activity:nil
10/9    anyone know the number of the SF Traffic Courthouse (or wherever you
        pay the parking tickets in SF).  My flakey friend had my car and got
        a parking ticket and I'm worried he'll forget to pay it.  Obviously
        I tried and I don't have the physical ticket. Thx.
2002/10/9 [Health/Disease/General] UID:26139 Activity:high
        Anyone heard of this about calcium being a miracle cure for stuff?
        Is this guy just a quack? The audio clip in the second link is
        entertaining enough.
        \_ it's amazing how many substances are claimed as micrale cures.
           i was looking up the hazards of Indium, because I use it to
           make gaskets, and it turns out there are lots of nuts on the
           net who think it's a miracle cure.
        \_ Without reading the link beyond the URL and your comments on it I
           can safely say that yes this guy is a quack.  Anyone who thinks a
           single dietary supplement is the be-all end-all cure-all for all of
           your ill is a quack by definition.  It's on the net, it must be
           your ills is a quack by definition.  It's on the net, it must be
2002/10/9 [Uncategorized] UID:26140 Activity:high
10/10   This is a serious question-- how is the word "cum" used if you're
        not a porn site operator?  I think there's some usage along the
        lines of "he was a engineer cum architect" but what exactly does
        that mean?  Dict only gives the other definition.  This is a
        serious question.
        \_ Damn. And they let you use a computer? Look up the Latin, stupid.
        \_ someone who definitely wasn't 'magna cum laude
        \_ "with." compare "chili con carne."
        \_ Get a real dictionary, kid.
        \_ "with." compare "chili con cum."
2002/10/9 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:26141 Activity:nil
10/10   do they have crispy creme(sp?) donut stores in northern california?
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